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  1. Fair point, but I can't leave it at the front door of the house either because the occupants will know it shouldn't be there. Maybe for things like this a good compromise would be to leave it somewhere nobody can ever find it again, for instance dropping it into an inaccessible storm drain or into lava.
  2. Nice idea. If you need a VA for the crazy prisoner, let me know!
  3. I am happy to report a Supreme Ghost success on Thief's Den, one of the first ever Dark Mod levels. Finished with all the loot and completed all the objectives on the hardest difficulty Doused no lights and didn't move any objects except loot and objective items, including something I had to plant there I used a rope arrow once but retrieved it immediately Re-locked all the locked doors and chests Stealth score zero with zero level-one murmurs Keys can't be dropped in this mission so I had to keep them; this is explicitly excused The last bullet poin
  4. In my experience TDM is more difficult to ghost than Thief II. The guards, depending on sensitivity settings, can be quite perceptive. It is, for instance, far harder to blackjack or pickpocket a walking guard without him hearing you than it was in the original duology. This goes double if he is carrying a lantern. And with many years' experience of playing and designing levels, quite a few TDM missions are purposefully quite tricky. My own level is designed specifically to be ghosted: the guards have lanterns, but don't carry any pickpocket items and their patrol routes are predictable, so yo
  5. Some shortish, not-too-difficult missions I recommend are: 1. The Parcel, by Xonze. Standard mansion heist with a few cleverly hidden secrets. The guard patrols are fair, but not trivial to solve. 2. In Danger of Judgment, by krrg. Possibly the easiest Dark Mod mission I've ever played in terms of guards (there are very few) but this intricate little mansion has a lot of devious hiding spots and concealed loot. 3. The Outpost, by angua and greebo. A little bit harder but still fair. 4. Closemouthed Shadows, by LordSavage and Bikerdude. One of the very first Dark Mod
  6. It is a William Steele mission. My missions list has it as "WS1: In the North". If that isn't working for you for some reason, the wiki links to several alternative download possibilities.
  7. I think so too, but I may have misunderstood what MirceaKitsune was asking.
  8. I just tested this. I made two rooms and a visportal separating them, then I made a 2nd visportal dividing one of the rooms in half and meeting the 1st visportal at right angles, thus: I didn't get any leaks or dropped portals, but it's not obvious to me what doing this sort of thing would accomplish. What are you trying to do?
  9. Oh I agree. That one yellow straw rug sees a lot of use XD.
  10. I'd like to be able to erase my memories of Mass Effect so that I could experience it for the first time again.
  11. Another enjoyable small mission. This one has our thiefy friend out to infiltrate a breakaway faction of thieves and assassinate their leader. You approach the compound via the City streets, dodging the City Watch along the way. This is not so easy because the Watch guys have torches and cover is not plentiful, though there are a few interesting houses and side alleys here and there. I thought the architecture was a bit on the boxy side, even for 2009. But the gameplay is where this mission shines. Often I found myself thinking, "That bit of shadow looks like it'll get illuminated if
  12. I've finally begun on the Thomas Porter series, beginning with the zeroth episode, Mandrasola. Our thief, Thomas Porter, wants to corner the market on a rare and expensive narcotic but to do that he needs to discover the identity of the City's only remaining supplier so he can steal their stash. Tailing an aristocratic junkie to her dealer seems the best way. This is a nice little mission, beginning with a tailing scene reminiscent of Assassins in the original Thief game- but trickier because the wintery streets of Bridgeport are well lit and the Watch are uncharacteristically alert.
  13. @greebo will probably want to know about this.
  14. As far as I know But you'd have to try it yourself to confirm.
  15. Okay, this is another old classic mission that I have been meaning to play and finally got around to. I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration, with it. First I'll say that the mission is cleverly planned, well laid out, and logical. The guard patrol routes are tight and their sight lines are quite long in places, which I normally like. It makes you think about, and remember, your surroundings. And the architecture is quite beautiful, especially the Blue Lantern inn, which I suppose must have once been a Builder church at one time. I also enjoyed the detective work, first t
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