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  1. In the lore, who is the current leader of the Empire, what are his political goals, and what troubles does he face in leading the nation?
  2. That's a bit of a loaded question, as I have a fear of forgetting things that I liked growing up without a reminded of them somewhere. I keep a list in my phone of all the games, movies, shows, and some songs that I always loved, as I don't want to forget them when I grow old and want to share them with any potential younger family members. But if i am assured of being able to experience all related paraphernalia of the game again, I'd love to re-experience the Original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy, especially Spyro 2, as that is the one I enjoyed the most, and is how i actually learned to read fr
  3. Good news, apparently his right hand man Einar Saukas was able to contact Neil and they released the unfinished parts of "They Hunger: Lost Souls". Any aspiring modder could theoretically finish the project now!
  4. What I fear is that someday, unlike classic literary stories like those of HG Wells, HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, etc, is that classic gaming stories will be forgotten due to the generation that first experienced them passes on. And I dont know of many video game libraries, and censorship is also a thing. What happens when the last Taffer passes away, if we don't eventually seek new Keepers for our order? The great experience of The Dark Project and beyond will disappear like dust in the wind unless we actively seek out new members.
  5. https://www.cbr.com/thief-trilogy-deserves-modern-remake/amp/ People still remember :')
  6. Check out "Taffer: The Thief Project". It's a loving homage to the original Thief The Dark Project and The Metal Age. I just played it, and its lovingly crafted.
  7. I'm autistic and don't really have anyone who could walk it through with me. Most I can do online is sign up to forums and watch porn lol
  8. I actually don't have a gaming computer, sadly. I'm a console pissant. Nor do I have any idea how to code or program or map. But I figured I had a good backlog of ideas, and decided to share them here, like my idea of "journey to a flat planet" where you land on the side of the arctic ice wall of a flat world based on flat earther conspiracies, and encounter magical ice caves and white furred manbeasts.
  9. As an idea for a mission, what about sneaking into a rich part of town's Zoo, sneaking past the guards, and stealing a rare animal egg for a cabal of beast smugglers? It would serve as a way to show off fantastical animals and normal beasts of the Dark Mod world. A lore sort of level.
  10. Who do you think has the best cheeseburger in fast food? I'd say Wendy's.
  11. I always wanted to see the wonders they promised in Pandyssia
  12. FFS, things just go from bad to worst. What's next, airborne HIV!?
  13. I am scared, both for the innocent people of Iran who are oppressed by their government and murdered when they protest for democracy, and for the people of Israel, who the Iranian rulers have threatened with nuclear annihilation if they get their nuclear bomb. I consider myself liberal and voted for Biden, but hearing that he wants to overly-idealistically retry the 2015 Nuclear deal, which let's be honest, was never gonna be followed through by Iran, makes me have second thoughts about voting for Biden. I despise Trump, but he seems right about putting an end to the Iranian regime, which fund
  14. There needs to be bigger tits, fatter asses, and more obscenely large, veiny cocks. Otherwise? It's not the game I was being sold on.
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