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  1. TDM Latch Pack (Beta) By Frost_Salamander and wellingtoncrab with special thanks to Dragofer Tired of picking another lock or hunting for that missing key? Imagine The City is itself an elaborate lock, and you are the key. Embrace progression through careful exploration and navigation of the environment. Embrace the latch pill: Included is a new entity type and scripting for a door mounted toggle lock, or "latch", as well as new CC0 assets and prefabs. https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/test-latch/wiki Example Video Asset Pictures All models and textures in this pack are released under CC0 license and may be used freely without need of attribution. We waive copyright to the extent that possible, but aren’t lawyers. Latch Lock Features Supports single and double doors across all cardinal directions, as well as trap doors Uses the location system to handle context sensitive frob highlighting of the latch and the doors Automatically determines the correct latch state on map start based on the targeted door's "locked" spawnarg Options for rotate, translate, or both with unique sound slots for each Supports any model or func_static To get started head over and grab the latest release (available with or without demo content) and read the getting started guide. This is a beta release - so your feedback is appreciated!
  2. I guess I want to be sure I understand the context of entity "death" - both purchasing the glasses and picking them up adds a atdm:xray_glasses item to the players inventory. You mentioned basically the inventory slot which should be the be pointing at atdm:xray_glasses is pointing at nothing So it probably got "killed": -In the process of being added to inventory (in this case it was a purchase) -Upon the first attempt at using it (it sounds like it immediately did not work) -Or in the very small window in between Unless the entity in an inventory slot can be "dead" prior to it ever being added?
  3. Yep. Learn something new every day. I always looked for a slider and so never noticed it was right in front me as a toggle value.
  4. I know of no reason why it wouldn't - the xray glasses are really the only thing that does any kind of screen effect. There is no FOV slider in the game so it was not tested admittedly. I am not recalling anything really that interacts with the players inventory directly in the mission. Dropping the glasses with "Drop Inv. Item" and reacquiring them doesn't restore the item to the players inventory either I am guessing?
  5. If I understand correctly it sounds like something is basically removing the actual glasses entity from game so the inventory item points at nothing? Looking at the scripts this is the area where I see handling of the xray glasses overlapping with with other inventory items - basically it keeps the current inventory item as glasses after picking up other inventory objects so you don't have to constantly scroll through the inventory to to enable/disable them. Not sure if something is going haywire here: // dirty workaround to stop the inventory from changing away from the xray glasses if the player picks up loot or items while wearing them void playertools_xray_glasses::loot_loop() { string frobHighlighted; string selectedCurrent; string selectedPrevious; while( wearing_xray_glasses ) { selectedCurrent = $player1.getCurInvItemEntity().getKey("classname"); if( $player1.getFrobbed() ) frobHighlighted = $player1.getFrobbed().getKey("classname"); // has the inventory switched away from the xray glasses? if ( selectedCurrent != selectedPrevious && selectedPrevious == getKey("classname") ) { // has it switched because the player has frobbed an item or some loot? if( selectedCurrent == frobHighlighted || selectedCurrent == "atdm:inv_loot_info_item" ) { sys.wait(0.65); // if the player still has that item selected, switch back to the xray glasses if( selectedCurrent == $player1.getCurInvItemEntity().getKey("classname") && wearing_xray_glasses ) { $player1.setCurInvItem( getKey("inv_name") ); //switch back to the xray glasses } } } selectedPrevious = selectedCurrent; sys.waitFrame(); } }
  6. It seems like more and more "thief" and "thief players" is becoming a short hand to dismiss community members earnest desire to improve the game - which happens to be a barely legally distinct "thief style" game which was made by thief fans for thief fans and is "designed to simulate the stealth gameplay of Thief". Who is the predominant player base of the game supposed to be beyond fans of the thief games? Is there some better avenue to find feedback for the game beyond this forum? FOSS and linux forums? I have seen maybe half a dozen posts from that segment. I am a thief fan, I play thief fms, my association with those games is what drives me to play and make things for this game. Are we supposed to pretend the original games are not a huge reason why most of us are here at all? TL;DR version:
  7. This is what you said: 1) That while playing you found you could not extinguish moveable lights 2) This was because of the need to use the hold frob and did not remember this I know you wouldn’t make a misleading statement about the implementation of the hold frob mechanic as a pretext to bring up your issues with the consistency with the controls, so I assume you forgot the original controls of the game or your custom keybinding for “use inv item” reset when you updated the game or something. At this point in the thread I am not going to recommend to you that you use an optional mechanic that you don’t like. There is a version of the training mission in development which tutorializes the hold frob mechanic - though eventually it would be good to develop a tutorial mission that is less freeeform than the training mission.
