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  1. I felt the pathway on the ground looked better before, if it's possible curve the end of the pathway down near the fog to the right a little bit more, so that it's aiming towards the center of the buildings. I think that might improve it a bit more. Also I absolutely love your logo in the bottom left corner man! Very nice touch!
  2. That is definitely not meant to happen. Something funky must be happening with their collision boxes to cause it not to register the arrow hitting it.
  3. The vocal line is set to only play on the easier difficulty. The reason is that folks playing on expert don't need or want a voice line pointing out something to them. With regard to the mission not ending that is concerning, I haven't tested this mission in 2.08 yet, but I will give it a playthrough and try to figure out what happened there. More than likely it's an error i've made as I don't think 2.08 would cause that to break. If I can identify an issue i'll also fix that area where you're stuck as well and upload an updated version. Thanks for the kind words as well!
  4. I have no interest in uploading outdated versions of my missions anywhere.
  5. I decided to remake the accountant 1. Which is why the old version is drastically different to the new version. The core concept remains the same though (visiting a fence in the sewer and breaking into a noble home to steal a necklace for him). I had explained this in the author notes of the release thread for the accountant 1 but I’ll paste it in here too: “This FM is brand new and serves as the first installment in The Accountant series, a few years back there was a small prologue style mission released however I felt that it did not represent The Accountant series so I decided to go back to the drawing board and do a whole new mission that's larger, has a better level design and has a story that lines up closer to what I plan to do with the accountant series.”
  6. Everytime I check this thread now, I get hungry... Those are looking great though @STRUNK
  7. Ingame the apebeasts seem to be showing up without issue. But now ingame the werebeast is MIA ingame. He is meant to be in the middle. To make sure none of my def files were messing with anything I made this testmap in the dark mod base directory and made sure no FMs were installed. But yeah, in the editor the werebeast looks right, it's just ingame he is broken.
  8. Welcome to the Dark Mod! Glad you had a good time with my mission too
  9. Well I guess that answers those ones, thanks! Hopefully they get fixed in 2.09. Also I noticed that when the werebeast was in game it keeps displaying this message in the console
  10. So I updated to the latest 2.08 beta and went through the assets again. Good news is that the werebeast is all there now. But here's some assets that are showing up a lil funky for me: 1) atdm:ai_manbeast & atdm:ai_manbeast_spear_thrower 2) models/darkmod/junk/dirt_edge02_grass.lwo 3) models/darkmod/loot/jewellery/lionhead_amulet.lwo 4) models/darkmod/nature/boom_shroom_flider.ase (I think this is an old one but thought i'd add it in anyway) 5) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear.ASE 6) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_broken_shaft.ASE 7) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_broken_tip.ASE 8 ) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_bundle.ASE 9) models/darkmod/wearables/headgear/broadbrim_hat.lwo
  11. Yep. I'll tweak with it and play with it when I get back to that section, and hopefully I can work something out. But it wont be a huge deal breaker if I have to reduce, i'll just make it a smaller scene. The mission is already quite big so maybe cutting some fat will help. It's all about adaptability right?
  12. Here's one example where I had an issue. I have a sewer scene where there is machinery spinning at the bottom, if the player gets too close they die. I added a plank of wood across this area (Above where the gears are) and put some loot on it. The player also is fighting against a current I added which is a func forcefield that pulls the player down towards the spinning gears. The purpose of the scene is to create some danger but some reward. If there was no current they could just swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up. No real point of it. In 2.07 you can swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up fighting against the func_forcefield, it's tight but you can still make it. In 2.08 with this new swimming animation, the forcefield will keep the player down there long enough to kill them. I was only hoping there was a simple way to use the old swimming style like a spawnarg on the liquid entity or changing a def file or something. But as we've established it's not a simple change, so it makes more sense logically for me to remove the section of my mission, rather than disrupt something that's in the core mod.
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