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  1. Just coming back in after a long time away to mention, first, it's very good--especially for your first mission! I've been out of the loop on Dark Mod for 2 years though... do you have any follow-up mission(s) ? And secondly, also something on the more 'critical' side, if you don't mind? For background info, I have the newest 2.10 version. In the shop, to open the secret bookcase, my game will not allow me to frob either the small box, nor the button behind it. I've tried everything, turned the frob helper on, even tried hitting the button with arrows! It will not work. Have reloaded, restarted, etc. Has anyone else had this bug? Could it be due to the 2.10 update?
  2. Just wanted to leave a quick note here. I was out of the Dark Mod loop for a while as 2.06 was said to be very buggy, uneven, and I'm not technically minded so I just gave up until the next update. I updated to 2.07 a few weeks ago and have been through 4 new missions released in the last year or so. All were good, but I think this one is probably the best. I rarely ever leave criticism, praise or anything, so consider this a sign you're doing something right. I liked the straightforward layout of the map, I hate feeling lost in a maze. The interiors were designed very neatly. The objectives were clear, you had good secrets. I hope your second mission which I haven't played yet, is comparable! Cheers
  3. Neon, I love your colorful maps... ain't no one else who does color/vibrancy like you Keep 'em coming!
  4. I agree with you, of course, and I don't think folks are lying. That said, I downplay his controversial actions, because I think it stems from a real-life issue. (I was going to speculate on that, but perhaps that's not proper.) Whatever the issue may be, he's trying to compensate for that by taking control in those places where he is joined, but when it's not enough, it becomes overreach. And look, I could well be wrong. It's just a suspicion. Maybe not even fair to post given he can't speak for himself now, but this is what my intuition tells me about it, so felt I would chime in.
  5. This was an important member who helped keep the lights on, beta-tested countless missions, gave advice and assistance to many, co-authored as well as authored his own missions. You cannot have a healthy, active mod without industrious members. This guy was a pillar of the community. I'm hoping it's only temporary. You have a guy who's given countless hours of his time over many years, and the thanks he gets is a ban? So, it's got to be temporary right? I've been watching, also. Some heavy-handed adjustments to older missions for bugfixing. Some wanton use of templates. Really? That justifies exile of an important content creator? Of an industrious workhorse? For real?
  6. Not just buggy. It's a complete disaster, man. None of the promises made to the backers were fulfilled--just take a look around. Classic bait and switch. This is not Looking Glass 2.0, this is... I don't know what it is. Something must have gone terribly wrong.
  7. I assure you that UFOs are no spent fad, mate. We can't know that they're extraterrestrial, as yet... but there are legitimate unexplained cases. Not "advanced" earthly vehicles... we don't have secret aircraft that defy physics. Not meteors or asteroids, not comets. Real, legitimate phenomena that defies explanation. Could be extraterrestrial, could be inter-dimensional... as if you can claim to know better?
  8. For the doubters, I would point you to this. Presuming honesty, this is a solid proof right here. Yes, anecdotal, but anecdotal evidence should not always be waved off...
  9. "All the time the only conclusion one can get to is the power of our minds. Whether you believe in supernatural stuff or not. Because it is impossible with someone who does not have any capacity for imagination. In that regard we can envy the advantages of a plain mind." Actually, I have a strong capacity for imagination, some degree of belief in the supernatural, highly sensitive, etc... and have never seen a ghost. Explain that. I grew up as something of an Indigo, have always "wished" to see evidence of the hyper-real... and yet I haven't seen any firsthand. A paradox, if ever there was one, right?
  10. CarltonTroisi


    So, what do you folks think? Seen any ghosts? I know someone who claims they see a ghost, in real life, most days of the *week.* The irony is this person is a normal, high functioning person, no obvious mental health issues. While I myself, have never seen a ghost... and I'm an abnormal, low-functioning person, with quite a few issues! Now, let's hear your experiences with ghosts and/or the paranormal!
  11. Well, because of Steam (sales, bundles, and so on) and the like, I can hardly be bothered configuring stuff on my own, no more. I suppose it doesn't help that I was never a sharp cookie, either In terms of Hexen 2, how would I go about setting that up? Should I get the Steam version? Is there a patch that improves the base game, smooths the rough edges? I never played it, and regretted that. Was hoping to rectify that now. But I'm looking at current and old reviews and the game sounds like a chore. Obscure puzzles, excessive backtracking, hard-to-find doors... Doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy. Oy Vey.
  12. I have fond memories of Raven Software's old FPS shooters, Heretic and Hexen... especially the latter. Something about that "dark gothic" element, really worked for me. The atmosphere of Hexen was amazing. I never got around to playing "Hexen 2", though. Is it still worth playing? Are there any mods or "fan fixes" etc? Chime in, folks.. I'll even take suggestions for similar games, or games on the horizon...
  13. Some great choices, there, man! Especially Grim Fandango.
  14. Anderson, man... that's quite the buzz-kill. That said, your points are well and understood. But for now, let's wade into the unknown and speculate. "Mystery" is my middle name. Let's get the ball rolling.
  15. I know this is The Dark Mod forums, but I figure, who doesn't like a good mystery? Perhaps one such story could be used for an FM plot? Let me get the ball rolling, with a case I've just learned about, and it's strange alright: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamam_Shud_case What do you think?
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