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    Best AntiVirus?

    If you have a 64bit Windows OS you already have KPP enabled by default. 32bit doesn't get this benefit. KPP is always a benefit to prevent rootkits, but that's only if they actually get that far. Place up some perimeter hardware and local software protection and you'll have some nuisance intrusions but you'll do just fine keeping most bad stuff out. Keep a decent AV/AS/AM protector on. This thread is pretty old in advice on what to use, but lately the better ones have consistently been Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Vipre, Bitdefender, Sophis, Windows Security (built in). You can also add some ransomware monitoring like OSarmor and Acronis Ransomware Protection. Can't hurt. Also get a VPN for your more "sensitive" sites. Also PCs are so powerful today and with multicores the system isn't bogged down so much like they used to be, except only for active drive scanning and email monitoring. And some guy before mentioned the best protection is education. There is no greater truth than that. You can load up with all the protections possible but if you visit random sites by link hopping, you're still in worse shape than someone who has no active protection and only reads news and sports sites.
  2. I did wind up playing this game a few months back (using a PC with keyboard) and it was extremely fun play and a compelling story line. The depth and dependency shared by the characters made it a care-for-others kind of game, which is nice and different. I felt the boss fights can be a bit tough but through replay and persistence, achievable. Great game in the castle/magical/monsters period of fantasy games.
  3. Couple things I try if DLLs are not found is: 1. run the EXE as administrator. 2. check the file paths by dropping to CMD prompt and typing PATH to see if the DLLs can be found. 3. sometimes I copy the DLLs directly into the program path so it doesn't have to hunt them down.
  4. So an older (1999) game that comes to mind that maybe maybe have not played that has a ton of steampunk elements within is...... Shadow Man It's quite a bit older and can be pixelated but make sure you get the new texture pack mods that some have added to the original game. Makes it a lot better and the game is still fun and has nice wrapping level design and just about the creepiest monsters around.
  5. So I saw this show being advertised, and I somewhat enjoyed a couple Witcher games back in the day, so my question is this... with the show metacritic reviews hovering around 50%, what do you all think? Is it worth checking out or is a total passable mess?
  6. I finally finished the mission and enjoyed the level, tho it made me feel cold walking around the snow and seeing cloud breath from the guards. I had no big issues in a single playthru. Got all the quests. A couple oddities:
  7. These mission creator guys are lying. There is no possible way this amazing and huge build took only 2 weeks. Phenomenal playtime! Still playing and will have some things to add soon.
  8. I love the Expanse since the beginning. Great serious gritty realism-ish sci-fi series with a great cast on par with Falling Skies. The first thing I noticed that's different this year thanks to its' move to Amazon is the unfiltered colorful language, mostly by Ambassador Avasarala. I get the feeling she has been wanting to talk that way for a loooong while. Everyone who loves sci-fi operas should check out this show. It's like if Mass Effect was brought to TV.
  9. I applaud Carnage for providing this service. I had no idea there was an Epic store before he starting sharing his game info. Keep it coming Carnage, since I can't go searching everywhere on the Internet at once as some people here apparently have the ability to do. ?
  10. 10 years is great! Does TDM still have the members and enthusiasm it once had? I mean with one member recently banned and mods by devs that I never see post on here anymore, aka Airship Ballet, or Komag, or Fieldmedic, or RailGun, or HappyCheeze. Is the TDM community growing or diminishing?
  11. I know someone who plays all the TDM mods like a rabid religion and would love ?❤? to be a female VA. What does she need to do, simply?
  12. Is there any way to grab assets from Assassin's Creed Origins, which is set in Cleopatra's Egypt? Or at least get inspiration from pieces in that game? Maybe close enough to the setting being asked about here.
  13. I'd be happy to offer live fixed-IP 24 hour mirror space on my server for mission hosting if needed, which has Crashplan cloud backup already running.
  14. TDM has tremendous replay value, more so than just about anything else. I find that I've played all the mods numerous times over and then forget which mods have which locales and stories until I play them yet again!
  15. +1 for QUBE 2. Played and liked it. It's a very Portal-ish kinda genre.
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