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  1. I plan to build a castle courtyard or two for a mission I'd like to develop. My layout for the courtyard is such that it has an "upper floor" on its sides, specifically, a walkway on the walls surrounding it (and accessed by stairs), some of these walls being part of the defensive system of the castle. If I want to get the best performance possible out of the courtyard, would it be for the best if I gave it a transparent ceiling at the level of the "upper floor" and make that "upper floor" area a whole separate room or series of corridor-like rooms, with an inaccessible transparent r
  2. This is what I meant by the backup attempt. Backup 2.05, then update the original to 2.09. Whichever way it goes, if I do get better and faster performance, props to the entire main development team. You're wonderfully resourceful guys and gals.
  3. I've updated the links in the repository article.
  4. I'm planning to download a new separate copy of TDM (haven't updated since 2.05 - yeah, sorry, guys) and test it on my desktop. Just to see whether performance is improved even on older hardware like that of my desktop. Or I'll backup my current install, download the 2.09 version and compare.
  5. Hello, Fili. Technically, it's really, really neat for a one-person effort on UE4. I like it. I hope you replace the TDS music by Eric Brosius later, but it's a good placeholder so far. Is this more of a personal modding effort for your own enjoyment or are you going a TDM-style route with the project ?
  6. Thank you, but this thread is reserved for MacLeod's music. Back when I made this thread, I also made the following one: This is where you should recommend other ambient stuff and background music. Thanks !
  7. Hello, @Geep. Your FM finally has a wiki article now, with all the bells and whistles: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Away_1:_Air_Pocket_(FM) Sorry I didn't make it sooner.
  8. Not really about Bond, but an interesting Italian city. Trust me, this city would be a wonderful bit of inspiration for an FM.
  9. If you go this category, all missions currently listed on the wiki are listed there: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Category:Official_FMs With the exception of one mission I still need to add, all of them should already be there, up to the present. The new database is nice, but linking to missions there is basically impossible.
  10. I think it would be good if the dragon, along with animations, could be resized to two or even three different sizes. One representing an infant (smaller than a player character), one a typical adult (big, but not bigger in body-size than an elephant or two horses), and one being basically a scenery-only dragon, a very old and long-lived specimen (your comparison to Smaug in that huge treasure chamber being apt). Even if the completed model has thousands of polys less than the original version, I don't really mind. Graphics are secondary to me.
  11. It's a fine enough dragon model. As long as it's public domain and you can make the creature reasonably smaller and avoid any clipping through brushes while its animations are working, maybe there could be some uses for it in missions. I suspect they'd have to be rural missions, set in some mountainous wilderness or something, or maybe the dragon would be locked up in some pen of a rich aristocratic collector of strange and rare beasts. (You could even crack a joke about him wanting to create a "Dragon Park" theme park.) Lore-wise, here's a possible explanation: Dragons had long since
  12. I'll confess that me and Epifire discussed a project to include more usable one-handed sword types and prop melee weapons in TDM, based on historical specimens. From what Epifire showed me and explained to me, rigging usable weapons by swapping the sword for them is certainly possible.
  13. I am rather fascinated that this discussion has suddenly taken off this much. Thank you all, I'm pleased there's some degree of interest in debating this. Thank you, this is a very well-worded and concise post on the whole matter. The Star Trek canon issues analogy is rather fitting. I agree that trying to fit in everything with everything or being detailed to the point of stifling potential creativity would be a bad approach. We need different levels of being specific with setting elements, to keep things creatively flexible. After all, I've already talked about this in my open
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