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  1. @ Peter_Spy: I understand what you mean. I ran the image through my photo editor and this is what I got. I added the stone texture effect...
  2. Excellent work as always. Don't know if this is possible or not but the painting itself looks a bit glossy. Is there a way to add a paint texture effect to it so it looks more like it was actually painted? My photo editor can add texture effects like fabric and stone but sadly it doesn't have a painting option. Edit: I took a better look at the image and I now see that it does have paint strokes. I'm guess the gloss effect is from the game?
  3. It seems like I should get a VPN. Are there any good, free VPNs?
  4. What you are describing sounds very interesting. Would you be willing to post some screenshots of your quick demo or even better, would you be willing to make a video?
  5. This is the link to the pic, Bafford's Manor in Sims 4 https://i.4cdn.org/vr/1630313113967.jpg
  6. @ Kurshok: You're upset about voting for Biden because he's pulling out of Afghanistan? I hope you realize that Trump also wanted to pull out of Afghanistan, his plans which were already in place were to pull out on September 11. The only difference being, Biden wants to pull out by August 30.
  7. @ Zerg Rush: Are you the artist that made this map? It is exceptionally well made, my compliments. If it's yours, would you be willing to add some Bridgeport districts and locations to this map?
  8. Just my two cents, I think computertech82 is either ignorant or a troll but probably a combination of the two. Even a blind person could easily see that there's no comparison between the graphics of the "original thief game" and TDM. Nothing to see here, moving on.
  9. Not necessarily... What I gather from reading SeriousToni's inquiry, the player would be playing as a guard so by definition he wouldn't be a non-player character (NPC). Exactly I don't understand why we would want to limit creativity. It is why I'm advocating for finishing MirceaKitsune's dragon asset. A dragon might not necessarily fit your definition of our "general theme" but for others, a dragon might fit perfectly into their definition of our "general theme". Also, why must we desire to constrain people to fit into any "general theme? Wouldn't that just promote stagnation? This is a community project with a vast array of people with diverse ideas and interpretations. I think it wise to advocate for more creativity vs less. Build it and they will come...
  10. I think this is a tremendous idea with so much potential. The guard's mission could be to prevent a crime which would offer lots of adrenaline fun but there could also be a scenario where the guard is instead a Detective (or a Private Investigator) that has been sent to solve a crime that has already been committed. Depending on the individual, sleuthing can involve a lot of stealthiness so the player could use a lot of his thief skill-sets.
  11. There's a bigger issue, MirceaKitsune is currently stuck and needs help completing his dragon. I don't have the skills to help him so I keep hoping that someone here will step in and help him...
  12. I can think of many great ways to include a dragon into a mission but the first thing that comes to mind is the encounter with Smaug from The Hobbit. I really hope this dragon asset gets finished, I've been hoping for a dragon for years and years. @ MirceaKitsune: I know you're stuck but please don't give up on your dragon, it's beautiful!
  13. Is there room for clay-craft in this discussion? I like to make my models from the good old earth This one is about 2 feet in height and weights in at about 50 lbs...
  14. I see, thought for a moment that you were Tim "Kew" Jervis, sometimes people switch or have more than one online alias. I agree with you, love using the Unreal editor and playing co-op. Those were some fun times, hard to believe it's been 17 plus years.
  15. Are you also the author of "The Illhaven Saga"?
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