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  1. I guess it's up to you to ignore it then. I've known many of the people around these forums for well over 15 years now, so I like to know what's going on in their lives.
  2. Sundered is like Dead Cells with cooler visuals, but some camera problems and doesn't give you the long-term motivation like Dead Cells does. I never finished Sundered, I simply lost interest somewhere along the line. However, since it's free, it's definitely worth checking out. If it's either play this or Dead Cells, I would definitely reommend the latter though.
  3. The art-direction in this game is absolutely marvellous. Just for that, this game is 100% worthwhile. There were so many places where I thought to myself "Damn, why can't we just import this to Dark Radiant and play TDM in it". A special example for TDM-inclusion was the monastery you enter quite at the beginning.
  4. STiFU

    Outer Wilds

    With work and the newborn, there is very little time to play these days. So, I was looking for a game you can play for short durations without being totally casual. "The Outer Wilds" might be just perfect. You are trapped in a 22-minute time-loop leading to a supernova that you have to prevent. I tried it yesterday and it got me really excited. It is what "No Mans Sky" should have been from the start, but without the crafting and random world generation. Your task is to prevent the supernova, but you can also do numerous other quests. Quest-progression is not reset by the time-loop. When you enter your spacecraft, you can walk around inside it and enter the cockpit to start flying away. The flying mechanics are technologically interesting, but simple enough to be accessible. On my first exploration, I just flew into space, did a spacewalk with the provided space-suit and observed the supernova from there. I don't know, this game somehow makes me feel like a child again, thinking about my next explorations.
  5. Couldn't resist...
  6. Here in Germany, you get up to 12 months of paid parental leave, where you receive 67% of your usual income. You can get 2 more years of unpaid parental leave, if you want. I registered for 7 months in total, to support my gf in finishing her studies.
  7. Bummer, today's the last day of my parental leave after my first kid was born six weeks ago. Working again will be exhausting and I'll also miss that little guy.
  8. I kind of miss our old status-bar on the right, where you could casually share what's on your mind or what is happening in your life right now. So, I figured, let's just start a thread for that. Let's get this started...
  9. Thanks and don't forget to "Toss a Coin to your Witcher".
  10. Does Epic continue to give away games in 2020? I figured the 2 week day-by-day game-give-away was the final of this procedure, but apparently, now there's Darksiders 1 & 2 and Steep on offer for a week, so it seems they continue this. By the way, loved Dark Siders 1, back in the days, but Dark Siders 2 was kind of boring design-wise, as it plays mostly in the desert. The best is Dark Siders 3, however.
  11. I don't understand. "Glass canon" in the sense that you don't pick up any prayer beads so you don't get more vitality etc.? I was talking about the
  12. I hope some of you guys got this game. I already had it, but it's absolutely excellent!!
  13. In phases two to four, basically all heavy attacks are spear thrusts, so all you have to do is to press and hold Dodge in the direction of the evemy to pull off the mikiri counter. You can practice it at the temple. I never learned how to distinguish a spear sweep from a thrust though, so for other enemies that do b both types, I almost always just try to dodge heavy attacks. If all else fails, get all parts of the mask, which will make your incredibly overpowered towards the end.
  14. I hadn't played Sekiro before DS, so no need to master the latter, I guess. As I said, the fighting style is also not really related, so having mastered DS does not give you a huge advantage.
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