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  1. Hey Obsttorte, Thanks again for posting these scripts on here as they cover a lot of features I want to incorporate into my map! I am trying to add a log book which this diary script seems set to perfectly address. I know you wrote the script a long while ago but I am running into an issue where my log book isn't able to contain more than 126 characters - at that point it seems to stop accepting any additional text. This doesn't seem to matter if the source feeding the log is a single long gui_message or multiple smaller ones - once it hits this limit it stops. I have gone through the co
  2. Hey Obsttorte, First off I just want to say thank you! - I have learned so much just watching your tutorial videos. This script is amazing and was incredibly easy to implement. I did encounter an issue and I am wondering if I have set up the player observer script incorrectly. In my map when I have the "observer" script object active on the info_locationsettings entity it works just as it should except it seems to prevent any call_on_entry or call_on_exit scripts I have on any info_location entities from running anymore - I can't even get them to print to console. I am an incredible
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