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  1. I could also populate the lootlists (at least the most necessary objects) in [[Training_Mission_(OM)]], [[A_New_Job_(OM)]], and [[The_Tears_of_Saint_Lucia_(OM)]] which are currently empty.
  2. In 2.12, the placing of two objects in the kitchen need adjusting: * The cauldron is floating to the left of the stove at coordinates (246.74 523.07 30.25 -6.1 179.2 0.0). * A bowl is sticking out from the bottom of a shelf at coordinates (229.17 696 30.25 -15.9 -174.3 0.0). I otherwise enjoyed this mission which is well crafted in both mapping and story. Things I particularly liked: * That it was possible to get an overview from the roof tops. * Multiple entry and exit points. * Evenly distributed keys and notes with hints resulted in driving the story forward in a good pace. * The setting and story elements: The rationale for builders patrolling the streets and the city hall. The chilling descriptions of the inquisition in books and notes, and how the city had invited this evil (or possibly even been tricked into doing so). Things that could improve: * I agree with thebigh's comment that it would have been nice if it was possible to enter some other building. Perhaps a room of a relative, or friend, of a victim of the inquisition and with a diary where they describe the victim's innocence and the fear of unfounded accusations keeping the larger public from ending the panic by coming forth with questions or as an alibi. Partly for additional story (mood) but also partly because it makes the surrounding accessible area appear more of an actual city than a scenery flat. Both OMs, A New Job and Tears of St. Lucia, have one such room each.
  3. I played this on 2.12. When the bakery owner sits down on his chair on the upper floor, it looks as if he's positioned too far to the right and too far on the edge of the chair. Also, I found it very difficult to retrieve the coins from the cashbox near the fireplace as it required a lot of precision to frob the coins once the box was opened. Other that that it was a very enjoyable mission. Thanks to everyone involved in making this mission!
  4. I also reproduced 0006361: Stepping on some things may render player immobile except turn, lean, and crouch at coordinates (7662.56 7696.25 6316.12 71.0 99.4 0.0) between the spikes at the bottom of the red steel X.
  5. After that, I could expand the documentation about gamepad bindings in [[Bindings_and_User_Settings#Gamepad_Default_Bindings]]. I play TDM almost exclusively with a gamepad, and I could add, and link to, information that I was looking for myself when I started playing and made the custom configuration for my gamepad.
  6. I reproduced the issue 0006361: Stepping on some things may render player immobile except turn, lean, and crouch at coordinates (8255.75 7580.25 6786 63.8 91.1 0.0) behind and to the right under the second catapult.
  7. Sure! [[FAQ#Troubleshooting]] the link to the forum is wrong, change it to https://forums.thedarkmod.com/ (or use same value as set for variable "Discussion forum" in the wiki menu instead) This seems important and has been on my list for a long time. The following changes are small but should be uncontroversial: * [[The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide]] "Linus distro" -> "Linux distro" * [[The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay]] in section See Also, add a link to [[Bindings and User Settings]] * [[Bindings_and_User_Settings]] change "DarkmodKeybind.cfg" to "DarkmodKeybinds.cfg" * [[Installation]] add definitive article to the first two bullet points. * [[Installation]] "When the game doesnt start the first time, the game create logs." -> "If the game doesn't start the first time, the game creates logs." * [[TDM_Release_Mechanics]] "will be heavily changed of even removed by" -> "will be heavily changed, or even removed, by" * [[TDM_Release_Mechanics]] "links to bugtracker as especially welcome" -> "links to issues in the bugtracker are especially welcome" * [[Fan Missions]] change the redirect (from the category) to the article [[Fan Missions for The Dark Mod]] * [[FAQ#What_is_The_Dark_Mod?]] create a sub-header "Which license does TDM use?" and link to https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk/LICENSE.txt I would have linked to https://github.com/fholger/thedarkmodvr/wiki/Gamepad-support from [[Bindings_and_User_Settings#Gamepad_Default_Bindings]] when I learned about it in January and I noticed it was missing from the wiki article, but the article has since been updated (by you, actually) in April.
