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  1. The mirrors and in-game downloader have been updated.
  2. Volta 1 and 2 The Painter's Wife Crucible of Omens: Behind Closed Doors King of Diamonds No Honor Among Thieves Shadows of Northdale 2 William Steele 2: Home Again Snowed Inn Lords and Legacy A Score to Settle Perilous Refuge There is no shortage of great looking missions. These are some that I know of that have cool outdoor vistas.
  3. Press "CTRL" + "ALT" + "~" (tilde) and this should open the command-line console then type r_ambientGamma 1.2 and press enter then press "ESC" to close the console. You should be able to right click your darkmod.cfg and open it with a text editor like notepad. For the purposes of this discussion, we would ask that you simply click the "drag files to attack" "choose files" area at the bottom of the forum reply interface and then browse to your darlkmod folder and select your darkmod.cfg. If you cannot attach it, try renaming it with a .txt extension then attach (then rename it back to darkmod.cfg).
  4. Does increasing r_ambientGamma improve things? Please post details about your GPU and driver version along with your Darkmod.cfg
  5. There is a new version of this mission in the mission database. Delete this one and delete the latest one in the in-game downloader.
  6. Congrats! The mission is available in the in-game downloader. I will update the mission page with more screens tonight. Edit: Mission screens added.
  7. @stgatilov are we seeing a memory leak around trace models here?
  8. Nothing looks terribly out of place. Try disabling new ROQ: r_cinematic_legacyRoq "1" If that doesn't help: make a copy of files darkmod.cfg and darkmod.ini (as backup) remove the darkmod.log file. open thedarkmod.cfg with notepad go to line: seta logFile "0" change the value 0 to 1 and save the file. open darkmod.ini with notepad go to lines: LogError=0 LogBegin=0 change the 0 to 1. and save the file. Start tdm. and reproduce the issue close tdm. (or crash) check the content in darkmod.log and your qconsole.log. They can be found in: <your_darkmod_folder>\fms\houseoflockedsecrets\qconsole.log post the content of qconsole in this topic.
  9. tdm_update should replace old versions of these files but if there is any doubt about the condition of shaders then removing them and letting tdm_update replace them with good copies is a good trouble-shooting step.
  10. Please delete your tdm_base01.pk4, any glprogs folders, and your darkmod executable then run tdm_update.
  11. Hmm.. do you have "The Dark Mod VR" or any other add-on packs installed?
  12. I cannot reproduce this. Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit executable? Please post your Darkmod.cfg
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