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  1. Great question! I have no idea. I'll take a look this afternoon and fix it. Thanks for pointing this out
  2. Yeah, sorry about the confusion, but I am personally gonna be unavailable and unresponsive over the next few weeks for personal reasons, so we asked JackFarmer to help. He has our blessing
  3. I've done this for A Good Neighbor and Written in Stone. Sometimes its janky, but most the time it's pretty fun. A couple other authors have done it for their FMs too
  4. This you will just have to explore yourself. The readables and objectives do show what you are looking for. As for if they are killable, shoot a (holy?) arrow and find out
  5. Ha, don't worry, it happens to the best of us
  6. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it Some of the loot and secrets are VERY difficult to find; I don't think we ever expected players to get it all on their first playthough (even though some did, the loot hounds!). And I especially argued for very hard-to-find secrets, so even finding two of them is a worthy accomplishment
  7. alright, this one is my bad. I just deleted the entire archive and redownloaded the FM. Now the issue seems to be gone. Perhaps I had an extraneous material file that overwrote something? I don't know, but everything seems to be working as normal. Thanks for looking into this. And now I have learned to delete and reinstall an FM before reporting a bug
  8. hmm, what you have is correct. So then I wonder what the issue could be on my side. I'll take a look in a little bit
  9. Hey, so I just loaded up A Good Neighbor in TDM 2.11 and noticed a fairly significant bug. 2.11 seems to have broken the reflective water texture I used for the flooded basement. I attached screenshots, the first is of 2.10, then second is taken in 2.11. The difference is pretty clear. Help please!
  10. I feel like this is something that can be done in DR's Stim/Repsonse editor. Body goes in, ashes come out... But we'll wait for Dragofer to explain why we need a script
  11. Mama mia! I particularly love the last pic, great work!
  12. Can you provide a screenshot of the location? You can use the console command "noclip" to fly around easily and get there
  13. agreed. the key is just keeping em small, I think. Lord knows Written in Stone was wayyyy larger than we wanted it to be
  14. yeah, not really, but several cultures do have harvest festivals, so it can still be around that same theme. Plus I'm tickled by the idea of an FM where Corbin has to steal a frozen turkey for his family dinner because the butcher was sold out
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