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  1. No, i am not caring about ownership, I am caring about my privacy in the network, I don't like that big companies make money selling my data. Which is also a security risk, becaus nobody knows how this third parties use my data and how they protect them. I don't like that MS pages use even companies like TowerData which create user profiles even using keyloggers and mouse moves to do this, thes are the real crime to be aware of. This surveillance for commercial reasons is worse than a hacker filter some scripts of an old outdated game, this is an atack of the basic rights of the people and often even used for manipulation with polítical reasons. See what big companies use by yourself https://patents.google.com/patent/US5270800A/en https://patents.google.com/patent/US4717343A/en It's a dirty world in internet.
  2. I agree with this, my thoughts are not going about this haccker who steal the code, certainly a copyright violation as generally piracy is. This files are now online and disposable in several webs, With this the question arises, if a person, who does not have to know that these codes are illegal, downloads them and uses them, or part of them, incorporating them into his own project. How do you want to link this to a copyright infringement, whose criminal responsibility depends on the hacker who stole them and uploaded them to the network? There may already be thousands who have downloaded these files. Chase everyone? The only one who can be held legally responsible by the author company is the hacker, no one else. Besides, I don't think there will be many consequences of this in such an old game from more than 20 years ago, whose code is already of little use in current games and OS I also don't think that the author company has a significant loss of profits with this, they have already gained a lot with the sale of DN in their time. Another thing would be in a current game, recently released. where such theft can mean a great loss for the company. Even M$ has released the old MsDOS as FOSS.
  3. Agree with this, it's risky for the forum to publish downloadable content with copyright, because the person in charge is the owner/admin of the forum who allows it, not the user who put the link. but there the regulations of each country are valid in this regard, extrem use it in German forums according to their own experiences, which do not even allow images without these being checked before if they have copyright or not, if they are not their own images. I certainly find this somewhat exaggerated. Anyway, in any case it is a good habit to put the sources of content that is posted. Nor should anything happen if someone puts a link to a page, for example one dedicated to downloading games, if it can be verified that the downloads are virus-free, the user does not have to know if the game is legal or not. The responsibility of the Forum in this case can only be limited to checking the security, not any rights that the games on the list may have. It is also necessary to differentiate between a download for private use, practically always legitimate, or for commercial use, very different and where copyright becomes relevant. Although there are also nuances there that are sometimes somewhat absurd, such as the Eiffel Tower, without problems to photograph it during the day, but with lighting at night it is illegal to take a photo, because the lighting is copyrighted, it can be considered this problems when posting a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night.
  4. Not only in games, also the companies of OS use plagiarism. Even the logo and default desktop image is the one of Windows, but it isn't from MS, its a Brasilian imitación of Windows 10 and 11 with Linux base, which run windows apps and is legit. (WindowsFX - Freemium OpenSource) Similar attempt with ReactOS, even using invers engineering to imitate a compatible clon of older Windows, at least using a own logo (OSS) As I say, for some companies, copyright is a relative thing.
  5. Copyright infraction IS a data theft issue. But don't get me wrong, this case of DN data is one thing, but once these are filtered, who is going to control if someone finds this data to use it for a different project of their own? It would be a problem and a crime if someone used this data to create an exact copy of DN and distributed it as their own. You mentioned TDM, yes it is based on the Thief series, but it would be a crime if I copied 1 by 1 the missions of this game. Even using a different engine and code, it would be a copyright infringement to appropriate content that is not only the programming part, but the intellectual property of the author of the storyline, which is certainly not the case. It is always a balancing act if a game is developed, in this case an FPS that from different companies can even use the same engine and therefore a similar basic programming regarding moving the protagonist, AIs, etc, but that are different in the development of the story, graphics, environment, etc, is where the intellectual property mainly resides. For example I have seen several Star Wars Fallen Order trailers and the resemblance to many aspects of Tomb Raider was invariably striking, naturally not because of the setting and story, but because of the challenges and form of the game. As I said, it is a complicated issue to clearly determine what is a problem of copyright infringement, data theft or plagiarism, as one always wants to call it.
