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  1. There's actually a Thief rpg set during the time of the original trilogy. I wouldn't mind Bridgeport as an alternative map for Roleplaying than the original The City, as it adds more worldbuilding capability.
  2. Kurshok

    Free games

    Haunted PS1 Demodisc 2 came out today
  3. I mean, it's pretty heinous stuff. The guy admitted to fucking rats. If he doesn't have a tictac microdick, he's literally ripping apart rat organs and breaking their bones with his dick, tearing them open like blood packets so he can get his sick kicks. And yet, this sick fuck's bandmates covered this up so they could play their music in a cartoon?
  4. Sorry, man. I just wanted to let the off topic board know about how a Youtuber I like has exposed a vile criminal's hidden identity to the world, and it turns out he was the lead singer for an up-and-coming band that featured in a semi-popular animated show. And what's worse, the bandmates knew he did what he did and had no regrets.
  5. I miss the tye-dye patterns on clothing, the Blockbuster, I miss when content on TV wasn't by a majority crap. I miss the sense of "things are good and can only go uphill" and the retro aesthetics of gaming back then. I miss when the political aisles weren't constantly at each other's throats. I remember when Burger King and KFC actually tasted good, before they started to cut costs and went downhill in a vicious cycle. I remember a quality B-Movie coming out every few months on Sy-Fy, and the air seemed cleaner, somehow, less polluted. Weather wasn't as fucked from climate change either. I kn
  6. Too bad. Looked like a good game.
  7. Another zoophile dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day by Clawfather! Toggle the Mouse of zoophiliac podcast Zooier Than Thou has been exposed as Buck Riley of the band Exit Mouse. Long may Clawpa reign!
  8. Fine, I overreacted. Sorry I called you a douche.
  9. I have a confession: I'm both autistic and not in a good place financially or socially to do it. So when you go smugly telling me "Why don't you just DO IT?" it makes me think you're being a douche.
  10. If modders can recreate Silent Hill's Centralia in Fallout 4, why can't we recreate The City and surrounding lands in Skyrim? I don't know how to mod, but what if we found a modder who was both a fan of Elder Scrolls and Thief Original Trilogy?
  11. Yeah. These are the same pricks who initiate economic catastrophes for their own gain. Fuck'em.
  12. And it's good to see hedge fund pricks get their comeuppance.
  13. Anyone else hear about the Gamestio stock redditor fiasco, the whining by Lee Cooperman, and the absurdity of the response by billionaires?
  14. One of my favorite things to do is look in places like The Dark Mod wiki for new lore in my favorite fantasy and sci-fi worlds. But the wiki hasn't been updated in a while. I'M JONESING, GIMME SOME LORE B0SS.
  15. The Builder church, according to the wiki, does hold a lot of political power, but ultimately the emperor is still in charge, at least in theory. Plenty of stories featuring blackmail and borgia to be had, eh?
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