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  1. I've been playing Control recently, and it definitely has System Shock 2 in its DNA. It has the most immsim vibes I've had playing a game since I guess Prey. And it looks great. It's kind of light on the sim part, but it has very diverse environments, and the action varies by that, so that keeps the action pretty fresh. The story is also weird & interesting. Fun game.
  2. Nice to see this limit go so that the size of an FM is defined by an author's ambition and not some technical limitation.
  3. I can only hope with Vampire Bloodlines apparently getting canned that Paradox turns to one of my most anticipated games since forever, Victoria 3. (Yes, I understand VB2 was actually being made by another studio; but I think it's still part of the equation in terms of financing, and I'm just speaking rhetorically off the cuff anyway.) Vicky 2 came out in 2010, and the series has been noticeably skipped over as Paradox has made sequels to other games that came out after that one like Crusader Kings & Magicka. But asking them about when Vicky 3 is coming out has been a running joke for
  4. You know you can change their team in the .map file if you really have your heart set on it.... This is one of those cases where a little DIY tweaking can be fun (just for your own personal local version).
  5. Not bad, about a mission every 1~1.5 months for 11 years straight. As time goes on, we get more very ambitious ones too.
  6. Which is to say, even in "retirement" greebo (who codes DR) is still one of our most prolific workhorses.
  7. Cobalt blue, uranium green, and amber glassware sets would be really cool to see. I think Victorian style glassware might fit our world.
  8. My first advice is, it might be good to open up another FM and see how it set up a custom speaker and double check every element with the tutorial in case you misinterpreted something. It could be something like a typo in a spawnarg in the speaker, or in the soundshader, or not have the shader in the right folder, or it not referring to the proper folder where the sound file is, etc. Worst case, if you still can't figure it out, then you can just flat out copy and paste a custom speaker & all the relevant stuff from another FM into your map and change it from there.
  9. I bet you could still make a 1- or 2-room FM in 30 minutes. But anyway alright, we can consider these threads as your creative contributions then.
  10. I can't recall a zoo-themed FM in Thief or TDM off hand, so it'd be original fare that's for sure. Animating quadrapeds is a serious challenge. But it would be admittedly amazing if someone pulled it off. You know you could use some of your apparently boundless imagination & creative energy to actually make an FM one of these days...
  11. Since Arkane already made a spiritual successor to Thief (Dishonored) and System Shock (Prey), they should be due for one for Deus Ex to complete the gaming golden age's Gaming Trinity hat trick. Recently I've been playing Hades, among some other games. It's slick. Cool kind of aesthectic, quick gameplay loop for each room (what was sorely lacking in, e.g, Void Bastards trying the same model). Story is cool. The tone is a bit overbearing, but it's easy to get caught up in the gameplay and trying to make it a few more rooms in each round. I don't think it's an all time masterpiece, but I t
  12. They're probably fishing for support, so want to keep it up as long as they think there's an offside chance. The fiasco with Underworld Ascendant unfortunately probably did compound their difficulties. My general view is there's a time and a place for a certain game with a certain team to come together with a certain design philosophy where it all comes together and a great game emerges. And if it doesn't have that alignment of pieces, then the gates to development hell are always open and never far away.
  13. Thanks, it sounds good, and I didn't notice any broken locations. If anyone needs it from me, I'm fine with this being uploaded on the official mirrors as the official release version as it fixes the efx to be basically as originally intended (if I had been able to hear efx when I first set it up).
  14. DoomScript is weird to begin with (to me, an amateur at coding) because it's using C++ forms (made for compiling) as a script language (running real time on an interpreter). I don't mind too much because I basically learned C++ just by learning to code for TDM anyway.
  15. @Dragofer That's a great public service you're doing! I was always meaning to make a scripting tutorial, but I just managed to make a simple page because it's practically a mini-course in coding by itself. So I recognize how much work goes into it, and what you've made so far is great. I think it will get more mappers to get into scripting, as I think a lot stay away not because they couldn't get it, but just because the step-by-step instructions weren't there. Then that means we'll have better FMs, which is a win for everybody. Thanks!
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