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  1. I think I could start using and learning from this editor immediately. Writing materials by hand, which for me is largely copy/paste/editing to serve the purpose good enough, leaves a messy result requiring a tedious rewriting fix. Time better spent learning how to use such an editor. Looking forward to it. Thanks.
  2. 30. I expected some, but yipes! I think near all of them were caused by my twitchy fingers and forgetting to check if "rotate" is active. The bulk of them were from before I figured out that cloneselection works but doesn't offset when "rotate" active. At first I just figured it didn't work at all... Anyway thanks jonri, greebo and all the TDM superstars for making the most fun games tool I've ever played with.
  3. @Destined Yes, I'd be most grateful if you post your script. Your method opens the door to whole new possible scenarios in a storyline. Sounds a bit like finding a valvewheel, transporting it across the map to the broken gate, snapping it in place and voila, the gate works! edit to add: thanks for the script!
  4. Thanks Jack! I copied the format for ""Two entities are in the same radius of each other" in Heart of St. Mattis and, for two readables and two locations it worked! A major step forward, that! Also in my WIP I had a separate atdm:target_addobjectives_N for every new objective N, so I changed over to your way of doing it with just the one atdm:target_addobjectives containing the entire list 1,2,...,N. Much better. It still doesn't work for the func_static I put in an atdm:moveable_base cover. As I said, this droppable item worked when dropped into an info_location target - but only
  5. Hi JackFarmer, I didn't realize that the 'info_location' objective was a known bug. The wiki directs mappers to use 'info_location' because 'location' is broken and for some reason google searches on problems with 'info_location' didn't show anything. But good to know! I've been tearing my hair out. I wonder about existing maps using multiple 'info_location' and/or 'location', whether they're all broken? I've tried "two entities in a radius" and so far haven't got it to work. Even once. So I put experimenting on that aside, going nuts trying to figure out my mistakes with the others
  6. I've been building a rather large fm, no doubt more than I can handle (but it's fun and DarkRadiant is amazing!): brushes 17000, patches 8700, entities 5650. Perhaps I've overloaded the system and have to break it into 2 linked parts, which would require rethinking the storyline so each part has a definite start/middle/conclusion. Still, it's smaller than The Painter's Wife in all respects. Anyhow, I've run into problems setting objectives "item is in info_location". I'd earlier wasted time trying to get "item is in location" to work and finally gave up, shortly before a bug was
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