  8. You do not "need to use" hold frob to extinguish candles - you can use hold frob but the 2.11 controls also work exactly the same as they used to. Pick up the candle - and "use inv item" to extinguish it. Pick up food and "use inv item" to eat it. Do you have some other setting or keybinding which is preventing this from working?
  9. Yeah it would be cool to see some more detailed statistics and it’s a shame they aren’t really captured. Since we are talking about fan mission platforms, where players also make the content for the game, I feel like the best thing we’ve got is you can look at the number of content releases for the games. Keep in mind the graph counts campaigns as single missions - so for example NHAT and TBP both count as 1 mission. A good year for TDM has has approaching maybe 50% - mostly we’re 25-30%. https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152494 You could also look at the number of ratings thief missions get on https://www.thiefguild.com/ vs TDM ones, but that is pretty iffy in that you could chalk that up to more awareness of the site in the thief community than TDM Out of curiosity is there a reason a thief player can’t be a new player? I kind of think a player is a player and new players would be ones who are playing the dark mod who weren't? Is there disagreement the base of players most likely to pick up the game are fans of the thief games? They are certainly the most fruitful place to find feedback on the game beyond the sphere of this forum that I have seen. When we were trying to finish up SLL there was a lot of discussion on the forums about how long it had been since there was a release for the game. I am thankful that the stats show at least some stability over the years in terms of releases for TDM, but the trend for all of the games is decline. Not doing anything is a valid response if that’s what the devs want to do - it is not possible to provide evidence that any effort will slow that inertia. As a player and content maker I would just prefer trying to find feedback where it is offered from players who were willing to try the game but ultimately could not engage with it and see if there is anything that can be done within reason to ease them into the game. The game has a lot to offer imo. All those players are potential contributors - contributions in turn attract players - it’d be nice to see the cycle go on as long as it can.
  10. I was asked for feedback on some different mantle implementations. I liked the overall direction and the current 2.12 one not just because it is more responsive but because it also includes some other polish like getting rid of the kind of weird “double dip” mantle you would get when mantling into a crouched position with low ceilings. There are small things I would change were it up to me, but I prefer it to the original. It’s nice that there is some accompanying control in the main menu in terms of the animation intensity. I always liked the mantle feel of TDM and think now it feels even better, but that is just me.
  11. How do you mean? That’s certainly not intentional and I am sorry if I come across that way. My only point to you was that you don’t even have to apply the threshold of “realism” to have a valid opinion about how the game feels.
  12. Do you get mine: With the new mantle do you have an opinion on what the default mantle roll value should be? You can say you don’t have one.
  13. As I mentioned in my post, if the this is even an issue the devs modeled it off of actual human capabilities. ie watching actual people perform the task. Whose capabilities are you measuring that feeling against? Your own? That of a season thief? It really doesn’t matter, they are your perceptions of the game. That should be valid enough without worrying if your subjective feelings about how the game should feel meet “reality”. The game is inherently not realistic, nor are any of the games in the pantheon of immersive sims. That is another topic entirely though. Do you have an opinion on the default mantle roll setting?
  14. I am not really invested in realism being the criteria for a how a game should play, but it sounds like the devs modeled it using actual parkour videos - which would be people mantling in real life. Even if it was desirable I am not sure “realism” is an achievable result. The capabilities of people in reality is pretty diverse after all. I think what you are describing as "realistic" is just what feels subjectively natural or correct to you, which you can and should advocate for that. I am speaking specifically about the “mantle roll” - the tilting camera animation which plays at the last stage of the mantle. What I found is that the new mantle kind of clicks and feels subjectively “right” to me with the revised speed is a setting of .5 instead of 1. But that’s just me, so curious if you or others have any opinion on this menu setting.
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