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  1. Since the topic is the future if TDM and possible features, I have always argued investing on more creation tools would pay off. The editor is a great tool but it's very dry; sort of what a studio would use, because they don't want to spend too much on tools and the level designers are getting paid so the tool doesn't have to be perfect anyway. I get that it's because TDM came from Thief FM community and they want a similar editor. But the more accessible and fun to use the editor is the more people will be making missions, the more missions the better etc. Maybe there's a simple compromise somewhere, because making an editor with that level of accessibility is pretty hard. Like the ability to import maps made in other editors so people from other mod communities have an easier time getting into TDM while at the same time taking leverage from other editors with unique features. Maybe import from Unreal editor or even unity. From Unity it might be easier to write an exporter! You know what, I'll look into that.
  2. Just wanted to congratulate the ones involved in this new update. Looks awesome! In a game with so much dark areas, some form of occlusion lighting was a much needed feature to make geometry in the dark more readable and attractive.
  3. Diego


    So, here's my impression. You know how The Dark Project is a great game but it has some roughness to it? Then Metal Age took the basic formula from TDP and tweaked the level design to make it more stealthy, less monsters, less combat etc. I think Gloomwood is offering another 'solution' to TDP's shortcomings. It's doubling down on the horrors and supernatural and just giving Garrett guns.
  4. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    Yes. Everyone go play that game! To think when I first started this topic it was because: Now it pretty much won every game of the year award, and deserved every single one.
  5. Diego


    I just played the demo too. I enjoyed it! I was a little skeptical of the pitch 'thief with a gun' but it was a pretty fun demo. I tried ghosting in the normal difficulty and there is only one point it seems impossible to achieve because every enemy becomes alerted and knows exactly where you are. It's when you get the thingie surrounded by crowmen; the elevator sounds an alarm. Other than that it can be played pretty much like a thief game. Then I played it on the hardest setting. That really did not feel like playing a thief game at all; too many deadlock guard configurations requiring violence. But resources are so scarce and enemies so overpowered that it didn't really play like a shooter either. Not sure what the appeal there is. BTW, www.thiefwithguns.com redirects to gloomwood's steam page
  6. I'm glad I influenced someone into playing a game I like Glad you're enjoying it. Also Yes.
  7. No review can really do this game justice. It is outrageously clever. Either the review will sell the game short or it will spoil its best bits, for reasons that only become evident after you play the game.
  8. It's that time of the year where I come here to recommend a game that really blew my mind and I wish more people would play it. Lair of the clockwork god on Steam This is from the creators of Ben there Dan that and Time gentlemen, please. Lair of the clockwork god is, at its core, a point and click adventure game. Except the gimmick is that it's also a platformer. You can control either character at any time, one wants to be a platformer the other is still clinging to the point and click genre. OK, so the gimmick is just a hook and it fades to the background quickly; that's not why I recommend it, I recommend it because the game itself is just utterly brilliant and hilarious. It made me laugh out loud many times. And the cleverness of the puzzles made my jaw drop many times. It's hard to take someone's word for it, but it's harder to give examples without spoiling the game. It was launched recently but I already think it has been criminally overlooked and underrated.
  9. Diego


    I really don't know much about it. I follow the dev on twitter and that's my source of info. They made DUSK, a FPS inspired by 90s shooters (blood seems to be a specific influence), and Gloomwood seems to be the same but for Thief.
  10. Diego


    Hey! How's everyone doing? Found this neat project in development by the dev on twitter, called Gloomwood. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves: http://gloomwood.com/press/ The dev's twitter: https://twitter.com/Jollyrogers99 . I'm surprised there isn't a topic about it yet here, because he's most definitely part of the thief community! Anyway, I really like it. It's cool to see people embracing dated visuals as if it was by design. It wasn't, we know, but it has its merits besides nostalgia, in my opinion.
  11. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    I know they'll probably improve it as it gets better, but right now epic store is pretty simplistic! The store is a bunch of icons representing games, you click on it and the game page has some screenshots, description and a button to purchase it. No discussions, no reviews, no stats, no favorite feature etc. And no cart either! can't buy two games at the same time yet. BUT it is just a store and works as intended About the time loop duration, 22 minutes is rather short in my opinion too. But it was probably hard to find this specific number when developing, because so many things in the game are event based (hope this isn't considered spoiler) that they must have had a good reason to choose it. BTW, I finished the game and it's pretty damn fantastic! I can't stop gushing about it. It's smart, it's cute, it's original..
  12. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    It's not similar at all, I think. It looks like a space sim but besides flying a spaceship, there's not much more in common with space sims. The reason I brought up Obra Dinn is because playing it felt much more similar. It's about investigating the history of this system, piecing together a narrative. Since you're stuck in a time loop you don't even care that much about where you land or how much damage the ship takes. Just leave it anywhere, go investigate the planet for 20 minutes and it all restarts. Most of the time, at least.
  13. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    I was ready to use my mouse and keyboard when a splash screen suggested a controller. I don't like controllers for first person games but I went with it because usually flight simulators are better with analog controls. At the end I was playing both the spaceship and the FPS parts with the controller. I can think of some parts where you really want fine control over thrusters, but I haven't tried mouse and keyboard to tell you how well it works.
  14. Diego

    Outer Wilds

    I mentioned this game in a Sotha topic about horror games a few years ago. When I played the demo back then I knew this was going to be something special so I backed its Fig campaign, and now it's finally released. Here's the veredict: It's good, youguys. Like, really, really good. I think it might be my new favorite game of all time. My expectations were high and it still blew my mind. People are always complaining about the games industry but I'll tell you one thing, the frequency I'm getting blown away by new games seems to be increasing lately. After I played Return of the Obra Dinn I was not expecting something like this to come so soon. And before that the games that still linger in my mind are Papers, Please, Portal, and Thief. See the gap between Thief and Portal? I hope I'm entering a yearly cycle of amazing games. Anyway, I thought I'd plug it here seeing how this game isn't getting the attention it deserves. Here's the description from their site: This may seem nothing like Obra Dinn but they have some fundamental similarities. Some people are calling these kinds of games "information games", where the point is to learn stuff. For example, if the objective of a game is to find out the murderer and kill him but you start right next to him, in theory you could finish the game in 10 seconds, but exploring and learning that information is the game. In Outer Wilds you play in 20 minute loops, each iteration keeps nothing from the previous loop. You gain no upgrades, no keys, nothing is persistent, you just accumulate knowledge in your regular brain (ok, the game does save information in a computer terminal inside the game but that's the only compromise it makes). So when you finally beat the game it will be a sequence of things you do within these 20 minutes, which you could have done at any moment if you knew what you were doing. Right now it's available on Epic and Xbox. And you should be playing it.
  15. Heyall It's been a while since I showed my face around here. Even though I haven't been playing TDM or been involved in its development in any way, I always felt somewhat welcome in this community. So hello there! o/ Here's a fun article: https://theconversation.com/how-we-found-the-source-of-the-mystery-signals-at-the-dish-41523 If the "wow signal" has a similar story I will be deeply disappointed.
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