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  1. SeriousToni


    What kind of game engine is this? It looks almost like original Thief o_O
  2. Okay thank you for explaining this. I can understand that it doesn't make sense to implement this in that way. I'll delete my fog in that FM and try to insert at least some func_emitters that emit fog sprites. Again, thank you for looking at this.
  3. Or they get confused since only 2.09 is officially out only
  4. Thank you Gospodin Gatilov, I'm keeping fingers crossed for this feature to make it into the next beta. I would be really happy if we can keep this thread as an information source, if this feature will be available in 2.10. It definitely would make fogging much easier for this and all future FMs. Again, thanks to you and the team for every effort in this matter.
  5. The good thing of having weapons also in the inventory system is, in my opinion, that at the start of a new mission I can easily check what I have instead of having to press each number button and wait if Garret throws out an arrow
  6. Thank you very much! Does this mean I should use the normal fog light again after installing 9804 instead of my "hacked" tdm.exe?
  7. Wow the animation from warm at fireplace also switches back really fast to the idle state. Did she just burn her hands?
  8. I nearly understand about 1% of what you guys discuss atm, but won't this bring back the "water surface seem" then if the current fog is used with the falloff texture?
  9. @duzenko Wow! This is creating a perfect fog with no seem! It works like a charm!
  10. First, thank you very much for your help. But I think I don't quite understand, I'm sorry! I need to use this exe for the new fog but what happens if my mission gets released later on?
  11. For me it felt like I already selected that mission in the list above and wanted to start.. Or let's say apply it. I think writing select mission is not wrong though - but at least the button must be more prominent to indicate the user that the mission he or she selected from that list is gonna need another action to install / select / apply / start. Problem's not the wording, more the visibility and clarity. I can do a visual proposal if anyone is interested. However remember that this is just my point of view and I don't want to force anything to the team.
  12. Well I don't mind personally. I would say from my understanding that spawn args are easier to modify maybe?
  13. The point was that it's not clear on first sight how to proceed after having downloaded a new mission. It isn't solved by explaining the process here on the forum either. However if I'm the only one having this problem I can live with that. But I can imagine many first time players will also scratch their heads. I was giving this feedback because the change log said this process has been optimized now. IMHO its not
  14. That's a cool idea. It's as you said - I'd need to rebuild my areas since it needs an antechamber. Currently leaving the cellar to the coal ramp does make the whole skybox turn foggy and then disappear in steps which doesn't look good. Only option really seems to be to use particles if duzenko doesn't have any solution - but I won't give up hope haha - duzenko for the win!
  15. I already extended the range beyond the walls. However that's not the problem. Problem is, when you go upstairs, before crossing the border of the fog light, it looks like a water surface. This doesn't seem to apply if you use a very bright light source after the border (which may be in your case), but this doesn't help me much, since I need this area to be dark for gameplay reasons. I'll send you a PM. Thank you very much for having a look. We should not stop the conversation here and update this thread still, for everyone else who might come into the same situation in the future. How it looks ingame EDIT: Even with the spawnarg "noFogBoundary 1" the effect is not completely gone. It gets rid of the "water surface", however the brushes above the fog boundary are now clearly darker than the ones within.
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