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  1. It never bothered me, TBH. If anything, then I think that many "modern" gameplay elements, like the never ending flood of enemies is rather something I don't enjoy compared to older games. There's something really satisfying about clearing an area, and being able to explore it, without having to fear enemies on every corner again (after all that's why we carry weapons, right?). The biggest problem with TDS for me is the castrated level design, due to the hardware limitations of the consoles back then. With similar level design to the first two Thief's, the game could have been really good
  2. I have no idea why you feel so offended (especially as it's you who played the smartass). You argued that it is clear that LFM stands for "Looking for mission". FM stands for "FAN mission". So, no, that isn't clear at all. Nor is the Alice in Wonderland thing. If then, a part of the mission resembles something in Alice in Wonderland (which I never noticed BTW, as I'm not into fairytales), not the whole mission. So, yeah, I have neither an idea what the OP is on about, nor what you're on about. Especially with your aggressive tone.
  3. What is a "LFM"? And what did "The Sword" have to do with Alice in Wonderland? You mean because of the magic stuff? Why Alice in Wonderland?
  4. I preferred the horror of Doom 3 as well. That said, I only played it for about 10 hours, and then stopped, because I frankly peed myself in some situation... I'm just too faint-hearted for such games.
  5. Would be interesting to know how some of them turned into manbeasts or similar. Magic? Or are they simply not as progressed/developed as town people? Lots of myths and secrets to discover, which is probably why I liked them so much in the Thief games. (Yes, also in Thief 3. Not sure why some people didn't like them there.)
  6. I also think it's a interesting idea. For a different game. Guards don't hide (after all, the Lords want to show their presence, for deterrent reasons), and, they coordinate with other guards to protect property (and they're most likely also ordered by higher guards). I just think the idea is a bit flawed at the base. It would be a idea for a different kind of mission (like... for example, a guard which tries to unveil a conspiracy within the guard watch).
  7. Which is a shame, because they always had been the most interesting faction for me in the original Thief's. I really like your ideas about the deities. And I really like the drafts of these pagan models: Would love to see the guy in the upper left come to life lol...
  8. Well... yeah... of course... What I meant is that you won't be able to switch the whole gameplay, so to speak. TDM is made with sneaking and hiding in mind. And what do you do as a guard? Yes, surely not sneak and hide. You guard things. Unless you want to turn a guard's work into a thieves' work. Again, every mission maker should do what he likes, it's just that I personally don't see how this fits. I can't imagine playing asphalt in a racing simulation either.
  9. Doesn't look like they worship one particular deity: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Pagans#Info I'd love to imagine there is something like the Trickster in TDM though.
  10. There's one or two missions already with that kind of scheme. The issue I also see with playing a guard is that the game allows you to hide in shadows, but not the NPC's. So, you'd really be limited to eavesdropping, chasing someone, or finding incriminating evidence, that sort of thing. I really think paid thief jobs with some kind of criminal conspiracy are more like it. Fits the general theme better as well. But, hey.
  11. Don't know about obsctacles, but, I'd expect to play as the thief in a... Thief game. Of course that shouldn't prevent someone to do a mission where you don't. Feels weird though. It's not a police simulator.
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