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  1. Epic Store will have Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment from 9th on: https://www.epicgames.com/store/de/product/sherlock-holmes-crimes-and-punishments/home Definitely the best Sherlock Holmes game.
  2. Looks really nice. And, going after a style similar to Thief 2014 is a good thing in my book. (Even though I don't quite see too much of that in the screenshot.
  3. Unfortunately, noone in his sane mind, who aims at selling a decent amount of copies of his game, would buy the IP. Unless he makes a action adventure which plays like Assassins Creed out of it. I rather hope for something completely different anyway: Someone who creates something similar to TDM, for Deus Ex. That would be like Christmas for me. I won't hold my breath for it, though. I know how much work is involved, and how unrealistic it is to hope for something like that. I rather wait for the next Deus Ex from Square Enix.
  4. I frankly can't think of any. When the Hobbits went to Bree in Peter Jackson's LOTR film, the dark atmosphere reminded me a bit of Thief though. Thief is pretty special for me.
  5. Talking about cultural differences, by the way... @SeriousToni : I assume, judging by your signature, you are from Germany, right? Then you probably heard about "Schächtung". Quite a inhuman way to bleed out animals while they're alive. It's even made legal as far as I know, because it's a fixed ritual in the islamic culture. It's also known that many Asian countries like Japan have their way of dealing with sea life. Right or wrong. We can have a opinion, but, it's not up to us to judge them, or forbid them to act the way they do. But, that's all not relevant here. What's relevant is that someone, once again, tries to force his point on others, and that's not cool. Again, for the third time: If YOU have a problem with those videos, report them. Do it. It's your right, and your opinion about them. Don't ask others for support though, please. I don't ask you to support my matters either.
  6. I can only say again that, if you have a problem with what you see on those videos (didn't watch them, and I won't do it), report them to Youtube. What's the big deal? Need to necessarily stick it to others as well? I really have to question your point.
  7. That was exactly the thing that crossed my mind as well (the cultural quirks). @KurshokJust wondering, why don't you report it? It offends you, so, it would be fair enough for you to request to remove the video, if you feel offended. No need to make such a general case out of it.
  8. There's so few people here anyway that you probably get the least support of any place here. I'd rather go Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. If that's your thing. To be frank, I find this kind of looking for support most annoying and boring, but, that's just my opinion.
  9. Nice engine indeed.
  10. This is one of the most bizarre requests I've read in a long time.
  11. Well... you have my vote on that. I'd love to see more stealth games. The question is whether or not you can derive something from such figures. Master of Shadows is on the market for a couple of years now, there's been Steam sales for it, it was sold below 10 €, and, a lot of people will have bought it on sale. Also, it has a different setting, and is a fantasy game with orcs, elves, and goblins, while Thief/TDM are rather classic middle age, with fantasy elements, of course. Again, the Thief's weren't really popular, back in the days. Thief 2014 wasn't really popular either. Splinter Cell went action, because the stealthy gameplay wasn't popular. Almost any modern "stealth" franchise lets you play full action as well. Stealth is just... niche.
  12. TDM is amazing, no doubt. What it lacks compared to a fully fledged game is a high quality, consistent feeling campaign. But then, that isn't something TDM ever was created for. So.
  13. Remember that the game industry grew exponentially since then...
  14. Hmmm... glory kills, RPG elements, weapon upgrades? Not that I played Doom 1 and 2 much, back in the days... only ever played the first few levels, I think. I still stick to my statement about Doom and Doom Eternal being modern games, though. They are, of course. The only thing oldschool I feel about them is the rather fast action gameplay. In contrast to the rather slow, more horror themed gameplay of Doom 3.
  15. The Thief games weren't that popular in the first place, and, this is a community mod, based on a pretty old game engine, which makes it a 100 times less popular even. I also don't think stealth games have really taken off much in terms of popularity. Rather the opposite case. Most of the peeps these days prefer fast action, with not much to think. That's why stealth franchises like Thief, Splinter Cell, or Dishonored are dead, or have changed the whole gameplay direction. I think it's safe to say that this is very niche. But, like many niche genres, it has a strong fanbase, in the sense of a few people who are really into this stuff. TBH, I'm not even sure if promoting this more would make sense in terms of gaining popularity. I used to be pro for releasing the mod on Steam, but, frankly, I wonder how many people you really would reach that way. The people who are into such games probably already heard of TDM, and the people who don't won't be convinced by releasing the game on Steam or another platform. Leaving aside the problems which have been pointed out more than once why it will be very difficult to release this on Steam or another platform anyway.
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