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  1. Thought I'd share what I've been working on lately. While my mapping days are behind me, TDM still is still an inspiration for many of the fantasy illustrations I do in my free time. Here's a few that should look somewhat familiar:
  2. Some of our characters have 5-7k high poly versions, as I recall, though they use LOD. We have some prop models that are 10K plus, although they also have shadow meshes and LOD. Today I'm sure we could go higher, although mixing high and low poly assets is always bad for cohesion.
  3. It's trivially easy to shoot charging guards in the face, so if you let arrows kill alerted AI, the player never has to worry about them. They can even take the arrow back and do the same thing on the next one. Originally I wanted to have AI shield their face with their arm when the player aimed in their direction, but that was too challenging at the time.
  4. The reasons why TDM isn't on Steam have been listed multiple times. That wasn't on any of the lists.
  5. I was assuming the screenshots--which combine highlighting plus dark outline--meant that it was a viable alternative. If it's not, that's going to confuse people.
  6. The only problem (from a player perspective) with the original frob was that you couldn't see it in well-lit situations. The highlight+dark outline combo solves that problem. In dark settings, the highlight is easy to see. In light settings, the dark outline is easy to see. There should no longer be any cases where players can't tell whether something is frobbable or not. Whether players like it, aesthetically speaking, is up for debate (I think it looks pretty good from screenshots).
  7. TDM is now older than Thief: The Dark Project was when TDM was first released.
  8. The tracker may not have been closed, but I'm pretty sure grayman did implement a lowering of AI acuity during conversations (or rather, they ignore alerts of level 1 or 2).
  9. Now THIS, on the other hand, does blatantly break the forum rules.
  10. I'm pretty sure I went through the chest prefabs and changed them so only the lids are frobbable some years ago. The lid is the thing that is moving, after all...there's no reason for the entire chest to highlight and it's much easier to grab things when it is not competing for the frob trace. Having everything be picked up immediately on opening a chest wouldn't work for us, even if it was desirable, since chests often have multiple movable junk objects in them, and the player can only pick up one at a time.
  11. That was certainly the case at one point, in order to allow frobbing of things on top of ledges or objects that would otherwise be difficult to target.
  12. Having the outline appear behind objects is one of the things being tested, so if people don't like it, they should chime in.
  13. Someone's first post that has a link to an external site, and references nothing that is actually connected to this forum? I'm guessing spam.
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