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  1. What program do you use to update? TDM installer? Previously updates were done via an updater. This changed. Now installation and update is being done with the TDM installer:
  2. I thought that with a leak the map wouldn't load. I get the impression that it does boot up.
  3. Ah ok good, I don't see it in the changelog. Does it mean that not everything changed is mentioned in the changelog?
  4. Does this version includes the fixes to the Linux Dark mode by @OrbWeaver as mentioned in this topic: If not, I need to know, because then I have to set these changes prior to compiling.
  5. Huh, didn't know people use status updates. Looks like a personal blog/chat function inside the forum profile.
  6. Well apperantly this was a temporary regression because curently I can do likes again..
  7. I just tried to like a post and got the following message: I can still normally post, just not like other posts. It's not like I did 100's of likes today, so why the limiting?
  8. /* remove rocket rank badge on user image */ .cAuthorPane_badge { display: none; } Maybe @taaakican add this (or similar) to the custom.css file at /core/front/custom/ https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/css-framework/introduction-to-the-css-framework-r88/
  9. I wonder why it should not just only delete the savegame files. I mean everything else is probably added later manually and should therefore also been deleted manually. Personally I think it's good to make TDM as much as possible mapper friendly. Mappers could stop altogether after such an experience, although I agree about backupping.
  10. I have this applied: /* remove rocket rank badge on user image */ .cAuthorPane_badge { display: none; } See also my topic about my edits to the forums dark theme:
  11. Can you recommend a tutorial about sound recording for this purpose?
  12. Yesterday I was listening to some noise..
  13. datiswous

    Oh shit.

    I guess they were just waiting it out in the mountains..
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