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  1. Thanks for asking the organizers about including TDM! I am not sure if I can participate as Real Life (ugh, who needs it) demands a bunch of my free time right now, but we'll see
  2. I'm not all too familiar with how github works, but I have some textures and such I wouldn't mind uploading. Either way, thanks for setting this up and maintaining it. There is some cool stuff in here
  3. Obstortte was also involved and did the lion's share of the work. It all began with him and his work
  4. This is very cool, didn't know you had this! Is this for the community to use/contribute to?
  5. Hey, thanks for looking into this! Excited to see what you've done with it! No way! This is precisely the thing I was looking for when I was messing around with it way back when. This is great info, thanks
  6. yeah, the style, the atmosphere, the exploration... this FM is definitely a horror classic
  7. Oh, dang, yeah, not sure what is going on there then. That is bizzare
  8. You might also find this wiki page helpful as well: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives_Editor#The_standard_"exit_here_when_you're_done_objective" Just scroll right on down to the subheading that says "The standard "exit here when you're done objective." This particular objective can actually be pretty finicky for new and experienced authors alike
  9. I just finished this myself and I must say, this was a great FM. I absolutely loved the buildings, the manor, the whole city you created here. Truly some great architecture and interesting places to explore, and I had a ton of fun prowling the streets and climbing every which way. Now I think I'm gonna go replay In Plain Sight. Thanks for all your hard work, it paid off!
  10. Yeah! Congrats on the release! I am very much looking forward to playing this
  11. Hence why I mentioned the update in this thread. In addition, that is why there is an asterisk in the mission downloader that indicates whether an update to an FM is available
  12. I didn't even know that TDM automatically updated the version number like that, but to call the multiple patches we've done on this "Verison 6" just isn't right. And it is certainly not in line with how other authors have updated their FMs in the past (i.e., 1.1, 1.2, 1.3., etc.) So yeah, we are just calling this version 2.
  13. "There's a group of pagans who worship the banana as a sacred fruit." This FM practically writes itself. I'd play it
  14. Alright, Seeking Lady Leicester: Gold... I mean, Version 2 is up. This features new voice lines, some quality-of-life fixes, as well as some obscure bug fixes. For this update it would be best to delete the FM entirely and then redownload it from the in-game downloader or the Google Drive/Onedrive links. But as always, if you are in the middle of a playthrough, you don't need to update this FM if you don't want to. This will likely be the last update to the FM for a good long while.
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