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  1. Yep, separate key for "holster weapon" is better IMHO since you can safely put away everything deadly on your hands with one button instead of trying to remember the key for the arrow you euqiped to make it go away again. Always hated that behavior since it resulted in a switch of arrow type instead of putting away that bow.
  2. Tbh for me it always felt like a design decision with not too much of an afterthought. I really like your way of thinking - that it was some kind of artifact or replica of the precursors. That's really interesting and blew my mind while reading. I wish there were more information about this!
  3. I always wished for a Thief 2 fan mission campaign which takes place after the original one. With a resurrected Karras by blood magic. A more creepy story featuring a combination of undead steampunk enemies. Since this did never happen, I would be also happy with a few more thief 2 mechanist-like units in TDM, so please take this inspirational picture. I always loved the interesting gameplay mechanics that were introduced with Karras' units. I know that new NPCs are always unlikely to happen, since it's modeling, rigging, animating, sound,... I know, I know - but never say never. Hopefully there's another Karras enthusiast out there seeing this and starting to work on humanoid robots for The Dark Mod
  4. Please don't take this negative - maybe I'm just too dumb and blind - I don't see any difference anywhere except the bath tub. This makes me wonder if this even noticeable while playing the game. What exactly were you aiming for? Beware I'm not an expert
  5. I think airship wrote that the Bank FM was enterily re-made and should be counted as a new release. My FM was partly remade, but mainly overhauled. This is why it's possible that it doesn't count as a new release.
  6. Well, it's not entirely new, but there's the reworked version of Sneak & Destroy, if you're really desperate!
  7. Didn't know of that one either. Thanks for sharing!! Edit - darn I need the expansions which I don't have
  8. This is exactly how the current footsteps work. Player footsteps are also a bit loud, however with this the player is able to notice on what sort of ground he / she is walking. Plus the player footsteps use other sounds than the ai footsteps. This way the player is able to distinguish between player and ai footsteps easily. I personally would welcome if this would also apply for door sounds.
  9. Can anyone explain or link to the thread why abscense alert has been removed and replaced to absence alert increase? Doesn't this affect older FMs? Sorry if this is a stupid question
  10. I guess this is the way Google Drive works - anyhow I can't find another option than "share with anyone who has the URL". If you know a good free filehoster who doesn't delete my files after 1 year then I'll happily add a mirror there
  11. Haha yeah I felt like I was the only person who got a little annoyed by all the same door sounds. And in some fan missions there were new door models, but still the same sounds. Overall I think sound is one of the most important factors of this game but also is the most neglected feature when people create their fan missions. It's nice to see you're working on more silent door sounds. However don't let a small drawback stop yourself. I personally could live with a double exposed drawer sound if all the other doors are more silent when opened /closed by the player. I'm not sure if lowering the volume is sufficient or if playing custom sounds for the player would feel better though. I would need to test your mod but there's not so much time atm. Gonna give it a shot in the next few days to see how it changes the game. Keep on trying - it's an interesting topic!
  12. Nooo.. But we need more decorations for the most important room in every tdm mission: the kitchen! I swear that in every map plan I see there's a kitchen, I try to break in on that side of the house first
  13. No not at all. I am glad you found them useful. I was bored by all the same sounding doors so I tried to add new ones that fit the looks of the models. Have fun with them! Can't wait to see what you did with them
  14. As far as I watched it's basically just a make ready for new consoles. If you're playing on pc already there's minor improvement only
  15. Thank you for your kind words snatcher, I really appreciate that you felt joy playing this mission. If you want to re-read the intro text, you can find it here @snatcher
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