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  1. Maybe we should have a second list for all of the MIA projects that have not had updates within the last 12 months. While it's likely they wont be finalized, especially seeing as some haven't had updates in nearly 10 years, it would be nice to see an archive/reference point for previous projects. I went through and was reading some of the older threads which was an interesting look into the different projects that have popped up here over the years.
  2. No worries I’m glad that it helped in such a big way!
  3. I've found better performance when using Nvidia's vsync instead of TDM's built in one. It's a setting found in the Nvidia Control Panel. Firstly make sure vsync is turned off in the dark mod and then just open up the nvidia control panel and then go to: 3D Settings - > Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> [select your TDM exe] It's the second last option from the bottom. Just turn that to "on" and you should notice a smooth and screen-tear-free version of TDM.
  4. The new rain in 2.08 is so fucking awesome!
  5. I just tried the same myself (on a fresh 2.08 install) and there's no mission completed tick there for me. edit: I thought mission completed info was stored in a text file in the dark mod base directory, but after looking through my old installation I couldn't find it in there. Was it moved to the registry or my documents folder or somewhere else?
  6. Sure thing! I'll ping you back on the relevant dev forum thread about it.
  7. I'm really confused. So why is the rain going through that body of water in the screenshots I first posted? It's being blocked by other entities and brushes in the map, it appears to only be the water entity that fails to block it. Edit: If you change (in the testmap) that surface on the water to the texture "textures/water_source/water_dark" and then do the dmap/runparticles console commands. The rain will go straight through it as seen here
  8. Oh I spoke too soon, the material file for the one I used in my map does have the water keyword added but the rain goes straight through it still because of the translucent keyword. Is there a way I can stop the rain without removing the translucent keyword with the material file below? textures/water_source/water_dark { qer_editorimage textures/water_source/water_dark discrete nonsolid water twosided translucent description "dark, semi-transparent clear water with normalmap" { blend bumpmap map textures/water_source/water_green_local translate 0.01 * sintable[time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 2)], 0.01 * sintable[time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 2.2)] scale 0.5,0.5 } deform turbulent sinTable 0.0175 (time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 1.5)) 10 { vertexProgram HeatHazeWithMaskAndDepth.vfp vertexParm 0 time * (( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) , time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 5) vertexParm 1 (( parm6 + 1.5) - (( parm6 || 0) * 1.5)) fragmentProgram HeatHazeWithMaskAndDepth.vfp fragmentMap 0 _currentRender fragmentMap 1 textures/sfx/vp1 fragmentMap 2 textures/water_source/vp_water fragmentMap 3 _currentDepth } { blend blend map textures/water_source/water_dark alpha 0.7 } }
  9. I guess therein lies the issue. I used a core material, one of the water overlays. Which is as seen below. textures/water_source/green_plain_flat_thickmurk { qer_editorimage textures/water_source/green_plain_flat noshadows twosided nonsolid { blend blend map textures/water_source/green_plain_flat alpha 0.9 rgb 0.4 } } After adding the keyword water to it, that solved the issue. However going through the material files and looking at it we have a lot of water surfaces that do not have that keyword attached.
  10. What spawnarg and what setting do I give it specifically? I tried both spawnargs with 1 or 0 set and none of them made a difference. Are you able to stop the rain going through the water entity in the testmap? and if so what did you do to stop it?
  11. I put a body of water in the ground in the test map and had the same problem as seen below. Here's the testmap to help replicate the bug rain.pk4
  12. I've noticed that the new rain in 2.08 doesn't stop when it hits a water entity. And I can't put any solid ontop of it as the player obviously can't access it then, so i'm a bit stumped with what to do. The water entity is just a bare bones standard atdm:liquid_water. I tried adding the spawnarg "particle_collision_static_blocker" to it but to no avail. I am using the auto-generate collision static version of the rain too btw.
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