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  1. I might be! That tutorial looks complex but I would have to compare with the equivalent in OpenGL. Even then there's a risk they will both look like complex gibberish to me! There's got to be an advantage though, right? maybe it scales better when you start to get an engine up and running with modern features.
  2. Yes! I really do miss the status thing. Why isn't this pinned yet? @STiFU Have you considered skipping ahead to Vulkan? From what I heard it drops a lot of inconveniences we have been dragging with opengl and dx and is easier to work with. Here's my game project I mentioned in that other topic:
  3. Hah! It already exists! I'm going to move my little game project there. When I sit on my PC.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, the pandemic is making things harder for us It's just the two of us taking care of a newborn and maintaining the apartment, all the time every day, no external help whatsoever. My wife is also a very social person so the isolation hits her particularly hard. I look forward to become a grandpa!
  5. Sometimes I just want to come here and say stuff like "hah, how about those biscotti biscuits, eh? Tried for the first time and my mind was blown into a million tiny biscobits. They're pretty good! also, I'm a dad now. anyway, bye" But I feel a new topic would be too strong, and I'm not yet sold on the Discord. I was an avid IRC user in the past (where I met my current wife, btw) but even so discord still doesn't work for me, I don't know. So yeah, I am a dad now! that is actually a thing. He looks like me and is very tiny and I love him. Also, the easiest personality to raise a child I've ever seen! this is baby easy mode, for sure. He barely screams and cries and just generally makes my life happier. The day before he was born I was super insecure and afraid. Would I love him? would I raise him well? as soon as I held him I knew that if anything happened to him I would murder an entire football team with my bare hands and then kill myself. As grim as that sounds this is actually a good thing. Also, a good use for this topic is for all of us to dump our TDM-unrelated game dev projects! I decided to make a game for the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for the Americans). It's a grid platformer akin to Flashback, prince of persia, blackthorne and others. I reject the term "cinematic platformer"; I think it's silly. But, brushing aside nostalgia, the only things I like about those games is the animation, obviously, and the grid snapping. There is potential for strategic gameplay in grid-based games and I think those games I mentioned should have focused less on precision platforming and more on semi puzzle gameplay. So I'm making it a stealth game! I don't think Mega Drive has any of those yet. Having some fun with debug logs: I have currently 4 game dev projects, which I cycle through periodically, but this is my main obsession right now.
  6. Hello! I don't think we ever interacted that much but you are definitely a familiar name, and I also have been away from this forum for many years now. Every now and then I come to the off-topic to talk about other games
  7. @kingsalBesides finding the original files, is there anything I can do to help? I've been away from 3d art for a while; mainly just the occasional sculpting. Let me know.
  8. Oh that is odd. I don't think my inbox is full, I never get messages. But I did get a notification for this mention! it only took me a few days to notice it because I'm not here as often as I did a few years ago. Anyway, spring also asked me about the original source files a while ago too but they seem to be lost now, unfortunately. At this point I would just start over.
  9. Since the topic is the future if TDM and possible features, I have always argued investing on more creation tools would pay off. The editor is a great tool but it's very dry; sort of what a studio would use, because they don't want to spend too much on tools and the level designers are getting paid so the tool doesn't have to be perfect anyway. I get that it's because TDM came from Thief FM community and they want a similar editor. But the more accessible and fun to use the editor is the more people will be making missions, the more missions the better etc. Maybe there's a simple compromise somewhere, because making an editor with that level of accessibility is pretty hard. Like the ability to import maps made in other editors so people from other mod communities have an easier time getting into TDM while at the same time taking leverage from other editors with unique features. Maybe import from Unreal editor or even unity. From Unity it might be easier to write an exporter! You know what, I'll look into that.
  10. Just wanted to congratulate the ones involved in this new update. Looks awesome! In a game with so much dark areas, some form of occlusion lighting was a much needed feature to make geometry in the dark more readable and attractive.
  11. Diego


    So, here's my impression. You know how The Dark Project is a great game but it has some roughness to it? Then Metal Age took the basic formula from TDP and tweaked the level design to make it more stealthy, less monsters, less combat etc. I think Gloomwood is offering another 'solution' to TDP's shortcomings. It's doubling down on the horrors and supernatural and just giving Garrett guns.
  12. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    Yes. Everyone go play that game! To think when I first started this topic it was because: Now it pretty much won every game of the year award, and deserved every single one.
  13. Diego


    I just played the demo too. I enjoyed it! I was a little skeptical of the pitch 'thief with a gun' but it was a pretty fun demo. I tried ghosting in the normal difficulty and there is only one point it seems impossible to achieve because every enemy becomes alerted and knows exactly where you are. It's when you get the thingie surrounded by crowmen; the elevator sounds an alarm. Other than that it can be played pretty much like a thief game. Then I played it on the hardest setting. That really did not feel like playing a thief game at all; too many deadlock guard configurations requiring violence. But resources are so scarce and enemies so overpowered that it didn't really play like a shooter either. Not sure what the appeal there is. BTW, www.thiefwithguns.com redirects to gloomwood's steam page
  14. I'm glad I influenced someone into playing a game I like Glad you're enjoying it. Also Yes.
  15. No review can really do this game justice. It is outrageously clever. Either the review will sell the game short or it will spoil its best bits, for reasons that only become evident after you play the game.
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