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  1. 15 attempts sounds more like you've been trying to climb somewhere to the edge of the map. Back in the day there was one forum member (I don't recall his name) who specialized in climbing to places that seamed impossible to reach. He then posted screenshots looking over the houses that sealed the area into the skybox textures. That was some crazy stuff!
  2. The mantling system is in fact much, much better than it was in the beginning, that I can assure. It is important to look at the edges to climb them.
  3. Thank you, this is actually a good way of "debugging" my personal experience with blackjacking in the game. If I find the time for the next FM and save a custom log, I will make sure to reach out with the data attached. Really useful for sure! Thank you again. I understand that there's a bit of training needed, like in almost every game. I was really good back in the day at university, but now I barely find the time to play a FM, but when I do, I want to make sure it's a bit more casual to play, so that I can make it through the mission in time without having to redo some parts
  4. Hi all, after a long time I played again to test out the new 2.09. As my skills depleted a bit over time I felt an issue (maybe it's just a personal issue, but I want to find out if other players have the same feeling). There are many new excellent missions with good story telling and nice atmosphere. However when it comes to walking up to an AI character and trying to back jack him or her, I often failed. Either they heard me and turned around or I missed them and they ran away /started to fight me. This is where I always had to reload the game and it stopped me from feeling like a master thi
  5. Thanks for the quick reply - yes the Captain's locker. As I said, I guess I was too far away and / or pointing my mouse to the lock was wrong. It worked when I bumped into the locker and tried again. I didn't remember that I have to be this close to a locker to open it with lockpicks. Could be that this came with 2.09 or the needed distance was setup this way in your FM. No problem, as I said, it was my fault.
  6. I need help with the footlocker I guess. I can't seem to open it with my lockpicks. Was this intended or is it a bug? EDIT: Nah - don't mind. I guess I was wrong targeting the lock with my mouse or I was too far away. Eitherway it works now - no bug!
  7. I just updated to 2.09 and had the same problem. Thankfully the Add a sharp at the beginning of this line, aka "#resampler = bsinc24". fixed it for me too. Thank you! Will this have any negative effect on the 3d audio in The Dark Mod?
  8. Those factors of randomness are already in the game. The mapper can setup a probability for each NPC to relight a light or not. @Gadavre I did this in my mission Sneak & Destroy. Try it out
  9. Uh oh.. Maybe someone stole it from the silent hill game and uploaded it on a free texture site. Then someone from TDM found it on the free texture site in the believe that this is a royalty free texture to use and applied it to the TDM shaders. It's just a guess though.
  10. Thank you! But I understand thattthe topic you linked is for rooms only that the player isn't able to enter later in the mission, correct? And it looks difficult to setup. For mansions you are able to enter it would be so nice to peek through the windows and see what's inside (treasure, patrolling ai, etc.)
  11. I remember on the old computers for performance issues you always had to use textures as Windows for houses. However with modern computers I wonder if anybody actually made some tests with glass windows that can be seen through. It always bothered me that I can't take a sneak peek into the house I'm going to break into. How do you feel about this? Is it worth the performance loss? Has anyone ever tested this scenario? I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. I remember this bug from the beginning I was playing The Dark Mod about ten years ago. I thought the last game updates finally fixed this. It's a true horror to see this again since it's so immersion breaking
  13. Players won't go into looking for the details of a specific model they don't like. They will assume that the FM author created them. There's no need for some kind of a DRM system in a free mod IMHO.
  14. Wow - 4 years later you found this thread! But you're totally right on Thief 2014.
  15. Harakiri for the Sky is pretty awesome really. I listen to it while I'm working at home since the last months. Belakor was my companion for almost 5 years oor even more. Good taste of music there Zerg Rush!
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