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  1. You did... don't you remember? I gave you a French kiss for your beautiful effort! I thought the exact same thing hahahaha!
  2. Thank you for bringing this up! I’ll look into it and see if I can find a solution. There are a few bugs with this mission that I need to resolve so it’s a bit overdue for some fine tuning.
  3. The early bird gets the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese!
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N-xwkYCuVzGnVESGCdsJrIbphw50hW9Z/view?usp=sharing
  5. Have updated the script in Shadows of Northdale. Thank you brother!
  6. *looks at Shadows of Northdale folder* ... Yeah screw it, what's another 5-10 mb among friends? Especially when the assets look so damn cool!
  7. Seeing this made me wish we also had a little search box in the top right corner. That would make finding missions a lot easier.
  8. That looks so bloody awesome! If we could have a mirror that looks that good, that would be insane.
  9. This is as cool as cucumber! Thank you guys!
  10. No warnings during dmap re: the patch, how do I check if a patch has a "[0..1] non-overlapping texcoords"? Is it correct in interpreting that to mean the texture has been fit to the patch? If so then yes. This is the patch copied from DR if that helps: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <map version="1" format="portable"> <layers> <layer id="0" name="Default" parentId="-1" active="true" hidden="false"/> </layers> <selectionGroups> <selectionGroup id="415" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="416" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="417" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="418" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="420" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="421" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="423" name=""/> <selectionGroup id="424" name=""/> </selectionGroups> <selectionSets/> <properties> <property key="EditTimeInSeconds" value="20837"/> <property key="LastCameraAngle" value="69 332.186 0"/> <property key="LastCameraPosition" value="20.0088 1653.64 531.677"/> <property key="LastShaderClipboardMaterial" value="textures/darkmod/nature/snow/snow_rough01"/> </properties> <entity number="0"> <primitives> <patch number="0" width="3" height="3" fixedSubdivisions="false"> <material name="textures/darkmod/weather/rain2_heavy2024mtr"/> <controlVertices> <controlVertex row="0" column="0" x="-448.000000" y="1712.000000" z="720.000000" u="0" v="0"/> <controlVertex row="1" column="0" x="-448.000000" y="1568.000000" z="720.000000" u="0" v="0.500000"/> <controlVertex row="2" column="0" x="-448.000000" y="1424.000000" z="720.000000" u="0" v="1.000000"/> <controlVertex row="0" column="1" x="-76.000000" y="1712.000000" z="720.000000" u="0.500000" v="0"/> <controlVertex row="1" column="1" x="-76.000000" y="1568.000000" z="720.000000" u="0.500000" v="0.500000"/> <controlVertex row="2" column="1" x="-76.000000" y="1424.000000" z="720.000000" u="0.500000" v="1.000000"/> <controlVertex row="0" column="2" x="296.000000" y="1712.000000" z="720.000000" u="1.000000" v="0"/> <controlVertex row="1" column="2" x="296.000000" y="1568.000000" z="720.000000" u="1.000000" v="0.500000"/> <controlVertex row="2" column="2" x="296.000000" y="1424.000000" z="720.000000" u="1.000000" v="1.000000"/> </controlVertices> <layers> <layer id="0"/> </layers> <selectionGroups/> <selectionSets/> </patch> </primitives> <keyValues> <keyValue key="classname" value="worldspawn"/> <keyValue key="difficulty0Name" value="easy"/> <keyValue key="difficulty1Name" value="medium"/> <keyValue key="difficulty2Name" value="hard"/> <keyValue key="shop_skip" value="1"/> </keyValues> <layers> <layer id="0"/> </layers> <selectionGroups/> <selectionSets/> </entity> </map>
  11. @Frost_SalamanderIt has been a good minute since i've played with particle collisions with rain, however I decided to revisit it after seeing your post and I can't seem to get it working. @stgatilov could you please confirm if this is the right flow as it doesn't seem to be working in my map: 1) Create a .prt file containing: particle rain2_heavy2024 { { count 100 material textures/particles/drop2 time 0.500 cycles 0.000 bunching 1.000 distribution rect 0.000 0.000 0.000 direction cone "0.000" orientation aimed 0.000 0.040 speed "1000.000" size "0.500" aspect "1.000" randomDistribution 0.000 fadeIn 0.200 fadeOut 0.000 color 0.040 0.040 0.040 1.000 fadeColor 0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 offset 0.000 0.000 0.000 gravity 0.000 collisionStatic mapLayout texture 512 512 } } 2) Create a .mtr file containing: textures/darkmod/weather/rain2_heavy2024mtr { deform particle rain2_heavy2024 qer_editorimage textures/editor/rain nonsolid noshadows { //needed to emit particles blend filter map _white } } 3) Create the appropriate patch in game applying the above texture to it (with the texture fit to it and it facing down) 4) dmap missionname.map 5) runparticle missionname.map But ingame the rain just ignores the brushes and falls right through: Even using "particle_collision_static_blocker" "1" on this water entity, had no impact
