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  1. Hey! Can I claim to be a newbie here? I am trying to make an improved version of the Ropescroller script that sets a shader parm on the rope texture to make it scroll and fakes movement. I am working with a 3 state elevator rather than the two state elevator that was in "A New Job" ( where my original script was designed ). The elevator position entities only offer call_on_arrive and call_on_leave spawnargs so you cannot distinguish when the middle buttons intend to go up, down, or called to player. I tried adding a frob_action_script spawnarg to the buttons but it just kills the entities. Is there a preferred way to query which button was pressed and pass that to a script variable? As I can tell, the "elevator buttons entities" don't offer any end-point for making such a request?
  2. You're asking a pretty tough question here and it's more about game-play aesthetics than a technical issue. I would humbly offer that my favor room sizing is in Sir Talbot's Collateral but I also enjoyed the spacing in Seeking Lady Leicester so there may not be a hard \ fast rule here. Mostly just need to have enough patrols to make the place challenging but have fair escape points that can be accessed with careful maneuvering. I especially enjoy escaping into the ceilings ( Sir Talbot's ) pipe climbs and nooks are also cool.
  3. You have to go to the Settings > Controls > Inventory and map a key to "Inventory Grid" otherwise, just scroll through your items with the [ and ] (bracket) keys.
  4. Try TDM v1.07 with the mission "Rightful Property" and you will see vanilla idTech4 make a modern system struggle If id Software never released the source code, who knows how bad things would still be. I think that's why stgatilov was getting ready to do more executable hooks to bypass limits in the engine.
  5. Nope, TDM just keeps getting better so practically no missions challenge this old boy anymore. I'll probably replace it next year at the doomsday of Windows 10. Already pushing my luck with Spectre and Meltdown flaws in Ivy Bridge
  6. Lucy's indeed has lots of AI but is well portal-ed and optimized for path finding and views.
  7. Not in Scroll of Remembrance. It's CPU bound. Probably mostly AI since FPS skyrockets if you invoke killmonsters
  8. Thanks! I figured that Ryzen 5600 X should be able to crack 70 FPS. Windows? My i7-3770S gets 68 to 72 FPS in Linux Mint and 58 to 62 in Windows 10
  9. You must create it yourself. Use notepad the rename the file with a cfg extension afterwards.
  10. This is fixed in the mission database. Added an areaLock spawnarg to the sun_2 light entity
  11. Oh, there probably were a few really bad OEM vendors who pre-installed 32-bit Win7, Win8, or Win10 on 64-bit systems and sold that to folks who didn't know any better. Still, since Microsoft has moved to a "Microsoft Account" model for OS registration, impacted users can simply backup data, make an install thumb-drive, and re-install.
  12. We can probably add a condition to the GUI def so 1x1 video plays on square monitors and 16x9 plays on modern displays. Please provide a download link unless you plan to make a full prototype?
  13. You get the option to "Restore old Config" after upgrade but we advise against it since sometimes it reverts new default settings for performance features that have been improved and tested enough to made default. I think the next TDM release will have FPS mode to uncapped as default since it is critical to Linux players but also fixes a few audio sync bugs and even improves things for Windows players apparently. On balance, uncapped mode is more fixed and maintained than the old id software capped mode. ( Quite a strange thing considering all the bugs we used to have with uncapped mode. )
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