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  1. In fact, r_skipGuiShaders does not help. So this quad is not a GUI element.
  2. @id3839315 says the fourth script shows black screen, just like the first two. So the final decision is that "r_glCoreProfile 0" works fine, but "r_glCoreProfile 2" gives black screen. This may be some driver problem, e.g. some of the GL features previously hidden behind extension is not enabled by the problematic AMD driver under GL 3.3, while it should according to the specs. It is not just some function, because calling missing function would give immediate crash. Most likely some constant of mode. I think I have already ruled out: ARB_fence_sync ARB_buffer_storage
  3. "libstdc++" is the default C++ runtime library of GCC compiler. There is also another C++ runtime library called "libc++", which is default library of Clang. I think GCC can also use it if explicitly said so, or maybe depending of distribution settings. The CMakeLists for TDM does not mention "libstdc++" explicitly. Instead, GCC adds it automatically to the list of libraries, because... well, that's runtime library You might want to build empty file with "int main() {}" using simple "gcc a.c -o a" command and verify that it works. I'm not good in Linux world. But I might specul
  4. Unless you are using Windowed mode, TDM locks its resolution to the native resolution of your desktop. If you want to reduce resolution for better performance, try adjust Render Scale slider instead. E.g. setting it to 0.5 would result in internal rendering resolution 960 x 540, i.e. 4x less pixels to render.
  5. You can start by copying your 2.05, and running tdm_installer on top of that. It should install 2.09 with much less traffic and time wasted, compared to a typical "clean install".
  6. Some clarification for players: the .cmd files are not suitable for playing! If you try, your HDD will be filled with trace data very fast, and the game will probably crash after some time. If "_apitrace_record3.cmd" is the only script which shows you the menu, then you should be able to play by setting the following in "darkmod.cfg" (and starting TheDarkModx64.exe as usual): seta r_glCoreProfile "0" Note that my .cmd scripts automatically delete darkmod.cfg when you run them. I have attached one more script to try. _autoexec4.cfg _apitrace_record4.cmd
  7. The numerous debug options I added had no effect, unfortunately. I can replay the recorded traces perfectly well on my machine. Looking at the traces of @id3839315, the traces 2 and 3 are equal. The same OpenGL instructions are executed, with input data of same size, and they produce same results. The only difference is the run 3 uses compatibility profile, while run 2 uses core profile. As the result, run 3 works (well, at least menu works), while run 2 does not. Either we use some deprecated functionality, or the AMD driver has different code path for compatibility profile.
  8. Oh yeah, this little game-breaking switch! We discussed recently if we should remove it in order to make FMs must stable, but the team decided to leave it. I guess someone have to fix the FM then...
  9. I have written PM to @kyyrma. I guess we should wait a week in case the message reaches to him.
  10. I guess I need some ideas about proper fixes (@Dragofer or @kingsal ? ). I wonder if @kyyrma is still here to fix it himself. Is it possible to make the lockpicks nonsolid when they are teleported, or disable their physics in some way?
  11. Regarding CoS2, it's better to ask @Bienie if this is a bug or not. As for "Breaking Out The Fence", I think it is a map problem. Three sets of lockpicks are spread over the map (atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_# and atdm_playertools_lockpick_snake_#). When you pick any of them, hidden objective "obj15" is fullfilled, which triggers "atdm_teleport_10" entity. This entity teleports all lockpicks to some weird place at "4296 -3954 -3". Now it seems that some of the lockpicks collide after teleport. As the result, atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1 starts gaining
  12. Well, if driver update fixed all problems, then I guess there is nothing left to investigate Thank you for report anyway!
  13. I'd like to ask @Dragofer,s advice here, since he has apparently used this "effect_frob" too. When "effect_frob" response is triggered, or when ".frob()" method is called from the script: is it normal that player may apply lockpick/key he currently has selected to the frob target? Would it be OK if I disable this "use-by-frobbing" behavior for the cases when frob originates from a script/stim-response?
  14. Thank you for testing! Better revert back to release209 and continue playing with this feature disabled. We will release "hotfix" for 2.09 later.
  15. @Zeen, I have published version "test_release209_5542" with this problem fixed (only in Windows build). One can update to this version in tdm_installer, and check that it does not crash. Set "tdm_force_savegame_load 1" in order to load existing savegame (saves are compatible with 2.09, but the game will complain). I do not recommend leaving this version for playing though! Just check that the issue is gone, then revert back to release209.
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