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  1. It's a puzzle: if you're afraid of falling down, then look up.
  2. Thanks, I can confirm that RAM usage has gone way down, in fact even lower than in 2.14 since the map loads in at 1 GB and only increases if selecting everything, in that case climbing to 1.8 GB. Map loading does feel quite speedy too, now. By the way, I noticed when drag-selecting large numbers of entities the console tends to get spammed with quite a lot of warnings like "EntityInspector: warning: removed key 'origin' not found in map." It also happens when I try DR 2.14, and so far I haven't discerned any pattern or cause for why DR would complain about these spawnargs.
  3. I'm having quite pronounced RAM issues with my WIP in DR 3.0 compared to 2.14: after loading my map in DR 2.14, according to task manager RAM usage is 1.85 GB and stays constant as I drag objects and the orthoview camera around after loading my map in DR 3.0pre4, according to task manager RAM usage is 2.40 GB and rapidly climbs over 5 GB when I move the orthoview camera around, causing my PC to lock up as DR's memory usage keeps resetting and climbing up again. This PC has a total RAM of 8 GB, so it's probably hitting the limit. If it helps I could send the WIP?
  4. It's a very large mission with 8 segments - unfortunately an engine limit seems to have been exceeded due to a high total number and density of AIs. Some possible suggestions to solve it: - reduce AIs, optionally rebalance lighting/patrols/etc. to compensate (though difficulty may already have been on the high end due to the high AI count) - split up the mission into a small campaign - write a script that toggles processing of AIs The first part of the first option probably wouldn't take too much time and effort, while the rest may understandably feel like rather large projects without first taking a break for someone who feels drained from pushing a mission to beta. @Acolytesixgeegee has been sending download links via PM to people volunteering in the beta thread.
  5. I don't think there's a hard limit anymore, especially if you provide lower-poly versions of the mesh to use at a distance and a shadowmesh so that the engine doesn't need to calculate shadows on the whole mesh. For a character the highest detail mesh probably ought to aim for 7-8k triangles, possibly even more. Polys most likely refers to triangles.
  6. Headbobbing definitely seems like something for the player rather than the mapper to control. In fact, the headbobbing in TDM is a criticism I often saw on the TTLG forums, so it would be good to at least allow them to disable or reduce it.
  7. The issue for me is that you're opening one thread after another full of nonsense and/or vulgar ranting about one thing or another and otherwise only seem to engage minimally with the TDM theme or community on these forums. Have you tried playing some fan missions and posting your thoughts on them in the forums, or maybe teaming up with an FM author since you seem to have quite a lot of ideas? That would be much, much more welcome participation than the endless ranting which effectively amounts to trolling and as nbohr1more said can be grounds for a ban. If those things are your primary interests you'd be much better off finding somewhere else that's designed for hosting those kinds of discussions.
  8. Yes, but the walls and ceiling couldn't be worldspawn. I'd do it via skin spawnargs too.
  9. We should get @STRUNK in this thread for those boids, they look very relevant to his work.
  10. You need to create a material that uses those diffuse and normal textures (can look at an existing plank material), the material name could be something like plank1. You then need to make sure that the name of the material assigned to the model surfaces in your modelling program is plank1.
  11. Maybe the glasses stop working if you have 2 of them in your inventory? I dont know how robust their scripting is if it's called from 2 different entities. If this should be whats causing it, a simple workaround would be to replace both glasses with a func_static model and give them a Response to frob the actual working glasses entity located in the blue room and make the other func_static glasses nonfrobable.
  12. The updater uses its own version number which is always an integer, entered manually by the FM manager and not in any way affected by the darkmod.txt or any other files in the .pk4.
  13. We've used part of the recolourable flames asset pack (WIP) discussed in this thread. To make a flame particle recolourable, you need to enable the "use entity colour" checkbox in the particle editor and preferrably give it greyscale flame textures. You also need custom versions of the lamp/light entities that def_attach these custom flame particles instead of the normal flames.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, that spawnarg currently only exists in the lightholder scriptobject of the WIP version of the coloured flame asset pack. When the assets get committed to core, the updated scriptobject would be committed too.
  15. This is a core bug that occurs any time an animation spawns and removes a prop. The function seems to be ok, but it generates console warnings.
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