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  1. Ah I forgot they're inline off course. I've been thinking of puting all the ogg files in one line, generating the subs and then converting them to inline, but I didn't know about the ai vocal scripts on the wiki.
  2. Ehhh, cool idea, but why not do everything with a video editor and then you can immediately edit the subtitle in the editor?
  3. Well at least it looks better than the one in tdm..
  4. Do you have the text for all the speech? For example do you know if it's horse piss or whore's piss ?
  5. I try to do this in a lot of missions, only finding out mission designers don't always make their mission immersive.
  6. It's actually quite easy to reproduce (2.11 beta, mission Requiem): When you fail you see the skull animation with the 3 horizontal menu options apear. When you press the quickload at the moment the first (left) menu item apears, after quickloading pressing esc always gives the dead menu.
  7. Would it for example be possible to make a camera view which shows black and white, but the rest of the world is in color? So you could for example make a window that looks out in a black and white world. Or a black and white picture on the wall that actually shows an ingame scene.
  8. Hi I got access, but I think it's good to post a new message here also when beta 4 starts.
  9. An alternative is to change the rule but disable the rule for specified missions.
  10. Logically it should take more damage, because when you fall, you land on your feet. A falling body does not.
  11. What missions are designed like that? It makes no sense.
  12. I tried ai-upscaling the end of mission credits video (just a test). Not sure what to think of it.. Maybe I used too much de-noising. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vsk7ac1BpR-mn5_CqbkYdaXABRaC2n-M/view?usp=share_link (download for best quality view)
  13. Maybe what's possible is make it a campaign technically, but at the start of the mission end it immediately, but before that you can have a mission intro, which looks like an outro. Sounds hackish and there's a (very short) loading screen for the second map I assume. I wonder if it's possible to skip the end of mission score screen.
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