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  1. @datiswous I haven't yet tried out the high end performance. Always so far it's been dumbed down by the lower end samsung monitor interface. I've got some cognitive problems setting this up, so perhaps this'll take about a month or so to get past that. It's a bitch.
  2. @datiswous @vozka I recently upgraded from my old geforce 1060 desktop to an azus rog strix scar something or other with a 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900H 2.50 GHz with 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable) RAM and an Intel Geforce 1080Ti card of which I'm unsure of exact values but must be fairly high. I also upgraded to a 55 inch samsung 4K monitor. I instantly noticed a huge increase in brightness of my WIP. When using the 55 inch monitor I'm forced to a 1920 x 1080 resolution with no bells and whistles. No HDR. I haven't tried playing with the 55 inch monitor turned off and the strix scar in native mode. Noticing these huge differences for the first time I wonder what the best guideline would be for correcting lighting for all or most darkmod gameplay?
  3. @vozka vozka thank you for this excellent review. I'm sorry to say I can't give much of a reply as I'm suffering severe health and cognitive problems. Most likely this is temporary but for now I'm in a fix.
  4. I didn't wonder about it for a second! But an amusing troll. I was hoping that his "item_respawn.ini" script, recoded as a .dll, would be workable so I could download it and use it in my WIP. I'd like to use it on keys, which my WIP should have a shitload of. I could set a random item respawn time on the keys, have the keys respawn in random and difficult to find places, and target the doors to relock when the keys are respawned!
  5. 22 keys. That's a lot, yes, but it's a large mission and locking unpickable doors was one of the only ways available to control the players movements. In comparison, Briarwood Manor, a much smaller mission, has 9 keys. Imagine that! The mission I'm currently working on has zero keys, so far. It may not need any!
  6. *&rT!!!! My apologies! I'd never have played on and completed the mission with that on my screen. It's a known problem. It's very similar problem to the one where a player opens a chest and can't frob the contents because, as the chest door is opening but before it's fully opened the player hit frob again, messing up the "target set frobable" entity put inside the chest to protect the contents being frobbed before the chest is opened. On all the doors with a message "needs X key" I put a delay on refrobbing the door so the door can fully open before the player is allowed to frob it again. This gives time for all the triggers and relays and so on to do their work, removing the message permanently. However I missed putting the delay on the junk room door. That'll be fixed when I get the motivation to do an update. Thanks for your report on the problem.
  7. I don't think so. It fits the desired conclusion while leaping right over any distracting ideas that the conclusion might not be right. What you describe is an emulator. You look at it from a consumer perspective - as in a Turing test situation where the machine passes the test when in a short blind run an "evaluator" can't tell the difference between human and machine. We have bots right now that can pass such a "test" as "evaluated" by millions of internet users. That doesn't make the bots capable of thinking, intuition, creativity or even anything in the same ball park. Most bots seem to be run by assholes. So, who runs an authoritative test of that sort? Beyond an "I think therefore I am" declaration, individual humans can't even prove that other consciousness's exist. That's the nature of subjectivity, awareness, and ultimately of thinking, intuition, creativity. Who decided that thinking, intuition and creativity (as emulated by a machine) should imitate e.g. Glenham Tower or some other human inspired art, perhaps pumping out thousands of similar FMs that all have (according to your desired conclusion, stated at the start) the same mark of inspiration and execution? What's the motivation of the machine? I don't go along with the other conclusion OrbWeaver asserts as fact - that connections of neurons in the human brain are somehow similar to the hard electric connections of silicon chips flipping on/off and hence that the brain, and subsequently thinking, intuition,..., are likewise the same, or will be when the hardware and software is ramped up. I don't think so. On the other hand, I'm not so dubious that bio engineering of the kind producing (thinking) Blade Runner replicants will soon enough be possible. I think that's a different concept, though.
