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  1. For someone who doesn't want to copy Thief, this seems exactly like a copy of Thief. That said, I think it looks pretty cool. The lock-picking overlay looks great. And I like the way the readables move towards the player and open/unfurl. I'd like to see something like that in TDM. Not a fan of the voice-acting, personally.
  2. You keep avoiding the question about what the practical difference is. Unless you're trying to claim that people who die from Covid deserve it because they have a "weak body defense"? dotage (dōt′ij) [ME. doten, to be silly] A pejorative term for cognitive impairment. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners Note that there is nothing in this definition that counters the claim that "dying of old age is not a medical term".
  3. You didn't answer the question. What practical difference do you see between someone who dies of pneumonia, and someone who dies of a combination of pneumonia and old age? In both cases they would be alive if they hadn't caught pneumonia.
  4. Wow, I didn't know that you had it! What kind of complications did you have? I'm far more concerned about those, if I should get it, than the risk of actually dying.
  5. Jesus Christ Kurshok, this isn't your personal therapy page. Six posts in a row is getting ridiculous.
  6. Is there any practical difference between someone who dies "of Corona" and someone who dies due to Covid-induced complications? Unless you're referring to people who would have died regardless of whether they had Covid or not--those people are easy to filter out by subtracting the average death rates from the current ones.
  7. The comment wasn't directed at you, and it certainly shouldn't be seen as endorsing the general tone of Kurshok's posts. I don't personally support either childish name-calling or overly emotional rants, even if the target deserves valid criticism.
  8. Any group willing to use violence and terror to promote their beliefs should be called out by all reasonable people.
  9. You can trigger damage brushes, as an alternative...that would work if you know where the AI is going to be when they die.
  10. I remember this happening with md5meshes long, long ago. Don't remember what caused it or if it's related.
  11. 1. That sounds like you're talking about patches. I talk about using patches in my mapping series...somewhere near the end when I talk about outdoor areas. They're not complicated. 2. That sounds like a skybox. You could do a search for that term. Using premade ones is easy; creating your own is more challenging.
  12. Pagans would be unlikely to have a consistent set of deities. They're not a unified group. Some might worship their ancestors, or nature spirits, or the sun and moon.
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