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  1. I plan to provide in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui: background image music and sound Although it seems that most of these things are already provided there. As for layout/placement, I don't think it can be customized easily. At least the parts of the menu which are accessible to player before he starts the FM should stay fixed. The perfect solution would be separating presentation from behavior in every file. That's how tdm_waituntilready.gui is done. Maybe I can do the same to states: success, restart, and objectives.
  2. As of now, there are two confirmed reasons for override: Change the common background of all menu screens, removing the figures randomly on main page too. Skip "briefing" screen after video. Any more?
  3. As most of you probably know, the most of the UI scripts for TDM menu contain the following disclaimer: /* ============================================================================================= * * Main Menu (not in-game). This file is part of The Dark Mod's Main Menu GUI * * Mission Authors: DO NOT EDIT, INCLUDE OR OVERRIDE THIS FILE IN YOUR MISSION PK4. * * ============================================================================================= */ The reason everyone is asked to not override such files is that doing so stops TDM developers from changing (fixing, improving, etc.) these files in future. Because when many people have overridden these files, it becomes impossible to change interactions between them without breaking the FMs which do override any of them. I have bumped into an issue where I need to do a small fix to one GUI file: there are many FMs which override such files. Here is the list (probably excluding the most recent FMs): volta1_1.pk4 Kingsal cauldron_v2_1.pk4 Kingsal snowed_inn.pk4 Goldwell and Kingsal ac1.pk4 Goldwell ac2.pk4 Goldwell bh.pk4 Goldwell springcleaning.pk4 Goldwell northdale1.pk4 Goldwell u2_flock.pk4 Sotha lich_queens_demise.pk4 Sotha ulysses_genesis.pk4 Sotha hhi.pk4 JackFarmer hhvf.pk4 JackFarmer gatehouse.pk4 Bikerdude Goldchocobo bcd.pk4 Bikerdude and the Crucible Team elixir_1_3.pk4 Bikerdude and Obsttorte briarwood_manor.pk4 NeonStyle talbot.pk4 Baal and Bikerdude itb.pk4 VanishedOne I could of course write some harsh words here about how irresponsible this behavior is, how bad everyone is, etc. etc But I think @grayman is right that the reason people do it is that core GUI files don't provide the level of customization that mappers want. And developers are often lazy when they get a request to improve something in a long-forsaken part of the game, like in GUI scripts. I'd like to ask everyone involved: what things exactly you customized, what problems you solved by overriding these files? Depending on the variety of features, it might be possible that I could improve the generic code by putting more defines into places which are allowed to be overridden. I really want to clear all of this, so that none of these FMs override such GUI files anymore. Calling for: @kingsal, @Goldwell, @Sotha, @JackFarmer, @Bikerdude, @Goldchocobo, @Obsttorte, @NeonsStyle, @Baal, @VanishedOne
  4. TDM will live on raw sockets, just as it does now. I'm only asking about DarkRadiant side. It seems that you are OK with both choices. I'll try ZeroMQ then, since I don't want to mess with boost build system.
  5. To be honest, I feel that some third-party library would be necessary. Maybe something like ZeroMQ with header-only C++ bindings. The core library has pure-C interface, so one DLL should fit everything, and wrappers are header-only. And it is quite popular. The other option is Boost.ASIO, of course, since boost is already used.
  6. It is already so in TDM. But DarkRadiant has its own people and traditions, so I'll wait for an answer from @greebo or @OrbWeaver.
  7. What should I use to connect to a socket? Boost.ASIO? I guess it needs static library. Or copy idTCP from the game engine? Basically it uses some C library calls like socket, fcntl, read, write, and for some reason even has separate implementation on Windows and Linux...
  8. I wonder if it is worth creating a special thread about it in Mappers subforum. Although I have already created one in dev subforum, and there is a sorta related thread in DarkRadiant subforum too
  9. That's setviewpos / getviewpos. Can't live without them anymore But I'm afraid @Damjan Cd will have to play though these missions himself...
  10. New dev build dev15987-8910 of the game published.
  11. I downloaded the save, thank you! The problem with elementals comes back. Now it is caused by killing an elemental which was put on a list of "registered users" for a door. Opening the door afterwards causes a null pointer crash. @kin, I'm afraid you have to noclip past this door, but if some other door crashes on open, just do the same. I don't expect any problems further in game: only the doors analyzed by elementals are affected.
  12. @kin, You forgot to open public access on your links.
  13. The idea is to replace tdm_update with the new installer. It just has not happened yet, but I hope it will happen by 2.09 release.
  14. I'm afraid moonlight or sunlight are very expensive, no way around it yet. I recall you said that you dropped the effort to get it working in St. Braeden's Church, and that i had bad performance. Well, it still has the same bad performance, with every edge in seen areas extruded to infinity... But if you want to try, then parallelSky should be the first candidate.
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