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  1. Can't figure out how to get to Twistleton Manor. For the rest good mission. I probably try again later.
  2. Btw. Shouldn't this be listed under Arts Assets forum category? Ah, I'm glad I am not alone in this.
  3. Like a website form on the site. A forum topic only for submission requests that the Admins who usually upload missions all track would also work probably. A request topic for Wiki edits is maybe also an idea. I'm actually missing a whole forum/website/wiki feedback section.
  4. No that doesn't make it work. Yeah this works. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. It might have been a flop if there was no Covid19
  6. I will try this out. I basically wanted to test this, to see how this works and what does not work. By better understanding what is possible and how, it is easier to implement in a proper way later. I will try the lit window texture and see how that looks. Although a lit window texture doesn't give shadows. But it's probably better to let this slide for now.
  7. Question: Is it possible to have a pool of water, with under it stained glass, with under that a light source in such a way that you can look through the water and see the stained glass behind it lighted by the light source. I tried this, but I can only see the light behind the water, not the stained glass. As an example I have this upside-down view (test): The texture is applied on both sides, so I should be able to see it at the bottom. But if I look through the bottom viewpoint I look through it without seeing the glass surface. If I add a stone texture instead, I
  8. An alternative way is to use Layers. You can select something and then right-click -> move to layer (the layer has to be already created). Then in the layer window you can disable that layer and then everything under that layer disappears. Here is some more info about this: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Layers
  9. My first (and most sucesful) character was also a half-orc, but I tried to make him liked, mostly, so I always had a nice suite with me for conversations with people. I remember there were a lot of situation to sort of trick the game with the pickpocket ability. Stealing an object for a person and then stealing it from him to give it to someone else for maximum experience (2 conflicting quest outcomes). There was also the good/evil meter which you could alter to good by paying like 20 times a coin to a beggler and then stealing it all back in one go. Yeah I think it was around that par
  10. I've also read somewhere that the Steam version is not the same version as the cd-version and not all fixes are aplied to it, but you can't patch it with the official patch. I might find a fix for it somehow. Workaround is quicksave-quickload often, this resets the behaviour.
  11. On topic: System Shock 2, probably. I played that game in the wrong way. Playing it at easy difficulty level while there was no actual need for that and made some poor choices in te build. Also Arcanum. I never finished the game at the time, but find it hard to get back to because having to replay all the stuff I did while still remembering it so clearly. I guess that's with a lot of games. I'm not sure if it would still impress me as much as it did at the time (it was my first RPG of that type, I couldn't get into Baldurs Gate because I did not understand the D&D system and I'm not s
  12. I actually started playing this recently for the first time. I think I might not got to it before because it's an hack and slash game and also based on the suposed theme. I'm a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic (actually Heroes Chronicles) and this seemed too far off. Aparently it doesn't matter. I invested mostly in stealth abilities in combination with some magic that combines well with it (charm, fire trap). I just have been having this problematic issue that the game slows down to a slideshow over time, sometimes really fast (Orc village). I tried many fixes, but none worked (maybe because
  13. Is hibernation eating memory in Win10 (I don't see how)? This wasn't the case in Win7 afaik.
  14. Just wanted to add as an option for some users: As a workaround you could add menu icons to show the key-shortcuts as an icon (you have to create the images for the icons yourself):
  15. It's not clear to me how you could enjoy the game this way. That's stealth without challenge.
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