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  1. Very nice mission! You did great in the use of good storytelling, gameplay mechanics, architecture and level building and linearity. Especially videos, sidequest and the use of recorded voice is well appreciated. The difficulty seemed a bit low with one or two exceptions, but it's ok, since I had 2 hours of one of the best TDM experiences so far! EDIT: haha, I just saw that my last post was about your first Northdale mission which obviously gave me also a very nice experience. So you are my favourite level creator. Not that others don't make good missions, but yours just fit my style of enjoying this game.
  2. So I hadn't had a TDM mission since 2 years and played some 2018 missions. But this one was the best I could remember. I really liked the intro, the shopping system, the side missions!! The good clues, nice climbing possibilities. maybe a bit too easy, but a fantastic story driven and gameplay mission When could we expect the second act? Greetings
  3. I haven't played tdm since a few years now and tried out this map. It was really nice to play! I liked the idea of a
  4. Sorry for the links - Account was hacked. I just changed my password

    1. jaxa


      You should change your email password, It could have been used to password recover on the acccount

  5. Hm, my doom 3 folder is NOT in c:\windows It is here: F:\Spiele\Doom 3\darkmod strange
  6. Hey I can't start the new patched game - I just get THIS: What can I do? I haven't found this file.
  7. Ich bin für.... Newport, das ganze spielt ja nicht in einem fiktiven Deutschland, somit finde ich es voll ok dass Städtenamen unübersetzt bleiben. PS: Liebe Grüße aus Orangen Land Kalifornien ^^ (nur ein Scherz) PPS: Du nur die 4 zur Auswahl stehen, tendier ich noch am ehesten zu Neuhaven
  8. I can wait till 1.08 - in april 3 missions were released so I had some stuff to play - I'm really looking forward for playing the new 1.08 features
  9. I gave you 5/4/4 rating This was a very very nice fm!! it was quite linear - most of the time with just one existing way, but it was nice, because it was something else than the other fms. One part of the fm was really great - near the end - in appearance and sound!! And all this for your first mission... wow! This mission felt like a small first mission of a high quality campaign. Don't ever stop making missions, you are really good! - Can't wait to see more. by the way - the briefing was brilliant! sound/story/paintings - I was really longing for playing
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