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  1. I played a T2 mission with a timed feature in it You had to throw a switch to open a bank vault & then get in the vault before it closed, I've hidden the details just in case anyone hasn't played it I eventually did it but it was more blind luck than skill & I was seriously hacked off with the mission by then Put timed events in missions by all means it does add to the challenge but that T2 one was ridiculous
  2. Ah that's what it's for, never needed it then, thanks Bluehawk
  3. Just played through again, still an excellent mission & compares extremely well with later missions
  4. That is a good point, I hadn't considered that
  5. I wasn't going to post as I think my views on this issue are well known, but sod it One argument I particularly remember was restricting saves will "force" players to change their playstyle, sorry but no one forces me to do a f*cking thing I don't want to, I play for fun, if I don't have fun I don't play, end of argument If a player wishes to iron man a mission they can, any mission, whether saves are restricted or not, it's their choice, they can do this If they lack the willpower to not hit the quicksave button then really that's their problem & no one else's, but even then there's an easy solution, just unbind the quicksave key & let other people play how they like I see no benefit in artificially restricting saves, "oh the doorbell just went, hello amazon delivery, oh hell I just lost 3 hours of game play that I now have to repeat because I couldn't save the game", maybe we should restrict doorbells as well as saves Some people won't play missions with spiders or undead in, I'm not seeing huge interest in spiders or undead being added to every mission to force them to change their playstyle As usual my view for level creators is that they should make the mission they want with whatever save mechanic or other wild innovation they choose, some of those innovations are amazing My view for players is that it's up to them whether they want to play a game or not, if they enjoy it great, if not then why are they playing ?
  6. I've played through this a few times so I'm familiar with the architecture & I have a good idea where a lot of things are, if I had to hunt & search it'd be a lot harder Thank you for the tip, I'm looking in the wrong place
  7. OK I decided to try a no KO run on this, usually I knock everyone out that can be so I can look at the scenery at my leisure I've got all the loot & completed all the objectives with the exception of I'm in their house & scoured it but I'm b*ggered if I can find any, nothing highlights If I'm looking in the wrong place can I please have a hint to the right place
  8. Well we can open unlocked doors while carrying a body, why not use the same mechanism, frob/interact as I remember ? It would still leave carrying objects as an exclusion but they're easier to put down & pick up again, it can be difficult to drop a body if space is tight also they can be noisy when they get dropped
  9. By "blow" I'm guessing you mean an exhalation rather than hitting the light source with your hand, if that's wrong then ignore me If that's right I can understand why it shouldn't work underwater but not when carrying a body/holding an object, neither of which would limit the protagonists ability to blow out a small light source such as a candle, maybe not an oil lamp which as I remember have a mechanical means of lowering/raising the wick to extinguish the flame
  10. Aaaah, I was wondering, thanks
  11. I may have read this wrong, but the UK government looks like it's going to try and force age verification on every website that provides a service to UK citizens under the guise of removing cookie consent pop ups & preventing children accessing porn They're doing this by asking you to prove your identity, not you age Given the content of some of the missions in TDM I'm pretty sure that will include this site So if you want to access pretty much any website from the UK you'll need to prove your identity with some government approved identification For UK based websites there's a list of approved age verification services you can use at a cost of about 10p per check and if you don't have a credit card/passport/driving license etc they're thinking of using an AI & your webcam, hello phrenology That's 10p for every access to your site even if your site is free or funded by donation, so if someone closes their browser & comes back later that's another 10p because there's no proof it's not a different person, I'm not entirely sure why websites outside the UK are going to go along with this idea, a cheaper way for them would be just to block access for every UK based IP address The bill is extra-territorial being located offshore isn't good enough to save you, I have no idea how they intend to enforce that, too busy picking my jaw off the floor so I may have missed it A few highlights "UK-only versions of browsers" - that can die in a fire for a start https://webdevlaw.uk/2022/06/17/data-reform-bill-cookie-popups/
  12. Finished, well short of the maximum loot & probably the worst stealth score I've ever had I'll wait a month or two so it's not quite so fresh & have another bash
  13. Ah, I found another way ... Nevermind, I'm being dopey, I found something I'd missed In my defence this thing is huge
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