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  1. I guess one approach would be to enable "Update entities" mode automatically when user clicks on "Restart Game" button. At this moment we can save .map in DarkRadiant, then spawn TDM or use existing or attach, in which start this map afresh of restart it. After that, the user can use the mode without problems, and cannot disable it (unless connection is lost). On the other hand, if the user did not click "Restart Game" button, i.e. started TDM manually, enabled automation, and started the map manually, then the whole line is blocked. He can do camera sync and reload from .map though.
  2. The idea is mostly to replace on/off radio buttons with single checkbox. Yes, it can be done for camera sync. Yes, it can be done for "reload from .map". Unfortunately, it cannot be done for "hot reload" / "update entities" / whatever it is called (soon I'll get confused myself with all these names ). User has to explicitly enable the mode even if he only wants to update manually, because we have to install a huge listener over all the entities. This mode only tracks the changes done to entities while the listener is on. It is important that when the mode is enabled, TDM has the same state of the map. That's why we should save .map file and force TDM to reload from .map file when user enables this mode. I can switch to your style, but I need additional widget on "Hot reload" line, which would actually enable the mode. By the way, "restart game" + "dmap" checkbox already fits your proposal.
  3. Yeah, and I would still be happy to change color of "manual" (yellow) and "on" (green) radio buttons when they are selected. Same applies to "Connected" checkbox... although it sucks being a checkbox. And inactive checkbox is especially hard to notice if it toggles...
  4. After looking at rather weak and varied response about game connection, I decided to put all available features into GUI. Here is how it looks on FormBuilder: Buttons should have better images The "connected" checkbox is just a boolean indicator, I did not find any well-established widget for this. I prefer adding lengthy tooltips over writing lengthy text labels. The buttons on right side (from top to bottom): set camera from game, reload entities now, reload from .map now. The buttons on bottom (from left to right): respawn selected entities, pause game. Are there any guidelines for button sizes? how to draw images? UPDATE: Same widget with a big larger size:
  5. Can particles in TDM be affected by lights? As far as I remember, that was limitation of the renderer...
  6. GL_COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2 is the right format. We don't have precompressed RGTC textures yet, maybe precompressed upload is broken. Although I recall that someone tried it and said it was OK... Unfortunately, you won't be able to pass RGTC texture "as is" to renderer. It only contains X and Y components, so Z component must be computed in shader (maybe also X and Y normalized).
  7. I think new GUI plus (re)start button will significantly improve on both points. Except that I'm against enabling automation by default: either you start TDM from DarkRadiant, or you enable it manually.
  8. As of now, I see only 3 responses. And every feature (except for "pause game") has its users. If it continues the same way, then I'll ditch @peter_spy's idea of "less buttons", and put all implemented features into the GUI, like it was in my original suggestion (except LEDs replaced with something like radio buttons).
  9. That's not a call for new DR features. The discussion is exclusively about Game Connection feature, or the "Connection" menu in DarkRariant.
  10. I hope I'll return to Connection feature in DarkRadiant soon. Since better GUI is the first on the TODO list, I decided to create a poll about used features. Almost half a year have passed, and hopefully some usage patterns exist now. Unfortunately, our forum only allows 3 questions in a poll, so I created poll in google forms. Here it is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8ITryAHqiByvXIKdRJcfQnnvgDxgN8gNlFckxXtr2rms-IQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Depending on results, some features can be removed from the GUI, or put to less obvious location (like "advanced" tab or whatever).
  11. It seems this process is finally over. I have repacked 33 missions out of 147, which for some reason take 6.5 GB out of 8.8 GB If anyone has objections or comments about the result of repacking, better say now. Note that you can test all the updated FMs yourself: the first post in this thread describes which version of TDM to install, and how to connect in-game downloader to updated versions. Also you can download updated FMs by direct links in the second post of this thread. My plan is to give a week or two to this, then merge my SVN branch to trunk. It means that all the future dev builds will include my changes, and will be able to work with updated FMs properly. The FM database, however, will not receive updated versions of FMs until 2.10 is released, or at least until the late moments of 2.10 beta phase (i.e. till 2022).
