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  1. You really should have used a banana for scale
  2. Has anyone considered implementing a 3d creation process like they did in this editor for Quake / Half-Life? Trenchbroom is able to create brushes directly on surfaces of other brushes on a 3d grid system. Pretty awesome to watch!
  3. Oh this is so cool! I always wished to see an original thief mission becoming alive in The Dark Mod. Good luck - I can't wait. Good idea to not build it 1:1 the same BTW.
  4. I see we should arrange a thievery UT meeting.
  5. Thank you for your comments and the discussion so far. I was just thinking about this idea and want to hear if others have had this too or even tried to build something like that. Very nice input. Thank you. I was thinking of a house with different entries the ai could take, so the player isn't able to guard all possible ways at once. Some ai patrols help. The enemy would spawn on multiple random positions and sneak inside the place. It's not possible for the guards to hide and wait in the shadows, but still the player would be free to do so. The enemy could have special abilities like d
  6. Looking good! Hopefully there will be an easy to use level editor
  7. Just out of curiosity and the forum search didn't turn out anything : has anyone ever tried to make a Fan Mission where you play as a guard, like Upside Down? https://www.thiefguild.com/fanmissions/143/upside-down If not? What are the obstacles you think you'd face? Thanks for any comments on this topic.
  8. Guys we already had the same discussion https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/16601-some-questions-about-the-ais-patrol-paths/
  9. Has anyone ever found a good website with floor plans or something that don't look like blocky modern houses?
  10. Hi all I know we had this topic a few years back but I don't want to necro the thread and I have a specific demand: I am searching for FMs in which the guards have lots of randomized patrol paths. With randomized I mean that they have several branches which they randomly pick each time they come by. I do not mean a randomization that only happens once during mission start (replay ability). Background : I understand the idea that the player should be able to memorize patrol paths in a certain way and be able to sneak past them. However this bores me often a lot and takes away the e
  11. Very nice collection. Thank you for posting this. Everytime I play a new FM that looks fresh and stunning I hear the same vibes I heard years and years ago which kind of diminishes the "new adventure" feelings for me. I hope mappers will recognize your list, since I guess most of them just pick music from the standard list that opens in Dark Radiant. Hopefully, hopefully these tracks will be put to use! Again, thank you!
  12. Yes you're right. Yea let's put this to another topic
  13. Phew that's a lot of coding stuff I really don't have a clue about (seems like you build the elements in notepad completely). I can try, so thank you for the tutorials, but I can't promise anything really
  14. Yes as I said, this is very oooold now I know what you mean - however I wouldn't throw the current art style over board completely for the sake of simplicity. People who got used to it, would be not happy. Few clicks possible, I'm totally with you. Is there any documentation about what you mean? I never heard of this feature EDIT: I tried this ingame. The game will freeze, a GUI Editor opens with nothing to see and my mouse cursor disappears
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