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  1. Yes, the voice and the way of speaking reminds me a lot of the ghost of doctor Killjoy in the game 'The Suffering'
  2. I think that childs know the difference between fiction and reallity. Worse some films in TV where they glorify the violence in some police series ore action films. As I said, the only risk is that parents do not monitor the hours that the child is in front of the screen, the game itself is irrelevant for this (exceptions aside). Too many hours with a video game can be quite harmful for the child, it does not matter if it is Mario Kart or Paranoid.
  3. Agree, well Doom III isn't for a 3 years old child, but there are worse content in the TV and in some social networks in content and real risk. Also the time in frot of the screen, that must be controlled by the parents- (By the way, my granddaughter (10) loves TDM and I don't denote any negative effects)
  4. I also think that the ban on Video Games should be limited to specific cases where there is really excessive violence or questionable content (Postal 2 is obviously not suitable for young children). But the main problem is not this, but the excessive hours in front of a game that can be observed in many minors, which can lead to serious disorders and social exclusion, even with Mario Kart.
  5. I finished the game without more problems, but I found only 3 of the scrolls, big like for a mission which I enjoy a lot (freezes and crashs apart)
  6. I don't think that the licence is a problem, middleage images don't have copyright (Scary if somone reclaims it). Like the other map generator, license says "Use it for what you want" In the License the only condicion is to include the name of the autor of this soft in the credits page (Ancient Map created with the soft from.....) , if it is use in a mission. Similar to the CC license. Copyright is valid for 70 years, if there is no one to renew it. For example, old films from before 1950 are in the public domain, with the exception of some of Chaplin, where the family still holds t
  7. For me also with nothing or anything else selected, 5 attempts for exit the cave, desinfection switch and exit to the desktop desinfected.
  8. First time on a computer after using typewriter
  9. Nice editor (OpenSource, online) for creating Medieval scrolls, perhaps it can be used for some mission. https://htck.github.io/bayeux/#!/
  10. Same, returning from the cave and going to the lock, when I activate the disinfection lever, I find myself on the desktop. After several attempts to get out, he did it at the end with noclip, so he could go on. Something's wrong with the airlock.
  11. I do not think so, although it is true that surveillance can help in certain cases, it is not admissible in such a massive way, which is a serious interference in the right to privacy. For example, the introduction of Google Glasses with facial recognition for the security forces was rejected outright for this reason. Would you like any police officer you meet on the street to know that you have a pending parking ticket? Although this is a slight example, this invariably also leads to abuse by the state, for example to recognize you from a demonstration against the current government. We
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