  8. Any project or organization that relies on volunteer work benefits from harnessing what each participant offer. In the case of TDM, some people write code or scripts, create assets or animation or missions, write on the forum, etc. Others (like myself) do testing or write documentation. I was under the impression that this project was open to contributions also when it comes to documentation (hence this thread). And, as I understand, it was open at least at some point in history (and multiple wiki users never made a single edit). I believe this was changed to avoid spammers. That is understandable, but once it has been established that a new contributor is not a spammer and instead shows a genuine interest to contribute, is there any good reason not to let them do so? As I wrote earlier in this thread, I have demonstrated that I am familiar with wiki formatting and that I have good intentions. Also, any mistake on the wiki is easy to revert. If it makes any difference I can limit myself to one edit a day the first month and start doing minor edits like fixing spelling, formatting and linking.
  9. I referred to my work in the bugtracker mainly as a way to show that I have good intentions. Not that I don't make mistakes. I do. Thank you for providing feedback about 0006540 (feedback which may also then apply to 0006542). I was not aware that Z-fighting (if that is the culprit) was mission specific. I thought it, similar to 0006361, was related to coding or the models. Had I known it was mission specific I would not have logged it in the bugtracker. Feel free to enter them where they better belong (in the forum?), add a comment in the bugtracker with a URL to the new location to those places and then close the issues so that I and others can see what is the proper way to work. I really am trying to do the right thing and I do appreciate your feedback. The wiki article Reporting Problem describes how to report a problem, but is there documentation on where different problems shall be reported or how to work in the bugtracker? I'd be happy to read it and follow such a guideline. I have looked for it but cannot find it. This is also something I'd be willing to document on the wiki if it does not exist, or link to it if it does exist so that others can easily find it. It is more effective and less friction to write down what is the right way to work rather than correcting someone on a case-by-case basis when they do something wrong but that they didn't know was wrong. I actually had a private conversation about this with another forum member a few months back and they suggested you had a good grasp of the bugtracker workflow. Maybe you'd be willing to write something down? If you want I can give feedback and ask for clarifications and point out aspects that a new user may want to know. I have a firm grasp of Mantis as a system, but practical use of it may differ between organizations. The thing is that other than finding, reproducing, reporting and organizing defects, I think one of my strong points is documentation of products and workflows. I want to branch out from there, but I also want to document missing information along the way so that others who wonder the same things as I can easily find it.
  10. I am really anxious to start working on the wiki. I have been a member on the the forum for over five months, but I have been more active in the bugtracker. It is frustrating that there seem to be no person or authority to which I can apply for an account, no process for applying, and no clear criteria that must be fulfilled. So far I have compiled a personal list of things that need be done on the wiki, but I have stopped adding to it because it just seems like double work (compared to just editing directly) and it seems even uncertain that I will get an account in the near future. Again: please streamline this process so that new volunteers can start contributing as soon as possible.
  11. Could somebody update the article about the lightgem? 1. Add a sentence that a red frame around the lightgem indicates that it is at maximum intensity. (see https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6525) 2. Remove the lingering quotation mark after "Stealth & Shadows". Update: Dragofer added a sentence about the red frame in this edit, but the orphan quotation mark is still present.
  12. That is fair. I have reported 84 issues in the bugtracker (and contributed to some of the existing ones), proposed articles to the wiki (see above) to demonstrate that I am familiar with the format, and contributed some on the forum. In the event a wiki user does not contribute in a constructive way, it is easy to block them and revert their changes.
  13. According to the user list on the wiki , there are five bureaucrats: * Greebo * Modetwo * Springheel * Taaaki * WikiAdmin My best guess would be that @taaaki has access to the servers that are running the bugtracker, the forum and the wiki. For the sake of community growth, I would also propose a more streamlined process for new users to get a wiki account. Make it easy for new contributors to contribute.
  14. One page I want to create is a page listing common abbreviations used during development.
  15. I am still interested in helping out on the wiki.
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