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  1. hi jack wie meinst du das mit der copy bessere auflösung das untere ist besser
  2. i didn't know grayman personally, i think he was a good and helpful person. he made my life sweeter with his William Steele series which I will never forget. I hope someone finishes their William Steele series as a souvenir Rest in peace grayman
  3. Great mission, I've done it no stress thank you Jack
  4. jack ich habe alles gestestet dump konnte ich nicht erstellen im Task-manager war kein dark mod ich habe ein update gemacht, im Task-manager war gans Oben ein realtec treiber muss ich in den tunnel rein ist da was wichtiges?
  5. Ja immer an der selben stelle ich habe vor 3 wochen 2.09 installiert ist vileicht ein update ich habe Dark mod 2 mall 1 mit v 2.09 1 mit v2.08
  6. great mission jack windows 7 64 bit intel 4 core 16 GB RAM geforce 1050 ti 4 GB RAM
  7. Good work . Screenshots so that you know which missions are
  8. In 1979 I had a Sharp MZ-800 with a datasette that was a fight with the thing
  9. I'm 61 and I like to play TDM. I have Dark Project: The master thief played by everyone, I love TDM
  10. Look what I found while cleaning up. DUKE NUKEM 3D to buy the game I had to show my ID then I got the game in a white bag you need 8 MB RAM better 16 MB RAM for the game Pentium 60 and Windows 95 what a great time it was.
  11. Thanks for the great mission, I had a lot of fun
  12. Hi all i found this on the net this is an ITX board for a Raspberry pi 4 I think that's interesting https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/01/07/overboard-carrier-board-brings-raspberry-pi-4-to-mini-itx-form-factor/
  13. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas Stay healthy
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