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  1. The green smocked one is the female pagan. She was one of the bodies in the warehouse and one of those rough draft characters that I don't think made it into the release version. Evidently one of the last few updates (or possibly nbohr's EAX fix, which seems odd, but it's in the cards) changed or deleted some property that made her fall through the floor onto that roof and lose her head, which, if you know how AI models work is the kind of thing you might expect. There's already a good number of comments on it and anyone can see it's pretty immersion breaking. So I suppose it calls for an upda
  2. We used to have contests more often. They're great because they kind of naturally temper your ambitions. You have a limited time like 1 or 3 months. A few for Dromed had build-time limits (because the Dark Engine actually tracks the build time; I don't recall DR doing that though), and it'd be like 24 or 72 hours or the like, which of course you can spread out over a week or few weeks. Often there's a size limit, and it's sometimes really small. There's usually a theme so you have something to spark an idea. And the fact it's a competition can add a little motivation, for people that are
  3. Maybe we have a vote and try to decide democratically? Unless he expressed his wishes at some point somewhere. If they're quite close to being finished, then it makes sense to have a community group everyone is comfortable with finish them off for release, with the goal of being as true & respectful to his vision as possible, so that his final work can see the light of day. And also that the situation is explained in the readme and release threads, so people will understand why they got special treatment. But it's an exceptional case so people may have different opinions about it, and
  4. My eye muscles never worked for this, so I always had to do it the crosseyed route (which as you all probably know reverses the effect, innies become outies and vice versa). I remember going through a whole book of them over like an hour or whatever, and after I'd finished, I realized my eyes just stayed crossed and I couldn't flex them back straight; even after applying some effort to it, they'd just push back crossed. It stayed like that for at least a good minute or two, and I recall a few moments panicking and thinking, "Well shit. I guess this is it. They're stuck like this for good
  5. This is a sad day for our community. He was a great inspiration for me and he'll definitely be missed. I got to work with him a little when I was helping out with some parts of the code. I really valued our discussions, and I actually learned a lot about coding from him. I think I learned even more about design from him. He was one of those rare kinds of people that has a lot of technical know-how but is also really creative & has a great artistic and design sensibility and knows how to tell a good story. I was somehow thinking he would be able to rejoin us soon, but now I just t
  6. I suppose I don't need to belabor this anymore, but this is the core answer for this thread. But I did want to say, there are actually good reasons to use our engine beyond the things you already mentioned. It's right at that level (2005 base) where an individual or small team could get traction on developing it. But even aside from that, not to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but IMO our engine is pretty awesome and would be a great base for a lot of kinds of games, especially of the immersive sim / semi-open world type and complex AI. It has a lot of pretty sophisticated systems, advance
  7. To clarify, you can sell code under a GPL license, but the license requires you to release all of the sourcecode in a form people can compile it, and it retains the license. So practically you can't stop people from just taking the sourcecode, possibly changing some things, compiling it, and independently releasing it for free. Also, outlets like Steam really don't like GPL licensed code because it puts them at risk. And they already mentioned that all of the game assets are strictly non-commercial. So idTech4 derived things aren't the best platform for a commercial game. That's separate
  8. In principle it'd be great. I think at the root of it ... well the Steam people themselves really don't like GPL-based code, because they worry about integrated Steam-related code (GPL3 would require that to be released and covered by itself); so to begin with they weren't very welcoming and IIRC said something like it's rare that we ever clear any game under GPL3 (but technically not impossible; I think there were like a handful of games that have done it). The accounting for all of our IP is also a pain, and that's before you even get to the authorship issue. Those are still issues that
  9. That looks pretty respectable actually. It's a challenge for everybody anyway. For the border work, I was speaking about the facade of the barn. It's a big wall of a brush (/set of brushes) with one unbroken texture for the bulk of the surface, and I tend to think big stretches of an unbroken single texture are like dead space when they get too big. Breaking it up with borders or windows or anything that's contrasting makes the space come alive. It's a minor observation just IMO though.
  10. They would do that if their teams were set (or able to be set) to be mutually hostile. Long story short--if that's the issue--that's not really a problem the code base, but a problem with the mapper botching something in the map design. It's also technically possible that they did it intentionally and you just don't agree that it made sense, which I think can happen and wouldn't really be technically a "mistake", just a strong dissenting opinion. It's hard to know for certain without knowing which example you're referring to though. Edit: I think one of the team settings was neutral
  11. Cool scene. My constructive comment is that all walls should basically always have border work & interlacing planks to break up the space. It should be drilled in by habit, any time that you make a wall you make it with that. And then they should be combined into a func stat since they aren't separating geometry. There are some tricks to hide the path/dirt seam. It's not a big deal to have it, but I like to lay down an n-shaped patch over the seam so it looks like a mound of dirt or rocks over the seam. Another trick is to glue a bunch of rocks together in long rows, and you only
  12. Does it work if you have a small layer of air between the glass and the water?
  13. I've been playing Control recently, and it definitely has System Shock 2 in its DNA. It has the most immsim vibes I've had playing a game since I guess Prey. And it looks great. It's kind of light on the sim part, but it has very diverse environments, and the action varies by that, so that keeps the action pretty fresh. The story is also weird & interesting. Fun game.
  14. Nice to see this limit go so that the size of an FM is defined by an author's ambition and not some technical limitation.
  15. I can only hope with Vampire Bloodlines apparently getting canned that Paradox turns to one of my most anticipated games since forever, Victoria 3. (Yes, I understand VB2 was actually being made by another studio; but I think it's still part of the equation in terms of financing, and I'm just speaking rhetorically off the cuff anyway.) Vicky 2 came out in 2010, and the series has been noticeably skipped over as Paradox has made sequels to other games that came out after that one like Crusader Kings & Magicka. But asking them about when Vicky 3 is coming out has been a running joke for
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