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  1. They took a LOT of features from Metal Gear Solid. I realize that now, as I play Metal Gear Solid 2 at the moment. Of course, they're pretty different games. And, I much prefer Splinter Cell to Metal Gear Solid.
  2. ... and Blacklist... I bought Splinter Cell 1-4 on Xbox One some time ago, to be able to play Pandora Tomorrow and the PS2/original Xbox version of Splinter Cell 4, which is great as well. Splinter Cell 1 and Pandora Tomorrow have a checkpoint based save system on Xbox though, which sucks... at some point, I simply had to stop my playthrough of Pandora Tomorrow, because I just couldn't get past a certain section of the game. On PC, you could just save everywhere, but, although I own Pandora Tomorrow on PC, I can't run it because of that non-functional copy protection. And, I can't be arsed to download a no-DVD, because on everything I downloaded, online virus scanners went haywire...
  3. Unfortunately, 4 of those are 1st of April specials and very small. Not complaining, just saying.
  4. I somehow get older every year. There's no workaround...
  5. And, sorry, didn't find a playthrough without commentary...
  6. They're survival style horror themed action adventures with a lot of puzzles. You move your 3D playable character through static backgrounds, like in old school adventure games, solve environmental puzzles, or have to look for keys to proceed. You can play the games with a controller (most modern controllers are supported by the GOG versions of the games), or you can use the keyboard (which frankly is a bit fiddle, I like the controller operation better). Note that only the first part is available so far, the other ones will come in the course of this year. I used to play the first 3 parts on Playstation, back in the days. It was one of the most played video game series (alongside Tomb Riader) on PS1 back then.
  7. Not sure about RE2 and RE3 (it's been a long time since I played them...), but, Resident Evil 1 has real actors in the FMVs, yes. They give a real B movie vibe.
  8. To whom it may concern: A bundle with Resident Evil 1-3 (the originals, not the remakes/remasters) is available to buy now at GOG: https://www.gog.com/de/game/resident_evil_bundle Note though that Resident Evil 2 and 3 will be released "soon", so far, the only game you can play from the bundle is Resident Evil 1. Haven't played Resident Evil 2 and 3 since the Playstation 1 days about 25 years ago, so, I'm eager to play them again, especially as I remember that especially Resident Evil 2 was excellent.
  9. It should be excellent for stealth games. Of course, there are also low quality OLEDs, but, in general, due to the triggering of single pixels, the black levels, and contrast should be vastly superior to anything else. As far as I know, OLED also doesn't have the disadvantages of VA panels in terms of reaction time of the pixels especially with darker screen content.
  10. Big issue I have with devices like Steam Deck is the size of the display. It just isn't fun for me to game on such a tiny display.
  11. If you incorporate firearms, then the arrows in the game are practically useless and pointless. Apart from that, I think nothing would be less fitting than firearms for this kind of setting. Not to mention the fact that firearms are a tiny bit loud in a stealth scenario. "Oh, but the inventors could invent silencers!" Yes, that and so much more. It's just that it won't exactly fit the scenario.
  12. Why didn't they invent combustion engines, or cars? Why didn't they invent planes or spaceships? The answer is simply: Because the inventors of the lore and setting of these games didn't think that those are good ideas. And, I totally agree with that.
  13. TBH, I see a trend with that lately (forcing players to play the intended way), also in fan missions, so, I'm a bit allergic about it. For example, I passed on the Hazard Pay mission for a long time, due to the mandatory use of save rooms in the highest difficulty. At some point, I just bit the bullet, and played on medium difficulty. Still a bummer. I get your point, that it's an optional mod, but, I really hope that these kind of optional mods, and mission objectices in fan missions go away at some point, because, I'm a big advocate of let the player play the way he wants. Let's just say, if more fan missions do this, then I will have to consider calling a quit on this mod. Enough Thief 1 and 2 fan missions which don't come up with crap like that... What I just don't get is why people don't just DON'T save if they don't want to. Why do they need the game or the mission to tell them not to do it? It's like a junkie who needs rehab. And then the game treats everyone like junkies who want rehab.
  14. One question: Why? Why do you care so much about how people play, and how often they save? It's really disconcerting how much effort some mission authors or modders spend into ways they consider the "best for the player". The best games I ever played, and that included the originale Thiefs and this mod, were the games which allowed for a lot of freedom in how the player approaches the game. And, yes, that includes saving. Many also don't seem to understand that there already IS a way to restrict yourself from saving and reloading too often: Just don't do it. It's that simple. No need for restrictive saving implementations, or modding anything in the game, or using save rooms in your missions. I wonder how hard it is to restrict yourself, if you're so keen on doing so. This is definitely the wrong approach, and a waste of time, to be honest.
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