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  1. ha, thanks for documenting that @Lzocast Hopefully you had fun finding all the secrets even if it did take longer than you expected
  2. I just finished what was probably my seventh or eighth playthrough and I'm still finding new things in this map that I've never discovered before. I know I'm late to the party but I just wanted to say excellent work Melan. The atmosphere, the architecture, the gameplay, the writing (especially the writing!!!), all of it is truly amazing work. You have an uncanny ability of creating amazing environments and developing such a unique, grim world. You really do put the "Dark" in Dark Mod.
  3. Thanks Glad your enjoying it so far. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think of everything when you finish it
  4. Ha, nope, I've only ever worked with DR. That's not to say that this FM came out of nowhere though. I've spent years quietly learning how to map and scrapped many projects because of awful mapping practices, scope was wayyy too big, etc. This was the culmination of many, many years of hard work. Hopefully I'll be able to make these faster now, ha
  5. My "un-named WIP mission" can definitely be deleted, as the FM has already been released
  6. Heh, the dmap times where unbelievable for a little while a few months ago. I have a fairly decent rig, but I'd start dmapping, then leave to make dinner, eat dinner, then find the pc still dmapping, it'd take a solid half an hour to 45 minutes or so. But with 2.08 and a few other changes, that time was drastically cut. so now its only like 5-10 minutes to dmap @MrMunkeepants Do you mind kindly putting that image in spoiler tags please, thank you!
  7. Agreed, great actor, sucks that the writers of that episode couldn't have done him justice
  8. Ha, Black Market is definitely THE worst episode of the series. So many things didn't make sense, characters made choices they never would have, and the stakes were just.... ridiculous. But given that it's a great show with four solid seasons (and what I think is a solid finale) its allowed one absolute trash episode
  9. Hey, welcome back! To go off of what Freyk said, they're all great. But some of my personal favorites are: Kingsal's Volta series (Volta and the Stone, and Cauldron), Melan's Penny Dreadful series, Grayman's William Steele campaign (start with "In the North"), anything by Goldwell, the list goes on. Happy thieving!
  10. Drats! that's been a problematic bug for a while, I thought we had solved it. Oh well
  11. Seconded. This is something that was present in 2.07 and something I intend on tweaking when I release an update for this FM (soonish).
  12. Beautiful work Goldwell!! Only you can make rain look oh so good
  13. Ha, I do know what you're talking about but I definitely won't be giving any hints on that just yet. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you find out for yourself though
  14. Thanks for the feedback @Lzocast as well as the bug list Yeah, it's certainly understandable that one can get a bit overwhelmed or confused about where to go, and we all did work hard on making it so that players could (relatively) easily learn their way around the map. We spent weeks trying to find the best ways to guide the player around but no solution was ever 100% perfect, especially given how large this particular map is. Glad you like it though, and yes, take breaks! I can't imagine finding everything in this map in one go
  15. Looks like 2.08 is getting some love here too: https://www.dsogaming.com/news/the-dark-mod-v2-08-released-now-fully-supports-opengl-3-3-glsl-improves-cpu-multi-core-support/
  16. So happy to finally see this released. Tons of hard work was put into this by tons of people, ya'll are gonna be in for a treat with this one
  17. This isn't the first time MTG cards have been banned, and in the early years with the Arabian Nights block among a few others, there were definitely some very questionable cards, even by late 90s standards. The Invoke Prejudice card in particular is problematic for several reasons, one being because of its illustrator Harold McNeill, whose portfolio is very clearly filled with Nazi-style artwork. It's definitely not hard to see the common theme in his artwork. The card itself was internally coded as "1488" (being a favorite number among neo-nazi fuck bags), so I can see why Wizards decided to axe this particular card. Some of the other bans seem a little over the top, but I believe those are all cards that are no longer in Standard or tournament play anymore anyways, so its not really impacting the game at all. EDIT: And out of morbid curiosity just now, I didn't have to scroll far on McNeill's facebook page to see a positive reference to the Iron Cross.... yeah, I think MTG is better off without him or his cards
  18. Ha, well, now you have piqued my curiosity. I should be able to do a solid playthrough of this this weekend if that works for you
  19. Oh man, what a lovely surprise. Congrats Bienie! I can't guarantee I'll be able to beta test this, but we'll see.
  20. Just finished playing it, fantastic work!! There is a lot to love, such as the interior design and all the hard work you put into fleshing out each room and filling it will details. 11/10 would go antiquing again
  21. Awww yeah! Congrats on your first release! Looking forward to checking this out
  22. I'd be willing to take a look at what you got Jared, I can even help you out with those readables. Feel free to shoot me a PM And don't feel bad, I too made that same mistake. Could have saved myself days worth of work... oh well. All part of the learning process
  23. @Ladro, Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it
  24. Yeah, I'm missing it as well. Can't find it anywhere
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