  12. Mmmm smells good! Who wants some new years stew?
  13. @nbohr1moreif you could please do the same for my missions I would appreciate that
  14. A new screenshot from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
  15. lantern_sheath.ogg Lantern sheath lantern_unsheath.ogg Lantern unsheath
  16. Title has been updated now. Thanks everyone for having a little bit of fun! Now back to the Dark Radiant mines!
  17. Version 3.14.15926 General Changes: Added a new game mode where all AI are replaced with clowns. All loot items now make a "boing" sound when picked up. All in-game text has been translated to Pig Latin. Players now have a 50% chance of slipping on banana peels. Guards now have a 50% chance of sneezing, alerting nearby enemies. AI Changes: Guards now randomly break into song and dance numbers. Thieves now occasionally stumble and trip over themselves, making them easier for guards to catch. Zombies now wear silly hats. Level Design Changes: The player's objective is now to steal a giant rubber chicken from a noble's mansion. All buildings in the game world now have exaggerated, cartoonish proportions. The game now takes place entirely in a giant ball pit. Audio Changes: All sound effects have been replaced with foley sounds created by mouth noises. The soundtrack now exclusively features kazoo covers of popular songs. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a wall by crouching and jumping repeatedly. Fixed a bug where players could "swim" through the air by rapidly jumping while falling. Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes try to speak in emojis.
  18. There's nothing to make clear. I didn't mention once in my original post that I thought the missions were broken because of the blackjack changes. I'm only updating them because I want them to take advantage of the new blackjacking changes.
  19. That is good to know! Ill delete the blackjack def file in my upcoming missions. And when I update my existing ones, I’ll remove it for them too. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!
  20. Thanks for the update Greebo! I did send you a message on discord back in the end of December about a rather annoying bug which I don't seem to see is fixed in the list. And it's quite frustrating to deal with. So the arrow that goes between targeted entities doesn't render correctly when updated to a different entity. The spawn arg updates but not in the orthoview. It's easy to replicate though. Drop in two models and create a trigger once. Set the trigger once to be targeted to model 1. Then duplicate the trigger once and change it's target from model 1 to model 2 and the arrow doesn't update but the spawnarg does. For example it looks like this: In order to get it to display correctly I have to hide the entity it's targeting, and then reshow it which causes it to update to the proper view like this:
  21. Thank you for the kind words! It's hard to believe this mission is nearly 10 years old too! Time really does fly. Also re: the convo's. I try to add a little bit of humor to every mission or at least a bit more flavor. I've always loved it in the thief series when I stumble across a conversation & can eavesdrop in, it helps to make the world just feel that little bit more lived in, rather than just standard NPC barks everywhere. I also have a lot of fun implementing them, I was working on a mission in Shadows of Northdale Act 3 the other night and was laughing so hard at a scene I put in there. So it's nice to know that these convos are appreciated by others too
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