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  1. @Zerg Rush: Any further clues or suggestions or strategy should be wrapped in spoiler tags, please.
  2. @Bluehawk: Send me a PM with more details on the knockout problem. "Go easy" in what way?
  3. Yes, the Ghost has favorite disguises, and you need to figure out which disguise he's donned for the mission you're playing.
  4. The GUI number is something below 10. try 1, 2, 3, etc. until you find the one that works.
  5. the builder bless you

  6. I agree that enhancing the scripting API can only benefit mappers who also script. A classic example is my needing a way to find out which location a player is in. Being a dev made it simple for me to add exactly what I needed. Generalizing it to retrieve the location of any entity gave us: $EntityName. getLocation(); which has come in handy for other mappers since it was introduced.
  7. Apparently linux savegames load okay on Windows TDM. I wasn't sure. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the crash or the freeze. After the 2nd conversation, both actors walked away as they should. It's going to be a few days before I can look at it again. If it never freezes or crashes, I'm afraid there's nothing else for me to look at.
  8. Can you get me a save game prior to the crash?
  9. Sorry to hear this. Were your previous runs of Cleighmoor done with TDM versions older than 2.08?
  10. I wouldn’t display AI names because most AI don’t get renamed from what DR gives them at creation time. You’ll just be displaying meaningless dribble.
  11. Will this be an optional playing feature? I understand it's only in effect if the pk4 is present, but being able to toggle it in-game would be a good option; changing the presence of the pk4 could be considered too much work. Movement and "use" restrictions might impact released missions. I.e. you need to be able to complete a certain movement to continue the mission, and not being able to do that fails the mission. Someone down the road might suggest a "weight" limit: how much you can carry as your limbs become weaker. A reasonable request. But missions could fail if TDM suddenly pa
  12. I don't remember any advice regarding this. If my WIP depends on an as-yet-unreleased version of TDM, I can't be waiting for that version to be released before testing my WIP on it (and potentially discovering a problem I should have found before the TDM rev was released). Perhaps the advice was given in a certain situation in the past, a particular map? A particular TDM version?
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