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  1. Well, what's on my mind is that yesterday my power supply kicked the bucket, and after much troubleshooting, discovered that it took my video card out with it. Spent all day yesterday running around for a new PSU and GPU, but I did find a video card that is far better then the one I had, so that's nice.
  2. That song has been stuck in my head for a solid week! Overall, I'm a pretty big fan of the show. It has a handful of issues, but overall, it seems like they were true to the books, barring a few things
  3. Function is what's important, beauty comes later
  4. these creations are pretty cool Strunk, I love the projector
  5. A Christmas miracle!! Thanks guys, looking forward to playing it
  6. Let's be real though, who doesn't want to be a space baron?
  7. Merry Christmas taffers!
  8. These look awesome Spring! I love the magnifying glass and stand
  9. Take your time, man! There's no rushing quality work. I too am procrastinating a bit, but it doesn't help that the holidays is a crazy time. Es gibt viel Zeit!
  10. haha, yep. The first book is called Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey (which is actually two authors, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck). Fun fact, Daniel Abraham actually worked together with George RR Martin quite a bit
  11. Yep, love 'em. But I need to catch up on the newest short stories. Haven't read Strange Dogs yet
  12. I'm also pretty excited that they started filming season 5 already. We definitely won't have to wait (relatively) long for the next season. Now I'm tempted to rewatch the whole series again. It's been a while, Beltalowda!
  13. Better to have 10 quality episodes then 15 or 20 mediocre ones IMO
  14. YES! Watch it, it's just as good as past seasons so far, and the CGI is still top-of-the-line. Definitely recommend. Gonna continue watching tonight
  15. I second HMart's comment. I don't think this gets said enough, so thank you! Looking forward to the new DR update
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