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  1. @A_Big_GuyI think the criticism is fair - as @ChronA points out there is the mechanical objective of the mission and there is the ”point” of it so to speak - while that is not something completely disconnected from the required objectives, it is something the player is not required to engage in at all and I would not even say I am someone who is skilled enough to be fully successful in pulling something like that off. I do possess enough pretense to try. I did hope it would work on both levels - in fact it was quite important to me that it work at it lowest level as a thief style level instead of a “walking simulator” type experience or other sort of format that typically has that kind of narrative structure (or lack thereof) - so if this in itself does not feel satisfying it is indeed a weakness of the mission. Again thanks for taking the time to play and I appreciate your thoughts. I hope if I get another one out you’re still willing to give it a try!
  2. @A_Big_GuyI didn't expect it would be for everyone, though thanks for playing and taking the time to leave your leave your thoughts. I admittedly not sure what constitutes the "main mission" - do you mean the non-optional objectives?
  3. This is a unique and fantastic mission - already looking forward to the next one!
  4. @ChronAthanks for playing and your generous praise! Sorry about the bug - I added it to my tracker and I will look into it when I get around to the next patch.
  5. I started Iris with startmap.pk4 myself - as I think it is a nice clean package. Though you often have to peak at other missions to understand how things work, opening even a basic mission can be overwhelming at first and I actually find you need have your bearings in the editor to be able to really understand what is going on. If you are truly starting new - less is better imo. Startmap.pk4 is a good launching point to start following along with video tutorials as you have a functioning safety net under you with a lot of the house keeping done but nothing more.
  6. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/801851353072795719/936987945603309608/startmap.pk4 Here is a link to start map.pk4 from the discord server - which if you are getting into mapping I encourage you to join us over there as well!
  7. @Tarhielthank you for generous words and your time spent playing the mission. I am very glad to read you had a meaningful time with it. I am especially glad to hear you enjoyed the readables as I worked as hard (if not harder) on those as any other element of mission. My eternal gratitude to @Amadeus as editor who helped immensely in making them bearable to read. When it comes to how I learned to make the mission it’s really the same stuff involved in trying to accomplish anything really: you just keep accepting failure and frustration willingly well past the point your body and spirit are telling you to stop. It will seem like everything is an endless and impossible mess until suddenly it isn’t: and you and the thing you are trying to do are in finally sync. You also learn to accept a thing is “finished” (or perhaps you are “finished” with a thing) well before it is ever perfect. Since the deeper meaning of anything exists as an undercurrent below the surface, expressing it plainly poses some risk it may lose that very meaning for which it was created, so I will endeavor to answer your questions about the story up to the point I can: Thanks again for playing!
  8. @gokudo thanks for continuing to play and I always glad when players appreciate and are curious about these elements of the setting. While this story indeed has its end - if I am ever fortunate enough to finish my next mission it will certainly carry over and expand on many of those elements. Though I will always ultimately trust your and other players intuition and innate curiosity over laying bare these types of details about the setting which is not (at least to me) a particularly interesting way to interact with a video games story.
  9. It’s just an example poll for the contest itself so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you are looking to score a particular mission they all have their own threads you can still vote in.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the mission. Thanks for taking the time to play!
  11. @mysakbmsure if you shoot me what you have already in a spoiler tag I can give you some hints on the ones you are missing
  12. @Araneidaethanks for playing and I am glad to hear you are enjoying the mission! I hope you make it through the second half without too much frustration. If you get into a spot where a clue or some guidance might helpful let me know!
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