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  1. AFAIK there isn't just a global setting for it (but that'd be an obscure setting if it existed, so you'd have as good of a chance of digging through Doom3 tutorials or the code to find it as anyone else), and different things are localizing sounds in different parts of the stereo field for different reasons, so it sounds like it'd be hard to rig it source by source as well. I'd also think you might be better off doing it through your operating system or just, you know, turning your headphones around.
  2. The problem is that FMs are incommensurable. A "10" would be a fantastic score for a massive FM and a terrible score for a tiny contest-sized FM. So it means somebody would have to play through all of them and personally judge the fair rate of its difficulty in a way that's equal across all FMs, and keep doing it for every new one that comes out. That's a bit unreasonable. What if the author disagrees with the proposed rate? What if the author's idea for the rate is actually quite inaccurate? If it's such a high burden, you might have multiple people doing it, but then how do you make sur
  3. Looks great! You ought to put up a video here so people can really appreciate your accomplishment. (This isn't a good texture pack for this setting, but it gets the job done.)
  4. I'm wondering how much coding support would also need to be done. It sounds like some of this would call for cuing and cycling through idle animations, cycling through animation variants for different things, and for things like mantling, to do it justice you'd want the animations to be in line with the different mantling mechanics, i.e., responding to things like cancel conditions, morphing a jump animation into a mantle animation, etc. Just off the top of my head, some of that sounds like it needs code support to handle it, which is a bigger can of worms than just making a few stock animatio
  5. I understand that animations are hard to make and even harder to make look good, but you'd think in 15 years somebody could just bite the bullet and make them... Alright, I can look into it (after/if I finish some other projects). I've been making models for my own projects in Blender and lifting animations straight from Fuse (which is awesome system once you get used to it BTW. You just remodel their stock model, and as long as you keep a small set of key vertexes in basically the same key places, you get to use their ~400 animations for it). But I've been looking into making and
  6. I clearly don't visit this sub-forum often enough. This is such an awesome feature! Thanks & cheers all around!
  7. The first thing you can do is change the design a little where approaching Objective B will trigger B as the hidden objective, and give you (repeat) your revelation there. That way they can at least go ahead and fulfill B while they're there and go back to A to fulfill it later, and from their perspective it looks like they were meant to do that. Basically you design it as if you expected the player to take either way in the fork, as if you meant for them to do that, where each side of the fork still gives new information so feels like a revelation and "progress" (it's just the order of revel
  8. This guy is a key character in my closest-to-finished WIP FM. You can't really replace him without ruining the effect. So if it gets put into working order, I can actually release it as intended.
  9. A few points.... - Oh I doubt you're going to get map authors involved in this, and bugging them about it is asking for hostility. This is something a group of interested fans need to want to do on their own, for its own sake, as like a kind of meta-game in itself, if it's going to get worked on. And thinking about getting quick action is also not the productive approach I think. The Mapping Project was a thread that went over something like 8 or 10 years, little bit by little bit. It's a meta-game people played off and on for their own amusement, to solve a different puzzle every other w
  10. Speaking of organizing, if somebody wants to get the ball rolling, the first thing we should do is pull out the readables & barks (audio files) from FMs. That is someone should spend a few weekends reading & listening through them and pasting at least lore-carrying ones into one catalogued document. If someone could code a script (like in Python) that could do it automatically that would be even better. Since it's all in a standard format, doing it by script wouldn't be that hard. If you know the Thief wiki, they catalog all the readables and barks by the file names, and then in l
  11. As I understand it, Bridgeport is on the southern coast of a high latitude continent on the western edge closeish to a Spain / Anatolia-like mixed Ghazi-Builder region, Menoa, Ghazi being the Islam-counterpart. To the direct south is moorish territory, which can be like traditional Ghazi territory (Iraq), and the Baghdad equivalent should be down there, or more like North Africa and the Ghazi center is much further ... east? Edit: Probably west makes more sense. The role of Bridgeport is roughly equivalent to Constantinople (because of the proximity to Menoa), but it has some London flavo
  12. Just to add a few cents, since I recognize what you're saying. I had a few things in mind in the quote of mine that you're referring to. First is that I actually scripted a full campaign the purpose of which was to introduce our world and some evocative lore, The Dark Campaign. It treads a fine line between the two poles you're talking about. It doesn't introduce much more lore than it needs to for the story and leaves lots of things open, or hints at larger things, but the story is also intentionally scripted to give FM makers a base in lore to make their own FMs from. So I was firs
  13. You don't have to make it so complicated. To use the example given here, start the tutorial mission. As soon as it starts, open the console (default "cntl + alt + ~"), and paste in "setviewpos 333.11 -1872.76 220.25 4.9 88.0 0.0". Then type in "envshot <filename> <size>" with some file name like "tutorial_screenshot1" and I need to experiment with the size, but I imagine it needs to be some exponential of 2 like 512 or 1024 (it defaults at 256, which is much too small to be useful), and you'll get the images in the "env" folder in your darkmod folder. I'm going to cruise aro
  14. Custom art like this is pretty much the textbook case for using custom assets for a specific FM and not standard. I think this kind of art would work well in a non-standard FM, so I would be happy to see an author use it, but not outside of that.
  15. I used to make these in my youth. Well, I have one of those mini-sets you can buy sitting right next to me now of a music room. So obviously I still do. But when I was younger I was more ambitious. I remember making a village from a book. But a few I made from scratch by hand. The one I remember, probably late-80s, was the mansion from the interactive fiction Deadline, with the roof off and the rooms modeled. See I was mapping long before game editors were around. So it's apparent why I picked up dromeding right at the start. Me & my brother used to have epic wars in our house where e
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