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  1. Thanks, I can confirm that: DR 2.12pre3 no longer makes my PC hang after shutting down DR, and DR now remembers my filters from the previous session redownloading and replacing my DR 2.11 portable install allows it to start again
  2. For me the main problem with leaving decorative brushes & patches as worldspawn is that wherever a brush meets another brush, dmap will try to optimise them in all kinds of ways. With increasing complexity you risk getting artefacts such as missing faces, glittery lines because of many very thin triangles and weird shadow projections, which typically all get resolved by converting into func_static. Furthermore, dmap will also generate unnecessarily intricate pathfinding areas around such brushwork - it would be better just to surround the whole thing in simple monsterclip brushes.
  3. I think it'd be good to post some early samples in here, too, as we can probably collectively provide some useful feedback. Thanks to all involved for making this happen!
  4. On DR 2.12pre2, whenever I close down DR my PC hangs a short while. DR also no longer remembers my changes to things such as what filters are enabled/disabled from the previous session. Can't try DR 2.11 or earlier versions because they abort startup during the splash screen at "Modules initialised". My 2.11 log is as follows:darkradiant.log
  5. It looks like you're trying to copy-paste a texture (2D project) from a brush surface onto a patch. Just copy the texture from the brush surface with MMB, then paste onto the patch with ctrl + MMB - this will project the texture onto the patch. If the brush surface is not in the same plane as the patch you'll get a stretched texture.
  6. I actually tried to make a giant European warship (i.e. HMS Victory) but those things get so huge. The time taken to make a ship increases exponentially with its size. The next iteration of this map will likely go in a more metallic & industrial (& huge) direction, representing the upper limts of technology in TDM's setting. One of the next ships may be an ironclad.
  7. Just for fun I recently updated my "Ships of TDM" map with both new ships and ones that weren't included before. It's quite the view now, and most of them have fleshed out interiors: Back row from the right: Airship (Dram), Invernesse (Dragofer), Ship Wreck in 2 halves (Dram), Galleon (Dram + Springheel), Airship (Jesps, Pandora's Box), Galleon (PinkDot, core asset and found in many FMs), Barque (Dragofer) Front row from the left: Indiaman (Dragofer, Perilous Refuge), Carack (Dragofer, One Step Too Far), Paddle Boat (Dragofer), Steam Schooner (Dragofer, Down by the
  8. Damn, I forgot to rename the .pk4 to have the same name as the one on the mirrors. If I'm not mistaken, looks like we'll have plenty of players with double entries in their FM list with a need to manually remove the old .pk4. Thanks for updating those links. Looks like you might be kept quite busy with this FM There are even secrets that follow on from other secrets.
  9. @Gerberox @Zerg Rush It's intentional that when you switch off lamps that the moonlight coming in from windows becomes noticeable, but it looks like the moonlight levels are a bit high - each window in fact has multiple different lights in order to illuminate the surroundings in various ways, so might be that they stack up to become too bright in some cases.
  10. @Darkness_Falls What you can do is to texture void-facing surfaces with textures/common/caulk and enable the filter for caulk. This lets you choose what rooms you want to peer into from the void.
  11. That object actually has the purpose to stop rats from climbing onto the ship via the mooring ropes. Seems it also works against thieves. (there's nothing to find on that ship anyway)
  12. @datiswous The weird thing is that worldspawn should always be entity 0, I can only guess how you got entity 19 to be worldspawn as well. I would try to delete&recreate entity 19 or convert it to func_static - the aim is to have only a single worldspawn entity in your map: entity 0.
  13. The glass-encased oil lamps I made for my missions, and which are now also core assets, are all frobable because they're assumed to have switches for toggling the fuel supply. I left the old exposed oil lamps as they are in order to not break established conventions.
  14. This is intentional, we found that using the "Fastest" compression setting in .7zip shortens map loading time by 15-25s while only adding 17 MB to the .pk4 size compared to "Ultra", and I didn't notice anything unusual happening at install. After bringing it down from 550 MB and considering how long this map takes to load I think it's well within reason to have a 170 MB instead of a 153 MB zip that loads significantly faster. Is that with the newest SVN assets and source? There was a problem with redefinition of the camera script since some FMs use a custom version without
  15. Try disabling his visual stim or setting his AI_USE spawnarg to -
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