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  1. I hide most of the stuff up there already, but I do still want the lanterns themselves to be visible from a distance, since their purpose is to eventually attract the player's attention to this part of the map, despite their small size, thanks to their surfaces' high luminosity and their swinging motion. (They're quite far away - and .jpg compression makes this worse - because of how huge the geography is, but that's a misjudged scale problem common in first missions). As you can see the illumination itself is almost invisible. The cost of the light is probably very small, but probably no less than that of the crates and packages on that platform. If, as duzenko's earlier post suggests, hide_distance for lights is pretty much implemented already, it can just as well be used.
  2. I've got some lanterns near the top of a mountain in a large outdoor scene. When you look up at them from the foot of the mountain it's almost impossible to see what they light up, given their surroundings. With the way how the mountain path is made, you have to get quite close before you can properly see what these lanterns illuminate. For this scene an option to switch off those lights beyond x distance could be used. Yeah, hide_distance for lights has strict limitations because in most cases the switch is glaringly obvious, but it's still a tool in the toolbox that has situations where it's suitable. Another such situation could be lights inside an apartment that has an open window to the streets, where you know it's not possible to get a clear view inside from further than x units. @peter_spyWith modern workflows, you probably mean an alternative implementation of the LOD system compared to what TDM has?
  3. I can now confirm that on my Intel UHD machine, the BC5 normalmap shows up ingame and without artefacts. And the "bindless handle" console error no longer shows up. My cvars are r_useBindlessTextures 1 and image_useNormalCompression 1.
  4. We've just talked about adding these coloured lights: we'd probably add a set of colorme lights that allow the mapper to easily set their desired hue, saturation and intensity. For one, this is because it became clear everyone has their own opinion of what these settings should be. For the other, this minimises the number of entity duplications in the Lights folder compared to having multiple preset colours for each light. Kingsal offered to pick up this .pk4 and look into making it become core-ready in accordance with these specifications. Btw, is it intentional you've also recoloured the deprecated entities? Those should probably not be shown anymore in DR by default.
  5. @kin NHAT v4 is in the beta testing forums right now, so it should be fairly soon. Could maybe do with another tester there, though.
  6. Looks like it uses the .tga image directly, without putting it in a material. You can simply create a material for your FM by copy-pasting an existing decal material and changing its paths. It would actually be quite helpful, because then a team member can transfer your fix to the core asset base. The bugtracker is definitely the best way of tracking asset issues like this.
  7. @MirceaKitsune There's quite a few tickets that list a number of asset issues and get expanded upon as their author finds more - no need to have 1 issue per ticket in such a case.
  8. Stuff like this really needs to be tracked in the bugtracker.
  9. An immediate band-aid would be to create a filter that looks for that model and use the right-click menu to "Select by filter". I have a "search" filter that I edit whenever I need to look for a specific thing. Maybe a search mask would be the most flexible solution. Get prompted with a dialogue for "spawnarg" and "value" and it selects all entities that match this.
  10. I've: Updated my SVN for assets and source code, compiled the latest source code Removed the normalmap from my SVN install for one of those textures Exported that normalmap as a BC5 .dds with mipmaps in GIMP Placed that .dds normalmap in the corresponding dds/ folder Loaded OGDA's demomap The console tells me that TDM failed to get a bindless texture handle on that normalmap There's no normalmap effect visible ingame.
  11. @joebarnin Maybe you can spawn a new rope at the same location and rotation? Possibly a stuck rope arrow and/or the rope arrow result entity. Otherwise it'd have to be that the script waits for the player to get off the rope. For fixing this, it should be possible to either expose the detach functions to scripting or call them from teleportation functions. @MirceaKitsune The only thing I can suggest is to look at all the spawnargs, I have no experience making animals that are like humans. Search cooldown timers for a fact have a lot of spawnargs governing them. And maybe you need to set some kind of rank so other AIs know what to greet them as.
  12. @joebarnin I think you'll need to clear immobilisation flags from the player - MirceaKitsune's recent arcade machine posted to the Art Assets thread has a script that works with these flags. scriptEvent void setImmobilization(string source, float type); Used to set immobilization from a source. Warning: Not a finalized version. It's subject to change, so use it at your own risk.) Spawnclasses responding to this event: idPlayer Btw, this is how the player is detached from a ladder in the engine (Physics_Player.cpp): Yeah I think it's a bug that teleportation doesn't automatically do this. It could be worth a ticket.
  13. @MirceaKitsune To me the 2 GUIs look the same - same format, and both just a tad too short. Can't you just increase the vertical size of that GUI window? Debugging crashes is worlds easier when you can build yourself a debug build, showing which entity and which function was the problem. It's pretty easy to install, pretty easy to compile a new build (open the code in Microsoft Visual Studio, select "Debug with Inlines" from a dropdown list and press F7) and would probably have a high payoff for someone scripting as much as you do: TDM Compilation Guide
  14. Nice work! It's like you've packed an FM into that machine I think it'd also have potential as a good generic machine prefab with some variants, possibly taking out or replacing some of the more arcade-machine elements like the overhead arch. Feedback-wise from here: - the screenshots indicate that the parchment texture is a little too small to fit the game, would be worth stretching that GUI window. - saving and loading problems generally occur when a scriptobject is stored within a map script (so i.e. nameoffm.script next to nameoffm.map, instead of script/game_blocks.script) or when a script is called from the console. There are also functions that can be added to a scriptobject to Save or Restore, though I have no experience with when that may be a good idea to have. - "game_blocks" doesn't occur in core .script files, so the only thing I can suggest is that you might have a leftover .script file floating about in your base install or in a .pk4
  15. @stgatilov Thanks, it turns out that 2 .pk4's were blocking the installer: tdm_textures_window01.pk4 - this .pk4 had a duplicate ending in .pk4.temp, which I already deleted yesterday. Log: tdm_installer_1627146664.log tdm_textures_stone_sculpted01.pk4. Log: tdm_installer_1627146488.log I'm pretty sure I touched neither of them, but in any case, deleting both of them allows the installer to progress.
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