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  1. Thanks! I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to polish it up and then if I have something nice I'll share it
  2. I just finished that FM last night, and it was very good. I thought Nicked did a great job capturing TDS vibes using the Dark Engine. I have no idea how that mapper keeps pumping out maps so fast, he is basically a one-man FM factory
  3. This fragile bottle mod is pretty cool! I like the wine splash effect as well. On a semi-related note, I'm currently (and slowly) experimenting with making throwable firebombs for my WIP, so I wanna take a look at what you've done here
  4. Thanks for playing!!! And yeah, that is a good idea. I'll look into it and maybe see what can be done
  5. I did back up this files to the official HiRes textures SVN, so we are good to go on that front!
  6. "Undead hogwarts" is a fantastic description lol. As for your question, that door is purely decorative, it was meant to represent the front entrance. You cant actually traverse it. Sorry for the confusion
  7. So, that's how it was explained to me. Even though it seems counter intuitive, using Direct X maps has worked for me. I was recently trying to import a bunch of textures from Polyhaven.com (they offer both OpenGL and directX normalmaps) and I used the OpenGL version at first, but when I put it in-game there was an inverted green channel. I then used the directX version and the normalmap worked just fine I'm happy to be corrected on any of this though. Maybe Polyhaven does something different with their normals, or I'm doing something wrong
  8. I just learned this recently too, it should be Direct X
  9. I can only speak for myself, but I think option 2 would be fine. This will at least allow the missions to be playable on the dev builds for now, and we can see if any other issues pop up
  10. Alright, you convinced me that this convo is no longer productive. You clearly just wanna be right, so I'm not gonna spend anymore time on this. EDIT: I cant help myself, I'll end on a more thoughtful note. I care about all the feedback I get from all players, however there is a difference between "caring" and "catering to". Just because one person says they don't like X doesn't mean I'm gonna make a change, especially when other players do like X. I'll always hear out beta testers and players and listen to their feedback, but I am by no means beholden to that feedback
  11. Well, I actually found that initial folder in the HiRes SVN repo. This is different from the TDM assets repo as it has a bunch of source files for textures, fonts, etc, but they aren't really game-ready assets. This is where I found the tga image files for the fonts I thought you were looking for. I haven't uploaded Tels folder yet, but I was thinking of uploading them in the HiRes SVN repo, just for the sake of backing it up
  12. And it's your right to disagree, and it's your right to critique those FMs. But that doesn't mean authors need to make changes to cater to your whims if they don't want to.
  13. I think you just gave me an idea for the next April Fool's FM
  14. Yeah, some (myself included) would argue that is a feature, not a bug. The important thing is that the FM plays "well" and is "enjoyable".
  15. Damn right, and I personally am going to keep making changes on how I want MY mission to be played and what I think is best for MY FMs. If that's not to your tastes, then I'm sorry these changes don't align with your preferences, but there are tons of other missions you can play that do. FM authors have ZERO obligation to provide uniform experiences that try to cater to everyone. Some people are going to enjoy these custom changes (I really loved the Resident Evil style saves, and I can't wait to see more missions with that) and other players are gonna be unhappy about them, and that's a crying shame, but it is not going to stop me from making FMs how I want them to be. Never once has a beta tester or a player brought up an issue about these kinds of choices I made for my FMs
  16. Yeah, I can do that. Shouldn't be a problem, unless anyone has a particular objection to it being uploaded to the repo
  17. Woo! Happy to see this released! Can't wait for some plumber-based gameplay
  18. Tweaking cvars in a mission.cfg file is certainly a lot easier and more mapper-friendly than tweaking core scripts and def files, so this definitely seems like a good starting point
  19. Thank you for saying as such and clarifying the path forward with regard to these missions, I do really appreciate it
  20. Yeah, as I said elsewhere, it's not so much that the missions are broken that is frustrating to me and several other affected authors, it's that there was zero communication to the affected authors that this was going to be happening beforehand. There is no reason why a message couldn't have been sent to the affected authors saying "hey, this will be broken in the upcoming dev build for X reasons. I thought you'd like to know before surprising you." Or even an open discussion beforehand about why these authors decided to make these customizations to begin with. Plain and simple, that's just a lack of respect. If you have the time to break these, you have time to communicate and see if there might be a solution to avoid all this (and there is!). And perhaps from YOUR perspective, you might think this reaction seems silly, unnecessary, and that this is totally fine, but from my perspective and that of a few others, it's not. EDIT: In addition, when creating or modifying existing assets, I and others take great care in making sure that these changes don't break existing maps. And if they do, we do whatever we can to own up to that and fix it. I do expect that same level of respect to be shown to existing maps so they aren't just broken with reckless abandon and no clear path forward.
  21. Why not use the modified weapon scripts from the April Fool's FMs? Those seem to be working just fine on this dev build
  22. well, I guess this is just where we disagree. It isn't really a mapper's job to inventory and highlight every change they make because most players don't have an issue with it. There are a lot more important fish to fry if you wanna get an FM released
  23. "Needed"? No, not particularly. But it also depends on what the change is and how significant it is. For my FMs, the tweaks are small and I didn't really think they were worth mentioning. No one brought up a complaint about it either, so I just moved on. If you wanna know what's going on under the hood, you can always take a look at the files yourself Edit: man, the sad emojis are out in full force today...
  24. this is how the mapper wants the player to experience the FM. If you want a different experience, the burden is then on the player. Although, there are already several existing notations in the script files and def files about what has been changed. Kingsal has been really good about this with his volta modifications, and I've tried to do this as well
  25. There are 10 released FMs that use custom arrow scripts for a variety of reasons. With this current dev build, if you try to use the bow, it just doesn't work. It's broken
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