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  1. Let's say, hypothetically, your body was mangled in an accident. But, by stroke of luck, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk or someone decides YOU are the lucky bastard that they'll spend high-tech charity on. They can remove your brain and put it in an immobile canister to keep you alive, with a face screen to see out of. You can still talk to visiting family or watch T.V., but that gets boring. So Elon/Jeff/Smartypants Whoever decides to give your life machine a great upgrade: You are able to have video games uploaded as actual Virtual Reality worlds you can inhabit. So, what games would you guys choose if you had such an option to live in them? Personally? I would choose the original spyro trilogy, probably reignited for the better graphics, followed by the original Thief trilogy, the 2014 Thief, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko, the Sly Cooper series, the inFamous series but especially Festival of Blood, Borderlands series especially Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, the Uncharted series, Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2, Vermintide series, Resident Evil series because I'd love to own a badass mansion full of monsters, the House of the Dead Overkill, Starcraft Warcraft and Diablo series, the Ratchet and Clank series, Elder Scrolls series, Fallout series, I'd love to live in these worlds as long as I wasn't in danger of actually dying. At least as long as I'm not stuck without any actual human interaction, it would be cool!
  2. All games need more Easter eggs. I personally miss when games had lots of references to other games and movies littered about, like in Spyro 3 when Moneybags threatened to turn Spyro into a blue hedgehog, or in Duke Nukem Forever where he finds Isaac Clarke's severed head and exclaims "That's one "Dead Space" marine"
  3. So, for sources of ideas for Gothic Horror-Low Fantasy, some settings that I feel are useful for worldbuilding inspiration that could work as Easter Eggs in TDM are Dark Souls, with a sword in a bonfire. Bloodborne, references to a werebeast outbreak in a city called Yharnam. Ravenloft, you could reference a vampire count named Strahd. Warhammer Fantasy, you could mention Witch Hunters that work for the Builder church. Any other Easter egg references you have ideas for in missions, or missions that already have Easter Eggs in them?
  4. Exactly. Not only do we make a better world ecosystem wise, but we also stab Islam in its heart, which pumps the blood of murdered innocents and oil. A whole shit-ton of black gold, as oil is referred to by fat Texan oil magnates in all white suit with a huge golden bullskull-emblazoned buckle and overtly tall ten gallon hat, white mustache and deep southern drawl sold separately
  5. I used to try to desperately defend Islam as being like "any other religion" on a few occasions when I first joined these forums. I am still a liberal, a secular humanist, but I am becoming more cynical of the leadership of the Democrat Party's reasonings for defending Islam despite it standing for everything they oppose. Islam is not like any other religion, I am finally willing to admit, thanks to Ridvan Aydemir, or Apostate Prophet. Islam is cruel, corrupt, evil, degenerate, perverted to a level that disgusts me. Muhammad wasn't a perfect man, he was a murderous sex fiend who made up bullshit about flying to space on a buraq (donkey with a peacock tail and lady face) and that sperm was produced in the ribs and that the sun sets in a small mud puddle that Alexander the Great found. Islam is evil, it treats women like subsapient sex cattle and murders gays, atheists, apostates, and those brave enough to speak against it. Death to Islam, and fuck that pedophile Muhammad, who married a 6 year old Aisha, molested her for 3 years before vaginally raping her, and beat her until she couldn't breathe when she spoke out against his crazed claims! He gave that poor girl Stockholm Syndrome so she lead his army of rapist bandits into reconquering his lands after his just death of poisoning by his Jewish sex slave, whose father and brother he murdered in front of her! Muhammad was less than pigshit, and I am atheist, but on off-chance Hell exists, Muhammad is drowning in an ocean of boiling pig shit down there for his evil acts during his life that affect the world to this day! He murdered poets who mocked his psychotic and perverted behavior, he hated dogs and killed non-Abrahamic folk mercilessly and put Jews and Christians into brutal second class citizenship, he facilitated a sex slave trade of women!
  6. Thanks for linking my posts! I appreciate it!
  7. Zweihander actually has a class called the Hexer, much like the native Polish name for the series.
  8. Still hoping anybody here has found any information, or at least has an opinion on the whole matter? I've been on and off looking for Neil Manke for years, ever since I learned of Black Widow Games' sad fall 7 years ago when I was 18 and graduated. I had first seen a let's play of They Hunger on YouTube along with a. let's play of MediEvil when I was 16, and that got me into following mods and fangames.
  9. I feel as if it would be okay to have SOME Lovecraftian enemies, or evidence of something Lovecraftian having been there, at least. Something to really amp up the horror aspect. Nyalathotep in Thief The Dark Mproject appeared as a statue, at least. Perhaps something like oozing green slime leading to a well, an evil looking spellbook bound in human flesh, or inbred backwoods folk doing strange rituals at ancient stone hedges that even the pagans kept away from.
  10. Would Lovecraftian horror themed missions fit into the aesthetic of The Dark Mod, seeing as to how the First City in the original Thief worshipped a Cthulhu-lookalike with the name N'lahotep?
  11. I think the idea has its merits, as long as it was actual Thief fans making it.
  12. Anyone here seen "Half-Life: Year of the Dragon"? I'm a fervent follower of Magic Nipples, and Cyreides' Zera games. Griff the Winged Lion looks good too. Haven't heard much from OhiraKyou about Nytro, worryingly.
  13. Been a bit. Has anyone found any information yet, or at least found all this interesting?
  14. So far, there are 3 new types of Headcrab, meaning 3 new types of Headcrab Zombie!
  15. The poll function is acting up, so tell me, what was the better Horror DLC, "inFamous Festival of Blood" or "Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr. Ned"?
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