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  1. Thanks! I edited the original post to contain some design notes for those interested.
  2. YOU TAFFERS! Happy new year! Deadeye is a small/tiny assassination mission recommended for TDM newcomers and veterans alike. Briefing: Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JWslTAC3Ai9kkl1VCvJb14ZlVxWMmkUj/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! EDIT: I promised to someone to write something about the design of the map. This is in spoiler tags below. Possibly useful to new mappers or players interested in developer commentary.
  3. The call for betatesters is now closed. Thanks for those interested. I am already much better, thank you. The cough and the snot-explosion might continue for weeks, I fear... But like in all matters, there always light side too.
  4. Hi! That nasty COVID finally catched me and I got locked alone into a room for a while. After recovering enough for basic functions and mindlessly consuming hours of trash from Youtube I decided to do something more fun to pass time... and now out comes a new FM called Deadeye. After years of hiatus, mapping indeed was like riding a bike. Deadeye is a small few room assassination mission one could play through in less than an hour and I would like to have betatesters for that. Maybe two is enough. Reply below if you are interested. Thanks!
  5. I don't know about consensus, but I think it is a matter of values of the observer: Builders: all magical dealings with dead are blasphemy. It is okay to bring flowers to tombs, pray and remember dead non-magically. Pagans: always okay (and probably common practice) to ask for guidance from the spirits. Probably evil to raise dead for selfish power gain. Possibly okay to raise dead to defend own community as a last resort. City dwellers, commoners: Magic? Scary! Nobles: Possibly attractive free time amusements, but maybe a bit perverse and dangerous if the church would hear about it. But forbidden fruit makes it even more enticing.
  6. Hi! I got back into TDM after a long break. Amazingly fun mission. Thank you for making it! Good: Excellent use of sounds Nice plot Excellent plot delivery and I liked the way things escalated Spooky. I especially liked how the environment changed a bit (wait... wasn't that gargoyle somewhere else just now..) Backstabbed the father skeleton out of undeath with my sword. Serves him right! Bad: None So nice to see ultra-talented people working on TDM maps!
  7. I have zero time mapping these days, so I might as well spill out my ideas for others to use. 1) I had similar idea as Thieving Barbarian: Ulysses-mission with a smallish section of a city, or a district of it. A VIP convoy goes through the area. Heavy armour AI team moves with the VIP, and the VIP is never left unguarded. The player is supposed to intercept, take out the VIP and escape. Plot twist: killing the VIP brings shutdown of the district, making escape more difficult. All player accessible areas are also AI accessible, so no easy mode fleeing the area. At higher difficulties the VIP might be armored (plot twist2). Allow player plentiful money to buy gear and do the hit exactly how they please (flash bomb & melee assault, explosive mine, gas arrow volley, sniper broadhead, or whatever). 2) Adventure / mystery mission with elements of the good old Lucasarts point&click adventure games. All moveable objects would serve a function, similarly how the player use the cannon to break a door in the Lich Queens Demise. The location would have a story, which is spoon fed to the player as they solve puzzles. Perhaps, in the end a group of AI would move in to give the player some good old sneaking gameplay. 3) city watch raid. Player goes in a thieves den to do something (steal, assassination or rig a gambling game). When they accomplish the task a city watch raid comes in and wrecks the place and the thieves. Of course they want to wreck the player as well. Emphasis on dynamic gameplay where AI fight each other and the player laughs in the shadows and slips by.
  8. I had to use calculator to determine my age. *grabs nitros*
  9. I have not received any threats to the e-mail associated with this site.
  10. I detected an empathetic emission from this origin and came to investigate. I can only guess what has happened. Something exploded around post #34. What a pity content has been erased. Now there is nothing to learn. Let's start having more political discussions on this forum immediately. We must practice political discussion in order to master it, secure it, contain it and preserve it for the future generations. Without the ability of political discussion, the future of humanity is doomed. And I would not like that...
  11. +1 on what Orb said. I have a completely different strategy of being happy with my OSes: I customize nothing. I learn to use the OS as provided. If I did customize my own OS and learned to use it, I would be immediately confused when I get exposed to another computer with different setup. If I learn to use the mainstream setup, I am familiar with every mainstream setup I encounter. Mainstream is more common than customized. Hence, off with the customization! Weren't humans supposed to be the masters of adaptation and thus the dominant life form on this planet? There is great power in adaptation, I think, if you adapt to the most common setup.
