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  1. Was talking about a song for the lute player. I'm not looking for a spyglass but the telescope, the large one.
  2. So there is no good one by default? I'll get one from OGA then. What about the other assets? Also I can't find the property to make a piece of loot noticed by the AI when it's stolen. How do I make guards see when a large painting was ripped off its frame?
  3. Having a few issues with pesky assets I can't locate in the browser. Where do I find: The telescope model. I know there was a large one you could put on the ground. A denser moving cloud texture, ideally one that looks good lit by the moon. A song for the lute player. Despite all the trouble I went through with him, I didn't yet find a guitar to put on his speaker.
  4. There is a particle def for that, right? Not sure about them leaving decals though.
  5. I'd rather release my FM before I say much about it. Let's just say I'm sure many will surely find it... interesting. Please let me know about that blood particle spawner when anyone who has an idea of that is around. Kinda the last thing I need to do... as far as the basics go, most that's left is detailing and fixing a few bugs.
  6. At this stage I need help with one more spooky effect: I want to make a particle blood spawner, pretty much an entity that constantly leaks blood once triggered. If possible I'd like the particles to spawn decals on surfaces they touch so they get stained with blood from the fountain, as happens when you hit an AI with the sword or an arrow. Is there a default particle entity for that?
  7. Found a much simpler way to get the flying objects effect I wanted: No movers or fake positional entities required, just a repeater to call the script and a sequencer to pick the random target. Using this method you can still leave the moving entity as frobable, it will only jump while you aren't holding it void poltergeist() { entity obj=$trigger_sequencer_1.randomTarget("nothing"); float str = 1000; vector vel = '0 0 0'; vel_x = (-1 + sys.random(2)) * str; vel_y = (-1 + sys.random(2)) * str; vel_z = sys.random(1) * str; obj.setLinearVelocity(vel); }
  8. Yeah. I think the easiest way here would be to give the moveable entity a velocity, as if the player was throwing it. Though that sounds like it could be useful to make them be thrown at the player instead of randomly, which would also be cool
  9. Fair enough. Will try that in that case. And since I already have a script, I should get to the next fun effect I wanted to ask about, which I know for sure will require one. What would I use to make a script function which, when called by an atdm:target_callscriptfunction powered by a trigger_timer, causes a list of moveable entities to fly in a random direction? Let's just say I want that for a poltergeist effect, to get things like spoons and candles to fly around every few seconds. Theoretically I only need to give each object a random velocity per call... something between -1 and 1 o
  10. Thanks. No way without a script I take it? If not I may go with this option then.
  11. In atdm:location_settings, each sound defined on that entity is then referenced by every respective info_location. This works fine and just as intended BTW, but I'm just curious how I can have a trigger make the player ignore it and hear a only specific song from there on.
  12. Seems I have to think how I'm going to deal with those two issues. For now there's another little thing I'm trying to achieve and don't know how to: After completing an objective, I want to change the music the player will hear until the end of the map. Is there a way to enforce a given ambiance after a trigger is executed, ignoring the one in the location info of the room? Or perhaps a way to turn off a location info then activate another one for a given zone, with the second location info disabled by default and flipped on once the trigger is hit?
  13. "chanceNoticePerson 0" doesn't solve it, the AI becomes alert all the same. What else can I try? Also please let me know how to make the lute player invincible as well as never becoming alert. That's going to look goofy but it's the best option easily available so I'll go for that.
  14. Fixed the attachment problem for now. For some reason it didn't crash any more after I removed the joint specification... maybe it only does that for atdm:prop_winebottle, I did the same thing for a drunk guard in parallel. How would I go about making the lute player completely unaware so he never becomes alert... and ideally immune to damage dealt by the player too so you can't kill him with weapons. Also I'm running into a new issue: I'm teleporting a bunch of undead, and for some reason they become alert when they find the dead bodies of some guards / civilians I'm killing with a scrip
  15. Thank you very much, that did it! For the lute: I'm not sure how comfortable I am with using a fake objective just to turn it off from playing, that feels like a cheap hack to work around a limitation. Is there no other way? Just as importantly, I can't fix its offset issue. What joint should I be attaching it to? Like I said I give the AI "def_attach5 atdm:prop_playable_lute" (which gets the object to show and the character's playing animation going). With that though I also need a pos_attach5 otherwise the map will crash at startup with a complaint. I tried both "pos_attach5 hand_l
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