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  1. This is a great and expansive mod. Having beta tested it does not mean I have bias; as it literally is a blast to play and it’s gorgeous throughout and a homage to classic castle-ish missions.
  2. Shadow

    Free games

    If you have a Prime account, on Prime Gaming right now Wolfenstein The New Order purchases into your GOG.com library, where it's listed as $19.99 but having Prime makes it free for the next week or so. https://gaming.amazon.com/home
  3. Yup. She has played all the original Thiefs and TDM mods, knows all the factions and characters, Benny, Basso, Jenivere, etc.
  4. Any of these voices female? If so I might have someone.
  5. 1. yes, lots of them 2. I don't have any of these folders in there However, I deleted and reinstalled my TDM build with 2.11a. Seems to have fixed my problem for the moment. Thanks for helping.
  6. Every mission I play now, when I select M to show the map, the same one comes up, A Walker's Guide to Red Rook. I don't remember which mission it's from, (maybe IRIS?). Anyone know where to look to fix this and get the current mission maps working again?
  7. We had 12-14 releases in 2022 (some remakes), so seems an average of 1 per month. We are only in March, so just may be slow right now, but we can get 2-3 at once sometimes. You just have to replay all the existing missions, even for the 80th time. lol
  8. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/thief-developer-randy-smith-says-immersion-is-totally-incompatible-with-ego Found it interesting. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Sometimes a guard is coming quick and you are barely out of the light, and pressing the wrong thing exposes you. I can see the need for a change, but it's certainly not a deal breaker for playing TDM or anything.
  10. I think it was even better in 2022. I count 14 released (Maybe not Sneak and Destroy because it was a rerelease?): Newford Road Written in Stone Hazard Pay Moving Day Iris Noble Affairs By Any Other Name A House Call Eastbound Who Watches the Watcher Lucy's Quest Quinn Co 2 In Plain Sight Sneak and Destroy
  11. Yep chronologically is best as long as you absolutely play them all!
  12. What hardware are you all using for TDM VR? I've only experienced a Quest 2, but are any others better? Suggestions for what is recommended to get? What system did you get on sale @Jedi_Wannabe
  13. I can't say I agree with the premise that the door must be locked to see inside. That isn't very real-world such that if a door has a keyhole, it shouldn't matter its' lock/unlock state to be able to peek. Furthermore, I can foresee game applications where there is an advantage to peeking in a room to find a character player, yet the door stays locked and the mission requires other means to get into that room, aka thru secret or a vent hatch or something. This seems like an unnecessary restriction, and I might say same for chests. If the author doesn't want the door (or chest) to allow peeking, then leave the peek script out of that function or have an alternative identical asset library of doors/chests without the peek ability.
  14. Yep the mission is pretty old and has some glitchy flaws, not much of a storyline, and empty furniture-less rooms, so it's not going to have depth and look and feel like recent ones, but the vertical-ness and snowy scenery is what makes it great. You rope up the castle to top balconies and you get a great view on a majestic scale. That's what makes it a memorable mission for me.
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