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  1. What's happening in the game at the moment you want to kill this NPC? Are you trying to get it to happen in the background, or is the player going to perform some action?
  2. In your objective, fill in this field: Completion Script: Kill_Bob In your missionName.script file, insert "Kill_Bob()" just above the main() routine, like this: void Kill_Bob() { $Bob.kill(); } void main() { }
  3. That solved the problem. The new model stays fully painted from all view angles, even when using the spyglass. Thanks!
  4. At this point, I'm inclined to release the mission with the problem. If someone can figure it out in the future, I'll consider updating the mission if the change is in my support files.
  5. To our modelers: I've created a statue of the Werebeast for my current WIP. It works fine, except if you look at it and start look up, it disappears. Looking down, left or right doesn't cause the problem. What aspect of the model causes this to happen? I suspect I have to increase the size of something, but I don't know what that is. Thanks.
  6. Nope Though I suppose an author could simulate portals with a lot of work.
  7. Please use the beta test forum for testing discussions.
  8. @Petike, Wow! Talk about "a short delay". (I must have fallen asleep. ) I'm at the point where I could use a 4-line monologue for a character at the start of WS7. You still up for it? Thanks. (I had no success sending you a private message. Mailbox full?)
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