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  1. Is it possible to mute all player grunts/sounds?
  2. Ooohhhhhh, it's twitching in the build intenstine, as we say in Sweden (or do we? :D) I'm quite eager to create something. But they're releasing new skaven models for Age of Sigmar 4 this summer... And I have a 2 year old... And work... And a girlfriend... And too little time... I will try to create something at least. If I run out of time, I'll run out of time; then I at least have built something that can be released after the contest... Count me in, with the caveat that I may pull out before deadline...!
  3. I've updated the articles for your FMs and your author category at the wiki. Your newer nickname (DeTeEff) now comes first, and the one in parentheses is your older nickname (Fieldmedic). Just to avoid confusing people who played your FMs years ago and remember your older nickname. :) I've added a wiki article for your latest FM, Who Watches the Watcher?, as part of my current updating efforts. Unless I overlooked something, you have five different FMs so far. :)

  4. Glad you liked it! Yes, there are parts that aren't optimal but I redesigned the level quite heavily during betatest; when I entered beta, it was meant for the player to stalk the Sergeant from the mission beginning, but that meant that the player couldn't explore anything up to the bar (until you backtrack later that is) and the testers thought that was a missed opportunity which I totally agree with. So I moved him to the bar and made the stalking part not start before you reached the bar. I could have included an ingame map but because the map is quite linear and I didn't think players would get lost, I didn't prioritise that
  5. Tiniest question...how do I kill the player via script if $player1.kill(); doesn't work? I have tested and yes, the script fires as it should...
  6. I'm glad that some of us are coders and others' are designers. I'm sitting here in my room nodding and smiling
  7. Yes, you can use func_portals to control when to open/close portals through triggers/scripts, but this "fog occlusion" thing takes precedence over that, meaning that the portal shuts close as the fog gets to dense, ie you reach the number in the spawnarg shaderParm3 on the foglight.
  8. Ah, of course! Thanks for moving me into the right forum as well I
  9. Is it possible to add more vertexes to a NURBS spline curve? Standard is three, but I would like to litter my like a patch so I can curve it as I want without the need to splice them/glue several together...
  10. Yes, the only difference is that the fog doesn't interfere with the portals in any way.
  11. No, I'm always building with bends and vision breaking visuals in mind so the mission will not get bogged down. This "portal function" gives me more control over when and why a portal stays open as I would like it to, when there is sections where there is stuff beyond the portal that pops in, when using the auto closing function.
  12. Hmm, don't know if this is related to the dev build, but as I take damage, the screen slowly transitions to a green/blue psycodelic hue. Is this intentional?
  13. Yes, the portal stays open now, when I'm looking at it, as normal and as it "should" be which means all the stuff beyond it renders fine.
  14. Ahh, installed and noPortslFog didn't work...so I spelled it noPortalFog and we are up and running! Thanks boys
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