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  1. One of the first ideas I had for a starter level would be a "training" level where young Garrett, making his way on the streets, is trained by a street-savvy fence named Basso. Basso teaches Garrett the ropes of how to use his night vision goggles, his silenced pistol, his lockpick, and how to hack open minor devices like phones, laptops, and doors with electronic locks.
  2. I may, someday, in some medium, write out a whole plot/fanfiction of the cancelled Thief 4 called "Dagger of Ways" set in a modern, American version of The City from Thief. This plot could later be used by mappers to create their own map in The Dark Mod/Thief 2 Engine, if they wish. So far, all we know so far was Dagger of Ways Garret had Keeper parents who were "disappeared" by the Keepers for trying to escape the organization for becoming too cultish. His little sister was taken and trained as a member while he managed to escape. He survived as a criminal on the streets, and now is an independent thief for hire, who has connections with the mob. Dagger of Ways would have had 3 main factions, the Keepers who wanted to bring magic back into the world for balance. The Church, who wanted magic back so they could be the only ones who control it and can scare people back with demon attacks into giving power to the church. And the Openers, a mysterious cult who wanted magic to flow wild and had "Constantine" as a member, so presumably a more Satanic take on the Pagans. Garret, over the course of the game, was set to be able to side with one of the factions, at the cost of the others being enraged at him. This includes his brainwashed sister in the Keepers. The titular Dagger of Ways was a magical artifact that could let you become invisible in the real world by entering a Wraith World, where Wraith monsters would attack you if they saw you. One mission was to take place at "Senator" Bafford's mansion, where you use a silenced pistol to take out a light, then slit a guard's throat and enter the Wraith World to sneak by another guard. You have to get by the guard, then can slice open a portal and throw him into the Wraith world where he is eaten by the monsters. The mission continues to where Garrett gets to Bafford's basement, and comes across a hideous sight of bodies mangled and chopped up, some hanging from hooks on the ceiling. One corpse with a missing arm twitches unnaturally onto its feet and charges at Garrett, causing him to instinctively go back to the Wraith world, where he is attacked by a group of wraiths he has to pick off one by one. There was also a hidden side mission involving planting an incriminating letter for the mob in Bafford's office.
  3. I suggested to Charlatan Wonder on YouTube to do a review of The Dark Mod. He says it's a good idea.
  4. I wish there was a complete Thief mashup pack. Not just textures from Thief 1 and 2 for blocks, but Redskins for mobs as well. Hammerite Priest Villager Priests, Pagan Illagers, Thief zombie skin zombies, etc
  5. GothenX posted a script for the first mission of Dagger of Ways under his pinned commencomment on hisvideo for it on Youtube.
  6. I actually found the 6 page document describing the mission in Senator Bafford's Estate.
  7. I hope Eidos Montreal sells the IP to someone who actually gives a crap about the series, or someone who makes Dagger of Ways.
  8. Only posted it here. And hey, more people talk about it, the more likely Susan Wojcicki is to get off her ass and do something.
  9. If anyone added in a new skin and a new AI/Movement for it, could we be legally allowed to get the Spider Queen back since it wouldn't be using Doom 3 Vagary code anymore?
  10. Actually, scratch that. "I sell the dead" has a bit of a Thief feel.
  11. Well, none for medieval, classic Thief. But for the unreleased modern "Thief: Dagger of Ways" (which I wish would get a fan mission someday), it was said to be inspired by movies like The Ninth Gate, Seven, Underworld, Blade, Silent Hill, and other Urban Gothic movie settings.
  12. As a "lore" origin of the Infernal Cults' Demons, they could be nature spirits like the Trickster but who realized mankind would eventually obliterate so much of nature and pollute the world, they decided to try and set the forest and Bridgeport on fire themselves to "mercy kill them". Both the Builders and the normal beastmen & nature spirits abhor and hate them for their failed attempt, and after being banished to the elemental plane of fire, their own self-loathing, homicidal hatred, and the twisting magic there mutated them into Demons.
  13. I'm not a vegan. I love beef. I eat cheeseburgers on the fly. But torturing a creature with the brains of a 2 year old or a dog, Scientifically found to have pain receptors, the octopus, by tossing it alive onto a grill and laughing at it "dance" (writhe in pain as it shrivels and chars) isn't cultural. If it was, I would say "fuck their culture".
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