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  1. Thanks again! Can you run thedarkmod.x64 under gdb? Open Terminal cd /home/user/darkmod/ gdb ./thedarkmod.x64 run If the crash occurs in gdb, please perform invoke "step" in gdb and capture the console data to a text document. Another thing that would help is setting all logging to debug in darkmod.ini then collecting the darkmod.log as an archive (tar, zip, etc) and uploading to a filesharing site.
  2. I think this happens because the "hacked view" for portalsky relies on "shake angle" and Player.cpp disables "calculate shake" during g_stopTime: if ( !g_stopTime.GetBool() ) { UpdateAnimation(); Present(); UpdateDamageEffects(); LinkCombat(); playerView.CalculateShake(); } Maybe just add an "else { playerView.CalculateShake(); }" there? Edit: Nope, there must be something more. I fear that there may need to be a skybox specific update animation routine to make this work...
  3. OK, I went back to 2.07 and it is the same. RTTC v1 is just super heavy on Soft Stencil Shadows mode. ( 13FPS ... ) I will update to 2.08 and confirm further but I think this is pretty definitive. Edit: Yep. 2.08 is the same. No regression (phew).
  4. The only thing I think we should do is set the max to 300. Physics gets out-of-hand above that: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5464
  5. Hmm... While I don't see any performance regression in standard stencil mode, soft shadows with stencil seems to have regressed here. I barely use that mode anymore but it used to be higher performance than shadow maps... Can anyone confirm?
  6. As a sanity check in preparation for the 2.09 release article, I tested performance for the original "Return to the City" map. I probably should have been more exhaustive but I wanted to get through it today. Starting with TDM 1.02: 24FPS 1080P 4xAA 8xAF Bloom TDM 1.03: 21FPS 1080P 4xAA 8xAF "HDR-Lite" TDM 1.07: 23FPS (same settings as 1.03) TDM 1.08: 25FPS (same settings as 1.03) TDM 2.0: 27FPS (same settings as 1.03) TDM 2.03: 26FPS (same settings as 1.03) TDM 2.05: 28FPS (1.03 settings, uncapped FPS) TDM 2.06: 32FPS (1.03 settings, multi-core, un
  7. Following on from above, perhaps TDM is not recognizing your available VRAM. Try setting shadows back to stencil ( r_shadows 1) (Then) Try setting: sys_videoRam 2048 Then try setting: seta r_frameIndexMemory "8192" seta r_frameVertexMemory "8192" or seta r_frameIndexMemory "16384" seta r_frameVertexMemory "16384"
  8. The main difference appears to be r_shadows 2 vs 1 ( shadows maps vs stencil ) When you tried r_shadowMapSinglePass 1 did you have Shadow Mode set to Maps ( r_shadows 2 ) ?
  9. Yes, please post your darkmod.cfg
  10. Try: r_useNewBackend 1 r_shadowMapSinglePass 1 r_shadowMapCullFront 1 r_fboResolution 0.5 r_shadowMapSize 512 In my experience, r_shadowMapSinglePass is the biggest performance factor and it is broken on the old backend.
  11. Very cool! A simple way to offer both options is to use lod_bias : https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=LOD_Bias Object Detail Low = Static specular, Object Detail Medium = Cubemap, Object Detail High = Real Or you can use the cubemap version for a far away LOD etc.
  12. Looks beautiful! I am a little dubious about performance in those wide views... Congrats!
  13. We will only be interested in a save if this issue can be reproduced in 2.09 beta which is almost ready for release candidate:
  14. Hmm. I wonder if shader cache from a previous build was not refreshed so the driver was trying to execute old shader data?
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