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  1. It's because when you download new FM first, you only download its pk4. It works properly. But when you download update, then it downloads the l10n pack to (don't ask me why), which does not work.
  2. Most likely it is the following bug in TDM 2.09: It did not cause problems with old FM database, because it did not expose checksums. With the switch to new database, this is a big problem now. Most likely, the update was reverted, i.e. the downloaded file was deleted automatically. I'm afraid trying again won't help: it will display the same warning and delete the downloaded FM again. You can do one of the following: Download pk4 file directly and put it into fms directory. Wait for hotfix release to fix this problem. We are going to release it in the nearest
  3. You don't have debug symbols, so the stack traces have meaningless addresses instead of names. It would be better if you just send the core dump.
  4. You'll probably spend too much time on it, so better don't bother. Oh, I guess I was too confident to remember all Linux members I guess this article explains it: https://dev.to/lefebvre/take-a-core-dump-what-to-do-when-your-app-crashes-on-linux-6p0
  5. I am working with in-game downloader a lot these days (due to the update), and it crashes for me too sometimes. Unfortunately, I cannot catch a way to reliably reproduce the problem Do I understand you correctly that you have experienced occasional crashes many weeks ago (before FM database changes), and you still get them now? Could you remember whether you had these crashes in earlier versions (i.e. TDM 2.08) ? Most likely, the crashes are caused entirely by some bug in TDM code, so FM database changes could not affect it. If you manage to notice a reproducible pattern lead
  6. I have found another bug today: just some stupid copy/paste typo. As the result, when TDM downloads l10n pack, it displays error and deletes the downloaded files. For me it happened when I tried to update some FM which also had a l10n pack (no idea when they are downloaded and why). This problem is unavoidable (except for downloading pk4 directly), so wait for a hotfix release
  7. Yes, some spurious updates display for me too. The game saves information about which version of FM you downloaded in the "missions.tdminfo" file. Unfortunately, it only saves this file when you exit game or restart engine. If TDM crashes, then information is lost. If the file is not saved, then the game will not know which version you have the next time you start it. You will see the FM, but in-game downloader will think it has version = 1. So you can get unnecessary update for FM if: you put pk4 file into fms directory directly, without using in-game downloader the ga
  8. Calling for @greebo and @OrbWeaver. Do I understand it right that the full path to the map file is D:/games/monstergame/base/maps/test_combat_tworoom.lin on both machines?
  9. Any news? @Area, @id3839315, @elC: maybe you could try "r_glCoreProfile 1" ?
  10. Started final phase: minor updates to FMs. Updated Matter of Hours FM: now loading GUI shows two tips for approximately half time each. The mirrors have not updated yet --- to be investigated. I must admit that downloading this FM in TDM 2.09 when most of the mirrors have not updated yet is not fun. If we do a hotfix release soon, the fix for downloader should be included.
  11. I guess the problem is that high-poly model has a lot of leaves on it, making it look 3D. The lower-poly looks flat... does it have any leaves at all? I wonder if something in the middle is possible: not too much triangles, but visible 3D geometry.
  12. It would be great if you could add a temporary warning on the top of the page, that links don't work properly yet.
  13. Here is how it looks like: One directory per FM, each contains an XML with metainfo, pk4 files, and directory with screenshots for in-game downloader. Plus list of mirrors in a different place. On a related note: I strongly agree that passing files around is not a good thing. I'd say every mapper should use some version control system to store his FM, even if he works on it alone. It can be GitHub if you collaborate, or local git/hg/svn repo if you don't, just use something. In fact, we have a betamapper SVN repo somewhere, but I don't understand what are access p
  14. That's still unintended usage. GitHub is intended to be used to store source code, not assets. There is strict 100 MB limit on a file inside a repo. Several video files already exceed this limit. You cannot push larger file to GitHub. Without using LFS, which is just one more hack on top of git, which is already over-complicated by itself. GitHub terms also contain this: If one organization holds 150 repos with 9 GB release packages and 30 GB total size, wouldn't that draw attention? Recall that GitHub is intended for source code, and it rarely reaches such huge sizes.
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