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  1. Every contribution counts. I would like to object and say you were one of the more vocal testers, and found...
  2. The time has finally come for me to release my 5th mission for The Dark Mod. This project started around 2014 with me starting poking on a city mission and for some time I built quite randomly without a plan. I expected I could plot a story later; You can never go wrong with a city section, eh? I had a hiatus and did other projects in my life with model painting and skydiving and mapping became more and more scarce. Now and then I felt an itch to map and some kind of responsibility towards the mod team to produce something, to provide and give something back, if you will. At the start of the pandemic I started building more focused on this misson, but still no exact goal on what I wanted to achieve. Finally I decided I wanted a mission where you follow a person and the mission continued to grow in a linear fashion. I am not the quickest mapper and have severe problems on how to imagine a scene without building it first. This means that I often have to redo scenes and lots of stuff gets unnecessarily built just to be removed later, hence the almost absurd build time (about 1900 hours all in all). Betatesting came about and I got very good tips and feedback and decided to redo a lot of the mission. This need for a rework could have killed my motivation but fortunately, as the map was designed, it only required a modest amount of work and the mission became so much better for it! Sometimes I believe I'm somewhat of the uncrowned king of missions with a bit more unusual and experimental playstyles and this mission also have some elements that isn't used that much. In contrast to some of my other missions though, this one isn't depending on any quirky meter or sun shining down on the player (Reap as you sow *cough*). As mentioned, it is a sprawling city mission with lots of exploring that I hope will satisfy you! So DeTeEff gives to you: Who Watches The Watcher? ver 1.0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YYoJJnxr2UbGxemTR-WoWmH64fbazusH/view?usp=sharing The night is creeping over Bridgeport. You squint in the street lights as you trot down the small alley to where you're about to meet your contact. As a man who straddles the line between lawful and outlaw, it's not often you have peaceful interactions with the City watch but as you're about to learn, this time they have more problems on their hands than to deal with petty thieves like yourself. You see the trademark silhouette of a City watch helmet approaching and you make a last take of your immediate surroundings, should you have to flee if things get awry. The guard presents himself as Albert and you listen carefully to his story and you quickly realise that you don't have much to fear from this man; The Citywatch has wrestled with some internal problems lately with missing reports and evidence that disappear. Albert strongly believes they have a mole on the inside that works for the Greynard RoughBoys; a band of ruthless thugs that doesn't hesitate to maim anyone who oppose them. You learn that he thinks the mole is no other than a Sergeant named Clerwick. Your mission will be to find this man, and collect intelligence on his doings for the night. And as it is payday, you should of course also help the inhabitants to carry some of their heavy purses. Mission type: Creepy elements? Undead? Spiders? Thanks to: My wonderful girlfriend who endures my constant talking about mapping and for helping me with readables and story design and some voice lines. Dragofer - Scripting help Springheel - All those modules Sotha - Hangman model Henrik Swenson for providing some ambients Digiffects Sound Library for some custom sound bites Betatesters: Acolytesix Datiswous Duzenko Jaxa Mezla Nort Prjames Shadow Thebigh Wellingtoncrab Wesp5 And a big thank you to the community for keeping the mod alive! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone... Known bugs: -The AI in TDM is inaccurate in some ways. They will sometimes behave strangely when returning to their original routes after being alerted, like sitting on chairs in weird ways or turning in places, especially if they meet another AI in narrow places. I have done my best to adjust these weird behaviours but with the complexity of everything that's going on and the player making different desicions/noise, it's probably impossible to adjust for everything. I believe I have ironed out the last wrinkles I can, with respect to my knowledge/skills. -Frobbing out of boxes/chests/drawers has always been a pain but I think this is largely an error within the code and how frobing works as the frob highlight wants to lock onto the box itself and not its contents. -There seems to be some kind of bug with the skybox, especially in places where there is water reflections present; The Sky/water volume switch between an opaque variant to a more translucent one. Neither is straight up ugly, but it's jarring to see the sky switch (as it seems randomly). I don't know what is causing this, and I have decided to let this one pass (if any players knows what is causing this, please let me know so can I squash this annoying bug. PLEASE POST ANY QUESTIONS/SPOILERS IN SPOILER BRACKETS
  3. Thread created in the Beta test forums!
  4. Haha, is somebody still playing this? Humbling Updating this should be like polishing a rubble with the finest sandpaper But yeah, perhaps updating it so it at least runs/doesn't crasch/glitch may not be a bad thing...
  5. Hello! The days draws near. I've finally come to the point that I can send this project to the testers! It's been about ten years since I released a mission so it's about time! @thebigh has already showed intererst, but do we have any more interrested?
  6. Yeah, I remembered they had a meter that measured your noise, and a bar went up if the ambience sound was loud and you could create noise, as long as you stayed under that bar. Nice game, too bad they stopped making more Splinter Cells in that vein.
  7. This must have been discussed before, but I have no exact wording for it, but I will try to do it via this scenario: The player is sneaking around in a room with lots of humming machinery and loud sounds. It's very annoying that the AI has super hearing and can distinguish that THAT sound came from the player and thus, he is alerted to your positon. Would it be possible to add some kind of sound mask when designing a mission so you need to produce more noise to be detected? I feel bad for posting this, as I believe this has been discussed before, but as I don't have any wording for the "issue" it's hard to do a search...
  8. I'm creeping closer to starting the real alpha testing stage of my VIP. Meaning I will play the mission from the beginning as if it was a real mission. I still have some graphical stuff that needs tending to, but gameplay wise, I'm getting closer... I guess it's fair game to send the mission to beta while still working on visual stuff to save time. Or what do you say? Is it too risky? Forgetting some important stuff and releasing a non tested version as finished?
  9. Have already done that and DMAPing works. I'm just curious why the brushes got corrupt in the first place... Will rebuild the railings tomorrow and see how that goes. I'm hoping I've killed the corruption at least but from now on will be more scared of building stuff... But at least I will hopefully be able to find future bugs more easily... And I will create more frequent backups, like 001,002,003 and so forth
  10. After some blood, sweat and tears I have found some anomalies with my map. (It rendered and played just fine in 2.09). Basically I started deleting sections and dissecting away and DMAPping until I removed something that made the DMAP go through and now I believe I've grabbed the problems by the throat; I'm facing some weird brush work: It is some brushes and patches that is converted to a func_static (a hand rail to be exact). If I select it, it's fine, but if I unselect it, it doesn't show the whole model. As if I had some filter/grouping but there is no filtering/grouping activated... EDIT: I deleted this corrupt brushwork and this popped up in the console (after a successfull DMAP) file C:\Games\Darkmod\fms\wwtw\maps\wwtw.cm, line 802820: couldn't read expected floating point number Just want to throw this to the more tech-savvy boys that want more than just "It doesn't work"
  11. Perhaps if I could send over the map file so you could test if you can DMAP it? To rule out the possibility of a corupt 2.10 on my part @Dragofer ?
  12. But for how long? 5 minutes? As the small missions DMAP for just a few seconds I guess my main mission is broken, as it freezes at the same place every time...
  13. Mission is loading faster, but DMAP freezes on my VIP. It's a giant mission so I don't know how I can fix this. Where to start so to speak...I have tested with a smaller mission and that DMAPs fine... Perhaps back to 2.09 for me then... It comes to patches entities etc ######### entity 0 ######### -- ( worldspawn: ) 0.2 seconds daceBsp then it freezes...
  14. Thanks. I checked the separate scripts folder (didn't know of those) in this map (Pearls and Swine) and copied the files from there...Works now
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