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  1. Congratulations, Wellingtoncrab! I, along with so many others, remain astounded that this was your first release, and I dearly hope you are able and willing to continue. I think the biggest winner, however, was the entire community, because we get to play all these wonderful FMs. Thank you, mission authors, thank you so very much!
  2. Kingsal: You did it. You actually did it. Something I thought damn near impossible. You made me enjoy...nay, adore, a zombie mission. I even went into this mission with a sigh of 'ugh, zombies, I hate zombies, <sigh> well let me get through this one so I can hopefully rate it without prejudice' (doesn't matter what media, I really, really hate zombies). Now, I did not play on Expert, because I dislike the 'checkpoint' kind of saving system about as much as I dislike zombies, so I didn't want to start off with two strikes against this mission. I began full stealth, and maintained that (aside from the first prompt with fire arrows, to see what they'd do), for most of the mission. Then when I was almost done, I went full on zombie slayer so I could check nooks and crannies and find my last missing secret. I enjoyed BOTH the sneaking-past-zombies AND the killing-all-zombies (THANK YOU for modifying their kill requirements). My expectations were completely upended, and I end my evening absolutely amazed, and very grateful to be so very, very wrong. I had wished for more readables, something that might shed some light on what might've happened here, but then when I kind of had an answer, I think, or at least an idea. Good game, sir, very good game, bravo!
  3. Oh goodness, a Grayman mission continued by Bikerdude? That will indeed be a treat to look forward to! And with regards to my request earlier about the item I was missing... Thank you, again! I also want to say that the post-ending scene was a truly beautiful tribute.
  4. I'm all done with this excellent mission save one missing artifact. It's probably another 'Shaz was totally blind despite looking straight at it five times' moment, but... help, please? I'm so grateful to have this chance to play one last Grayman (plus friends) mission. Thank you JackFarmer and everyone else who contributed. The Thief community is an absolutely fantastic one, despite us all being taffers. I love you all for what you do, and I sincerely mean that. Oh! And I noticed a typo in the mission readme/info when you're selecting the mission to play. "Infiltrate a castle high up in the montains...".
  5. And now, the mission is complete. Thank you for a wonderful experience, my own blindness notwithstanding! And...eww...um...that is a very... different ... pick'pocket'.
  6. I've loved this mission, and I've pretty much completed it, but there is one door/gate I cannot figure out how to open.
  7. How many times did I run through that EXACT PLACE and completely miss those @Cambridge Spy I have one more memento than you do but since I cannot recall where I got that one, I'm assuming it's where Wellingtoncrab speaks of. And now the mission is finished. 10701 loot, though I did spend some, not sure if that deducts from my total? And I ended by resting, so I fear I missed any alternate ending(s). Absolutely wonderful mission. Thank you oh so very, very much! The lore in this mission was fantastic.
  8. I have been lost (usually in a very good way!) over the past few days as I've explored this mission. However, there's this guy named Tobin who's giving me a real hard time. My inability to locate this item notwithstanding, this mission is absolutely amazing. SO MUCH EXPLORATION, which is pure joy for me, and there is just -it bears repeating- SO MUCH of it. And it's all so beautifully put together. I know a lot of people enjoy the 'avoid the guards' mechanic, and I typically quite enjoy it myself, but I really appreciated the hostile/non-hostile markers and the chance to simply walk through some areas without worry. It was a lovely change of pace in a mission that I needed to spend so much time wandering around in. And those glasses!
  9. I also don't say Thank You nearly enough. In 2020, amidst the raging pandemic, my home was hit by 2 back to back hurricanes ...well, 6 weeks apart, but 6 weeks isn't much of a break. I spent the end of that year either evacuated due to one other the other hurricane, or sheltering at someone's house that had not gotten damaged too much to live in. But prior to that in 2020, I was homebound due to Covid. I have a list of health problems, so I deemed it safer to remain at home with limited outside contact. The computer was my lifeline. Once I was able to return to my own home, and even post-vaccination, I've maintained a mostly homebound life. The internet has been a lifeline, and TDM, while it has always been one of my joys, has played a large part in keeping depression at bay. I cannot thank you all enough.
  10. @NeonsStyle I'm sorry I can't really be of help in giving advice on how to avoid the obstacles, but it is possible to do them.
  11. Thanks, Lzocast. I didn't check past the obvious door on the stand of the first one, but the other two, I scoured those locations for the keys. Two or three times each, because they seemed to be likely locations, but obviously unsuccessfully. Once more unto the breach! EDIT: Found the keys, but I do have to say that sometimes TDM makes *seeing* keys pretty painful. The sewer key blended in so well to its background that I might have never seen it had I not been told it was there. I really wish keys could stand out more. Thanks again, Lzocast. All that's left is for me to decide if I'm up for finding more Hidden Loot items!
  12. I could really use hints for some things I am unable to find the key (or switch or what have you) to open: Thanks much for either nudges or blatant answers, because I can't figure out any of those for the life of me!
  13. I'm currently making my way slowly and haphazardly through this massive mission map. I've had nothing but WOW reactions so many times, but I will say this might be the first mission to make me incredibly aggravated that unlike T1/T2 we cannot make notes or mark on the map in the game, because I keep encountering things that seem usable (but I can't use yet) or locks I cannot pick or just places I know I want to come back to later. And not just one or two of these locations! So I'm left taking notes out of game by either turning a light on (Thiefy blasphemy!) so I can jot a note, or tabbing out of the game. Or simply forgetting about exactly where these places are, which my MS-damaged sieve of a brain is really good at. That's not a negative against this mission, though, simply something I suppose the engine isn't built for. The only negatives I've encountered so far that are specific to this mission have been: I'll be returning to those streets/roofs really soon, and I'll probably be there for days. Marvelous.
  14. Finally reinstalled TDM (double hard drive death 1 day apart, yay!) and this was my introductory dive back in. This was fun! I absolutely loved the 'bag' (and had a big laugh at the comment when I tried to pick up something). I felt I scoured the mission fairly well, but came up quite short on loot total. 1564? I feel like I must have missed something significant for that! Or perhaps in my investigating the clutter, the corners, and up on ceiling rafters I missed something large and evident and out in the open. The extra objectives were great, too. I did get grin at being in the school's backyard (it was the first place I went after leaving the hideout) and Thank you, Goldwell and Kingsal, for a very enjoyable time! The only issue I had wasn't one that caused any problem to playing, it was just trees popping in. Didn't distract me from having a good time.
  15. In response, I'll just say that it could be used to excellent effect to make something both exposed and well hidden. That's why it triggered the love/hate reaction. It's oh so tricky, but if you've read something, and know it has to be there, somewhere- it's perfect like that! I look forward to more of your missions.
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