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  1. That is huge, thank you! There is one issue i'm having though inside the entity viewer, there are big white boxes in there despite the rest of the window being darker grey. Any idea on how to make that whiteness darker like the rest?
  2. You are preaching to the converted here! But sadly I don't think it's possible.
  3. That's very helpful Dragofer! Thanks for this!
  4. That was a bug in 2.08 which is fixed in 2.09. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5294
  5. Update on Shadows of Northdale: Act 3 and Act 4 are coming along! Slowly but surely. They are both double mission releases, so essentially i'm working on 4 missions at once. It's taking longer to cook in the oven than expected, but hopefully it'll be something very special once both acts are finished! I'm unsure if i'll do a double release or if i'll release Act 3 as soon as it's done and then Act 4 shortly after. As with anything to do with development things change a lot. Just ask poor Dragofer, Moonbo, Skacky, Epifire or Kingsal as they're often victims to my endless design questions
  6. Praise be to the lord builder! Thanks once again Greebo!
  7. Ah I see, I misunderstood what you meant sorry. When you said material editor in my head I was thinking something in DR that edits the material MTR files not the textures themselves.
  8. How hard would it be to implement something that autogenerates material files? For example a UI where we select the source TGA/DDS files for the normal map/specular/bumpmap and then DR auto generates the material file for it based on whats selected there. Maybe even an option to copy those files into their respective FM folders? Just something to automate the process a bit more would be handy. One problem with this though is the lack of a dark mode in DR would make staring at black text on a white background very uncomfortable as we look through the material
  9. I've probably asked this before, but is it safe to build a current FM using one of the pre-release builds? I typically hold off testing as i'm worried work on my map might get lost of some aspect of it be corrupted. However that natural texture bug is driving me nuts so it's tempting to jump in
  10. I wanted to bring this up for discussion before filing a bug report as i'm unsure if this is just my setup or not. I will try to keep this concise for easier readability. The bug basically involves the "Natural" button in "Surface Inspector" Here is how you replicate the bug: 1) Create a brush of any size in DR 2) Apply any texture 3) Open up surface inspector 4) With the brush highlighted, press the Natural button 5) Keep pressing and watch the texture change on the brush So for example here is a brush with a texture applied
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