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  1. https://youtu.be/GBY2xsu2Juk
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBT2fPInGrM
  3. https://infinigen.org https://github.com/princeton-vl/infinigen
  4. I have assumed that, although there are models made, it is not a simple copy - paste, independent if it is from these repositories or stolen from other games. Regarding AI, it can be a good tool for certain assets, bad only if it is used as a shortcut to create a game and not just as another design tool. The AI tool listed, although it can be create other things, can be used very well to quickly create textures, for example, saving time in the game developement. AI also can be used to create classical paintings, much used in TDM, without any copyright problems, things like this, and maybe even better adapt to the plot as the same paintings used since several Years now, apart of the one I made for the Black Mage. It is clear that stealing designs from other creators is very ugly and certainly a bad path, which is why I have said that piracy is not necessary, with the free and open-use resources available. You surely have other sources of these, apart from the list What I put.
  5. No need of piracy https://sketchfab.com/features/free-3d-models https://3d.si.edu/collections https://www.freepik.com/3d-models https://www.blenderkit.com/asset-gallery?query=+is_free%3Atrue&page=2 https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/free/asset https://opengameart.org/content/free-3d-assets https://foxdevart.itch.io/victorian-study-3d-asset-pack Creating easily owns with AI Tools https://charmed.ai etc.
  6. As I said, talking about AIs, regarding TDM characters, is slightly exagerated
  7. Maybe usefull or future TDM Missions, launched today Create Sound Effects in an Instant with Video or Game using AI for free https://www.waanda.org
  8. Yes, but ive found a filterlist which give in combination of the Easy list a 100% result on the adblocker test, no need of other filterlists than these https://github.com/StUser4pda/filtrite/releases/latest/download/bromite-4pda.txt
  9. Yes, Krita is in first line for paintings, but at professional level. The only alternative is Project Dogwaffle (Howler), but it's proprietary paid soft (latest in offer $14.99), well, (very) old versiĆ³n downloadable released as freeware * * Screenshot freeware version (Windows only) .
  10. I killed the spider near the campfire, before giving the antidote to the girl, so there was no problem to finish the mission.
  11. https://poketube.fun/watch?v=3tQN4JDxVeQ&quality=medium https://poketube.fun/watch?v=ojdmaUYZNR8&quality=medium
  12. It wasn't that hard to find anyway. The code isn't so hard to find anyway and so no need to enter a second time in the Mansion, after asking the Girl. Despite these small misconceptions, eg regarding the second "secret" it is an excellent mission, although it also leaves room to expand the plot in some update in the future.
  13. Try it, its FOSS like Blender, noyhing to lose.
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