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  1. I don't have a copy of the PM thread/s anymore, but I genuinely could have sworn I had asked for and got permission. So assuming it means anything to anyone at this point, I genuinely am sorry. I appreciate this is inflammatory at this point, but the update was tested over a 5 month period - why didn't you say anything back then..?
  2. Regarding The ravine, several players including myself in the release thread pointed out the various bugs in the map. And regarding Full moon fever, I distinctly remember asking for permission to update this mission. This mission was updated a very long time ago, so Im at a loss here.
  3. Nope this is new and it might explain why an Ai that was fine before in my City wip keeps dying for no apparent reason.
  4. Found what looks like a typo in a texture material def for "textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/tiling_1d/trim_marble_grapevine" from - tdm_textures_base01.pk4 textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/tiling_1d/trim_marble_grapevine { stone qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine_ed diffusemap textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine bumpmap textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine_local specularmap textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine_s { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend gl_dst_color, gl_one map _white rgb 0.40 * parm11 } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend add map textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_lime_longpanel rgb 0.15 * parm11 } // TDM Ambient Method Related { if (global5 == 1) blend add map textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_lime_longpanel scale 1, 1 red global2 green global3 blue global4 } { if (global5 == 2) blend add program ambientEnvironment.vfp vertexParm 0 1, 1, 1, 1 // UV Scales for Diffuse and Bump vertexParm 1 1, 1, 1, 1 // (X,Y) UV Scale for specular vertexParm 2 global2, global3, global4, 1 fragmentMap 0 cubeMap env/gen1 fragmentMap 1 textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine_local // Bump fragmentMap 2 textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine // Diffuse fragmentMap 3 textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/trim_marble_grapevine_s // Specular } } The following line doesent look like they should be in there -
  5. I have seen this bahvour in the past, and my work around was - let the updater download the new version, which from memory the file name is ' _tdm_update.exe 'I then killed the current tdm_update processed in task manager.then rename _tdm_update.exe to tdm_update.exe and run thatThe update then works as expected.
  6. Greyman discovered that my elevator speed was higher than normal and was causing an issue with the physics, so reducing from 50 back down to 30 should fix the issue. Dont know what I was getting away with it under 2.06...
  7. Disabling AA fixed it, but told him to try 2.07 beta also, thanks chap.
  8. Confirmed, exported as model fixes it - Didnt you have this same issue a month or so ago on your WIP..?
  9. I dont think thats Its not 2.07 related, i think its an issue with that texture - broken normal..? I added that texture a long time ago, but have only recently started seeing that effect, I think exporting as a model removes the issue.
  10. 2.06 and they are getting in Alberics Curse also
  11. Someone is testing my WIP map and they are seeing this weirdness in-game, I have a fog light in the map and in the skybox. - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nzLdMovjdWOnZO6CidB-kXiroki7T95jUkW8zpGTJfZ5n2NjXNWWH370RNAjTkwo9QA86wEcwtQ0QWwQVOf6vsiLVzMJXzPwK-T5wXLxjIxdrBDqQZAwixZEYP-4a61nJYBQhYYXvA=w1680-h350-no
  12. I have a very odd issue with an elevator, when it reaches a floor (in this case the 3rd) the Ai takes damage and the elevator goes back down without stopping at the floor. The same dosen't happen when the elevator reaches the 2nd floor (its only works on the 2nd floor sometimes under 2.07, other times the Ai take damage), and under 2.06 the elevator can go to the 3rd floor and Ai exits just fine.... Also that link above isnt publicly viewable
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