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  1. The only thing about posting samples in here is that I'll get too many varied opinions on the work. It's much less complicated for me if I work with one or two people so that I'm not constantly having to change what I record, if you see what I mean. If @Petike the Tafferis happy for you to help out then it's fine with me. @JackFarmer
  2. @Petike the Taffer I'm fine going ahead with the lines as written, but if there is a very specific sound that's needed then I would need to know that. My main thing is being able to get feedback after a set of files so that I know it's sounding the way you want. To save future confusion, can you remove the files posted previously so that they won't be used as the base files. The quality of sound with my new mic is such an improvement. I've received good feedback from the files I've recorded recently.
  3. I'm still around but full on with my other work too. I will redo the original 20+ recordings due to the issues with faulty equipment and record all 80+ lines needed. Do you have a point of contact that has enough free time to work with me? I realise that you've been busy too. @Petike the Taffer
  4. I'm still around. Do I need to continue recording? I've been waiting on feedback to the 20+ files I sent previously, but I think I would need to redo them.. I've had to replace my mic since it keeps shorting out. Plus, I discovered spikes on our mains which was causing hissing.
  5. Welcome, SC. ? Hope you'll have a good time here. Thank you for all the contributions and willingness to help out.

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