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  1. Hey @MirceaKitsune, thank you so much for playing! As for the bracelet, there is no objective text that shows up specifically; it is just something you have to gleam for yourself. EDIT: Hmm, i can't seem to get spoiler tags to work right now. Will send a PM
  2. Thanks for playing @jdtecGlad to hear you liked it. As far as that objective goes, you should definitely be able to go back and finish the deed @Xolvix So, Dragofer and Biker have been hard at work making a sizeable update for this mission and if all goes well it should be out this weekend. This update comes with a boatload of bug fixes and quality of life improvements so you might want to hold off until the weekend.
  3. I'm sure some of you will recognize where these shots were taken from
  4. absolutely beautiful work Dragofer!
  5. Congrats!! Looking forward to giving this a go
  6. Yeah, congrats on the release! People are gonna love this one!
  7. Congrats, looking forward to giving this a go!
  8. I ran this FM up last night on 2.08 and everything loaded up fine, it was a fresh install and everything
  9. I can confirm the game crashes when keyholing on goodneighbour V2, TDM 2.08, 64bit, Ubuntu 20.04 hmm, are you sure you are using the TDM x64 exe file (as TDM comes with two exe files - 32-bit and 64-bit). And I'm afraid i won't be too much help with Linux, not sure how well AGN plays on that
  10. They don't call him the madtaffer for nothing, I guess
  11. So this might be a long way off, @darksilence but do you plan on putting in Thief fan missions as well as some point? I'm sure a lot of people here would make use of that as well.
  12. I do agree with roygato on this. While arachnophobia is definitely a real thing, it would be nice if there was an opt-in function so that people can find that information out without it being overtly presented. There are plenty of missions where the undead are kind of a surprise, so it's kind of spoilerly if "THIS FM HAS UNDEAD" is presented outright.
  13. This looks awesome! Well done! It's great to finally have a searchable list of all the FMs. One bit of design feedback for you, your main title "The Dark Mod Database" is impossibly small. "Filter" and "Clear" are bigger fonts, yet your header gets no love
  14. So with the help of several very talented individuals, I finally managed to get out a fairly sizeable update for this mission. You can find an updated credits list and a brief changelog for Version 2. Also, the external download link has been updated and the new version should be uploaded to the official servers soon. If anything is broken, please let me know and I'll get to fixing it. Enjoy!
  15. Actually, this seems like the right place. This would be a nice feature for DR to have after all.
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