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  1. You don't. That is one of the 3 xy views. So you have to remove one of the other ones. This is how you do it: First uncouple everything and make sure you have 2 (extra) xy-views. Move the camera-view to the side. It takes up the full height Move the first xy-view to the bottom. It takes up the full width. Move the second xy-view to the side inside the other xy-view Now you get this and you can simply resize these windows. Maybe something for in the wiki?
  2. I could be wrong, but I think you could build a button-controled (de)briefing which shows a video on the last slide.
  3. Is it already possible to pass information from the briefing to the mission? I don't think I ever saw this implemented apart from the starter-location selection. TDM is currelently in early dev, maybe a bit soon to start implementing in missions? I think it's better to wait for beta, so no changes will be done to the system.
  4. Hm after testing: This does actually work fine. Both in DR and in tdm. I guess there's no point in specifing the model path, because then it only works on one specific func_static.
  5. Could you store that somewhere? For example in Github. I'm learning Godot at the moment and might be interested in this in the future.
  6. Is it possble to make skins for brushes/patches by conferting them to func_static? Models are func_static when you add them in DR, but in the skin file you reference them with the model name instead of the entity name. When you convert a brush/patch though, it converts it uses a model with the same name as the entity name, so in this case func_static_1 for example. Would it be enough to use that in the skin file? Allthough the wiki article states it's important to add an extension.
  7. Ok I added info about this in on the wiki page: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Creating_Multiple_Skins_For_A_Model
  8. Why would that work? What's in that directory to make it work? Modified missions.tdminfo ?
  9. It would be nice if there was a mod that just did that (giving more filter options) and nothing more. You could even combine it with other mods if you want (since 2.12 supports multiple mods).
  10. SVN is here? https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/ no idea where these files are
  11. Btw. if you are looking into how skins work, I thought it's good to also mention x-rays.
  12. You can confert it to TGA first before editting?
  13. It's strange this is not mentioned on the wiki page.. I do find it logical in program logic. Cool, didn't think of that. I wonder if it's possible to do something like this: skin one_brick_teal_blue { model models/title_models/walls/wooden_frame/straight_frame/* textures/darkmod/plaster/plaster_01 textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_tealblue_dark } So you can make folders of specific models that you can skin in the same way.
  14. Hi quick question: Is it correct that you cannot use a number as the start of a skin-name? Does this apply to all defenition type names, like materials, def, gui, etc. ? I mean, where does this rule apply and where not? I want to make sure before I add info to the wiki. Edit: No answers, so I added the info
  15. I think in Iris. So probably a custom thing from @Wellingtoncrab. I'm personally not sure about those. If there's no stick somewhere, how can you make an arrow out of it? But it's nice they are smaller so it's more flexible for placement and can be hid better.
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