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  1. They're the ones who also gave out free copies of the "They Hunger" Trilogy, a masterful mod series for Half Life 1 about a zombie outbreak in a rural American town.
  2. Kurshok

    The Strigis

    Anyone interested in this?
  3. I'll admit the looks of the 2 new zombies interest me, but I'm not paying 60 bucks for a walking simulator with an awful story.
  4. On top of this, the massive difference in how most official reviewers like the game whilst most gamers say it sucks, shows off a sort of disconnect between the gaming community and gaming journalists. Doesn't help that Neil acts like a smug cunt on twitter, having Joel's face paraded on Father's Day, along with mocking how so many reviews have come in for The Last of Us 2 compared to the first one, completely leaving out how so many are bad.
  5. It's not about Abby supposedly being trans or Ellie being a lesbian. It's about Neil shitting all over the beloved duo of the first game, Ellie and her father figure in Joel, to satisfy Neil's edgy OC waifu's "bold and beautifulness". It has 2 cool new zombies and good graphics, but that doesn't make the shithole plot excusable.
  6. SPOILER I think Neil Druckmann basically bullied and pushed out Amy Henig, the original The Last of Us' writer, from Naughty Dog, stole her magnum opus, then used it to push his OC Abby, then tortured and murdered Joel brutally, had a lookalike of himself spit on his corpse, had a gratuitous anal sex scene with the lookalike of himself and the unlikable Abby after forcing you to play more time as Abby than Ellie, makes it so Abby gets away scott-free while Ellie still loses everything despite supposedly taking the high road, it's a ridiculous, bullshit story.
  7. Alright, I'll bite the bullet and start the topic: What do you think of it? Do you think Neil Druckmann ruined Amy Hennig's legacy on the beauty of TLOU after he shifted like a snake to screw her over, and crapped out a half-assed story with admittedly good graphics?
  8. Kurshok


    I hope it has great creature design like the original Thief series!
  9. An original mission idea by me would be sneaking into a closed Pawn Shop at night, whose owner mysteriously disappears halfway through the mission. The Pawn Shop would be located on the left end of a reverse side of a street facing a park, looking out at a waterfront. The main entrance would be locked, and a policeman would be patrolling the street in front of it after an earlier, failed break-in. Garrett thus has a few options for going through the mission. He could climb the fire escape for the 3 story apartment building to the right of the pawn shop, and take advantage of its location to the left of a small bar to sneak into the owner of the bar's apartment on the top second story of the bar to steal his golden award for best bar in the area, before going back over the apartment complex and into an open roof window on the second story attic of the Pawn Shop. Garrett could also sneak down into the narrow side alley between the pawn shop and apartment complex to lockpick the side entrance, encountering a hobo who, whilst unconscious, darkly mutters ominous Latin. Later, when Garrett steals the mission's main loot, if he returns the hobo is gone with blood splattered all over the cardboard box he was sleeping in. In the distance, Garrett would see a dark, vaguely devilish figure obscured by the fog rolling in from the waterfront descending into a manhole, closing the cover behind it. The idea of something not being right in the sewers would be continually mentioned by overheard conversations from both drunks at the bar and whispered, frantic tones of a poor couple in the apartment complex. Talk of demonic growls and whispers being heard from the drain at the corner of the bar, of shadowy figures appearing in the alleyways, and of the police being oddly silent on the matter, along with taking a complaining neighbor in the apartment building into custody for "disturbing the peace", and said nagging woman never returning. After acquiring the main loot from the ground floor, the previously bolted shut office of the Pawn Shop Owner's office on the opposite side of the store is found open, his office messed up, and the window open. Clawed scratches cover the office walls. Strangely enough, you didn't hear any signs of struggle. As for what the main loot is, I'm leaning towards a dark magic book, one for summoning demons, wraiths, and the undead. Red human leather covering, written in blood of men on pages of flayed skin, the whole nine yards. Side loot would involve the golden trophy for the bar owner, a ruby necklace in the pawn shop's back, a jade oriental idol kept by the poor couple mentioned earlier for religious reasons, perhaps they are poor, superstitious immigrants.
  10. As a way of explaining the bloodbath in Senator Bafford's basement, it could be stated that afterwards, Senator Bafford's estate was the "ground zero" of a zombie outbreak, similar to the Haunted Cathedral area that was overrun with undead and quarantined by Hammerites in Thief The Dark Project. Bafford himself escapes unscathed, and publically tries to paint himself as "working nonstop to prevent the terrorist-bioengineered sickness which struck my home and gathered friends". In reality, Garrett knows that the "good" Senator is secretly a member of the Openers, a mysterious cult lead by the mysterious "Constantine", a powerful crime lord who has patrolled many public works in and around The City revolving around parks, gardens, and nature sanctuaries.
  11. One of the first ideas I had for a starter level would be a "training" level where young Garrett, making his way on the streets, is trained by a street-savvy fence named Basso. Basso teaches Garrett the ropes of how to use his night vision goggles, his silenced pistol, his lockpick, and how to hack open minor devices like phones, laptops, and doors with electronic locks.
  12. I may, someday, in some medium, write out a whole plot/fanfiction of the cancelled Thief 4 called "Dagger of Ways" set in a modern, American version of The City from Thief. This plot could later be used by mappers to create their own map in The Dark Mod/Thief 2 Engine, if they wish. So far, all we know so far was Dagger of Ways Garret had Keeper parents who were "disappeared" by the Keepers for trying to escape the organization for becoming too cultish. His little sister was taken and trained as a member while he managed to escape. He survived as a criminal on the streets, and now is an independent thief for hire, who has connections with the mob. Dagger of Ways would have had 3 main factions, the Keepers who wanted to bring magic back into the world for balance. The Church, who wanted magic back so they could be the only ones who control it and can scare people back with demon attacks into giving power to the church. And the Openers, a mysterious cult who wanted magic to flow wild and had "Constantine" as a member, so presumably a more Satanic take on the Pagans. Garret, over the course of the game, was set to be able to side with one of the factions, at the cost of the others being enraged at him. This includes his brainwashed sister in the Keepers. The titular Dagger of Ways was a magical artifact that could let you become invisible in the real world by entering a Wraith World, where Wraith monsters would attack you if they saw you. One mission was to take place at "Senator" Bafford's mansion, where you use a silenced pistol to take out a light, then slit a guard's throat and enter the Wraith World to sneak by another guard. You have to get by the guard, then can slice open a portal and throw him into the Wraith world where he is eaten by the monsters. The mission continues to where Garrett gets to Bafford's basement, and comes across a hideous sight of bodies mangled and chopped up, some hanging from hooks on the ceiling. One corpse with a missing arm twitches unnaturally onto its feet and charges at Garrett, causing him to instinctively go back to the Wraith world, where he is attacked by a group of wraiths he has to pick off one by one. There was also a hidden side mission involving planting an incriminating letter for the mob in Bafford's office.
  13. I suggested to Charlatan Wonder on YouTube to do a review of The Dark Mod. He says it's a good idea.
  14. I wish there was a complete Thief mashup pack. Not just textures from Thief 1 and 2 for blocks, but Reskins for mobs as well. Hammerite Priest Villager Priests, Pagan Illagers, Thief zombie skin zombies, etc
  15. GothenX posted a script for the first mission of Dagger of Ways under his pinned commencomment on hisvideo for it on Youtube.
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