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  1. Perhaps this is because your in-game brightness is very high and the Start Mission option blends with the background...
  2. Right now it cannot be done (the way I think you picture it) but mission details could be made available by the developers for modding ... In the meantime: Use AngelLoader (the one tool for all your mission management needs) Use the Unofficial Patch (or parts of) Raise your voice here Set the language to Italian (ah!) Build your own executable
  3. To anyone wondering there was a conflict between the mission and other initiatives and kingsal solved the conflict on his side and I am very grateful. Thank you, @kingsal.
  4. 1 hour and 45 seconds later I am 50% there (resigned mode)
  5. Hey @MirceaKitsune Things can get pretty busy above the lightgem and I moved the HUD to the top right corner of the screen. The modded gui file is attached to this post. I hope you resume work on this promising mod someday! player_augmentation.gui
  6. Sure, short circuit, of course
  7. Having completed all missions (except the very recent ones) I find TDM not challenging at this stage. If I want get any enjoyment on a second play-through of a mission I set my own rules and I roll-play it. Here is where optional skills / add-ons / challenges / fundamental changes come into play. I wish missions wouldn't resort so often to no BJ or no kills and allow me chose who I want to be in any difficulty. I wish TDM had real challenges built-in. @STiFU is up to something, and I am looking forward to his updates on the progress. What I really want to say is that mods - as long as they serve a purpose and work - will find their audience, regardless of whether you use them or not.
  8. Last night I got to play The Terrible Old Man. Nothing else worth saying that hasn't already been said. @Ansome Congratulations on your first release and thanks for sharing your work with us. Now do yourself and us a favor and bring on "The Raven" to TDM
  9. I see. Thanks! Unfortunately the peek isn't available for you in any of its forms It may get fixed for the next release...
  10. @uyvie The file is behind a login wall. Can you make it public?
  11. Let's run a test. Peeking through keyholes is a core functionality. For it to work mappers must manually setup target doors accordingly. A few maps make use of this functionality. The mod expands the functionality (in a different way) to any door. Download the mission Seeking Lady Leicester and load it. Approach the one door, crouch and lean forward on the keyhole. You should see the street outside. Does it work?
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me/us, @uyvie ! I am not familiar with the Steam Deck but it is good to know TDM works on portable devices. The TDM's autocommands.cfg file allows you to set hotkeys automatically (among other things) and you probably want to check how it works and see if you can set your preferred key bindings there. The Modpack includes an autocommands.cfg file with some examples. You definitely should see something and if you don't it is safe to say the peek does not work on the Steam Deck. The non-modded peek apparently does not work on Linux either so something is amiss somewhere
  13. Very good exposition @nbohr1more. You play a significant role in this game and you never disappoint.
  14. No, too many variables involved: external app, controls configuration, game settings... We are talking Master Thievery Level here, most of the taffers will get nowhere.
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