  12. LOL! Today I had time to install Lubuntu on my wife's old laptop. I think it was again a typical linux-experience: 1) Installation went great. I did spend some time looking up how to partition properly, because it is over 5 years since my previous linux install and I had forgotten. Found info and continued. 2) Everything worked out of the box, except.... 3) Windows key opens the launch menu -> great! But there is no way to do the snap-window-to-50%-of-window-space operation which I use all the time. Again, looking for information... 4) It turns out the functionality should be there, with key binding Windows-Key+Left or Right. But the functionality does not work out of the box. Again, looking for information.... 5) Turns out the developers dropped the ball and Windows key cannot simultaneously open the launch menu AND have the window50%snapping working. It is either or. Again, looking for information... 6) I disabled the windows key->launch menu feature. The windows key + Left/Right 50% windows snapping started working! Fortunately, ALT+F2 starts a launch menu, so now I can both snap windows to 50% and use a shortcut to launch apps. 7) now the old laptop works and is lightning fast without sacrificing functionality or useability. So the Linux-experience is that things are often almost great, but then there is some silly overlooking by the developers and you miss out functionality you would really like.... but if you are ready to do some investigation and play around, you might get a fix that gets you everything you need.
  13. Oh god, I am a linux nerd, because I understood (and mostly agree with) what he said. But a newbie is flooded with many distros and they may easily choose a poor one. Or a once-good distro might fall out of grace... that's what Kubuntu looks like to me, because it used to work better than nowadays. Bloat gets added, I guess. This might help (or just muddy the waters even more: https://www.distrowatch.com/
  14. " Many jobs are paid badly because there is always a "dumb one" doing it because he or she is just happy having a job. If people don't have to rely on those jobs, they must get paid better to attract people doing them. And getting paid at a reasonable level (not neccessarely high, but also not low) is an important part of the satisfication a job is able to provide, as it tells the employee how valued the job really is. Current payments don't reflect that very well." This is mostly correct, I think. In market economy jobs that everyone could do have low wages. But globalisation + market economy means that if in Germany nobody does the low wage jobs and demand more salary for these jobs, then the low wage jobs simply move to less wealthy countries, if possible. Amount of jobs will go down, unemployment goes up. And people on UBI must be worse for the economy than people on low wage jobs. But it is true, that occupational injuries and retirements are very expensive. Someone ought to do the calculations. It is fun to speculate, but it does not produce new knowledge. Statistics produce new knowledge, and the preliminary results show only well being benefits. That is fine, if the purpose of the society is to produce well being, and the increase in productivity (from the automation that makes the jobs disappear) is capable of funding it.
  15. I used to use Linux. After Win10 came out I've been using that because it seems to be stable and pleasant to use. I am not sarcastic or trolling. For me Win10 has mostly worked just fine. Actually, it was the Linux side that had problems. In win side, you just install programs and stuff work, most of the time. In Linux side stuff mostly work, but if something goes wrong, you have to spend a lot of time trying to fix it. For example, if you use proprietary drivers for your video card, and you get a kernel update, you desktop environment is trashed and you have work in console to get the drivers back in working conditions. I usually search the issue online and always I have been able to fix them in the end. I don't have an unpleasant experience of the Linux community. But I just don't have time for fixing basic stuff that break surprisingly. On Windows side, stuff just work. Actually, my wife is the Linux user in the family nowadays. She has an old laptop she uses for work on text documents. The machine had Vista, so it worked horribly slow until I installed Kubuntu on it. She has been mostly happy with the Linux she has been using, and we have gotten more life out of the laptop. Now, the Kubuntu has gotten updates, and it is getting slow, too, so I think I will install Lubuntu on the laptop. Maybe she gets few more years out of the laptop and we save some money. Of course, we could used 300EUR and buy a new Windows laptop, and that would save my time because then stuff would mostly work and I would not have occasionally fix stuff. So I guess I see Linux as a good way to save some money by bringing old hardware to life.
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