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  1. For what it's worth... I was in Peace Corps in the 1990s, and lived on a small Pacific Ocean island in Micronesia. In order to survive, the people of Micronesia live very close and very connected to the land and sea. The older generations, who were born in the early 1920s, would say that they've seen lots of bad changes in the environment. The ocean had risen, it wasn't as clean, the coral reefs were dying, and there were a lot less fish... The temps were hotter, it rained less, there were bigger and more frequent storms etc... They would go on and on about their sinking island. After Peace Corps I got a job working for the government, they keep track of a lot of things including the chemicals in the land, air, and water (oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers etc…) and every year the number of toxic chemicals grow both in quantity and type. It doesn't take a genius to know that there's a point of over saturation, where life is no longer sustainable. They know how many automobiles we have and how much pollution they produce, they know how many factories we have and how much pollution they produce. They know how much thrash we produce and where it goes and what it does to the environment and us. That's just the tip of it, they have a lot more data and they also conduct tons of research (deep earth core samples, biospheres etc…). It's completely true, in the past our planet underwent tremendous amounts of change and it can withstand a lot of changes however, it has never experienced this type of continued and toxic assault (also, add to that our ever growing and demanding population). What we are doing is not part of the normal cycle of the planet. To this point and what most people neglect to say is that the vast majority of those "normal cycle of the planet" changes occurred in the very distant past, before life even existed on our planet and the changes that occurred while there was life, well, it nearly extinguish that life e.g. Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction and Pleistocene period (Ice Age). The politicians know all of this but they don't admit it because they're just living for today and they don't want to lose any votes. We have to face the facts, we have to acknowledge what's truly going on and then, and only then, will we have the proper resolve to make much needed fundamental changes or there won't be a tomorrow, at least not for all of us. I apologize for my rant, I just couldn't resist.
  2. @ demagogue Thank you, that's all very good advice. I often look for these types of "events" in movies and books that I see and read. I try to steer away from taking things away from other people's maps because I don't want to be accused of stealing plus, I want to keep my events/maps as original as possible. But I understand your point, taking inspiration from other people's work seems permissible as long as it's only inspiration. Oddly enough, I've gotten quite a few ideas from watching old cartoons like Thundercats and even Tom and Jerry. My search continues...
  3. @STRUNK Thank you for suggestions, these are great!
  4. Thanks for these links, they are very helpful, somehow I forgot about TTLG. I glanced over these links and will go over them more thoroughly later on but what I'm really looking for are specific events rather than broad mission ideas. For example, the player comes across a NPC who will yell for the guards but if the player bribes the NPC he will remain quiet and if that goes well maybe the NPC will tell the player about a secret way to enter the house down the lane. I'm looking for little events that can be placed in a bigger mission.
  5. Is there by any chance a repository of "thieving event" ideas somewhere in these forums? I'm not talking about ideas for an entire mission, I'm just talking about single events or NPC encounters or small quests or even a puzzle that could fit into a larger mission. I ask because I'm building a mission and want to add a couple clever side events to fill out my mission. I've searched these forums but haven't found anything. Thanks in advanced for your help,
  6. How long is parental leave time? I was given 6 months from my employer.
  7. I reluctantly saw The Rise of Skywalker yesterday. I wasn't going to see it because I thought The Last Jedi's plot was an unmitigated disaster. I didn't hate this new film, they acknowledged the plot mistakes that they made in the previous film and constructed somewhat plausible explanations for what had happened and all the while they paid tribute to the other movies in the franchise (even The Phantom Menace which I thought was an unusual choice). I'm still pissed about The Last Jedi but I have to give them credit for recognizing their mistakes and attempting to fix them, I don't think I've ever seen filmmakers do that in other films. I think I'm going to check out The Mandalorian.
  8. Not to belabor this but it appears that he's gone and he'll probably not return which I think is a shame. We might not see eye to eye on forum etiquette but I think we can all agree that any potential collaboration is probably now gone as well. Also, I loved that he posted videos instead of just writing. I mean, how can you not just love that ?
  9. I'm a little surprised that some people here view Alberto's suggestion as an attack because although his style might seem a bit brash, he is obviously only trying to help and it's not as if what he's suggesting is something that is totally out of line. He's passionate and wants to help, what's wrong with that? If newcomers and/or new suggestions are met like this then what will be the future of this community? Opinion doesn't need to be attacked, it can be viewed as an opportunity.
  10. I downloaded the new version but sadly there was still no joy. This is what happened, after the TDM download, it told me that I needed to install VC myself which I did but the download froze.
  11. Thanks for the link, I used it and got TDM to work, which was a big and happy surprise. I started the Training Mission, A New Job, and Tears of St. Lucia. I had terrible video distortions but I'm certain that has nothing to do with TDM and everything to do with my old and sad video card but as a result I was only able to skim through the maps. To the information that you wanted: This was a completely new install, after the download, I had TDM 2.08/32 While in-game, everything seemed to work just fine, missions started, cinematics played, save/load worked. I had a crash but again, I'm certain it was my video card's fault. I tried "Start tdm_update" but it didn't work and I got this instead.
  12. I have an old Dell Optiplex 960 that runs Vista. The thing is, I'm not sure if it can run TDM (I tried installing it about a year or so ago but the game crashed). This is what it has, Vista Business 32-Bit SP2, Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, 4.0GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5450 I'd be happy to try again but I can't promise that the results will reveal a OS problem or if it will be from some sort of other problem like for example, a ATI Radeon HD 5450 problem. Update: I downloaded TDM and everything went splendidly but then when it tried to download Microsoft Visual C++, the program stalled and then it froze - no joy for me. Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86) – 14.14.26405 http://bp fuel station finder
  13. Live by the sword, die by the sword. ~ Aeschylus c. 525/524 - c. 456/455 BC
  14. I'm a bit surprised to see this renewed interest in wanting to remake Thief because in my opinion TDM has long ago surpassed Thief. I still however have many fond memories of playing Thief and I still occasionally play it for nostalgic reasons but lets be honest, it's now a very old and clunky game with some really outdated technology. For me, Thief can only offer old memories. In addition to Thief, I'm also a big Unreal fan so a few years ago I went about recreating some of the old maps with the newest Unreal Engine, it was fun and it was kinda cool to play those old maps with new technology but it got old and so I stopped remaking the maps because for me, it's was really just an exercise of accomplishment rather than an actual desire to play an old game. If this idea is actually building momentum then I'd suggest just rebuilding the Thief maps with Dark Radiant and redo everything, i.e. instead of Garrett, name the protagonist something different, use our textures, our resources etc... and so on and so forth so there are no potential issues. If Square Enix doesn't like what we are doing, they will let us know and we'll stop.
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