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  1. Probably Fallout 4. Really, I don't think I spent 500 plus hours in any other single player game. It's that good. I'm currently playing Dishonored 2 again, on Xbox One S. It's great as well, but, I still know lots of stuff from my first playthrough on PC... Deus Ex - Yeah, good candidate as well.
  2. Thief speedruns are oxymorons.
  3. There are a lot of key sellers which sell keys from low wage countries here. You might be correct though, the company HQ is usually in Hong Kong or elsewhere... Very serious businesses. If I was the EU, I'd forbid such stores though. It's complete crap for all sides. Just for the profit of such backyard businesses.
  4. You know why stuff like that is complete nonsense? Let's say there is a TV station which negotiates deal with different countries on broadcasting licenses for sport events. The EU says geoblocking is against their laws. Which means that the TV station doesn't have any valid base to negotiate different deals with different countries, meaning every third world country with third world wages and a third world economy has to pay the same as the richest country in the world. See why that is just total BS? Apart from that, the EU can't pretend to rule everything. Engaging in non-EU country econ
  5. So, basically, you are saying that third world countries should pay the same as we do. Or we should pay the same as them. Interesting. I'm afraid that's not how international economy works though. It can't work like that.
  6. For me it's rather about not having to have to install a gazillion of different clients. I don't care if there is one big store (Steam). What annoys me is that I have to install UPlay, Origin, Epic and what not to be able to access all games. And then the publishers try to do the same shit as well... Rockstar Launcher, Bethesda Launcher etc. Very annoying. AFAIC, they should just release on Steam. That's where the "party" is.
  7. I'm generally against exclusively as well. I will probably buy Oddworld Soulstorm in the Epic Store though, as that is a game I really want to play. Let's just say that I understand why game stores or publishers strive for exclusivity. It makes sense from their perspective. And, if Sony don't want my money they can publish PS exclusive all day long. I don't care.
  8. Still ten times better than the original Thief's.
  9. Machine Games/Bethesda do a new Indiana Jones game. No, I'm not kidding. https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/01/12/bethesda-reveals-new-indiana-jones-game
  10. It does. People sitting in the air instead of on the chair is something I've seen in dozens of games really.
  11. I recommend a visit to the optician then. Seriously, TDM always looked much better than the original Thief's. Except Thief 2014.
  12. That's true. That's why I like the games how they are: Letting YOU, the player, decide how you want to approach the game. Mooncrash breaks with that. As simple as that.
  13. A TDM zoo level should have some burricks. Anyway, I'm not sure if a zoo really fits the dark middle age setting. At least I wouldn't really think about doing a zoo if I would create a mission.
  14. I think peter_spy is spot on with his assessment about that kind of gameplay being at odds with what an immersive sim (dislike that label, BTW) represents. Prey was a typical Arkane exploration game. That just doesn't fit that survival run stuff.
  15. I absolutely hated Mooncrash. Loved Prey, but, Mooncrash wasn't for me at all. Strongly dislike that kind of gameplay. To each their own.
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