  8. "There is no magic, there is no "soul"." Picasso's Guernica. Anything by Klee. I agree with chakkman and I don't think he's making an argument for the existence of a "soul" or "magic", but rather for natural causes. Humans are living creatures and product of eons of evolution and with it comes biological imperatives, to live, to propagate and to protect and provide for ones offspring and ones community. Math logic is a wonderful invention but almost by definition it is mindless. It's a tool. A magnificent tool. A few days ago I replayed Sotha's Glenham Tower. I played it years ago and forgot all the details - just a memory that it was good bookmarked in my skull as being an FM had "it". My replay was just as immersive as the first playthrough even though my memory prompted me to anticipate as I played along. I'm unsure if I used any of the ammo. Anyway I rate this FM as being close to perfect. I tend to be generous in my reviews and there are several FMs that I rate that high. I think it shows a skill that's beyond my own abilities. But what is that skill? How can I know what it is, since it's beyond me? I can deconstruct the map and recreate the gameplay along different lines, throwing in glitz like volumetric lights and so on, and come up with something unspeakable. By proceeding that way, no matter what kind of glitz I throw in, what kind of diversions and filler, what kind of joy all this copy/pasting gives me, I'm not matching the "skill" that went into making Glenham.
  9. This is the problem, then. She's sitting (at the table) at her first path corner which says to sit 7 seconds then get up and walk to the horse, wait 5 seconds then turn back to sit at the table 7 secs, then repeat. Dropping the letter in the box will trigger the "follow Gwyneth" message and it will reset the path corner at the horse so it now points to a path corner at the box, which Gwyneth will now go to and then be directed on a new path sequence. Since Gwyneth is immobile at the table, she isn't following the horse/table path in the first place so can't be redirected. You're well into the FM at this point having even completed some optional manor objectives (the skulls) so it bothers me that you're stuck here! I haven't a clue how to fix your playthrough except you can try one thing. Make sure to save your savegames! Then delete your AT1: Lucy's quest FM folder and redownload the FM from the in-game updater. Now load your savegames and see if Gwyneth is moving along the path. If she's moving on her path, drop the letter in the box. If you've already dropped it before the savegame, pick it up and drop it again. That probably won't work, tho'. My guess is that Gwyneth will still be immobile, the savegame saving that state. (the overwritten message "follow Gwyneth" is just bad timing for the message on my part)
  10. Dropping the "sealed" letter from Aeden to Gwyneth in the box should trigger the critical events. The instruction "follow Gwyneth" appears after you drop it. Gwyneth doesn't react instantly. Her short patrol back and forth from the table to the horse in the barn will now be changed. When she next reaches the horse (which takes more or less time depending on where she was on the path when you dropped the sealed letter) she'll be redirected to go to the drop box, bend down to reach in and then stand for a second or two, after which she'll run out of the barn, through the kitchen area and out the back and then over to the fire near the gazebo. She'll go through various animations, call several other farmworkers for a conference, and when the show is over some stuff will be left on the nearby table: more water arrows, a key, a couple special "Airmid's water" (2 minute timespan - more powerful than "holy water" as it always kills undead with one hit), and a note. If this isn't happening after you drop the right note in the drop-box then there's a glitch of some kind that I haven't a clue how to fix.
  11. There's only one way to go after you rattled the blocked grate to that workshop (there's no way in there yet). Turn around, there's an exit grate-door right there!! Exit the ducts through that grate-door.
  12. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Console_Useful_Controls Open console with "CTRL + ALT + ~" When the console screen comes up type "noclip" and hit escape. To exit noclip mode open console and type "noclip" again. To make this more automatic do this: Create a text file called "autocommands.cfg" in the TDM root folder and put in the line seta com_allowConsole 1 Now when TDM starts the console can be opened by simply typing "~" (or without the shift just "`"). Better yet, in autocommands.cfg also include the lines bind F7 notarget bind F8 noclip and then you can just toggle noclip and notarget on/off in game.
  13. That's odd. Nobody else has reported that problem and I've never encountered it. Are you sure the dungeon key is selected when you try to frob the door? If all else fails and you don't have a good savegame to restart from (TDM has two quicksave backup slots) you can open the console and type 'noclip', clip past the door then type 'noclip' again to toggle it off. For this one time use this cheat won't break the game - and since you did grab the key off Scarletbotham's belt it isn't really a cheat. Apologies for this but I don't know the cause of your problem and can't fix it. What's the url of the video of the gameplay? eta: I found the video playthrough by Boy Lag. It's brutal listening to the critique. Yet I have to say, I think the critique is excellent. It's also eye opening to watch someone else play the FM.
  14. After exiting the vents to the Hoppie area you can't go back that way. You can't climb back up the vents. This shouldn't block your game as there's no reason to go back that way. If you missed any loot, which is likely as some is well hidden, you can get it later by using other routes that open up. But at this point in your playthrough I suggest just continuing to play the FM.
  15. @snatcher Hey thanks for the upbeat reaction! It's all for fun
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