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  1. Maybe some words from you would give it more focus. So far, it only seems to me that you want to criticize others for what they say, instead of making your own point. Which says a lot too. Do we really have to argue that the FOSS thing to large degree is a political, and a Leftie thing? No, seriously, do we have to? Really? Ok, I might have forgotten that the Lefties don't refert to themselves as Lefties anymore. They're "progressive" now. Because everyone else isn't as progressed. I get it.
  2. It's not quite like that yet in Germany (fortunately...), but, we're on a good way.
  3. Most of them are far left though. I wouldn't know how to put it any other way. I wouldn't know why we wouldn't be allowed to say that either. Or is it already offensive to call far left people far left?
  4. It's already happening, everywhere. Not much you can do about it. Obviously, it's what some extremists wants, and the center doesn't really want to do anything about it. TBH, I still don't quite see the importance in this case though. FOSS is niche, the guys so religiously involved in it are the niche of the niche. In Germany we say that a sack of rice just fell over in China. *shrugs* Who cares about some far-left people without much influence or say in anything. All I hope for is that people will see what a big part of the Linux and Open Source scene is like. I know some won't be h
  5. There are more important things in the world. I always thought he was a snob though. Like many people in that area.
  6. IIRC, it came out of nowhere. Maybe that's the better strategy.
  7. I agree that it was completely overhyped. But, you know... I file that in the same drawer as the negative hype after the release. Hype, hype, hype. Positive or negative. No wonder that it's all shit when it is released, when it was made much bigger than it is beforehand. There's no way it can not disappoint then.
  8. To be fair, though, I'm sure that there won't be a single game these days where there won't be a massive shit storm on release. People are simply like that these days. Spoiled to the max. Didn't understand the slagging Cyberpunk received either, and, I was one of the people who bought short after release on Xbox One S, and returned the game after seeing what the graphics look like. I understand that it's a difficult thing to release for the last gen generation, due to processing power restraints. It probably would have been better to just release for the next gen. But, guess what would ha
  9. Don't worry, it was just me being thick. It might appear like that from certain videos on Youtube. But, the way I experienced it, there are loads of people who enjoy their newer games. Even Fallout 76. It's just that there's a lot of Negative Nelly's these days.
  10. @AndersonI never got that far, TBH. After the 20th same-ish looking and feeling dungeon, I got bored. Maybe one day...
  11. No, actually, the most videos with complaints in that regard seemed to come from die-hard Morrowind fans, who thought about every aspect of the games was dumbed down with either Oblivion or Skyrim. I can't really confirm that. I think those people don't judge the latter very fair. Or, they focus on elements they consider the most important, and totally negelct other things. As I mentioned, the game world in Morrowind is very generic compared to Skyrim, the characters are wooden, and character less. There's no voice acting for the most part, and the setting is pretty alien as well. Bethesda rea
  12. Fallout is also a RPG. How? I think the combat in Oblivion and Skyrim is quite decent. The slashing works, the blocking works... no complaints in that regard here. Actually, it's pretty nice if you ask me.
  13. Bethesda is not only Elder Scrolls. Apart from that, I think both Oblivion and Skyrim are much better in terms of combat than Morrowind ist. Morrowind is basically hack hack hack, and the character skill and luck logic of the game decides whether you hit or not, and how powerful the hit is. I found Oblivion pretty generic in terms of game world, and the characters, but, Skyrim did that a lot better. I also never really could get into the text based dialogues in Morrowind. And, I also think it has a much more generic world than Skyrim. There are a few things in Skyrim which I don't like, l
  14. It's often like that. Stories for games or movies will be "sexed up". I recently read a couple of Tom Clancy books. Those are very different to the movies as well. Much more realistic. More like the older Tom Clancy video games.
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