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  1. Shadow

    Free games

    Inside is a good 2D platform game, a moving stealth storyline, puzzles, and some weirdness thrown in to keep it interesting.
  2. Controversial option, but I'm thinking Bikerdude would be great for participation. Tho he is not in this forum (he is on Discord) he seems to have more high end quality mods than anyone and is still active, aka The Painters Wife.
  3. Thief’s Shalebridge Cradle mission taught me to fear asylum/orphanage combo platters This still scares the pants off me A new Polygon article that brings back some old memories, and yes it's true, that was one scary ass mission! I remember it very well. I am considering playing this again now while we have slow new mod releases lately. https://www.polygon.com/2020/10/11/21509328/thief-deadly-shadows-halloween-scary-level-shalebridge-cradle
  4. I do what esme does but much much more. I put up a perimeter VM which DNS blocks ads (and popups in IOS games) for all my connected devices on my network. That's a bit more work, but to do it on one PC, just download and follow the instructions on: https://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm Been using this for many years and it works perfectly, thought too perfectly sometimes as it can block things you want but its easy to edit to allow.
  5. I figured assumingly they were the Tree worshippers. That's why pagan missions have lots of tree houses and vines. Where do you think the vines arrows come from?
  6. I just started this game after seeing it talked about here. I find the fighting a bit unwieldy and movement is a little stocky, not character fluid as other games like GTA or AC. But it has a nice ambiance about it. Let's hope it holds my interest.
  7. Shadow

    Eldritch Cove

    Interesting. It's well rated at 8.6/10. I think I'm going to check this out. Did you wind up playing it and liking it?
  8. What I think might have happened is your computer needed a reboot for the background security updates it does. A few things you can do. You can postpone the updates for a week. You can set the time when the computer is allowed to update (just set it out of the range of your usage hours). You can actually completely turn off any ability to update (metered connection), but that's not advised long-term, at least by me. As far as the keyboard goes, sounds like a driver superseded another driver during an update and perhaps it didn't complete installation or was faulty. Either the installed Le
  9. Assassins Creed is a phenomenal series. I even loved the ones that sucked!! However, the stealth elements just lead up to the kills that are required to complete missions. There is no way around it as you are an "assassin" by trade. It's not a pure stealth game tho crouching around in the bushes behind unsuspecting guards and dropping from open ropes is very much fun. Highly recommended series.
  10. OK so if you want a recent-ish stealth type game that you really can finish completely no-kill (really really hard!) then check out Styx and Styx 2. Huge levels and if you don't mind the crude humor of your protagonist character, it can be a blast to play. I believe both are on PS4.
  11. Thief wiki describes it. I imagine in the TDM worlds it's probably the same... https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Currency
  12. There may be a compromise here... I've seen some games that have a universal storage stash option. A.k.a. a few secret loot stash lockers (could be literal lockers or secret hiding places in walls or floorboards or ceilings) littered about the map solely for the purpose of depositing all your loot to free up weight space, but the loot lockers all contain the same inventory you've picked up along the way, yet don't count towards your weight. And conveniently enough there is one final loot locker at the near the exit of your mission, or just make the loot locker contents count towards the loot o
  13. I'm particularly fond of the Spoonman mods because of epic scaled castles and lots and lots of guards lending to plenty of tense moments hiding in the shadows and darting out of sight when possible. Full Moon Fever King of the Mountain The Ravine
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