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  1. You can find attached to this post v0.4. Delete previous versions from your TDM folder. In this new version I have extended the support to chests. Remember: only doors which have the default, stock sounds are affected. If mappers went for a custom sound their decision is then respected. Thiefy_Doors_Mod_v0.4.pk4
  2. Right. I will be soon reviewing in detail your Alternative Footstep Sound Package, but let's finish this first ------------------------------------------------------- You can find in this post v0.3. I added some more "Thiefy" sounds to the mix for variety. Once again, delete previous versions from your TDM folder. ------------------------------------------------------- Any help from anyone in relation with double doors? How do we go about detecting if a door has sibling? z_Thiefy_Doors_Mod_v0.3.pk4
  3. I am afraid this is more difficult than I thought and I ran out of ideas By the by... @SeriousToni, you know your are guilty of all this, don't you? While playing S&D I thought gosh, these door sounds are slick! I am intruding!
  4. Find attached to this post a v0.2. Delete previous versions from your TDM folder. I am taking a drastic approach here for testing purposes, everything is subject to changes. Doors which "open" sound match with the below will be muffled (open and close): "door_open" // random "door_open_01" "door_open_02" "door_open_03" "door_open_04" "door_open_05" "door_open_06" "door_open_07" "door_open_08" Remember: This only impacts doors manipulated by the player. AI will make use of whatever default sound a door came with in the map. z_Thiefy_Doors_Mod_v0.2.pk4
  5. "Open door sounds" usage: doors, chests, cabinets... Interesting results... Decision making time! (door_open_01 is the default therefore it is not listed) Mind you: it is a quick and dirty estimation...
  6. Indeed. My script currently has a problem with sibling doors: only the door you frob gets the "muffled" sound but I think a solution can be found. A couple of observations: (It seems) back in the day there was no discrimination between large doors, chests or cabinets and we ended up with the same opening/closing sounds in different categories, and if we change the sound of a particular door we might as well be changing the sound of a chest. This will be hardly noticeable by players though since players aren't aware of the original sound and we are exchanging sounds with very low-key versions. If players have the "Open Doors on Unlock" setting set to "Yes" then my script doesn't work when a door gets unlocked. Something is happening in the source code that apparently is out of reach for the script. Not a big deal imho but there it is.
  7. Thanks, SeriousToni! Should everything go alright this little mod will eventually be part of the TDM Modpack and it will be maintained and evolve there. Therefore I rather have you listing the TDM Modpack instead of this standalone package which, in any case, is work in progress! Thanks in any case, datiswous!
  8. You can find in this post a working example. It is built on top of some TDM Modpack scripts but it works with and without the TDM Modpack. Just place the "z_Thiefy_Doors_Mod_v0.1.pk4" file in your TDM folder. ----------------------------------------------------- For this round I am only replacing the stock "door_open_1" and "door_shut_1" sounds but this should cover the vast majority of regular doors out there. I borrowed a couple of fitting sounds from the Sneak & Destroy mission by @SeriousToni, I hope he doesn't mind What does the "Thiefy Doors" mod do? Doors manipulated by the player don't make as much noise (unless you are running!). It is just an immersion gimmick since AI doesn't care for noises coming from doors. Let me know your thoughts. z_Thiefy_Doors_Mod_v0.1.pk4
  9. Mappers have the ability to instruct AI to (visually) mind open doors but, nope, nothing about sounds (unless purposely scripted). I detected a problem with the original idea: if we decrease the volume we won't be able to tell if a door shuts or opens close by or in the distance. Was it me? Was it somebody else? I am now toying with the idea that our thief should have his/her own "muffled" opening/closing sounds...
  10. Dear all, I always wondered why our protagonist makes as much noise as AI when manipulating doors. Shouldn't our thief be a little more graceful than the careless AI? I am trying to decrease the volume of open/close door sounds - when the sound is triggered by the player - and while I can get the current volume: float curOpenSound = door.getSoundVolume(door.getKey("snd_open")); float curShutSound = door.getSoundVolume(door.getKey("snd_close")); I cannot figure out how to alter the value returned. It would seem I can make use of setSoundVolume() only if I force a sound afterwards... Any ideas?
  11. No opinion on the matter yet, just adding some observations... From what I can see in full darkness and according to the light gem: Crouched: full concealment Standing: a little exposed Running: more exposed (unless you run backwards lol) Jumping doesn't seem to affect any condition.
  12. First time I played this mission. English not being my native language I had a hard time keeping up with the intro. I suggest a next, next, next approach whenever possible. Medium difficulty: "Do not be seen by anyone"... okay, in the author I trust.
  13. Kind of? @Obsttorte set the scripting basis of the mod and when he moved to the source code I completed his take based on my interpretation of the blackjack. An that's perfectly fine. My main concern was about the noise propagation although some sounds bothered me as well to some extent. I give the instructions and my thief deals with objects with no fuss. Go Team!
  14. Definitely not, however... I am not familiar with Linux but this guy managed to run JSGME in Wine (7:55 onwards): If you cannot make JSGME work or simply cannot be bothered: Download the Modpack Search inside for *.pk4 files Move the *.pk4 to your TDM root dir As of today there are three (self describing) *.pk4: x_Classic_Blackjack_v1.0.pk4 x_Footsteps_Water_v3.0.pk4 x_TDM_Modpack_v2.0.pk4 The *.pk4 are independent from each other. Try one, two or all at once. Your choice.
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