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  1. Here's a time line of earth's average temperature since the last glaciation, this is how the climate has changed, it may be a normal cycle but if it continues I doubt we'll survive this cycle https://xkcd.com/1732/ I would have posted the graphic but it's a bit big
  2. Personally I tend towards pastafarianism, all hail the great lord & his noodly appendages, but I'm not devout or anything
  3. esme

    Stalker ANOMALY mod

    Thank you, I may give that a try
  4. esme

    Stalker ANOMALY mod

    Is this a free standalone game like TDM is ?
  5. Magdalene laundries anyone ? Women made into slaves, often for the rest of their lives, mainly because they'd had sex, or were thought to have had sex, or were accused of having sex, or refused to have sex And then a lot of them were sexually abused by the priests, while being physically abused by the nuns, all of which is denied by the priests & nuns of course The last one was closed in October 1996
  6. It's possible to take out a big bot with a blackjack in T2, you need to get one to chase you into a confined area like a doorway, & stand so it can see you but it's projectiles are blocked & bounce away, then you lean in & whack it repeatedly with the BJ, eventually it sustains enough damage to fall apart
  7. Pay a lady of negotiable virtue to go & chat up a guard If there are two guards, have the 2nd one either get jealous & butt in or be a mate/be embarrassed & give them some space While they are distracted rob 'em blind or Pay LoNV as before, then go find the NPC's wife/girlfriend have them go & have an argument with LoNV, guards gather to watch, rob blind as before
  8. esme

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Eve, Eve And if I don't log on before then Merry Christmas
  9. Yep, every bit as good as the first 3 seasons
  10. Sorry I missed this, has it been 10 years already ? A good test for a quality product is how long it lasts, TDM is a quality product, a huge thank you to everyone who's contributed
  11. Are we talking puppet sex here, only Team America already scarred me for life on that ?
  12. The only issue I've had with L*nux installs is with L*nux identifying the variant of the Wifi card in a laptop, once that was sorted I never had further issues, updates just worked, the last update I had on a W10 tablet borked the touch screen and accelerometer so it won't auto rotate & I had to figure out how to break in & then fix the power settings in order to get the touch screen working again as it's kind of necessary on a tablet device, if I hadn't managed that it would be a brick, I had no say about the update it just happened And yeah I know it's not 'just' Microsoft, I know there are cameras everywhere, I know others use my data & I take steps to minimise my digital footprint, I might not be very successful but it's my data & I'll do what I want with it, that's my choice As I said it's a cheap laptop, with integrated video, it should be fine on my main machine, I'll check Wine out thanks
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