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  1. I remember the first time I was asked to look at a problem pre-beta in this map. It took a couple minutes to fix the bug, but over 20 minutes to dmap to check the fix. whaaaaa??
  2. In the WIP list, there are many very old missions that I suspect have been abandoned at this point. Still listing them clutters up the list. So we can get a much clearer view of what's in the works (and actually has a chance of being released), could mission authors remove from the list missions they're no longer working on? Thanks!
  3. 2 Hours in and I have to say this is a Most Excellent mission. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore. And so beautiful to look at.
  4. Congratulations to the team, especially Bikerdude. Looking forward to playing this one.
  5. Though I'm not available to debug elevator problems, I can make a suggestion that has nothing to do with moving AI or trying new elevators or moving buttons, etc. Back when St. Lucia was getting a facelift, the guards refused to use the small elevator in the mission. Nothing I did involving the elevator or guards would solve the problem. Then I noticed that pathfinding, which likes to calculate distances and reachability between the centers of AAS clusters, was setting the center of a cluster at the bottom floor of the elevator high up on a worldbrush piece of door trim. Way up off the floor, and denying reachability to that cluster when evaluating a path with an elevator in it. We changed that worldbrush to a func_static, and the cluster center shifted down onto the floor and the guards started using the elevator. So here's my suggestion ... 1. Look at the rooms around each stop of the elevator. Filter out all entities, and allow monsterclip to be displayed. 2. Now examine all horizontal worldbrush surfaces (except the actual floor) and see if you spot any that don't have m/c sitting on them, extending up to the ceiling above. It's surfaces like these that dmap considers reachable by AI, and it will assign AAS areas to them. Cover these surfaces with m/c. (Or if the brush is a piece of trim, convert it to a func_static.) 3. Now make sure that ALL m/c in the room extends up to the ceiling. Otherwise, dmap will consider the tops of those short m/c brushes as walkable surfaces, which you don't want. 4. Dmap and see if the guards start using the elevator. If not, I have no further suggestions. Good luck.
  6. I too had noticed the overlays being solid black. So blackness and faintness are afflicting these overlays
  7. I remember there being some discussion about the lockpick red and green glows not displaying properly. I don't know if anyone made a correction for this, but in beta7 I can barely see these glowing overlays. (they're properly red and green, but faint)
  8. And you’ve filed bug reports on the AI behavior problems?
  9. Maybe it's never been so pronounced.
  10. When I read a readable, the whole screen tints darker. Did someone make a design choice? I don't remember seeing this behavior before.
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