  6. It's clear that forking the Duke Nukem code to make a imitación of it, also infringe the copyright, but is it a infrigement to use it to make a different game' The copyright is also for the script of the idea. less of the engine or basic code. How many games are out there using the saame engine and very similar content of the game, even they are different companies?.. Mostly all of them had copied things one from another in their games, in shooter games, RPG, platformer, sidescroller, selled as own game but only forks from others with different backgronds and protagonists, more o less complex. The basic code and idea of Mario Bros and the Dino from Google is the same. If you make a game, let's say a shooter, using your own engine, but with the same development and maps as DOOM, copied 1 to 1 you commit copyright infringement, because you use the same script and idea, but not if a big company does it, big game companies lives from the plagiats, own or from others, that is the difference. Remember that the old Doom engine is freely usable, but not the original wad files and every fork, be it Freedoom or Risen3D, needs these original wad files to work, at least the first level shareware. Copyright is a very complex theme and nearly inexistent in asiatic game companies. Same in movies and other contents https://plagiarismsearch.com/blog/15-scandalous-cases-of-plagiarism-in-hollywood.html
  7. Copyright expired after 70 years, which at least in informatik don't make sense. If the Duke Nukem build was leaked, it's a copyright infringement by the guy who leaked it. If the script is now in the network, it can't be avoided that someone use it to fork a own Game with it. Most games are made this way, because also big companies use third party game ideas or scripts to make its own with it, even using invers engineering. Most old shooters and also new ones are very similar, only different in the storyline and graphics used, all they are descendient of Pacman in last instance as original idea. In the Manga games, even the protagonists have the same aspects, even there are different companies. This copyright thing is very debatable in many cases, especially in old games that don't even work on modern computers without having to use some kind of emulator, DOS Box, etc. and whose companies often don't even exist anymore
  8. I know this and I am aware of mencioned ilegitims "abandonware", also aware of a lot of "abandonware" Sites who offers this games, often with a little "gift" which you and your PC don't like. But there are also legit sites, like Archive.org and others, where you can find this games, games which company not longer exist, in the case of MDK (Shiny) also often the official company of the game which release an old game for free, when they made a new one or for other reasons, case of the Hidden and Dangerous (Wiki). It isn't difficult to find good free games in the web, in Steam there are tons of good free games, apart of several Giveaways (I got the Tomb Rider in this way in Steam), there are no needs for piracy and downloads from obscure sites with cracks to obtain very good games for free (like TDM), only need to search a little bit.
  9. Nice. Link? I think it's very possible that some old games like this one are released as "abandonware", same as others, like Shadow Warrior, MDK, Hidden and Dangerous, Postal, Prey (2006) and others, which you can download for free.
  10. I've also thought sometimes, I know some games where the protagonist has some of these 'monsters' as a partner, helping with the task. Perhaps a mission can be developed around it. Garrett helping a zombie or skeleton free his soul with the help of these? Something like this Spiders aren't always hostile either, for example in Winter Harvest, the spider in the neighbor's attic wasn't aggressive at all, or the Fire element released in The Black Mage, the ghost in Mother Rose also isn't agressive, even helps against the guard. The friendly ghosts in The House of locked Secrets, etc.. This can perhaps be extended in a direct collaboration in some future mission.
  11. Apart of the startmap, there are also some small experimental maps in the Moddb which can serve as base, I think
  12. On the other hand it is basically irrelevant for the normal user, since the drivers are in any case only compatible with the corresponding graphics cards.
  13. AMD has OpenSource drivers since time ago, good that nVidia also do it now
  14. Zerg Rush

    Free games

    Maybe, I only have seen trailers of the new Prey, anyway is a little be to much for mi humble laptop. Play things of this type in 10 FPS rest fun.
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