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  1. I think that despite being a thief, in TDM in many missions getting more or less loot has become secondary, but rather fulfilling different more complex objectives, finding certain things, investigating a conspiracy, discovering secrets, etc. Based on this, you can even add a little more realism regarding the amounts of stolen items, so as not to leave poor Garrett climbing and jumping with half a ton of gold on top. Or it may be, as I have seen in other games, that the protagonist loses mobility little by little because of the weight of the loot, until he gets it deposited somewhere temporarily or in the hands of an ally. This would add a dimension of strategy and planning to the mission.
  2. https://mstdn.social/@stux/110480880091955938
  3. If somone feel the need https://hidden.wiki https://thehiddenwiki.org https://hiddenwikis.com https://thehiddenwiki.cc And some more
  4. Yes, the TOR network was created by US defense and secret services as system for secure intern communication. Already is used by them, also by universities and research centers (apart of drug dealers, pedofiles, hackers, weapon dealers, killer services and curious unwary with his shabby insecure laptop with TOR)
  5. Zerg Rush

    I will be 65

    Happy 65th birthday, I already had this trance 5 years ago
  6. I think that there is a TOR browser for Android, but it's not so recommended to surf the DarkWeb with the mobile. Well, the speed depends, but anyway is lower as with the normal conections, due the tunnel of the TOR network leads through several servers. This necessarily slows down compared to your ISP's normal server conection. For this the TOR network isn't so good for streaming services.
  7. If you only use the DNScrypt proxie in normal use, there are no problems and give more security if you use WiFi which is not yours. apart it cut of most ads, even in the instaled apps. TOR also is usable in the normal internet, which gives an extra layer of security, but its slow down the speed. I2P isn't for the Dark Web, it's for the decentralized network of user servers, it's not the same, but normaly you don't need it. In public WiFi, with TOR and DNScrypt proxie, any hacker bites into a rock, if he want to intercept you. You can't acces the DarkWeb if you don't have the TOR browser, capable to acces websites with .onion adress, a normal browser can't do this. The TOR network isn't the same, it only leads your conection through a tunnel of the TOR network, hiding your IP and ISP to the sites you visit in the normal internet.
  8. There are a lot of people which use Alexa to switch the lights on and off.
  9. Oh, I think Vivaldi is doing very well on his way, even to the point that Google tried to boycott it with discriminatory browsersniffing on Google partner pages and those of Google itself, for example Blogger. This has caused that Vivaldi, in the interest of the user, has dispensed with the UA as Vivaldi, passing it as Chrome, with which suddenly the problems disappeared. Vivaldi is a headache for Google, despite being a browser with little market share yet, but very very good devs.
  10. I'm not sure on this, some years ago we also don't believe in a refrigerator with AI and Internet, to automatically order and replenish missing foods.
  11. Perplexity.ai say Based on the search results, it seems that .kkrieger is a first-person shooter game created by a German demogroup called .theprodukkt. The game won first place in the 96k game competition at Breakpoint in April 2004. The game's size is only 97,280 bytes, which is much smaller compared to most popular first-person shooters that fill one or more CDs or DVDs, which may be over 7000 times .kkrieger's size [2]. The developer team achieved this small size by exploiting the Direct3D API and DLLs of the Windows operating system. As a result, .kkrieger can only run on Windows. It is essentially a demo showing how far the capabilities of Direct3D can be pushed with an absolute minimum amount of code [8]. Here are some technical details about how .kkrieger is created based on [13]: .kkrieger makes extensive use of procedural generation methods. Textures are stored via their creation history instead of a per-pixel basis, thus only requiring the history data and the generator code to be compiled into the executable, producing a relatively small file size. Meshes are created from basic solids such as boxes and cylinders, which are then deformed to achieve the desired shape - essentially a special way of box modeling. These two generation processes explain the extensive loading time of the game - all assets of the gameplay are reproduced during the loading phase. The game music and sounds are produced by a multifunctional synthesizer called V2, which is fed a continuous stream of MIDI data. The synthesizer then produces the music in real time. If you are interested in downloading and playing .kkrieger, you can find it on GitHub [0]. If you want to install it using Chocolatey, you can use the following command: $packageArgs = @{ packageName = "$env:chocolateyPackageName" url = 'https://files.scene.org/get/parties/2004/breakpoint04/96kgame/kkrieger-beta.zip' UnzipLocation = "$(Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)" checksum = '0de0b9abafd78cf7f57fb264c7136ace52b2653f5c675574d0f10eda0a654c9f' checksumType = 'sha256' } Install-ChocolateyZipPackage @packageArgs https://github.com/ZlayerHunter/kkrieger-script/blob/master/kkrieger.py
  12. In some years and the tecnology advance, someone can run TDM in a pregnancy test. I find it much more amazing that some years ago they created a 3d FPS, in a 96 kB file, some of our avatars in this forum are heavier. This I call an optimized game
  13. Doom min sys specs =some kind of screen, some keys and a shoebox
  14. Ehm, it's not so easy. It is true that part of the script referring to the UI is proprietary licensed, but fully auditable and even modifiable by the user, they even teach how to do it (of course at your own risk). There were internal debates about this topic and why they don't release this 5% of the code. The reasons are very clear when looking at the current browser market, 80% monopolized by Chrome and Edge, apart from endless forks of all kinds based on Chromium. Vivaldi is a small cooperative with a small market share, but with absolutely unique features, based on this protected little part of the script that everyone tries to imitate, early Chrome and Edge, albeit with poor results. If Vivaldi releases this code, the result would be the end of Vivaldi, a Chrome that monopolizes these functions and ends up completely dominating the market, with no one to shadow it. FOSS is a good thing, allowing to share and collaborate in the development of new software, which is the main task of this system, but in the case of Browsers, where there are already more than 100 forks of all kinds of Blink mainly, Whether it is a FOSS product or not becomes secondary, all of them can create and share development with the base that is 100% FOSS, mainly in the way of removing the influence of Google and MS from this base, Provide Google with the possibility of making these modifications their own will be the end for others, handing over the market to Google. The ethics of the company has nothing to do with this, it is expressed in the ethics it has with the user and this has nothing to do with whether it is FOSS or not. See the example with Firefox, it's 100% FOSS and its poor user ethic with things Vivaldi would never do. In the 7 Jears I used this Browser Ive seen the Devs even working and releasing patches in Sundays to fix small bugs. They work on base of most voted feature requests of the user, offering, apart from the browser a free mail account and a blog for private use, apart a Mastodon instance included in the account and full user support with the team members active in the community forum, even with Jon von Tetzchner itself as often as he can, if he isn't occupied with conferences from EEUU to Japan because of Security and privacy themes, promoting EU tech in Belgium in collaboration with europena Tech centers.
  15. Vivaldi has it's own inbuils ad and trackerblocker, customizable with the filters you want, nor it use surveillance advertisings or selling user data, 0 tracking no ads, it's business model are links and search engines it has by default (f.Exmpl. DDG, Ecosia and some others) when you download the browser, from these recives commissions when you use them, but you are free to delete them if not. That is a fair solution, apart also donations and a store with merch. Recently maybe also commissions from Mercedes, Renault and VAG, because they use Vivaldi in their navigators, because Vivaldi is the only Browser which works in these dispositives, not even Google has succeeded. Not bad for a so small company. Also the ethics of a company is important.
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