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  1. Could one of you clever modelers make a feather duster that a maid could carry around with her? It doesn't need to be so fluffy, just give the impression that feathers are there. Thanks!
  2. Tested copying from DR session to DR session, and that worked ok. Tested select by filter and that worked ok.
  3. The path node wiki says this isn't implemented. If you put one in your AI's path, you'll see this warning appear on the console when he reaches it: Unknown path node classname 'path_talk' Folks have created a simple conversation to cover this situation. You can also use a trigger to start up a speaker saying the desired line, but one downside is that the AI's lips won't move, as they do in a conversation. If the player won't notice, go this route.
  4. Thanks. Will test in the morning. EDIT: Tested, and it works now. Thanks.
  5. This material doesn't show up in DR now: textures/nature/foliage/tree02_branch It paints correctly in-game. There's no *_ed file for this material, and I thought DR used the diffuse file if an ed file wasn't present. It worked okay in the previous version of DR. This appears to be a side-effect of dealing with the crash. I tried upgrading to pre-2, but DR kept crashing when trying to open a map. I ended up uninstalling DR, then installing pre-2, and the crashing stopped. The material mentioned above also reappeared, so apparently there's no problem w/it.
  6. If you download the current WS1 mission in-game, you'll have everything inside the pk4. Though the original crashes occurred in my WIP folder for WS1, I've verified that the released pk4 also crashes. Here's the DR log file. darkradiant.log EDIT: Hang on, that's more current than when the crash occurred. Getting crash version ... EDIT2: Okay, log file updated.
  7. I tried to open my "In the North" map, but DR crashed. You should be able to have the game download WS1: In the North to give you the mission bits. The crash dump is here.
  8. Is the path_corner in the pathway sitting on the ground?
  9. Updating beta2 with a beta3 download ... First part of the download went okay, but the 1Gb second part failed with this message: "Initiating Download from http://tdmcdn.azureedge.net/beta208-03/tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4 Thread finished with error: Could not download from any mirror." EDIT: No problem with a clean install of beta3 to an empty folder.
  10. Normal movement when walking away, but when I turn back toward the video there's a brief pause.
  11. @Strunk, Yes, that blend change cured the transparency of the image against a sky background. Thanks.
  12. No, but given the comments about performance drop-off with multiple videos, plus having gotten my owl to the point where he looks acceptable, I'm not going to do this. After a couple hours working on the owl, I'm going to leave him as is and move on to other things. Thanks for the help.
  13. That works okay for the "lady in window" video because she has nothing behind her. Any non-transparent video patch that has something behind it will paint the black areas of the image black, which doesn't work for the owl situation. Can the video frames be painted with an alpha channel background, to get rid of the black, and be truly transparent for both transparent and non-transparent videos?
  14. So how do you set up a non-transparent video screen? That would help with the owl.
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