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  1. Somewhere there's a good tutorial on visportal placement, which had top-down drawings of examples. You don't want long lines of sight where where you can ever look through three visportals in a row, or at least not until you right next to the first, and at least when we're talking about open outside areas with lots of triangles. One way to do that is make hubs where the streets/hallways go off in T-like or Y-like intersections, where each opening is about 60 degrees offset. And then you can make the entrances have a quick horizontal displacement like a Z-shape, and you can put a seco
  2. Isn't there an option in the settings to make the blackjacking more forgiving? I don't have that much trouble with it since in the end it's just muscle memory, or the eye-hand coordination analog of that.
  3. If melee combat is our weakest point, I'll take it. It's functional and not obviously broken, and for our typical gameplay or plots, it does the job just fine. I mean it's not meant as a fighting game, and the most memorable fights are usually for story reasons or, e.g., if you're boxed in and have to fight your way out, where you remember the fact you fought the guy at all more than the mechanics of the actual fight. And on those grounds, what we have works well for the game. It's focused on a boiled-down big picture than memorizing little details.
  4. Yes, the .pk4 is just a zip file with the assets already set up to drop into a mission and you get the bonus of seeing them in-game. It's not really meant as a mission at all. As for a separate one for each modeler, the idea I mentioned before on that is just to release successive asset pk4s for all of the asset sets that were either made, discovered, or anyway got packaged since the last set. So it'd be like Asset_Pack1, Asset_Pack2, etc., and each one could be like maybe a few 100MB. I didn't think it was good idea to break them up by author because they'd be so lopsided, some of them
  5. These are great, but it's kind of a problem for customs assets to be spread out among links buried in threads. I don't need these now, but maybe I will in 6 months, and then I worry it's going to be hard to find what I saw before again. One solution I mentioned before is that an FM be made that basically collects all the custom assets from every source into one place, where the player can just go in and it can be basically laid out like an Ikea store, lol. But you can look around and see what you might want, and it should have a title plate with the author & name of the asset, so you
  6. I guess people have already stated the main punchline. This is really the job of the mapper. So it's good to inform mappers that packaging campaigns when they're finished would be appreciated. The issue about the lag in releasing individual missions just means that it's probably good for mappers to release the FMs individually over time, and then at the very end have an independent release of all of them packaged together as a campaign, while the individual levels are still available individually. It's a little more work for the mapper (e.g., they might want to change the loadout screen f
  7. Legitimate good idea. There have been a lot of times I'll want to know if I have rope arrows and not be 100% sure which number it is, so I just start pushing all of them. I'll second that motion.
  8. I remember I made two long shelves in the lab in my FM that were chock full of alchemist junk, bottles and skulls and glassware and gizmos, and there were quite a few people that were disappointed that they couldn't pick anything up from it. People like intractability. For that matter, my alchemist lab for my (our) T2 FM had a little easter egg where if you found some lead and mixed the right stuff with it in a cauldron in the right way, it would transform it into gold with a flash and a bang. (The alchemist was hover sleeping nearby, so the bang was a funny, scary moment, but fortunately
  9. I like the look and feel of it. Good luck with your project! We're not ones to tell anyone they can't do what they like. TDM actually got a lot of hate from the original Thief crowd at TTLG for being inauthentic, kind of bewildering to some of us at the time, but in the end most people realize there's room for different projects and visions and life is too short not to do what you want. It seems like every year or two, someone is presenting their own vision of this genre and will post a video here, which is cool. They often have new ideas or cool takes on different things, and this
  10. The thing is, the same map can be played in different moods, or put the other way around, maps cater to different moods more or less. I personally think it's important the first time I play a map that I play it both the intended way of the mapper, and basically following the philosophy of our genre -- slower, more methodical, thinking through your approach, anti-shooter, anti-hand holding, minimal, clean & functional UI, immersive sim, air of mystery to the world, non-linear, legitimate challenge, etc., and the game doesn't compromise with these things, even if it may be annoying for a mom
  11. That would be Baba is You. Great puzzle game! Edit: Aha, should have read the further posts. Still a great puzzle game.
  12. Seems somehow overly narrow with only a few nominees, and a few games keep getting repeated in a lot of categories.
  13. Loot glint gets a lot of hate. It's basically antithetical to the whole ethos of our design philosophy going back to the TDS days. But honestly, I bet it wouldn't be hard to set up a system where, when you push a button, loot in the visible screen will show an outline or glint or whatever, in a visually pleasing way. There's lots of reasons a player may want it. BTW, to back up a second, in the console you can already set up a keybind to a console command, so you could have a key that toggles the console command to show loot. That would solve your issue right away. The only thing is that'
  14. Lol, "only different". From the point of view of making a conversion script, that's a pretty big thing! But there are other differences too. In D3's case, the engine doesn't know what's "inside" or "outside" until you place an object on one side, and D3 also has a system for arbitrary portal placement, and the way portal areas work for culling (leafs), that anyway works differently than the Dark Engine's portalization method. It's also different from a mapper's perspective. Well this is the best way to visualize how they're different in terms of how the engine is understanding the geometr
  15. My campaign's protagonist was an analog of exiled medieval Persian which is basically like what ended up becoming Indian Parsis. There's an analog for any group you like, as long as you go to some effort to make it fit the world and don't just jam it in unaltered.
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