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  1. Each time I check the objectives in game (pressing O), this warning appears in the console: I checked a few missions (MoongateRuckus, Eye On The Prize, By the Cookbook, Spider and the Finch) and they all do this. Doesn't happen with TDM 2.11. I reinstalled 2.12, but still get this behaviour. Is anyone else seeing this?
  2. You were on to something with that, but TDM won't let atdm:ai_base use another class's aas file. I changed tactics and switched it to atdm:steambot_base instead (it also happens to be the only AI base that doesn't say "do not use"). Dmap auto-generates the associated aas file (aas96) so there is no warning when the player starts. More importantly, it actually still works! So my AI will now follow the player with no errors or warnings.
  3. After editing some objectives, now I'm getting this console warning pop up any time I check the objectives in game. I've never seen it before. Everything appears to be working though. I have not edited the tdm_objectives.gui file and it is intact in the tdm_gui01.pk4 folder in TDM. It references DestroyDelay here. onAction { set "gui::DestroyDelay" OBJECTIVES_DESTROY_DELAY; set "gui::CloseGUI" "1"; set "cmd" "updateObjectives"; } but I have no idea what I could have done in my fm to give it issue. [EDIT] I get this warning in other missions now, not just mine. I reinstalled TDM and I still get this warning. Is this a 2.12 thing?
  4. Hint: I checked the objectives. It is possible to not read the note and also not see the body, in which case you wouldn't know she needed reviving and then you would not be able to complete the mission. I will release an update to fix that. Since you did find her though, I don't know why you didn't get an objective to revive her. I'm not able to reproduce that bug. Finding the note is set as optional, so missing that alone wont cause a fail.
  5. Sorry, the mission must somehow be bugged for you. I'll need to figure out what went wrong and issue an update. It's likely linked to not reading the note.
  6. Yes, I just figured out a way. The player sounds are located in sound/tdm_player.snd.shd and this file is zipped in the main tdm directory tdm_sound_vocals_decls01.pk4tdm_sound_vocals_decls.pk4 If you make a sound folder in your fm folder and copy tdm_player.snd.shd into that, you can edit it for your fm and disable whatever sounds you don't want the player to make. For example, I tried it with the mantle grunts by commenting out the sounds (most were already disabled). tdm_player_mantle_pull { volume -5 // sound/voices/player/mantle_pull01.ogg // too much straining // sound/voices/player/mantle_pull02.ogg // too much straining // sound/voices/player/player_mantle_2.ogg // too much straining //sound/voices/player/player_mantle_3.ogg } tdm_player_mantle_push { volume -10 // sound/voices/player/mantle_push01.ogg // too much straining // sound/voices/player/mantle_push02.ogg // too much straining //sound/voices/player/mantle_push03.ogg }
  7. Got it in 30 seconds... there's room left for someone to beat that though! Heavy spoiler:
  8. Here's the test map (I haven't fixed the warning yet Test Map
  9. haha, I just thought it would make a handy trigger for testing purposes.
  10. yup: missing 'idle' animation on 'dummy' (atdm:ai_base), channel 2 also channel 1
  11. that gives a hard error unfortunately. I have it working now, but still has the warning message when game starts.
  12. I get this message when the game starts:
  13. @Petike the Taffer Well that was challenging, but I managed to get it to work with a dummy AI (but with a warning message). Using hide doesn't work on the dummy, as each time it moves it un-hides. You need to use an invisible model. I used the atdm:ai_base, which surprisingly worked with these spawn args so it doesn't interfere with the player position and is inert as possible. Then you just need to trigger a follow script, e.g.: void follow_dummy() { $dummy.setOrigin($player1.getOrigin()); $dummy.hide(); //not sure why this is needed, but it stopped working when I deleted it sys.wait(0.2); //needed to prevent game from hanging thread follow_dummy(); } Alternatively, I tried to just bind the dummy to the player instead, but then the follower ai wouldn't follow me.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I should make the locating Astrid objective visible regardless of reading the note. Did you end up finding and reviving Asterid after reading the note and were you able to then complete the mission?
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