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  1. Some have had problems with the evidence (some bug), but you need: Regarding the tools:
  2. Sorry for late reply. To boggled up in toddler duty at the moment... Glad you liked the mission! Yes, I believe the years of optimising the engine (as well as better hardware) has made it more feasible to add crowds in this game. I don't play much missions myself so I don't know, perhaps I'm one of the first to try to implement it. Regarding the discovering of corpses
  3. Glad you liked it! I tried to create a city with lots of different styles as you progress through the level, from slums to posh mansions.
  4. That accent is from a very talented actor. Had to fly him in, via helicopter, from some far away country. He wasn't cheap to hire. And he requested a Tobleronebar as payment.
  5. Glad you liked it and also glad you could enjoy it without annoying bugs it seems
  6. Glad you like it! I don't think I ever changed the fog from the first beta though The hanged man is an unique entity def thing. I downloaded the necessary files from the forums. Sotha was (at least) one of the creators. Bottom line, it's not an ordinary rag doll with a rope attached. I don't know how to create a gibbet though... Here is the package. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwR0ORZU5sraX3k2QWhZZEt2VUU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Glad you like the mission! Damn, I thought I hade managed to rid those sticky places. Well, well, when you're building irregular stuff one's bound to get stuck, even though I added collision meshes to try to remedy that. I found another sticky place on a roof when I streamed the mission the other day btw... Just have to noclip out of it...
  8. Glad you like it! The script resets a lot of stuff in the city (respawning downed guards and adding extra guards if you've downed a lot, depending on difficulty). The trigger box that fires the script is located by those stairs in the service tunnels/sewer area. Regarding the home door Regarding the horror elements
  9. That bug seem to come from the script that repopulate the city after returning from the Roughboys hideout. It's called restore_city and checks for how manu guards and which guards/civilians have been downed It's one of the longest script in the mission.
  10. I don't get this? I have not added any save restrictions?
  11. How nice then the player is given water arrows then Or do you mean the electrical light outside the small stairs to the church main entrance? That small passage before the little alcove where the acolyte emerges?
  12. I have done nothing to the acuity of the AI. They should be vanilla as far as I'm concerned. Personally I play on Vision Forgiving Hearing Challenging
  13. Maybe the foglight has something to do with it... Will check tomorrow if I get the time...
  14. I just streamed when completing the mission on Calm settings. The VOD is her for anyone to see, with my disgusting broken english https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1316478737
  15. Glad you liked it. As I said before, I have no idea why it doesn't tick off. I plan to record a video of me playing the mission, perhaps even stream so I can show. With so many people having issues and me cannot replicate them, I almost feel like a fraud...
  16. Thanks for playing! Yes, some areas are a bit barren, like somebody mentioned the starting section was a bit devoid of loot. Regarding the frobable boxes: Regarding the notes
  17. Then I have no clue to why it doesn't work. The script works like this:
  18. Wow! A completionist! To be frank, I have not logged all loot because there is so much. But I can mention stuff from the top of my head:
  19. Glad you liked it! Praise from a talanted mapper as yourself goes straight to the heart I'm glad I took your advise to rework parts of the mission.
  20. Let's do it like this: I'll PM you a link to a version where the card playing bug is removed so we can see if it's that bug that causes your crash. What do you say?
  21. I have had the mission active now for several minutes with timescale 10 activated (10 times clock speed) and haven't seen any card removing bugs. So it seems I have squashed this bug...I removed my own card playing animation path loop and copied the spawnargs from the prefab and have managed to get the same behaviour as I wanted One has to add the spawnarg idle_animations_interval (12 is chosen in the prefab), to the AIs to make them play cards. I have no idea how that works. As i mentioned, I built my own using path_anims, but that seems to have caused those errors. I don't know if we should upload the update just yet, perhaps more bugs will emerge from the wood work (even after my betatesters sweeping eyes )
  22. Very strange that it didn't finished off then...*sigh* perhaps one of those bugs that just randomly happen some of the time... EDIT It may have been because:
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