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  1. sigh I believe I've made my position on messing around with non game mechanics like preventing saves well known on the previous occasions this topic has surfaced The TL;DR is do it if you want but I for one won't be playing it
  2. I'm a 65 yo Mancunian, everyone I know pronounced it as "Thrupenny"
  3. Very enjoyable, and an interesting setting My machine struggled a little with the exterior at times but nothing major One question
  4. I don't know if this is any use to TDM but if I don't post it we'll never know https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc Apologies if this is in the wrong folder, please feel free to move the thread or remove the thread if it's no use
  5. I was quite surprised to find I hadn't played this one before, thank you I found it to be very enjoyable
  6. Found on mastodon https://qoto.org/@sergeant/110515717084181370
  7. Oooo I've never tried that I've blackjacked frogs though, I was very disappointed to find you can't pick them up & use them as as a grenade
  8. esme

    I will be 65

    Thanks y'all, a good day was had, did absolutely f'all & there was beer
  9. esme

    I will be 65

    Tomorrow ! Holy crap I'm old I honestly never expected to live this long
  10. No worries it was my fault, I should have cleared cookies first, I'm just letting people know in case they do the same
  11. Well that was fun, I managed to get my account locked for half an hour Top tip Delete all the cookies for the forum along with any saved passwords before trying to log back in
  12. Well that was fun, took me a while to work out how to get into the upper floors, I'm quite proud of getting to the archer over the river he was bugging me Tragically death visited the area Or so everyone believes I did have a few issues at the beginning where the game crashed to desktop a couple of times right at the start but that has apparently been looked at, so I'll give it a few weeks & try the new version Also Mr Harrington was inside his apartment walking into the wall with the veranda on the other side when I found him, not sure if that's been mentioned But overall a really enjoyable mission, excellent architecture, well decorated, good but not impossible puzzles, thank you
  13. Congratulations, I think I'll replay in plain sight first & then have at this one Thank you
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