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  1. Losing the option for stencil shadows would be extremely sad. TDM has the best stencil shadows implementation I've ever seen, and they look far better than shadow maps. They also perform wonderfully. Stencil shadows not supporting shadows on translucent surfaces is a bummer, but that's a fine tradeoff. Personally, I'd rather not see alpha-tested shadow occluders, because they look awful and are distracting. Shadow maps in general look bad and pixelated -- quite immersion breaking. Another issue with shadow maps is that they substantially increase the usage of the GPU. For those using laptops or integrated GPUs, it could cause performance or heat issues. For those with decent dedicated GPUs, increased wattage (and therefore heat) can and does turn on its GPU fans. The wattage on my AMD RX 6700 XT can become tripled when using shadow maps. That's undesirable. The advice I give players is: There really isn't a "best" shadows implementation these days. Some devs and players prefer one over the other. Regardless of which is chosen, stencil shadows and maps are used where needed. So, I'd try out both and pick the one you prefer. Here's Fen complaining about shadow maps. Complaint #1 (7:28): Complaint #2 (23:46): In his next video (Written in Stone - 4 - Chocolate Coated Brendel Bar), he turned on stencil shadows, and as far as I know, he never complained again. The following area in Written in Stone shows a good example of alpha-tested shadow occluders. Yes, technically the moving leaves cast shadows, but it looks awful in game, in my opinion. I know others like it. The same scene using stencil shadows looks amazing in game. (The screenshots don't do a good job demonstrating how it looks in game.) The current hybrid system is fantastic. It gives people choice. Those who prefer stencil shadows can use them; those who prefer shadow maps can use them. People become attached to the "art" and "style" of a mission, and changing the shadow implementation changes the art and style. If one must be dropped, I'd say shadow maps should be dropped from the menu settings. Use shadow maps for volumetric lights and stencil shadows everywhere else. And, I agree with nbohr1more that defaulting to rules consistent with stencil shadows is a good idea.
  2. I fixed another case of clipping into the ceiling during a mantle that starts in the standing position and ends in the crouching position (a.k.a forced-crouch mantle). The fix is included in beta212-07. The fix changed a lot of code, so please let us know if you find any issues.
  3. In TDM 2.12, some player footstep sound shaders were changed. That's something you might want to check as well. The following diff snippet is an adjustment to metal volumes I made to one of your missions on my local machine, so it matches TDM 2.12. There are probably others, which are best left up to you. I used a diff tool to find what to update. diff --git a/original/sound/tdm_sfx_movement.sndshd b/adjusted/sound/tdm_sfx_movement.sndshd index eecef04..5ae1843 100644 --- a/original/sound/tdm_sfx_movement.sndshd +++ b/adjusted/sound/tdm_sfx_movement.sndshd @@ -424,7 +424,7 @@ tdm_footstep_metal_run minDistance 1 maxDistance 30 - volume -17 + volume -20 editor_displayFolder sfx/movement/footsteps/player @@ -472,7 +472,7 @@ tdm_footstep_metal_crouch_creep minDistance 1 maxDistance 30 - volume -15 + volume -14 editor_displayFolder sfx/movement/footsteps/player @@ -488,7 +488,7 @@ tdm_footstep_metal_jump_land minDistance 1 maxDistance 30 - volume -9 + volume -13 editor_displayFolder sfx/movement/footsteps/player
  4. I think I found another case of bug 6480 and post in Talbot 2: Return to the City. 274.26 -1039.08 184.71 -15.8 24.9 0.0
  5. I was able to reproduce this in 2.12 beta as well as 2.11. Start mission setviewpos -5727 974 292 24 -57 0 Wait for new objective setviewpos 3795 5676 -3164 18 160 0 Wait for objective complete Shoulder body setviewpos -1643 3574 -1903 4 180 0 Drop body on elevator platform Press elevator button Setting "logFile 2", I was able to capture some console messages before the crash. "MISSION COMPLETED" displays twice instead of once. I haven't had a chance to look further into this. WARNING:idClipModel::Handle: clip model 0 on 'bellero' (dc8) is not a collision or trace model WARNING:idClipModel::Handle: clip model 0 on 'bellero' (dc8) is not a collision or trace model WARNING:idClipModel::Handle: clip model 0 on 'bellero' (dc8) is not a collision or trace model MISSION COMPLETED MISSION COMPLETED ----- idRenderModelManagerLocal::EndLevelLoad ----- 0 models purged from previous level, 1031 models kept. --------------------------------------------------- Regenerated world, staticAllocCount = 0. Getting threadname failed, reason: No such file or directory (2) --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- ModelGenerator memory: 133 LOD entries with 0 users using 2128 bytes. WARNING:idClipModel::FreeTraceModel: tried to free uncached trace model (index=0) --------- Game Map Shutdown done ----- Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ...shutting down QGL I18NLocal: Shutdown. ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. Shutdown event system --------------------------------------
  6. In its current state, it might not be included in TDM. It needs more work, in my opinion. I wanted to give you and others a chance to try it and give feedback. Maybe it'll spark some ideas.
