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  1. Is it just me or... do some people have too much spare time?
  2. TBH, i found that status stuff mostly a annoying "Look at me and my importance!" thing. Maybe it was meant differently. It always came across to me that way. Just my opinion. Maybe some simply abused it.
  3. Don't forget to port it to Unreal engine.
  4. I think it's safe to say that The Crucible of Omens campaign won't happen.
  5. As I fiddle a bit with coding myself at the moment (doing some courses...), I have to say that Python seems as easy as it can get for a first programming language. Actually, I understand now why people think it's fun. I must admit that languages like Javascript, PHP or Python encourage a certain sloppy behavior though. I switched back to C# after a while, and was kind of horrified about the need to express yourself so precisely. Especially the loose typing is something you will have issues with, when switching, or switching back to a strongly typed (if that's what it's called) language. You have to be much more precise with those languages. Which, obviously, makes them much more suited for tasks which require optimized programming for good performance, the way I understand it. Horses for courses, I guess.
  6. Arx Fatalis is actually a bit steampunk-y. As is Dishonored. I really enjoyed those. Skyrim also has some steampunk elements, I would say (the dwarves' constructions).
  7. Hope you find the time and motivation in the future, because, I really enjoyed your missions.
  8. Just took a brief look into Talos Principle. Looks like just my kind of game (I liked Portal very much as well). Nice.
  9. The Talos Principle is free now in Epic Store. Seems like I finally get weak, and make a account for that. Edit: Done.
  10. It's a big one, but, as I wrote above, you can easily work around it by using noclip.
  11. @peter_spy: Looking nice, but, I always have the feeling that your stuff looks a bit too clean and polished for Dark Mod stuff. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's really the case though. It could very well be that it just looks too polished, because there's a lot of light illuminating the environment. Might look just right, when there's not much light.
  12. No worries. It were merely my thoughts anyway, there's no obligation to implement any of it. It's your work, and your decisions, so.
  13. Won't happen, so, I won't spend a single thought on it. Oh well, just read a bit more about it. A Thief in a modern setting? Not for me. IMO, the games lived from its setting as well.
  14. Surely not, but, it really comes off as a bit lecturing. I'm sure the devs know exactly why they choose the one over the other.
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