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  1. In theory. But despite many countries with an Islamic majority in Southeast Asia IN THEORY have blasphemy be outlawed for all religions, in practice their asshole imams curse other religions with impunity from the law, whilst the slightest criticism of Islam results in riots that see temples burned and innocents lynched. The only way to get things right is to legalize blasphemy and apostasy, and get rid of this theocratic bullshit.
  2. Kinda. But for copyright reasons they can't be the exact same type of demons, just visually similar to the whole Doom 3 demons' aesthetic.
  3. PC Gamer... I remember that they gave out free copies of the Half-Life mod trilogy "They Hunger". Good games. Shame About what happened to Black Widow Games.
  4. I think it would be cool of demons inspired by Doom 3 ones were to make an appearance in background lore as illustrations in a book of Demonology, and that they are summonable "When the Red Planet waxes strongest"
  5. Who the hell is gonna enforce the law and stop criminals if the police officers quit because they aren't being paid? If police are corrupt, fire them and give them an appropriate punishment instead, and if there's a police shortage, have military personnel fill in instead until another police officer is available to take the spot left.
  6. Can't go wrong with a little bit of "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets"
  7. Ever notice that the Wahhabists are always the ones in charge of Islamic majority countries, and even the most "liberal" Islamic sects are still blatantly conservative? This Islamic apologist nonsense is a damned mental sickness that has spread across the world in other left-leaning people. They're so desperate to make peace with these people they're willing to turn a blind eye to slitting animal throats in the street every Eid so blood rivers form in the neighborhood, to harass cops who actually used to patrol to stop grooming gangs into being silent for fear of being cancelled, to make excuses for online rape & death threats against a teenage lesbian in France for rightfully saying Islam is a shitty religion for how it treats women and gays! If it was a Conservative of the Christian persuasion, whom I still oppose on most major matters, the rest of the left would be calling for them to be fired and harassed, and Antifa would like to firebomb their car, but because it is a religion whose home country is perceived as a "brown" country, they must be the victims of imperialism, not the perpetrators as they were in the East African Islamic slave trade, which was longer lasting and even more brutal than the Western slave trade, and that's saying something. What I can't stand is the goddamn doublethink hypocrisy.
  8. Actually, the Quran does hold a verse about "after the months of fasting, go after the nonbelievers and slay them wherever you find them". I also believe the claim that Islam and Christianity are "the same in terms of violence" can easily be refuted by looking in the Quran and Bible. The Bible might be plenty violent, but it's still not as bad as the Quran. Likewise, Christians on the whole have taken Jesus' teachings and peaceful life to be a way towards a better person and are able to focus on how Jesus lived as a better alternative to the mishmash other Christians added into the Bible. The Quran, on the other hand, demands following it to the letter, says each sect's Quran is the only truth and all others are hellbound, that "shirk" or refusing to follow all of the Quran is a sin worse than murder, and Muhammad's life was a travesty that included necrophilia with his dead aunt, murder of countless innocents, the statutory rape of a child, beating of said child of she questioned his insane claims, claims of having split the moon in half but nobody noticed because nobody on Earth besides him was awake that night, and God glued it back together so don't bother asking why it isn't in two halves. Not only that, but Muhammad also owned sex slaves and was such an awful person, that on his deathbed after 2 years of health complications from when his Jewish sex slave who he raped after murdering her father, brother, and husband in fro t of her during the genocide of the Jews of Abu-Qurayza for siding with the Qureshi pagans over his mad cult, he spent his final hours ranting and cursing out the Jews and Christians.
  9. It's off topic. And who are you to say nobody cares? You don't speak for everybody.
  10. I've been hearing a cabal of Haitian Oligarchs hired hitmen to assassinate Haiti's reformist president. Is anybody more in-touch which Haitian culture and trends to give a better low-down on the situation? Who are the power players here? What's this I'm hearing about it being orchestrated by a Haitian-American doctor?
  11. I'm not calling for murdering innocent people or mobs to lynch folk. I just wish the government and media would speak the truth instead of a numbing, repeated set of lies, because at the rate society is getting idiotically numb to terrorist attacks and human rights abuses in the name of religion or nationalism, we could be heading for a neo-Dark Age.
  12. I've noticed on YouTube if I search up information regarding a certain type of product (in my case I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood in the 90s and searched up Wonderballs candy), then YouTube starts showing ads for that type of product. Innocent, sure, but it has an eerie way of making you feel watched.
  13. Well I refuse to just shut the fuck up and let evil win without a fight in the world. Fuck the cartels, fuck the Islamist cause, fuck Catholic Priest child molesters, fuck the KKK, fuck censorship, and fuck the gutless losers who are too obsessed with nonstop pleasure to notice the world around them is turning to shit.
  14. Criticism of religion isn't hate speech. If I were calling for the extermination of all Muslims, that would count as hate speech. All I'm saying is that Islam is fundamentally flawed and that organized Islam is a plague on the human race in regards to human rights abuses and the silencing of dissent and human rights via acts of organized murder and terrorism, and that non-Islamic countries of the world need to reject the endless excuses the Islamic communities of the world vomit forth, take a critical look at Islam and Muhammad, and set to work dismantling the power of Islam in the political world. No more setting up "community within a community" where daughters and wives are beaten and murdered for apostasy or refusal of wearing a veil, no more endlessly demonizing people who speak out against the hateful beliefs of Islam. Islam needs to be bitch-slapped into the 21st century and forced to endure the same criticisms and reforms other religions have been made to go through. If Islam is unable to survive being held to the same standards as other religions, such as not being allowed to execute apostates, then that's tough titty.
  15. I'm not trolling. I'm just critical of Islam due to a mixture of its hateful beliefs, the nastiness of its founder, and the mindboggling amount of mental acrobatics people are willing to go through to not only defend what they would otherwise find indefensible (sexism, theocratic authoritarianism, homophobia) as long as it's done in the name of Islam, along with the childish actions of screeching like recently castrated eunuchs for "CENSOR HIM! HE SPOKE OUT AGAINST MUHAMMAD! HERETIC! HERETIC!!!"
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