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  1. It looks like the people aren't giving up, even in the face of the regime's usual thuggery.
  2. Just gonna leave this here, saying support for the women in Iran fighting for their rights from being treated like lesser beings, and also support for those men who choose to stand with them against the Ayatollah's madness.
  3. It's meant to be evocative of the PS1.
  4. Has anyone else seen this game? It looks pretty good. It's apparently based off of the 1980's Italian zombie films of Lucio Fulci and Bruno Matei, the ones like Zombi that started as a way to make dough off of Dawn of the Dead. I watched a walkthrough of it, and it reminds me of a more raunchy version of the They Hunger trilogy mods for Half-Life and the unreleased "Against All Odds" gane by JamesyDev on YouTube.
  5. It's not just They Hunger. If I were to ever get filthy, stinking rich... well, I'd probably spend the money on charity, to be honest. But I'd save just enough to fund a passion project of bringing back good old games from my childhood into more modern versions so they aren't forgotten by future generations. I'd pay for remakes of Cthulhu: An Unspeakable Mod, Half Life Ultimate Redemption, Wanted!, Swiss Cheese Halloween 2002, USS Darkstar, and Heart of Evil. And that's just the Half-Life Mods! I'd see a true Thief Remaster, an exact remake but with a more modern engine. I'd bring back good old PS1 Games like Shadow Man, and I don't just mean that remastered version, I'm talking a sequel. I'd do a remake and sequel of Stubbs the Zombie, and Akuji the Heartless! I'd remaster all 3 Gex games in a remastered trilogy like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot got. I got all these great ideas swirling in my head, but I'm stopped by a mixture of no programmer skills and, even worse, a lack of money. Still, the latter might be gone soon. I'm gonna try to get a job again soon. I applied at my local Burger King. Probably will take a while to earn enough money to pay a single dev for even a single level, but it's a start.
  6. I've mentioned a few times before, I'm a big fan of old Half-Life 1 mods, especially the They Hunger trilogy. But the sad thing is, Half-Life is an aging game, albeit with a meme fanbase. Not many people in the newer gaming generations are familiar with these great games simply due to them being mods for other old games. So, I want to try and share that special, magic feeling I got going through the adventure in the County of Rockwell the first time with a new generation of gamers. But I'm not good at modding myself. My question basically boils down to, how much would I be looking to cough up in dough to pay a programmer to recreate the They Hunger Trilogy in a newer, more advanced engine?
  7. My mom loved the Mila Jovovich movie adaptions even though they're so different from the games, and I thought the first two were okay, but the rest kind of jumped the Shark by making it a global apocalypse. Apparently this show does that too. Still; I planned to watch this movie a few days ago with my family because we don't hang out as much as we used to. They're busy with jobs and I'm left alone in my autistic mancave basement, so I was looking forward to hanging out with them. Maybe I could sit through a shitty show if it means I could be with my family, although it sucks that a series dear to my heart has been raped by woke Hollywood.
  8. I was excited at first when I heard Netflix was going to make a Resident Evil tv show, but I heard from multiple people who I tend to agree with that it's woke garbage, in particular Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers. I did a quick review of others' reviews, and it sound awful. Nonstop woke propaganda B.S. and cringe pop culture references like to "ZOOTOPIA PORN". I heard Netflix was firing most of it's woke writers, but it would seem they managed to squeeze out one last shit from between their asscheeks before they were kicked to the curb. It sucks, because I love the Resident Evil game series.
  9. That's stupid. "You can't ever stop murder/pedophilia, so don't bother making it illegal HERP DERP"
  10. Understandable. I'll admit censorship has gotten out of control in many regards online.
  11. I mean, banning any site that repeatedly hosts actual or simulated CP like Lolis or other sick shit like that is something I can get behind.
  12. I want a Gex trilogy remaster, Deep Cover Gecko was amazing and alongside the Spyro trilogy what made my childhood on PS1.
  13. I want a Duke Nukem game where Duke fights against an alternate version of himself from the past who is from the future. Confused? Basically, FutureEvil!Duke goes into a depression over his loss of popularity since the 90s, along with changes in pop culture, global geopolitics, entertainment, etc. So he builds a time machine and goes back in time and takes over the Earth instead of saving it, forcing the culture of the 90s to never end, so like in 1984 it is forever looping from 1990 to 1999 and resetting. GoodPresent!Duke has to stop his older self who went to the past from ripping the timestream apart with the repeated decade loop, fighting against EvilDuke's army of alien mercenaries, roided out mutants, and robots he bought from Dr. Proton. Eventually, Good Duke beats Evil Duke and learns a lesson that even though times change, and sometimes not necessarily for the better, we can at least choose whether we react poorly or positively to those changes. Then he eats a triple cheeseburger while riding down the highway in his monster truck.
  14. Maybe the only way to fix the gaming industry is to join it and change things from the inside by force.
  15. It could make it more mainstream without having to dumb it down. And attempts at making modern action movies in all but name out of classic games has lead to series losing their original theme at times.
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