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  1. All of my missions use random paths to varying degrees. Sotha developed the RIT method (random, interesting things) so you could expect randomness in most of his missions as well, I assume.
  2. I know there are some board-game fans here. I wanted to recommend a game that I've been playing for the last few months...Tabletop Simulator. It is essentially a sandbox platform that allows you to play almost any boardgame you want in a virtual space. It's been a godsend during quarantine. Over the last couple months I've played the Conan boardgame, Scythe, Dead of Winter, the Game of Thrones strategy game, tried the new Massive Darkness 2 that's currently on kickstarter, and played several games of X-Wing, all using Tabletop Simulator. Not only is it a great way to get to play boardgames with people who don't live with you, it's also a great way to try games that you don't actually own. There are hundreds of games available in virtual form, most of them for free. For anyone with basic modding know-how, it's also extremely easy to create and release your own boardgames. Anyway, if you're a boardgame fan it's definitely worth a look. It's about $20 on Steam and it regularly goes on sale.
  3. Guards will notice doors that open in their FOV if the door is marked "suspicious" by the mapper.
  4. Just use www.photopea.com
  5. I'm of the opinion that the correct approach is: the bigger the scope, the lower the resolution. In other words, the description of a single block can be quite detailed; the description of an entire city less so, and the description of the entire empire should be intentionally fuzzy and indistinct. The same applies to timescales. Otherwise, it would be like trying to create a coherent canon out of the various Star Trek series and movies. If you zoom in too closely, you're just going to wind up with a mess of contradictions and disjointed trivia that interferes with the ability to enjoy each episode for what it is.
  6. I agree, mappers are going to freak out over the ability to test real-time lighting!
  7. Isn't it rather contradictory to try to "creep" and "run" at the same time?
  8. Typically modules don't have to cast accurate shadows from behind, because the mapper is going to have to use worldspawn to seal them. If there are issues with light, the sealing geometry can be made out of something that casts shadows. I eventually stopped adding backs to my model modules for that reason.
  9. The game already uses plenty of real-world historical paintings. Why would you use contemporary art in a setting this is obviously not contemporary ?
  10. It's up to the mapper to decide what loot sends AI into alert. That's the best compromise between punishing the player too much and having AI stare blankly at a missing painting without noticing.
  11. It would also require an entirely new inventory management system where you can view your loot, see how much each weighs, and drop loot that is too heavy. None of that currently exists. Presumably it would also have to be integrated into the tools inventory system, unless loot weighs you down but tools don't.
  12. And what would that message be, especially considering that the artist doesn't choose the words on the card? This line of thinking leads to some obvious questions: Should game companies now include a questionnaire for potential artists to fill out, to make sure they don't have any problematic opinions before hiring them? How much do you know about the creators of TDM, and how much should their views impact your enjoyment of the game?
  13. Saved games from previous versions are not compatible.
  14. A working dog would certainly be a lot more useful than a dragon, and significantly easier as well due to the size, lack of wings, etc.
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