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  1. I'm currently really busy so I'm not sure if I understood correctly what you discussed: Do you need the textures from the dropbox links still? I can have a look in my backup files then. Just ping me here again if that is the case.
  2. I was wondering if I could be the only person who always found this to be so strange.
  3. Doesn't Ctrl Tab also switch the view mode of the orthoview from top to side to front?
  4. Wow this thread brought so much positive things in the end. Nice!
  5. Ah yes, well I had to cancel my Indian like bots subscription because of this feature.
  6. Thanks, but I wonder why we use the rockets anyway. I guess this came with an update and taaki was too busy switching them off or configure them to something useful. But it seems like it doesn't really bother anyone else, so I might have to install that Addon you mentioned.
  7. That was me. The alternate footstep sounds are still available here:
  8. Thanks. I didn't know of the wiki article. Guess I searched the wrong keyword. I did skim trough it. I like that there is much explained - something that some topics still miss to do in the wiki. So that's great. However for someone who touches this for the first time there might be a little quick setup guide too. So one can follow the text and try it out immediately by themselves. I think it's easier to grasp. But that's not critique - I both like the feature itself and also that there's an extended wiki article already. Just didn't find it
  9. That was my first thought when looking at the Screenshots. Great work so far!!
  10. Yeah Saruman was great before he got corrupted by the eye. Jokes aside. What a great man he was!
  11. Haha, that old fart still alive? I was listening to some of his songs 15 years ago. Nice to see him still rockin'
  12. I don't know how this forum is built, but I would guess as it works like a CMS we could just modify it ourselves. Easiest way would be some CSS, but of course I don't have any access to the backend.
  13. @Dragofer Is there any news on the plugin? I'm in for the money pot and I'm sure others will give some funding too if needed.
  14. I already stated some of the above. Again, you don't want casuals playing this game, rating this game or tryibg to build maps for this game. There is no gain in my eyes except for popularity which doesn't necessarily mean good! popularity. I don't understand what benefit is there. Players who are interested in Thief style old school gameplay already know TDM..
  15. Can this please be added to the next core 2.10 update? Also I think I should print a t-shirt now. With the model and the headline cabinet1 on it. Nobody will get this, which makes it even more reasonable and funny.
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