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  1. Alright - managed to find the source the error - a single volumetric light had the spawnarg set of ".001/" The map is now fixed. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks for the assist @OrbWeaver- so far we haven’t found the source of the corruption looking through the text of .map file. Here is a link to download the map - please let me know when you snatch it so I can remove it:
  3. Tidings, I have an issue with a map I am working on where Darkradiant suddenly won’t open it without hard crashing. I was editing the map and had the game open in connection mode - everything was working fine - the map was compiling and loading fine - so I saved my work for the day and closed DR. I realized I wanted to do a couple of other things but now the map will not open and I receive the following error prompts: The map itself continues to compile and open without an issue in the game, so whatever is going on with the map file is not preventing it from working in TDM - simply I cannot open and edit it in DR. I had the author I am working with test opening the map as well and they are receiving the same error. They generated a program dump which is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19PiDR2x4uQPi3vELAqmbA4UH40724Yj4/view?usp=share_link Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to finish up a project as quickly as we can!
  4. This would be awesome for productivity on new assets as since almost everything gets authored as PBR the “tweaking to make things look right” in bump/spec often is the longest (and most frustrating) part of the process.
  5. @JackFarmerThe “patches” are a good fit for this type of circumstance - a few go a long way @Dragoferyeah I would say crouching in the grass occludes the player vision in such a way it would not really be fair for the ai to look right through it, but maybe this can just be done via a trigger volume placed by the mapper?
  6. A small thing is the naming convention of the “Med” “Small” “Tiny” and then Patch “1”,”2”,”3” actually confused me a bit when first testing the assets. I assumed the ones labeled small/tiny would be the loose tufts you could spread around and the ones labeled patch would be the larger areas of grass but it is actually the other way around. This confusion only lasts as long as placing a couple assets though. On the gameplay side any plans for the denser area grass to have something like a configurable light gem modifier when the player is crouched in them?
  7. @kingsalNo nothing disappears at close range. It is just when you are standing in the middle of the dense grass patches the fact that they are cards becomes very apparent and the illusion of density is lost. As I mentioned this is quite difficult to get to hold up under that kind of scrutiny, but one thing from the original demo is that denser ground cover that is shorter in height would pop in very very near the player so when you are looking at a lower angle down into the grass it kind of fills in these gaps a bit. Don't know if that can even apply here - the original demo is a massive sea of grass so that near camera pop in was completely hidden where as these need to be a bit more flexible.
  8. I really like what I see so far. I don't have the best test scene but I really like the "patch" entities as just a few of these sprinkled around add a nice sense of life to even a simple natural scene. I like being able to switch between the wind variants, but the default low wind variant is rather subtle and the strong is quite, well, strong. Animations are probably a pain but I could see if there was an option in the middle using it. Seems like the meshes don't have the skin variants defined? You can find a bunch in the general skin browser but nothing limited to the model itself. The larger patches look great, especially at a distance, but they don't hold up as well close up. Part of that is a given with billboard alpha, but iirc in the original test map the large tufts have a sort of dense ground cover that pops in at a very low distance, but this kind of fleshes out the tufts when you're standing right in the middle of them, which I imagine as a sneaky thief you're likely to be. I don't really see an issue with performance, but I am not pushing as many of these entities as something like the original scene might. Really cool work and I think these will be an awesome addition!
  9. Need some help or hints? Can try and nudge you in the right direction.
  10. @LuxQSD Thanks for playing and the very useful bug reports! You're making some interesting connections I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere in the thread, so you seem like a very thoughtful player and I am glad in the end you enjoyed the mission. Thanks again for playing!
  11. @evildieselglad to hear you enjoyed it through to the end! Those two thing you mentioned are pretty common pain paints in the mission that should probably get smoothed over with a patch at some point. Thanks for playing!
  12. The download links seem to have gone dead.
  13. Revision 3 is a small one with color corrected inventory icons, moveables added for the ingots and a testmap for viewing the assets in different lighting conditions "currency_test.map"
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