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  1. I guess I'm not clear on what "a feature like this" refers to. If you just want to see the prefab and nothing else, can't that be accomplished by putting the prefab on a separate layer?
  2. If you're talking about having prefabs auto-update in your map, what happens when someone changes it in a future release in a way you don't approve?
  3. That model doesn't really suit the TDM setting as it looks currently...it has wires and fairly modern looking pipes and logos on it.
  4. I assumed we were talking about AI animations, not player animations. Avoiding player animations that take control away from the player has always been high on our priority list.
  5. Plenty of games don't have the character reach out their hand at all, which is even more magic.
  6. So you don't actually play TDM either?
  7. Combat is usually quite difficult already. Do you expect players to factor in what direction they are moving while in the middle of combat? It's challenging enough just getting the parry right, let alone checking your HUD to see where you are damaged and calculating, "Oh, my torso is damaged so I better strafe to the side just in case my next parry fails so he hits my arm instead". And since you usually can only survive 2 or 3 hits, crouching during combat would probably result in immediate death, regardless of how much you want to protect your legs. While I can see the value in some o
  8. What is the overall purpose of making players pay attention to something that they have limited-to-no control over? Can players shield individual limbs from damage if they notice one is low? Do players have to choose what limb to heal?
  9. You may want to playtest them in actual maps. Some of those features (slowfall and speed in particular) have already been experimented with, and were found to cause unforseen consequences during play. If you've managed to solve those problems then those potions could finally be added.
  10. What difficulty level did you start at? If you jump into the harder difficulties without knowing how to play the game, then yes, you will absolutely die frequently. Those modes are meant to be challenging for players who already know what they're doing. The game is designed with the intention that you start in story mode until you know how things work, and that you start with the easy-to-moderate difficulty levels afterwards. You only start staggering around when you drop to your last 5 hp. If your health is dropping that quickly it's either because you're bleeding out or wa
  11. The Long Dark is free on Epic until tomorrow night. I can highly recommend the game if you're into survival games at all: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-long-dark/home?fbclid=IwAR3SJpBT1221mxm6o6VVARSmo941ynWre6urMzphUqb8IXYi8qcFDmIpjS0
  12. I think that's true for the majority of players, Thief and TDM.
  13. Personally, I'd be interested in looking at new frob visuals...I don't think any kind of brightening effect is going to solve the problem of seeing the effect in bright rooms. A subtle outline might be the way to go, and we could colour code it....white for regular objects and yellow for loot, for example.
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