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  1. @stgatilov After discussing `pm_bobroll` and seeing a TDM player on Discord write "mantling roll", I wonder if a better cvar name for this would be `pm_mantle_roll_mod` to match other `pm_*` cvars. Naming is hard...
  2. I'm trying to be helpful as a new TDM player before I get used to all of its quirks or they aren't present in my build. I've seen many Thief players complain about head bob and other movement "issues", so they stop playing TDM. That's not what we want, right? And recently, I saw a TDM player ask on Discord about his `pm_bobroll` not sticking. So, I think reducing the default head bob would reduce the complaints, since it's not working well for many players.
  3. In the playthrough video linked below, the x-ray glasses graphical glitch can be seen. (timestamp from 2:12:03 to 2:12:08)
  4. When playing Iris and Written in Stone, I noticed a graphical glitch with the x-ray glasses. When the x-ray glasses are activated, the first frame of the fade to x-ray vision is the last frame of the previous x-ray glasses usage. To reproduce: Use the x-ray glasses and look at something easily recognizable, such as a light source. Turn off the x-ray glasses. Look at something else. Use the x-ray glasses, and you should for a moment see the last thing you were looking at from #1. What could be causing that? I don't know if it is related, but I've noticed something similar with other (animated) fades: The pop-up note in the upper-left corner will start at 100% opacity and then reset near 0% before fading in to 100% opacity. Loading a new mission or loading a save will have a fullscreen graphical blink. It might be the last frame of the previous scene or the 100% -> 0% -> 100% opacity fade issue.
  5. Thank you! I hope players benefit from that cvar.
  6. I have to admit. I had the same thought after I added yet another cvar. I'd keep the cvars, so there's always that fine grained option. But, yeah, having something really simple in the menu would likely be welcomed. Maybe something like: [no motion] [slight motion] [normal] Or: [reduced motion] [normal] Shortly after I started playing The Dark Mod, I reduced the head bob and tilt view angle. Otherwise, it's been pretty great!
  7. One thing that was uncomfortable for me when I started playing The Dark Mod was how much the view tilted during a mantle. This is similar to the amount of head bob. For those who are sensitive to motions like that as well, I've attached a patch. I hope it or a variation of it will be accepted into the main The Dark Mod codebase, since it'll help those players. The new cvar "pm_mantle_tilt_mod" is a value between 0.0 and 1.0. The default is 1.0, which means no change from the traditional tilt view angle. A value of 0.0 is no tilt. I personally prefer 0.1, which tilts the view only 10% of the traditional amount. idCVar cv_pm_mantle_tilt_mod( "pm_mantle_tilt_mod", "1.0", CVAR_GAME | CVAR_FLOAT | CVAR_ARCHIVE, "The multiplier applied to the tilt view angle during a mantle", 0.0f, 1.0f ); (Patch based on r10036.) mantle-tilt-mod-v1-r10036.diff
  8. While these changes to pm_* cvars are being made, would it be possible to change pm_bobroll to 0.0008 by default instead of 0.0015? The reason I propose this change is that I felt slightly dizzy/seasick while playing TDM. I found that 0.0008 felt comfortable, so this default value may help others have a better experience when they start TDM. I tried 0.0006 for a while, but that felt too flat. 0.0008 felt like the sweet spot.
  9. Is there a way to get down here without getting hurt? The vine is not climbable, and I've tried different ways of falling to no avail.
  10. Thank you for making this, @Wellingtoncrab! There's so much to explore and discover!
  11. I'm leaving a spoiler here for others (and possibly my future self) who are having trouble finding Tobin's spyglass. I spent ages and ages looking for it. Strong hint and possible spoiler: Spoiler:
  12. The first step is to get TDM compiling from the source code on your system. After that, you can use a tool like TortoiseSVN, patch, or svn patch to apply the diff. Then, compile the source code again. NOTE: You may need to use r9920 from SVN for the patch to apply without conflicts.
  13. @Obsttorte To be clear, I'm not upset with any specific person here. To all, I decided I probably don't have anything else of value to contribute to this topic, since I would just be repeating myself a lot. So, yeah, I felt frustrated repeating myself a lot. And, because I felt drained from so much disagreement with my contributions thus far, I thought it would be better to not participate anymore on this topic and to let everyone know that. I think it's fine to disagree with my contributions, but it doesn't make sense for me to stick around on this topic anymore. I appreciate all of the work you all have done on TDM. Good luck!
  14. I did this already! I provided a solution in the form of a patch with a single cvar to toggle between a new way and the traditional way. No one else has provided a complete solution yet. My solution was to make TDM toggle crouch be like Thief. The feedback so far has been that you all don't like how toggle crouch works in Thief. I've been using my patch since March and haven't run into any issues. With my patch, I play Thief and then I play TDM, and they feel similar. I really enjoy this! I wrote a lot in the beginning of this thread about how different existing crouch systems work and different things to consider. I thought about how it might impact mission design. For example, if it works like regular crouch, then that's a safe choice since it shouldn't break existing missions and it should have the same stealth advantages. I've been thinking about this since March. But I'd rather not think about this anymore for now. I came here to help, because someone in the community wanted this, and I came to help others in the community have fun with TDM, especially those coming from Thief, since they may not be able to code this themselves. I listened to the community: 1) toggle crouch on key down, 2) make it a cvar since some players may want the traditional way. That's how I made my patch. TDM is open source and has a community. Some players will want toggle crouch to work like Deus Ex, Dishonored, Thief, Tetris, Quake, etc. Haha Quake doesn't have crouch. Not everyone will be happy if there is a single way. So, maybe tdm_toggle_crouch_deus_ex, tdm_toggle_crouch_thief, tdm_toggle_crouch_tdm. I don't know. But I do know I've done everything I can for now. I listened to everyone's feedback and came up with compromises and solutions. What else am I supposed to do? It's up to you all now to figure it out for the community by finding a solution (or two). Or, maybe include the community by having a poll. Again, I don't know. I'm a newcomer to TDM and don't know how things work yet around here. I got involved before I was ready, because I was trying to help someone in the community.
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