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  1. Shadow

    Eldritch Cove

    Interesting. It's well rated at 8.6/10. I think I'm going to check this out. Did you wind up playing it and liking it?
  2. What I think might have happened is your computer needed a reboot for the background security updates it does. A few things you can do. You can postpone the updates for a week. You can set the time when the computer is allowed to update (just set it out of the range of your usage hours). You can actually completely turn off any ability to update (metered connection), but that's not advised long-term, at least by me. As far as the keyboard goes, sounds like a driver superseded another driver during an update and perhaps it didn't complete installation or was faulty. Either the installed Lenovo apps did this or Windows update did this. Since you deleted the driver and it worked after, I'm thinking the Lenovo drivers took over and after deleting them the default MS drivers got installed from the repository folder. In Device Manager you can see which driver is being used by which manufacturer. Usually I tend to trust the MS drivers unless there is some functionality needed beyond its basic function (think all-in-one scanners/printers). As last resort you can just plug in a USB keyboard if it happens again. BTW, check event viewer in / control panel / administrative tools / to see what happened at the time of the shutdown. It could give a clue as to a conflicting issue.
  3. Assassins Creed is a phenomenal series. I even loved the ones that sucked!! However, the stealth elements just lead up to the kills that are required to complete missions. There is no way around it as you are an "assassin" by trade. It's not a pure stealth game tho crouching around in the bushes behind unsuspecting guards and dropping from open ropes is very much fun. Highly recommended series.
  4. OK so if you want a recent-ish stealth type game that you really can finish completely no-kill (really really hard!) then check out Styx and Styx 2. Huge levels and if you don't mind the crude humor of your protagonist character, it can be a blast to play. I believe both are on PS4.
  5. Thief wiki describes it. I imagine in the TDM worlds it's probably the same... https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Currency
  6. There may be a compromise here... I've seen some games that have a universal storage stash option. A.k.a. a few secret loot stash lockers (could be literal lockers or secret hiding places in walls or floorboards or ceilings) littered about the map solely for the purpose of depositing all your loot to free up weight space, but the loot lockers all contain the same inventory you've picked up along the way, yet don't count towards your weight. And conveniently enough there is one final loot locker at the near the exit of your mission, or just make the loot locker contents count towards the loot objective. That way you have all the loot you've encountered, yet have the realism of loot weight in your game.
  7. I'm particularly fond of the Spoonman mods because of epic scaled castles and lots and lots of guards lending to plenty of tense moments hiding in the shadows and darting out of sight when possible. Full Moon Fever King of the Mountain The Ravine
  8. Shadow


    is there any way to spawn a health potion or two? Or any healing?
  9. Someone at PCGamer has noticed TDM and published it. He specifically mentions the new The Painters Wife mod. https://www.pcgamer.com/free-thief-like-game-the-dark-mod-updates-with-graphical-revamps/ Thought it was nice to see this.
  10. That tune is very nice. It makes you want to "Toss a Coin to your Witcher"
  11. Really fun mission! Loved all the hidden rooms and layout of the shop/museum. if there was one complaint it was what some have said, too many lockpick tries. One or two picks would have been enough without taking anything away from the game. I didn't really mind guards carrying lanterns inside where candles only have so much luminescence, and it seemed realistic that in the Thief universe, portable electric lights aren't a thing, and guards would need lanterns to illuminate dark areas of floors, not to mention the guards could have rotating shifts indoors and outdoors, so that's OK. I hope you make more missions.
  12. Shadow


    I am playing the demo too and I like it. It plays a little differently than thief. It's crude and rough around the edges with some clipping errors (I was able to pick up and push a barrel through a solid wall). And it has save points rather than a save anytime feature. I think the world environment looks more like thief than the actual gameplay, but it is pretty similar. It's worth a look.
  13. I've been doing this same thing for about 20-25 years with the SETI@home search for extraterrestrial life project. There was only that available at the time but now there's projects for everything to choose from. Now with multiple CPU cores everywhere there are plenty of extra CPU cycles to donate to science than there used to be back in the single core days when it was much more noticeable.
  14. I'd like to help please. The discord link does not work, says it's expired or something.
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