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  1. For those who have played it, what do you think of the Half-Life 1 mod "Swiss Cheese Halloween 2002"?
  2. What, like the door to the Hobbit houses in Lord of the Rings?
  3. My problem with Chat GPT is it's so censored, and lazily so.
  4. It is odd, they haven't created a mission where the only way into a Fort Knox style Gold Bar Repository is to swim through the sewers up the pipe and crawl out of the toilet. Wasn't there a sewer in the very first level of Thief The Dark Project?
  5. Has the Inventors Guild invented toilets yet, or are they still shitting in buckets?
  6. Would Eidos be willing to allow that? They otherwise would just be sitting on old IPs for good games without doing jack shit for them, like the Gex IP or Akuji the Heartless.
  7. Maybe after they do System Shock as a series, they could remake the original Thief trilogy. Would be great to introduce REAL Thief to a new generation, and not the pale imitation of Thief 4, even if it was OK as a standalone game it was not up to the "Thief" reputation.
  8. Kurshok

    I will be 65

    Happy birthday!
  9. What sort of diseases and parasites exist within the world of The Dark Mod? Is there an equivalent if the Black Death? Can zombies spread through bites? Are there any magic-originating plagues concocted by vengeful pagans or sorcerers?
  10. Yes, but vaporware should be fair game. The original two games in the Thief series was built with Fan-mission creation in mind. So, The engine to further create with it should also continue to be open-source.
  11. If a law is BS, it's a duty to ignore it, like the Iranians are doing against the Hijab law their terrorist dictator is trying to force on them.
  12. Someone actually updated They Hunger into They Hunger: Relit! It adds more weapons and an Infection System where you get harder to kill the lower your health is.
  13. I liked the first SMB movie as an alternative take on the series as a "cyberpunk fantasy" version.
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