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  1. Suggestion—remove noise arrows entirely and simply have enemy NPC react to any arrow that hits a surface near them. Logically any arrow hitting a nearby wall would make a sound notworthy enough to investigate. The actual noise that noise arrows make is fairly arbitrary.
  2. Example—be able to add oil to arrows then set flame to them using any of the game's fire sources. Food needs, being hungry will reduce movement speed, and make bow aiming more wonky, and have less time to nock the arrow before tiring. Player can buy food before a mission or scavenge it from the map. Could also kill any small animals like rats and eat them raw (risking disease) or make fire to cook them. Player will need to harvest firewood or make use of in game stoves. Injuries: if player if takes a heavy blow in combat, have injuries such as limping, injured weapon hand makes sword swing weaker, and bow wonky. Player can heal by health potions, or injury would naturally heal over a significantly longer time. Sword can also be knocked out of the players hand, if so they are without weapon, they can pick up an enemies sword or craft a melee weapon.
  3. - Sheath key should also draw the weapon you last sheathed. - Option to disable custom main menu backgrounds that come with missions. I'm sure the designers went to great trouble to tailor my experience, but I honestly just want my main menu to be black as it is with no missions installed. Current mission comes with background and is obscuring the main menu options. - Music should come under "music" slider in options, currently its under "ambient" which is both ambigious, and also disables environmental sfx for those who prefer to play without music.
  4. Haven't tried the update yet... but can anyone give me a ballpark figure as to how much their FPS and/or load times has improved? (if at all)
  5. I mentioned this in the improvements thread - https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/11058-things-that-could-be-improved/page/95/#comment-473534 Bright readables in a game that is 99% darkness literally burns my eyes.
  6. Headshots need to be a thing even in combat. Shooting a guard in the face should result in immediate death no matter how alerted he is. Allowing non-combat headshots, only for them to be impossible if the same guard is alerted is forcing the games no-combat design philosophy rather than implying it.
  7. The internet has been dying a slow death since the mass dissemination of smart devices in 2007-09, stuff like this will just be another nail in the coffin, and a good incentive to actually build a life that is not so internet focused.
  8. Are there any missions that everyone agrees are simply unmissable, and if so, what would they be?
  9. There is a simple hack you can do to filter missions, just go into the fms folder and create a new folder called "great missions" or "missions to try later" and just drop missions into it. This will prevent them from appearing on the mission select list.
  10. More suggestions: 1) Make the mission completed marker more visible. The little green tick that's currently used is barely visible. 2) An option to disable or lower the volume of the mission complete jingle. It's blaring and loud and and a poor way to end what may have been an hour of gameplay in near silence.
  11. Never had so much fun climbing a giant swing in a game. What a great level, and a great reminder that games can be without any kind of story, lore or deep mechanics providing they are fun. I got to the highest point of the swing with the 3 rope arrows but couldn't get any further, so just jumped to my death a bunch of times. 10/10 mission.
  12. More suggestions - Option to prevent the lower right loot icon from appearing whenever you pick up loot. Maybe the option to disable pickup messages should also include this? Player voice volume does not seem to have any effect in game. With 0 volume, you still making grunting sounds when mantling, and the player voice over still speaks during missions. Possible to have an option to disable the latter? In the HUD size configuration option, setting any of the sliders to furthest left should mean 0% - i.e. complete removal / invisibility of that particular setting, rather than it simply being very small. Ability to quit game from a mission, rather than having to quit to the main menu first.
  13. Suggestion: clearing the inventory (ie removing the bottom right icons from the screen) should also cancel/put away whatever item you were currently using. This helps when a guard is coming and you're fumbling through the inventory trying to switch your lantern off, having the clear current inventory item key do that for you (as well as maps + spyglass) would be helpful.
  14. Nice, so if I darkened it, where would I put the edited asset? Would I need to repack it into a pk4 and just overwrite the original? parchment_ingame parchment_untitled Which one would be the objectives texture?
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