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  1. What a nice FM! Played it just now and really enjoyed it, very good especially for something short. Managed to find all secrets as well, was only short of 50 loot
  2. That sounds like a good idea for those who want to turn it off. I'd make the alpha a slider in the menu also. When it's set to 0 though, the engine should know to skip drawing it so it also recovers performance.
  3. Thanks: That would explain why I'm getting it with preset 1 whereas 2 mitigates it. I'd default the alpha to a lower value then if possible, the highlight is pretty solid anyway and less intensity may look better.
  4. No more updates since last time I'm afraid. I can't get it to work right without engine changes, and so far no one has a plan in that regard. I'd really love it but unless a core dev finds a better solution I don't know how much further this can go. I have a proper idea in mind, but it needs someone implementing it. My idea is essentially a realtime voxel cubemap painted from the brightening of surfaces by lights, with each 3D pixel casting some radial fuzz in any zone hit by a bright lamp... a bit like 3D bloom in light casting if you will. That would be the equivalent of one bounce and also take into account the colors of surfaces for more realism. It could be done automatically per-light or with one global light... obviously I prefer the option which enables it on any map without requiring an entity being placed by the mapper, most old FM's will never have this then.
  5. I very much like the new implementation! Sharper and more accurate in many ways. Unfortunately it will not help much with geometry reliant on alpha textures, that might look ugly for a handful of assets. Only one issue I'm seeing so far: It's causing bright speckles at least with my bloom settings. If it's shader based the outline should probably be processed after bloom not before it.
  6. Thank you for your work and implementing all those different methods! I'm glad the feature is still working well by default in one form or another, that's what matters in my opinion. It will be nice to give the new one a test, will let you know what I think after that.
  7. The mod enables it for all of the default lights which was my intent. At the moment this one is on hold I'm afraid: The engine developers don't seem to have a satisfactory solution to fixing the wall leak issue, I'd have to make a scriptobject to resize the light in realtime using traces which would be slow and complicated to do. The mod is usable but at the moment will produce ugly cutoffs in front of portals as well as bad performance.
  8. Not sure if this is the perfect thread for it but: I recently discovered the cubemap sky lights, and love that there's now a system to support detailed global lighting and reflections! There is however an odd problem: All of the default skies (lights/ambientcube/skybox_*) will also produce sharp reflections on surfaces where they shouldn't... if you don't set the intensity lower (_color 0.1 0.1 0.1) you're going to get even people looking like they're made out of glass
  9. I see, so some of it is intentional. I can see this method having its uses, but at the same time it's still making some things a lot harder to work with. Could we have an option in the preferences to get the old functionality please, or perhaps a toggle button in the surface inspector itself? In any case there's definitely breakage: If I use the rotate button on a surface with a texture of unequal proportions, that texture gets stretched out as you rotate it. This occurs solely by clicking the 45* rotate button twice... simply inputting "90" into the rotation field does the same thing.
  10. Unfortunately there's one remaining set of issues left: Texture scaling and rotation are completely broken in the surface inspector, giving random inconsistent results each time the values are changed. For starters, scale values no longer represent the same thing for rotated textures of uneven proportions. In the two screenshots below I'm selecting two different surfaces, both have the same texture at the same scale and no shift just at different rotations: One is accurately depicted at scale X = 0.125 Y = 0.125, yet the second it appears as scale X = 0.03125 Y = 0.5. The rotate button is itself adding random offsets when used. I have the increment set to 45*, the issue appears to not occur when I set it to 90* so it must be something with uneven angles. When clicking the arrow to rotate that face, it gets rotated by the desired amount, however an inexplicable offset is also applied to the texture. In the second screenshot below you can see the face gets a horizontal shift of 237.813 and a vertical shift of 149.961 for no reason... the shift should remain unchanged, both 0 in this case. Clicking on the arrows to scale textures is acting up as well: I have my increment set to 0.125, yet when I hit its button the texture doesn't get scaled from 0.25 to 0.125 as desired, instead it goes from 0.25 to 0.22222. On top of that a horizontal shift of 128 is added out of nowhere in this case as well.
  11. Someone mentioned a new brush management system on Discord, they didn't know it was merged yet so they asked if I'm still on Git master and I said yes. Updated and recompiled, can confirm it's fixed and everything seems to be working well and as intended again. Thanks for the quick solution and another great update too!
  12. Compiles successfully now! Thank you for the help.
  13. Interesting. I do a "git clean -dfx" and use a fresh build directory so it should be as fresh as it gets. Testing again on the map I noticed it with, I can see it's only affecting some brushes, like a visportal for a specific door. I made a copy of the map leaving only the visportal in: Open this map in DR, select the vis brush at the center, then use the rotate Z shortcut button. You should notice the brush disappear and the selection marker stretch out to infinity. test.map
  14. Big bug in latest DarkRadiant Git master branch: Brushes are disappearing when you rotate them or use space to duplicate. If you keep the brush selected, the boundary markers in the 2D viewports indicate the now invisible selection is stretching out to infinity. This must have been introduced sometime this or last week: I updated and compiled DR roughly a week ago and don't believe I was getting this issue, it started occurring after I did so again last night.
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