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  1. Is there any reason you can't fill the fountain with a brush and turn that into a proper water entity?
  2. Outdoor areas can lag a bit because it's difficult to effectively visportal them. Indoors it's easy- just plop a portal in every doorway and hallway corner- but outside you have much bigger areas with longer sightlines and no obvious places to divide them.
  3. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I set it up so you get the key to the basement after collecting all three diary pages, regardless of the order you find them. It lets the player explore the house however they like, but still end up exploring it all.
  4. Huh, it's that time of year again. Time flies Make sure to vote!
  5. Me too. I especially like the tiny little island visible in the distance.
  6. thebigh

    Free games

    Those Build engine games were great.
  7. I just didn't care about the characters and I didn't find the scenario particularly interesting. Also, I don't like being on a timer. In the base game I could plan ahead and sneak around slowly and stealthily. In Mooncrash you have to Rambo it, and that's not my style.
  8. This is a really nice mission. It's just the right size and difficulty, looks great, and the mission objectives provide plenty of challenge without being obtuse. The manor seemed to be absolutely swarming with guards but there were always opportunities to slip by if you were a bit patient. I finished on the hardest difficulty with a perfect stealth score and about 1800/2024 loot.
  9. I like the base game, but I really dislike the Mooncrash DLC.
  10. Triggering a rotating prop with a target spawnarg makes it stop/start rotating. So you have a couple of options. If the AI doesn't patrol, you can just target him to the prop directly and he'll trigger it when he's killed. This is a holdover from the old DOOM3 days. However, don't use this if he patrols because he'll also trigger the propeller every time he reaches a path_corner. You can also use a hidden kill objective to target the propeller. This is likely only useful if you've only got very few propeller guys in your mission because you'll need a separate objective for each AI. I think you can use the "unbindondeath" spawnarg to make the propeller fall off.
  11. The placement of the mushrooms varies slightly depending on difficulty. Also, you can make the return to the attic easier by lowering the staircase the first time you're up there. Just pull the iron bar out and it will swing down into the store room.
  12. That's pretty much how I did it in my last mission. I also set the object to become unfrobable to prevent the player taking it away again.
  13. The pickpocket counts are known to be bugged at times See here, for example
  14. As of today the forum and all the mission reviews are locked behind a paywall, so I won't participate there anymore. EDIT: never mind, it was just a bug on the site and not deliberate
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