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  1. I really have to get more into the parallelism capabilities of std. I knew about std::transform etc., but so far I never had an application that required multithreading where using this made sense. Also, most of the time, I find using openMP or IPP much easier/quicker and it is also supported by VS2005, which we somehow still have to support (at work) for many of our modules... However, std::async somehow completely slipped through my web. Interesting concept.
  2. I am a big fan of GIT, but a colleague recently ran into an issue that lead me to question everything I thought I knew about GIT. Maybe some of the GIT-Gurus on this forum can shed some light into this issue. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68557395/why-does-this-git-merge-not-result-in-conflicts
  3. I thought the same thing, but I figured I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's see if he shows up again.
  4. You consider "three weeks in advance" last minute? Can't help you with that makeup, 'though, sorry. And regarding that Quadro card: You are kidding, right? Quadro-Cards are not really meant for regular consumers. They are used primarily for general purpose GPU-computing, i.e., heavy number crunching tasks. If you've really got that much money to spare, just get an Geforce RTX 3090.
  5. Music is usually too distracting for me while coding. That being said, before Corona, when I still worked at the office instead of at home, I still listened to music occasionally when my colleagues were too loud. The type of music depends on my current mood, but I generally lean more towards rather unconventional music or music with incredible audio engineering. When working on creative stuff, I like to listen to music that fits the setting I am trying to achieve.
  6. Gotta love that ashtray-laby moment with the soundtrack. Most astonishing part of the game!!! I am glad you came around to it after all.
  7. Although I am not a mapper, I voted for option 1, as it is consistent with the way models are handled. For models, each vertex stores uv coordinates for a texture. The uv coordinates are normalized to the texture, which means that the upper left corner of the texture is (0,0) and the lower right corner is (1,1), which is independent of the underlying texture resolution. This ensures that using a higher resolution version of the same texture will still look right. Having this methodology also applied to brushes makes sense to me. However, as already pointed out, I am not a mapper, and if this type of processing hinders the workflow of mappers, I guess an option should be implemented that enables users of DR to swap between these texture scaling methods.
  8. Instantly, when I read the topic title and author, I was like "oh no, it's gonna be one of those again". Sorry @Kurshok, but your threads are always hard to follow and borderline hate-speech. Thanks @Destined for taking the time to analyze this thread and calling Kurshok out. I usually just skip these threads these days...
  9. Some details on making things breakable: We also had an internal discussion about natively supporting bashing of doors back in 2010, which I will link for reference, but as it is an internal discussion, there is no public access to it. To summarize, it was decided to not go forward with this, as it adds nothing to the gameplay of TDM.
  10. Not entirely true. Sure, Grayman did a ton of work on AI, but we had working AI even before Grayman took up the Job, you know. And how would you even go about identifying all the features of our AI? Would you go study the code? Is that within your capabilities? I generally think our wiki offers all the needed basic information to start working for TDM, 'though. More detailed questions can be asked in the forums. If you feel your question is a rather simple question related to Dark Radiant, we have a thread for that, otherwise, create a new topic for it and ask away. Some things may be impossible to answer right of the bat and might need some exploring. Regarding your other questions: 1: Not really sure about the maximum number of weapons, but I do wonder why you even have that question. Do you intend to create a mod of TDM with tons of weapons? 2: There is no limit, as Orbweaver already pointed out. 3: It is possible. You'd have to setup a custom readable GUI for that. 4 and 5: I can't check myself right now, as I am at work, but you can always try to find cvars in the console via autocomplete or even the listcvars command. 6: No clue. I am stilling trying to make sense of what you want to achieve with this topic. Are you just curious, or do you plan on creating somehing with TDM?
  11. STiFU

    Doom 3 Sequel?

    Doom 3 was OK, I even replayed it with some nice graphics mods a few months ago, but I eventually lost interest. However, it doesn't come close to how much I loved Doom 2016 and especially Doom Eternal! DE on nightmare (highest difficulty, but no perma-death) taught me so many skills and took my shooter gameplay on a whole new level. Incredible game!!
  12. Is there any use porting it to TDM, though? I assume you will need a modern graphics card to even run this new feature and modern graphics cards can very well run TDM in maxed out settings in any resolution you want, sooooo.... ^^
  13. STiFU

    Free games

    Also, next up is Overcooked 2 on Epic. Overcooked 1 was awesome in couch coop and there will eventually be a time, where we can actually enjoy couch coop with friends again, so I am definitely gonna get that game!
  14. STiFU

    Free games

    Control free on Epic right now. If you own an RTX-graphics card, this is one of the most beautiful implementations of raytracing to date. Sound is also incredible and I genuinely loved the game, although I know not everyone around the forums is such a huge fan, but considering it's - you know - free....
  15. Please move this to a private discussion directly with @peter_spy, if you two intend to follow up on this. It really IS off-topic.
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