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  1. @stgatilov Yes. However the original map is 54MB, 7038 entities. Which is why I moved on to TDM v2.10. It has 200+ new textures with many covering sealing brushes so without those it won't dmap without a box around it. But since it's the error you're interested in, I erased all I could while still leaving the error. Which left me with error.map, attached, 85KB. It has one horse (horses are .... finicky) and 4 clip brushes, either of which I delete removes the error. In this map, at any rate. Removing the horse from the 54MB original doesn't work, but removing the clip brushes doe
  2. With dev build TDM 2.10/64 #9406 I get the warning: during compiling AAS... WARNING:brush 0 on entity 1114636288 is unbounded. That warning makes no sense to me. The brushes and entities near the coordinate location haven't been touched in ages. Of course there is no such entity and I've had different entity numbers 1.1 billion, 1.2 billion, ... I don't get that warning with stable build TDM 2.09/64 #9108 eta: After only vaguely isolating the problem area, I reverted to 2.09 and problem solved, or at least the appearance of a solution. However with thinking cap on I doub
  3. I hadn't looked at dev builds until yesterday. First thing I noted, of course, was the new frob highlight. I like it. A lot. Several frobables that didn't show up before are now clearly shown. An irongate.ase frobable that was difficult to see or even find thru' all the fence gaps is now clearly shown. A quick check through my whole map found nothing but improved visuals and gameplay. It makes it easier to select and pick up entities, esp. when some are close together.
  4. Thanks, joebarnin. Yes, your fire-hurt setup works like a charm and I'll be using it in several places now. The setup I was having a problem with required directly targeting the trigger_hurt on/off from a trigger_multiple, and also from a func_static set frobable. The triggers also set other actions, doors, removed entities. In my recent test map it seems that a trigger_once works to toggle it, a second trigger_once will toggle it back, and I suppose that a third would do the same. However, a trigger_multiple doesn't work at all (in my test setup at any rate), not even once. My i
  5. As per title. trigger_hurt has a spawnarg "on" with values 1 or 0, so at map start will be on or off, and in game it may be triggered off or on, respectively. But only once. I've found no way to allow the thing to be toggled again. It goes "off->on", but won't go "off->on->off". This, although to my untutored eyes it seems like everything's there for the usual toggleable entity, just like a switchable light. But that the original coder for trigger_hurt went the extra distance and "fixed" this by disabling the toggle after a single use. Is there a way to get around th
  6. A footnote to my posts re. difficulties with teleporting AI and pathing. My aim is to teleport in reinforcements to both sides of an ongoing battle, with the reinforcements teleported to areas well away from the battle and ordered to take paths toward it, only then to react and join the fight. I did tests to ensure that those areas are distant enough so visual and sound alerts can't reach. The paths are taken if the AI isn't teleported in - and the AI join the battle. But AI teleported in are pre-alerted to everything happening in the location provided by the info_location, even if
  7. No, I've never used a trigger_random. So far, all my changetargets have been from loop to loop to terminate, the several AI being separately triggered to pace around their own distinct paths. I haven't incorporated RIT yet.
  8. Hi destined. Yes, this is strange AI behavior, but I had nothing much to do for awhile so re dmap'ed the test area over and over trying to figure it out. Nope, the AI only targeted one path_corner. I have to go out now but I could attach the .map file later (only 280 lines) after reproducing that configuration. I experimented with giving the paths the "chance" spawnarg but there were no results relevant to what I wanted the AI to do, which is, port in and immediately start one exact path to a destination - after which all hell breaks loose. I know that "chance" works when doing what
  9. @datiswous Pathing teleported AI is a legitimate topic. If you can't see the questions that I've been addressing in my test maps, leading to my post, that isn't really my problem. There's no way I can know what the experts on S/R, scripting and pathing might contribute to expand my understanding, if they should feel motivated.
  10. Is there any protocol for gabbing about what one has discovered, when experimenting with getting something to work in TDM? I guess so long as I'm polite, people aren't forced to read it... I've been trying to get some teleported AI to follow paths, so created a small test map for the purpose. One thing I hadn't seen mentioned is that the test map requires that some AI (dummyAI) already be in the test area of the map at start. It can't be in a sealed room or a room that it can't exit from - it has to be able to access the test area where the teleport and paths are. Otherwise nothi
  11. You mean the far wall with the tdm low_brick_wall_old tex. It's a func_static but you're right, very monotonous - just a long rectangle. I guess I just got used to it, so left it, having so much else to work on. Your observation is noted, it'll be fixed up. Here's a closeup of the grass edge. I tried following Sotha's tutorial on building an edged road, but have my difficulties following arbitrary corners and meanderings. I used the standard tdm grass_edge texture, but since there wasn't one for grass4 I swapped the grass4 diffuse for one in Fidcal's material defs. As you can see, t
  12. Having a beer at the bier outside the barn at the farm. My WIP will probably go by the name 'Lucy'. It's too large to be a first FM. The architecture is the easy part, and even that's very difficult to learn. I'm only now getting an inkling as to what goes into "building vertically" - so my FM is flat. Couldn't be flatter if it were steamrolled. But then there's lighting, audio, scripting, building a captivating immersive story... The architecture is getting close to finished. Or so I tell myself. The main plot, the core objectives, several optional side trips, are set
  13. It appears that if I bind the ragdoll to anything, e.g. an apple or hook, nothing to do with the func_mover, loading a save will crash the game. Following lophyte's tutorial, after binding I used the property 'bindConstraint name1' with the value 'ballAndSocket waist Hips' Is that a mistake? EDIT TO ADD - I think I solved it. Yes, the problem is binding with the property/value above. The last line of lophyte's script is to unbind the ragdoll, so it'll drop to floor rather than hang in the air stuck to the mover at the movepoint entity. A save after that followed by
  14. I followed lophyte's 'flying corpse' Doom 3 tutorial and it worked perfectly. ragdoll (marauder1) bound to func_mover (thrower1), aimed at func_static (movepoint1) on other side of a func_fracture window with health=0. trigger_once calls corpse_move1, which is lophyte's script copy/pasted w. name changes: void corpse_move1 () { $thrower1.time(.4); $thrower1.moveTo ( $movepoint1 ); sys.waitFor ($thrower1); $marauder1.unbind(); } The ragdoll flies thru' window, breaking it, and falls to ground (as per last line in script). Yippee! So simple, for on
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