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  1. Yes, you are right. I guess I thought I would catch something suspicious by looking at it. Well, I will inspect it --- maybe I'll have some clues about how it happens. Thank you! Speaking of savegame before getting stuck, I won't be surprised if the issue is not reproducible
  2. I believe "mission finished" savegames are not broken between versions. Not sure though. Completely separate code for main menu results in various inconsistencies there. A lot of menu stuff is not customizable on per mission basis. I don't remember anything serious about the gameplay itself.
  3. It is already possible, check out e.g. No Honor Among Thieves FM. However, there are many small technical issues with campaign support, so it's probably wise for mappers to avoid using this feature without need.
  4. I'm afraid I need a savegame before the problem happens. The attached savegame demonstrates that the problem can happen, but does not show how the game can get into such bad state.
  5. As the refactoring in 5323, there would be option to skip success screen completely. Although it probably won't work for campaigns. Also there would be option to replace music/background for success screen. The music along can already be overriden, although the approach cited by @Dragofer is not the best one. Better find this text in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, uncomment it and set the sound shader you want: // Uncomment this to override the default mission success sound //#undef MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD //#define MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD "music mission_complete;"
  6. I think some version ranging from 2.05 to 2.07 should work, but not sure. Old versions are available in the new TDM installer.
  7. Did you download the updated version of your FM? It should be in the in-game downloader.
  8. Not really But now if a map entity uses rotation hack, then the game embeds this "rotation" into the model automatically during map load, i.e. creates a scaled model. So yes, the game engine has said goodbye to it completely. As for maps and mappers... don't know.
  9. Bikerdude fixed The Elixir. I think by explicitly resizing everything. This was the last FM, so this issue is over.
  10. New dev build of the game is available. See changelog in the second post. We would be happy if someone checks out the added gamepad support
  11. By the way, could you try setting rt-prio to 1 instead of changing period_size?
  12. Nevermind, I bumped the version. Also verified that the new version boots properly on SVN. Thanks!
  13. I won't do it. I am far less competent in OpenAL that the OpenAL developer. I think he knows better what he is doing. It sounds like buffering is not synchronized properly, causing holes occasionally. How many CPU cores do you have? If it is too low, maybe sound thread is not executed as frequent as it needs (something else has high priority).
  14. No, you should not. It won't change anything. And versions like this will happen anyway. The internal version in FM database must be bumped to 6.
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