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  1. Well this seems to be the one to actually discuss the frob shader. The other one is ostensibly about menu options related to frobbing and I didn’t want to add a bunch of clutter to the dev release thread. Is there somewhere else you’d recommend I post this?
  2. Hmm... it's not just edge case assets, but health potions and special arrows all have transparent components. Since the problems areas would be portions of a material which are fully transparent - not sure if there would be a way for the shader to tell the difference between those and say these types of glass surfaces?
  3. Not sure if this is the right place, but with the new frob highlight being dropped in the latest dev build (RIP - I quite liked it) it seems like the shader based replacement is not quite working as I would expect. Transparent materials which work with the material based frob highlight don’t seem to work with this new shader based one. Is there something as a mapper I need to do to make an object with a transparent material react to highlight? old frob: New frob:
  4. Sorry for the arm chair UI programming as I understand everything is ultimately easier said then done. I definitely understand the mechanical reasons for different browsers, but I do think it limits to perception of content which is actually available to user and is ultimately more confusing not less. To place in an object in a map it will either be in the model browser, entity browser, or prefab browser and even after using darkradiant for years now I am often stumbling onto new things and have probably forgotten more content then I end up using. I would like a system where if I want a chair - I search the object/asset browser for "chair" and you then pick from the relevant moveable entities/lod entities/static entities/prefabs etc. This would then appear in a "frequently used assets window" like frequently used textures do in the textures window. A tagging system would also prevent the need to have every descriptor in the object name and can visibly delineate between say a static entity and a moveable or LOD entity which share the same mesh and would otherwise appear identical in the browser, but there may be a better way to achieve the same effect. But hey - even if that doesn't happen I will still be using darkradiant - and thanks for reading!
  5. New version in the original post which includes all of Dragofer's improvements as well as new models and prefabs!
  6. @Dragoferattached is the original brushwork if that is helpful. When your local version is done I will put together some prefab variants for the hutch and the curio cabinet. Edit: also there was a texturing issue with the feet on the filing cabinet which I have correct in the main post WelliFurniturePackBrushes.pfbx
  7. @Dragoferwow thanks for taking your time polishing these up! If anyone “gets” cabinet1 it’s you, so please feel free to make any alterations you like! -I will fix the path convention in my skins going forward. -I actually am using the latest release of DR - Since these were thrown together with brushes, while I tried to caulk everything which was not visible I imagine there is some sloppy work/excess faces in there that could just account for the excess vertices? -I actually forgot the table was in the pack. I feel like the concept of “cabinet1 as table” could go a bit further than that simple model, but I did find in my map there was a need for a table with a narrower desk like footprint as sometimes a table just looks more natural in a space than a desk. @geegee no credit here! I yanked the doors from the incredible desk03 prefab itself - only tweaked the movement speed and angle - definitely check that one out as well as the desk02 prefabs as there is an awesome amount of detail put into those!
  8. @Amadeus thanks for trying them out! Let me know if you notice anything which can be improved.
  9. @AmadeusYes these are the openable doors which came originally with desk03! There is a prefab in the pk4 with the openable doors all setup to just drop into your map
  10. *****UPDATE***** cabinet1 fans! Version 2 of the cabinet1 extension pack is here with a new desk and bench model as well 5 unique hutch and curio cabinet prefabs! Big thanks to cabinet1 expert @Dragofer who generously polished the models and prefabs and fixed up the naming/pathing/definitions to be core mod compliant. God speed! cabinet1_xtended.zip *****Original Post***** Jumping over from the Discord where you should definitely join us if you aren't there already. No modelling skill here what so ever, but I have long found myself hopelessly addicted to cabinet1. Now it has gotten even worse with desk02 and desk03 being such great new assets. I just wanted/needed a little more matching furniture for my map so I put these together in DR. To be clear these are very basic but along the way I thought they might be of utility to anyone else who just needs more of that cabinet1 magic and can't wait for the pros to deliver the next dose. Of course just like cabinet1, desk02 and 03 they all have the "desk_old" skin variant and there is a prefab for the curio cabinet with working doors. God speed.
  11. Happy I could actually help! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  12. The modules are models and thus they are not actually sealing geometry. So a room made only with models - ie no world spawn brushes - will be exposed to the void and will leak. You will need to do what you proposed above which is create a sealed room with world spawn geometry and then use the modules to provide the detail within the sealed room.
  13. You could always use the skeleton with working moveable amulet prefab I sent you on the discord as a base and try changing the model to something that is acceptable to you.
  14. I think r_showtris 1 only shows directly drawn triangles, which if I understood correctly from the DR tutorial videos aren’t all the tris calculated by the engine when rendering a frame. While there are not so many tris directly drawn in your scene, there could be overdraw if there is a “leak” between intended visleafs or just by the nature of the long sight lines and open portals in your scene. You could perhaps see by using r_showtris 3.
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