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  1. esme

    Wacken World Wide

    Try having a look at www.planetrock.com, they organised a virtual gig "Rocks The Asylum" at the weekend with Those Damn Crows, Stone Broken and Massive Wagons, may be doing more in future Not the same as actually being there but it keeps things going until we can, support staff don't die on their ass for lack of being paid for a start If you listen to the radio bit I should warn you it's a bit ad heavy
  2. Hint for people who want to find all the loot
  3. I just have to say thanks for this monumental piece of work I've managed to complete most of my objectives but really I'm just wandering around looking at things with my mouth open, I spent most of the weekend in here, my OH is beginning to forget what I look like
  4. Hi, these are my SSAO settings from the cfg file seta r_ssao_edgesharpness "1" seta r_ssao_base "0.1" seta r_ssao_intensity "1.0" seta r_ssao_bias "0.05" seta r_ssao_radius "32" seta r_ssao "0" I'm guessing the last one means SSAO isn't enabled I set r_ambientGamma to 1.5 which improved things, so I upped it to 2.0, now underwater is murky but I can see I can play with this, thanks for the help
  5. Hi all, Just updated my linux version of TDM to 2.08 & tried a new mission for 'Air Pocket" First thing I noticed was things were darker than I normally have them set so I tweaked the gamma & brightness & that's fine But as soon as I go underwater visibility drops to almost zero, I resorted to turning brightness & gamma to the max & even used the lamp but even then I could only just make out my surroundings, object highlight is barely visible and as soon as I stick my head out of water everything is waaaaaay too bright Is there any setting in the cfg file I can tweak to change this, I could see OK underwater OK when I used 2.07 System info Zorin OS 15.2 64 bit (Ubuntu variant), 7.7Gb Ram, Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8, Quadro K600/PCIe/SSE2 Graphics TDM is the 64 bit linux distro
  6. esme

    To all

    Me & mine are still alive & seem to be plague free here, thanks Well at least for the moment You stay safe honey
  7. I would love to see a mission where that happens
  8. ah, I searched this forum for "beta" duh, thanks again
  9. Thank you, where can I find the 2.08 beta ?
  10. Hi, yet another Linux user with a mismapped keyboard here. I'm running Zorin (ubuntu variant) on a Dell Precision T1700 with a Dell KB212B keyboard. If I look in the system settings app, under region & language it says it's a "English ( UK, extended, with Win keys). Selecting that & clicking on the keyboard icon at bottom right shows me the keyboard map & as I press keys they highlight on the display, and they all seem correct. When running TDM (TDM2.07/64) as a native Linux application I've noticed the following when trying to map actions All arrow keys in the cluster next to the numeric keypad = 0x00 Keypad enter key = down arrow Main keyboard right CTRL = pgdn There's probably a load more, if anyone can tell me a quick way of doing it I'll work through the entire keyboard if it's a help I tend to map a lot of keys onto the numeric keypad so it's a bit of a pain
  11. Thanks for that. Yeah I figured it was coming from the monitor, as if it can't display the output from the PC then it wouldn't be able to display any message from it too, but for those who just get a black screen & music this might help. And apologies for putting this thread in the wrong forum, thanks for shifting it, whoever it was
  12. Hi all, I just put the 64 bit version of TDM on my machine running Zorin 15.2, I figured it's based on Ubuntu so it should be OK When I ran thedarkmod.x64 I got the intro music playing & a black screen with a pop up saying - I couldn't stop TDM & had to blip the power button to get the system to shut down. So I dug around a bit on my old windows system that ran TDM on the same monitor & found the following lines in Darkmod.cfg seta r_customHeight "1080" seta r_customWidth "1920" on the Linux system they were seta r_customHeight "600" seta r_customWidth "800" So I changed the figures to match the old windows system & tried again & it worked the training mission loads nicely I couldn't find any setting for 60hz, but as it seems to work I'm fine So I'm posting this in case anyone else has a similar issue
  13. Here's a time line of earth's average temperature since the last glaciation, this is how the climate has changed, it may be a normal cycle but if it continues I doubt we'll survive this cycle https://xkcd.com/1732/ I would have posted the graphic but it's a bit big
  14. Personally I tend towards pastafarianism, all hail the great lord & his noodly appendages, but I'm not devout or anything
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