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  1. I would be against subjective user tags like "ugly" for the reasons VanishedOne mentions. I think it should be restricted to objective criteria like "has it got spiders".
  2. Count me in. I'm perhaps not the greatest expert in the mechanics of Dark Radiant yet, but I have an eye for detail.
  3. I got the same low fps problem when opening the footlocker in the tavern and picking up the triangle lockpick. Reloading didn't help; neither did quitting and starting again. huge translation for clip model 0 on entity 1085 'atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1' huge translation for clip model 0 on entity 1085 'atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1' huge translation for clip model 0 on entity 1085 'atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1' huge translation for clip model 0 on entity 1085 'atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1' huge translation for clip model 0 on entity 1085 'atdm_playertools_lockpick_triangle_1' WARNING:idClip::EntitiesTouchingBounds: max count (2) reached. Frame rate drops permanently to about 2. Yuck.
  4. This is a nice, compact mission. The layout is clean and logical, lighting is well placed, and the guards were effective without outstaying their welcome. I finished with all but 5 golds and a stealth score of 0 on the hardest difficulty. I recommend this map for anyone who wants a nice, unpretentious 30m mansion raid.
  5. What is making that continuous thumping sound behind a locked prison door on the first floor? It annoys every guard who walks past and now there's three of them standing there with their swords drawn. If I end up having to go through that door later I will be most inconvenienced.
  6. Awesome mission! A good, old-fashioned mansion heist. I finished with all the loot and a stealth score of 4. I loved how there were multiple ways to get to most places in the mission, with only a few irritating choke points. Grabbing the On the off chance this ever needs to be updated again, I found two tiny oddities: Overall I rated this 9.5 colourful keys out of 10.
  7. Hmm, yes. Good point about the window frames. I'll put a few in now. As for brushes v models, I bet that'll become a lot quicker when I'm more familiar with what's available and where it's stored. Right now I'm scrolling through lists, looking at things and going "nope, nope, nope, maybe, nope nope, hmmmm, nope, yuk, nope, nope, YES"
  8. So here's the starting area of my first mission. As yet unnamed, it's a short mission set in the streets of Bridgeport in which you have to escape the City by finding a way past the city wall and a bunch of irate Watch guys guarding it. I'm still finding my way around with DarkRadiant but I think I captured the feel of the grimy back alleys of the City pretty well. I dialed the ambient up high so you can see everything. In actual play I will be using a combination of a very dark ambient and the "night vision" technique shown by Sotha in his "Bakery Job" tutorial videos. I'm really slow at mapping and I fuss over everything so, with luck, I might have something beta testable by the end of the year.
  9. I've been playing a lot of the really old missions lately. It's clear why Trapped is considered one of the venerable classics. It seemed like there were just enough guards to keep me alert, but not so much that I had to spend forever waiting for them to stop parading around. A good variety of loot made this really feel like a thief hideout. 8.5 sneaky taffers out of 10.
  10. Heh, I can't even get out of my cell. I get that you're supposed to
  11. I finally got around to playing this old classic, and it was worth it just for the nostalgia trip. I finished with a perfect stealth score and all but one loot item. Despite the simplicity of the layout and the technical difficulties in mapping at the time, this is still a well constructed and fun little tiny mission.
  12. Another fantastic mission. I'm super impressed with the level of detail you got in there without frame rates going through the floor. Lots of loot, cleverly constructed secrets, and multiple avenues of entering areas. Guard patrol reoutes were cleverly planned with light and shadow in useful places for planning, and it never seemed like the guards were just parading back and forth in front of you all day. The secret in John's suite was fiendish. A few oddities: 8 creepy Sauron searchlights out of 10
  13. The ability to "floor" things along all three axes would be cool. I find myself forever fiddling with the positioning of paintings and such so that they're flush against the wall, without a gap or clipping in to it. The way I imagine it working is this: go into one of the grid views, say the top-down one. Put your cursor north of the object and use the floor keyboard shortcut, object gets aligned to the north wall. If the cursor is more east than north-south it aligns to the east wall. And so on. Of course, if you used the "floor selection" button on the LHS it would default to flooring vertically downwards.
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