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  1. @stgatilov Do you know why sndshd files cannot raise the volume of sounds? Also, there is conflicting advice from different devs about how to adjust the sound volume. Perhaps we should create another thread about this and arrive at an official TDM dev team solution.
  2. Previously, I was told that editing the .sndshd files isn't a good solution and that the volume cannot be raised with .sndshd files. Also, those changed .sndshd files may need to be maintained and updated for each TDM release. That's why I chose the solution of reducing the volume on the sound files themselves. I haven't noticed any sound artifacts, especially since the original sound files are only edited once. There is a benefit: It's not too loud anymore. Editing a volume property in a .sndshd file is no more cumbersome than editing a volume property in my script and rerunning it. Reducing the volume on the sound files themselves was arrived at after discussing it with other devs and mission authors and after weighing the pros and cons. You may not think it is the best solution, but it sure isn't the worst. You sound like you know all about this. Could you please teach us how to edit sound volumes, lowering and raising them using .sndshd files? I look forward to your how-to guide. Then, your how-to guide can be another resource for players.
  3. The readme.txt still says version 1.1, but is it really 1.2?
  4. 1. Do you have any non-"tdm_" pk4 files in your root TDM directory? 2. Do you have any files in "dds/guis/assets/game_maps/"?
  5. @kin Here are more details about how I reduce footstep sound volumes. I extract the footstep sounds from tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4. sound └── sfx └── movement └── footsteps └── player ├── metal_jump_land01.ogg ├── metal_jump_land02.ogg ├── metal_jump_land03.ogg ├── metal_jump_land04.ogg ├── metal_run01.ogg ├── metal_run02.ogg ├── metal_run03.ogg ├── metal_run04.ogg ├── water_crouch_run01.ogg ├── water_crouch_run02.ogg ├── water_crouch_run03.ogg ├── water_crouch_run04.ogg ├── water_jump_land01.ogg ├── water_jump_land02.ogg ├── water_jump_land03.ogg ├── water_jump_land04.ogg ├── water_run01.ogg ├── water_run02.ogg ├── water_run03.ogg ├── water_run04.ogg └── water_run05.ogg I use a bash script (for Linux) that I wrote to reduce the volumes using FFmpeg. #!/usr/bin/env bash set -eu IN_DIR='sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/player' mkdir -p output/"$IN_DIR" for i in "$IN_DIR"/metal_run*; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:a 'volume=-4dB' output/"$i"; done for i in "$IN_DIR"/metal_jump*; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:a 'volume=-10dB' output/"$i"; done for i in "$IN_DIR"/water_run*; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:a 'volume=-10dB' output/"$i"; done for i in "$IN_DIR"/water_crouch_run*; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:a 'volume=-10dB' output/"$i"; done for i in "$IN_DIR"/water_jump*; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:a 'volume=-5dB' output/"$i"; done Then, I put the resulting output sound files in darkmod/sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/player/. (If I change anything in the future, updates will likely be at https://gist.github.com/daftmugi/68bcf3835fdb95e5a7b8148edcc14d38.)
  6. Yeah, this would be a bit challenging to do at the moment, since the player footstep sound volumes vary a lot. For example, I find water and metal footstep sounds to be way too loud and painful. The way I made it better for myself is I found the corresponding sound files and edited them to reduce their volumes.
  7. Another thing to keep in mind is that def file properties are embedded in the save file, so a mission restart is required for def changes to take effect. If you aren't doing this already, you might want to consider keeping your TDM directory under version control. I use Git for config, def, script, gui, and other plain-text files. I also commit overridden textures, but otherwise I don't commit executable, pk4, or other binary files.
  8. What's the problem that this would solve? Are player or AI footsteps too loud, so it's painful to listen to? Are you wanting AI footsteps to be more audible ("can't go completely silent"), so it's easier to tell where AI are? Something else?
  9. I've updated the first post with "resolved" info, and I've included the same info here. Mantling at waist height is included in 2.12 dev builds, starting with dev16778-10275, which is open to feedback during the dev release cycle. pm_mantle_while_shouldering cvar. pm_mantle_while_shouldering, default: 1 Which restriction for mantle while shouldering? 0 --- no mantling while shouldering a body (TDM original) 1 --- restricted mantling while shouldering a body 2 --- unrestricted mantling while shouldering a body (Cheat Mode) pm_mantle_maxShoulderingObstacleHeight cvar. pm_mantle_maxShoulderingObstacleHeight, default: 41 The maximum height of obstacles allowed for a shouldering body mantle Note that mantling above eye level is disabled regardless of this value
  10. Sounds pretty good, and I'm looking forward to it. Looks like a taffing good time, tbh. Might I suggest a name change, though? DOOM 3 was DOOM³. The Dark Mod is no longer a mod, so how about The Dark³ (TD³)?
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