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  1. No issues here, but, I logged in with my email already when I saw the notification of the new forum login.
  2. chakkman

    Free games

    Was about to post that one. Nice!
  3. Essentially, like many other developers, they're making the same game again and again. Firmament has a new device though, which makes it a bit like the portal games. It also makes the game a bit easier than their former games though, as most puzzles are solved via the device. There are some bugs, as usual, but, they fixed the majority of them in the first update. You get the occasional stuck in the game world, when you move some platforms or cranes, and you were standing in a spot which was inbetween the static and moveable area, but, you can reset the playbale character's position to a safe spot, which also resets the thing you moved in the game world (I think Myst and Obduction had that as well). All in all, I was able to play it through without anything game breaking, so, it's definitely playable. You know how it is, people tend to exaggerate. I have another good example for that: I'm playing The Callisto Protocol, and, people literally trashed that game on release. Yes, there were some performance issues, but, nothing which hasn't been fixed by now, and, the game is actually great. I don't think the younger generations especially can appreciate what they are being offered these days. You have to search for a long time for a game which is received generally positive these days. Mostly, the trashing has to to do with graphics or the game's performance. Shame.
  4. As I can run it on my 6-core i5-11600K, 16 gigs of Ram, and a RTX 3060 Ti with 8 GB VRam, and get 100 plus frames per second most of the time (actually the full 144 frames of my monitors refresh rate most of the time), I'm sure you can run it well. If you ask me, those requirements are probably for the VR mode, which obviously needs a lot more beef. The game is nice, by the way. I finished it two days ago, and, it was a lot of fun.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You find a great sword on every corner in the Assassin's Creed games anyway. Which doesn't make them that great anymore, but, hey...
  6. "To whom it may concern": Cyan Worlds released Firmament today: https://store.steampowered.com/app/754890/Firmament/
  7. Dunno how it is on other screens, but, 8x MSAA is perfectly fine here, on a 24" 1080p display. That said, I'm not really that demanding in terms of AA anyway.
  8. 16x AA is a complete hog in TDM for some reason. I also lowered it to 8x, and got about double the frame rate.
  9. It's as low as you can get these days. And, it'll surely not run satisfactory on the minimum specs...
  10. It's only vaporware because you consider it vaporware. Who knows what the owner of the IP or the code is going to do with it, in future times. Most IP or copyright holder won't know what the future holds either. Anyway, it's proprietray code, and not open source, so, that's that really.
  11. Looks interesting. Not sure about the Minecraft look though...
  12. Comparing copyright laws to Islamic regimes is a bit of a stretch. I'm also not quite sure about your point. These laws are there for a good reason.
  13. I think it's pretty self-evidently that it's not legal.
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