  7. @stgatilov Thank you for fixing this!
  8. Regarding worldspawn "forceAllShadowsBehindOpaque" set to "1", it doesn't seem to get restored on game load. To reproduce (works with any fixed mission using "forceAllShadowsBehindOpaque"): Add "forceAllShadowsBehindOpaque" "1" to the worldspawn in the map file. From main menu, "Start this Mission" or "Restart Mission". setviewpos Notice that the light leak is fixed (not present). Save game. Load game. Notice that the light leak is present (not fixed). Example 1. From main menu, "Start this Mission" or "Restart Mission". 2. Run setviewpos. 3. Save game. 4. Load game.
  9. Thief's Den 3: Heart of Lone Salvation 1736.48 3691.68 -137.75 -5.4 101.1 0.0 Light leak: No light leak:
  10. Well, let's explore this a bit. How can this be solved? Currently, creeping overrides running (like you said). Here are a couple issues or considerations: What about players who want to keep the fine control of toggling each one independently? Perhaps some players want to go from creeping to running. At the moment, the code is written in such a way (due to its Doom 3 history) that toggling creep can set the toggled run state, but toggling run cannot set the toggled creep state. The toggle creep key can set the toggled run state to walk but only once. If the player presses the toggle run key again, it will toggle without regard to the toggled creep state. Fixing this would require a lot of code rewriting. Brainstorming: It almost sounds like increase and decrease speed keys are desired. Run key to go from creep to walk and from walk to run. Creep key to go from run to walk and from walk to creep. If you're curious to give this a try, here's a Linux test build that matches beta212-05 (rev 16950-10635) with the following change: The toggle creep key sets the toggled run state to walk but only once. If the player presses the toggle run key again, it will toggle without regard to the toggled creep state. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1osTCQRf7LQ5wPvhGl2uRU4NcFnJPEu9_/view?usp=sharing
  11. Yeah, I don't know what to say. Rev 10383 works fine and 10384 does not. It is always reproducible for me, meaning that every time I try to reproduce it, I can reproduce it. After some more testing, I found that r_multiSamples set at 2 or 4 has the glitch most often at that viewpos. When set to 8 or 16, it is still possible but less likely. Setting r_fboResolution 2 made no difference. If com_maxFPS is set to something lower, such as 30, the glitched frames display for a longer period of time. Yeah, I also wonder if it driver dependent or GPU dependent. I discovered the glitch while using graphics drivers Mesa 22.0.5, so I updated my OS and graphics drivers to Mesa 23.3.2 today as a test, and the problem is still there. It's strange that rev 10384 exposed this problem. My machine specs and settings: Linux, Ubuntu 22.04 AMD Ryzen 9 5900X AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (Mesa 22.0.5 & Mesa 23.3.2 both exhibit the glitch) com_fixedTic 1 com_maxFPS 60 Anti-Aliasing 2x (r_multiSamples 2) The video I shared shows the viewpos. Even at the same viewpos, the glitched frame will pop in and out. I've only seen this glitch happen in this single room in Accountant 1. If I move around the room at that viewpos, I can find other view positions that also expose the glitch. Here's another viewpos for Anti-Aliasing 4x, 8x, and 16x. It requires moving the mouse slightly to get into the exact viewpos to expose the glitch. (1.7 -166.4 0.0) is not precise enough. -1460.29 1425.48 172.25 1.7 -166.4 0.0 Glitched frame (Shows the curtain texture, covering most of the frame. Also, a hint of the red carpet texture?): Good frame (Same viewpos and Anti-Aliasing settings, when the glitched frame disappeared for a moment.): (Before and after rev 10384) I wonder if this might also be related to: (Before and after rev 10384) Also, sometimes on the loading screen with Anti-Aliasing enabled, I get a glitched background, which does not show with Anti-Aliasing disabled. See left side of screenshot: I don't know if the last two examples (distorted first frame on launch & loading screen distorted background) are related, but I thought I'd mention them just in case it helps track down the issue.