  12. Mission "Hidden Hands: The Anomaly" by @JackFarmer. It has exactly the same overrides as in hhtlc: mainmenu_background.gui for custom background mainmenu_briefing_video.gui to skip briefing state mainmenu_newgame.gui for a size tweak on mod selection page (not necessary here) Removed all the overrides. Added to mainmenu_custom_defs.gui: //stgatilov #5323: skip briefing state #define ENABLE_MAINMENU_BRIEFING 0 //stgatilov #5323: change background in main menu #define MM_BACKGROUNDS_META_ALLSIMPLE BackgroundCustomHHAnomaly Added mainmenu_background_custom.gui: windowDef BackgroundCustomHHAnomaly { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 background "guis/assets/custom_title" BACKGROUND_DEFAULT_BEHAVIOR(BackgroundCustomHHAnomaly) } In new TDM, the update FM looks good: custom background is displayed, briefing page is skipped. In TDM 2.09, default background is shown in main menu, and empty briefing page is displayed --- as expected.
  13. Mission "Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel" by @JackFarmer. This one overrides mainmenu_background.gui to set background, mainmenu_briefing_video.gui to avoid empty briefing page. Also, it overrides mainmenu_newgame.gui to slightly move the title of the mission on mod selection page. Removed all these files. Added to mainmenu_custom_defs.gui: //stgatilov #5323: skip briefing state #define ENABLE_MAINMENU_BRIEFING 0 //stgatilov #5323: change background in main menu #define MM_BACKGROUNDS_META_ALLSIMPLE BackgroundCustomLostCitadel Added mainmenu_background_custom.gui with: windowDef BackgroundCustomLostCitadel { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 background "custom_goldwell_animated_menu" BACKGROUND_DEFAULT_BEHAVIOR(BackgroundCustomLostCitadel) } The updated FM works fine in new TDM: animated background works, briefing page is skipped. However, the "Citadel" in the name of the FM is not visible in mod selection page. But given that this screen is defined by the currently installed mission, that dirty fix won't take effect most of the time anyway. In TDM 2.09, the FM works too, but with default background in the menu, and with empty parchment shown as briefing. Speaking of mod selection screen, there the complete name of the FM is displayed, but it does not fit the parchment it is displayed on... hmm
  14. Mission "Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever" by @JackFarmer and @Amadeus. It overrides mainmenu_background.gui for main menu background and mainmenu_briefing_video.gui to skip empty briefing page. Removed both files, then added this to mainmenu_custom_defs.gui: //stgatilov #5323: skip briefing state #define ENABLE_MAINMENU_BRIEFING 0 //stgatilov #5323: change background in main menu #define MM_BACKGROUNDS_META_ALLSIMPLE BackgroundCustomVitalicFever Also added mainmenu_background_custom.gui: windowDef BackgroundCustomVitalicFever { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 background "guis/assets/custom_title" BACKGROUND_DEFAULT_BEHAVIOR(BackgroundCustomVitalicFever) } As usual, everything is OK in new TDM, but TDM 2.09 now shows default background and displays empty briefing page.
  15. Mission "The Painter's Wife" by Fractured Glass Company (I guess @Bikerdude is corresponding author). It overrides mainmenu_background.gui for custom background, and mainmenu_briefing_video.gui to hide empty briefing page. I removed the custom .gui files. Then added the following to mainmenu_custom_defs.gui: //stgatilov #5323: skip briefing state #define ENABLE_MAINMENU_BRIEFING 0 //stgatilov #5323: change background in main menu #define MM_BACKGROUNDS_META_ALLSIMPLE BackgroundCustomPaintersWife Added mainmenu_background_custom.gui with: windowDef BackgroundCustomPaintersWife { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 background "guis/assets/mainmenu/pw_background" BACKGROUND_DEFAULT_BEHAVIOR(BackgroundCustomPaintersWife) } The update FM works properly in the new TDM: custom backgrouns is displayed, briefing is skipped. In TDM 2.09, main menu show default background, and the empty briefing page is shown.
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