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  1. yeah, not really, but several cultures do have harvest festivals, so it can still be around that same theme. Plus I'm tickled by the idea of an FM where Corbin has to steal a frozen turkey for his family dimmer because the butcher was sold out
  2. I COULD (heavy emphasis on this) be interested in another contest. I'd probably do something very, very small, but it would be fun to get a bunch of Autumn themed FMs
  3. Thanks for making this video marbleman! I'm looking forward to watching it and am very curious to see how you ghosted it
  4. Congratulations! Very much looking forward to playing this tonight
  5. Thanks for playing, I'm really glad you liked it! As for your question, I need to go back and work on this problem. Now that I have a better understanding of just how DR works in general, I think I can make a better, more reliable solution. There are also a handful of other bugs I gotta go back and fix too.
  6. Congrats on the release! this was a very cool FM, just oozing at the seams with atmosphere and ambience. Great work!
  7. Let he whose FM is without bugs cast the first stone.
  8. I just finished this FM last night, and it was a ton of fun! I absolutely loved your city design and city atmosphere. It's nice that you took a step away from TDM's tried and true "doom and gloom" aesthetic and made a really vibrant city. It was a wonderful combo of original brushwork and modules, I really loved it. Great work!
  9. hmm, this sounds like a bug then unfortunately. Strange, because other players have gotten all the secrets, not sure why the chain is suddenly nonsolid now... Sorry about that
  10. Eh, don't feel too bad about this particular spot. This was a troublesome area when it came to beta testing that's been tweaked and retweaked a few times, but since this was a contest mission with a deadline, there is only so much you can do
  11. At long last, we finally have a train mission! This was a blast to play, well done! This actually reminded me a lot of that one train level in the Splinter Cell series way back when
  12. Congrats on the release Geegee, looking forward to this
  13. Think you got the wrong thread But I am not the least bit surprised you found a way out of the map
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