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  1. Look in the briefing of this mission, this wasn't the main objetive. The main objetive is to rescue the wife of the painter and take her home to her husband. This is impossible in 5 minutes, not even in 5 hours.
  2. A mini Thief game for the browser https://www.kongregate.com/games/arcan3artist/the-very-organized-thief
  3. I have experienced in some missions that I could not pick up objects from a trunk or safe, but I have always been able to solve it by simply closing and opening the lid or door again.
  4. There a a lot of reactions in the web https://peekier.com/#!the+dark+mod+2.09+reviews
  5. Me making noise above, drawing the priest down and towards to the zombie. He took care of him. I also like to do this trick in other missions, to attract guards and zombies or skeletons together. As in the Alchemist, the zombie in the closet, the consequence of lure the zombie out of the room to the hallway and the guards.
  6. I agree a lot, less for the climbs but to finally find the ring in absolute darkness, with this zombie in the middle it was really an ordeal.
  7. I played it yesterday, nice mission and with a slightly different approach. I didn't notice any bugs to take into account and it worked fine in 2.09. I had no difficulty finishing it either, although I was wrong at first, putting the corpse from the hut in the sarcophagus of the church, instead of the dead guard behind it, which I found later. The rest was pretty straightforward and intuitive. Maybe a few more guards / spiders / zombies would be indicated, but otherwise it's certainly not the worst mission. I downloaded it some time ago, but I completely forgot, until recently,
  8. Not in this mission (I was just a little irritated by the musician), but in some other missions I saw similar glitches where someone is sitting in the air. But they were specific things that did not appear playing these missions again.
  9. It's not easy to get music for free. Even more difficult, though it is somewhat strange, medieval music and similar ones that fit TDM missions (FMA only has contemporany music) Sometimes I find in various missions a really nice soundtrack (e.g. in Requiem-Beata Viscera) and a few more in some tavern by some trobadur, but this is usually limited to short 4-5 chord loops that are only irritating. Of course, there are several sites that have music without copyright that can be downloaded, but either only for private use or paying. That's why I searched the network and found a site that m
  10. I don't know, if I will like the seleccion with right click, I use the right button for moving forward, it can be unhealthy then, if I am on a border on a high facade, better the selection with numbers or similar sysrem.
  11. Obviously not a general Chromium problem, just Chrome. With Vivaldi there are no problems either. If it is in Windows, the Defender or another AV already prevents the download, when it is infected by malware, therefore the behavior of Chrome is obviously stupid. Google should take more care of the extensions in its Chrome Store, quite often infected with all kinds of evil-and spyware, only eliminated after an Userreport, which is much more serious.
  12. Sitting Room in Vanderbilt Mansion
  13. A lot of examples for home decorations in this spanish page https://casaydiseno.com/steampunk-conoce-estilo-interior.html
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