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  1. From your list, all but number 1 Also on number 4, there's an easier way
  2. Does anyone have a list of secrets for this, I have 4 out of 5 secrets found & I'm damned if I can find the last one
  3. esme


    not usually a problem by the time I look for secret doors
  4. esme


    Here's one I'd really like at the moment, something to highlight the hidden switches that open a secret door, I am going blind scouring bookshelves & bits of decoration looking for one at the mo, you can never be sure there isn't one, only that you haven't found one --EDIT-- Found the switch I was looking for, took a good hour of searching, well if it were easy it wouldn't be fun
  5. Dear lord this thing goes on forever, it's huge & so many things to explore This is your first map ? You've set a high bar for any new authors there, this feels a lot like The Painters Wife, so major kudos there I do have a problem though Also And finally I would like to say thank you, not just for a superb mission but for including a feature I have always wanted to see
  6. Accidentally hit the console key while disarming, I know i really should bind it to a different key, but I go the best console message I've ever had Cannot find attachment penis to destroy in animation That just ended me, still chuckling now
  7. TBH I never actually tried it on the k600, I use the 2nd screen mainly for debugging so I don't need fancy graphics on it, Plus as I remember the first cable I laid my hands on happened to fit so I just used that, next time I'm juggling cables I'll give it a shot
  8. "how many people would have semi-iron manned Hazard Pay of their own volition?" - presumably those that wanted to ? Sorry but I'm still not seeing anything in being "Forced", "Encouraged" or not being my "own volition" that makes me want to rush out & play this But if that's what people want, let 'em have at it, I won't be joining them though
  9. So it's a way for players who want to "Iron man" whole sections of the game to avoid being tempted ?
  10. I agree mission authors should make the mission they want to, but if you're catering for two different save systems there's a tradeoff as Kingsal also pointed out
  11. And again with belittling, you just can't help it can you But fair enough we can disagree on this, I've stated my position & you've stated yours
  12. Good for you Question: have I said don't implement this ? I'll answer for you, NO I havent I've said you make whatever mission you like, but if it has this feature I won't play it & if it's on a particular difficulty I won't play that difficulty And considering it's already in the game, protesting it's implementation is a bit redundant So please make whatever weird & experimental missions you like, I'll still be using my standard metric of "Am I having fun?" when I play & if I'm not then I'll stop Are you OK with that ? or is there something else you want to try & make me do ?
  13. You're lecturing me on "controlling" Have a read back through your previous posts please And once again it's a players personal decision to play a particular game, and that's not the authors concern, I keep saying you make what you want, but I don't have to play it To paraphrase, "You can lead the player to a game, but you can't make them play it" Yeah my broken record is the other side of yours
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