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  1. Is there any renewed interest in a mission contest? Now that I've created the poll, I am kinda partial to a Thanksgiving contest since it straddles the fall \ winter seasons ( my favor TDM seasons ).
  2. As I recall, this was a known issue with AMD drivers and is fixed in Dev Build dev16599-10071 and newer.
  3. This indicates that the VM guest OS GPU does not support texture compression. You can try disabling compression in Darkmod.cfg seta image_useCompression "0" seta image_useNormalCompression "0" That said, you will probably find that most of the rendering is black when you do this since we pre-compressed texture assets as DDS prior to 2.0 and removed most of the original TGA data. You would probably have better luck with something like TDM 1.03 if you cannot get texture compression working with your GPU driver.
  4. You need the assets. These would be acquired by using tdm_installer. That said, the latest SVN release has assets that are not yet available in the installer so a team member would need to send you copies unless you can wait until the next Dev Build release
  5. I guess I’ll add my name to the list. I presume this was coordinated with @Springheel or another member of the team eh ?
  6. Anyone have any luck with light.setShader( string ) ? It seems to make whichever light you apply it to full-bright on the initial invoke?

  7. @lowenz I think we need to fix the visibility of this since the CVAR's don't print to darkmod.cfg but also try disable the BVH optimizations: r_modelBvhLightTris 0 r_modelBvhShadows 0
  8. Thanks! Do either: seta r_shadowMapSinglePass "1" or setting Stencil Shadows in the GUI improve performance at all ? How about toggling: r_softShadowsMipmaps "0" ?
  9. Yeah, there were a few dmap fixes since 2.10. I can't say for sure whether you hit any of the known ones but splitting brushes near lights is an old remedy anyway ( called Brush Carving by Doom 3 mappers ).
  10. I suspect that something in the DMAP precision is generating too many triangles for this brush. What does it look like with r_showTris 2 ? Does the same thing happen with a fresh dmap via the 2.11 Development Build ?
  11. Default : New Fresnel : New Fresnel with SSAO:
  12. Here are some new comparisons: Default: New Fresnel with underside darkening: New Fresnel with SSAO:
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