  12. With TDM 2.12, after the credits finished, the "Mission Complete" screen did not display. I found that the screen was black and I could hear my footsteps when I tried to move around. I think the reason for the mission not completing successfully was that the "Do not kill or harm allies" objective was never marked as "1 = STATE_COMPLETE" instead it was left as "0 = STATE_INCOMPLETE". Note, I didn't use noclip throughout the mission. Same as: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/18054-fan-mission-the-accountant-2-new-in-town-by-goldwell-20160509/&do=findComment&comment=458491
  13. With TDM 2.12, the credits showed the cursor during the credits along with some warnings printed to the console. Here's a fixed "credits.gui" file for Accountants 2 (version 3): https://gist.github.com/daftmugi/f180850af5612eed149d93b8fa3c56c5 Check the "Revisions" tab on the GitHub gist to see what changed. In short, it uses "nocursor" instead of "showCursor", and it fixes the number of args passed to "transition".
  14. I found the setting that causes it. The glitch happens when anti-aliasing (r_multiSamples) is enabled. EDIT: Bisecting shows that rev 10384 is the first commit to introduce this glitch. EDIT 2: Happens when r_multiSamples is set to 2 (most likely) or 4 (less likely). When set to 8 or 16, it is still possible but less likely.
  15. @datiswous In beta212-05, does "screenshot_viewpos" now work properly when bound to KP_SLASH?
  16. Would you mind adding "tdm_show_viewpos" to the list? Also, would you mind adding "screenshot_viewpos" and "screenshot_viewpos <gamma>" to Reporting Problem?
  17. Found a graphics glitch in Accountant 1. Not present in 2.11. -1469.5 1439.2 138.25 17.2 -146.1 0.0
  18. This is now fixed in SVN. The toggled run state is now saved to and restored from the saved game file. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6458
  19. The bug (6425) where the player view could sometimes clip through the ceiling during a forced-crouch mantle is now fixed in SVN. Preview:
  20. @datiswous I added three "wait" commands (code rev 10628). Please let me know if it fixes KP_SLASH for you. The fix should be included in 2.12 beta5.
  21. TDM is marketed as: It's a tremendous achievement - a detailed tribute to the Thief series. (link) Since The Dark Mod is designed to simulate the stealth gameplay of Thief, many things will be familiar to veteran Thief players. (link) It should be of no surprised when folks suggest making a change to TDM that fits more closely with Thief when it makes sense. The majority of active TDM players and mission authors I see today are also Thief players. And, besides the folks here on this forum, there aren't many places where the dev team can get player feedback on TDM, especially players who gave up on playing TDM all together. The Thief (including TTLG) community is one of the only places where we can get feedback in general and from veterans of this stealth game type. Feedback I received from a player: This is great news for our community. For our community, more players increase the likelihood of more devs, mission authors, and content creators. For the content creators, more players experience the content they make. That said, I think most agree that TDM is not meant be a 1:1 copy of Thief, and that's a good thing. Changes to TDM should be carefully considered and playtested before release. EDIT: To clarify, addressing player complaints does not mean copy Thief game mechanics. It means that when player complaints are addressed, a solution that is appropriate for TDM is implemented.
  22. Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll test out that change. The full command is similar to: tdm_show_viewpos 2; r_ambientGamma 1.3; wait; screenshot; tdm_show_viewpos 0; r_ambientGamma 1
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