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  1. We are taking our son on his very first holiday trip to see the sea for the first time. 🙂 Will be back in a week.

  2. Shouldn't the old sound slowly fade out, eventually resolving this issue?
  3. I just watched this interesting talk on how an indie studio implemented DevOps processes to increase their software quality and productivity. There's some really good advice in there, so I wanted to share it with whomever interested.
  4. No problem. Just please bear in mind that these "internal backups" won't save you from fire-/water-/lightning-hazards, so you might want to consider some remote backup solution.
  5. I have just played a little bit of Unreal 1 just for the giggles. It's been 23 years or so since my last visit to Na'Pali and that game was the first game I played on my first very own PC. Man, that game looked awesome back in the day. And I have to say, to some degree, it still does. The lightmaps, lensflares and detail textures all work really well to hide the age of the game. The low poly count not so much, however!
  6. Live the idea of the contest!! Very good! Nbohr's posts always look like this these days and I always wonder how he does it. @nbohr1more do you write your posts in some other editor and perform manual linebreaks (and maybe even have different lineendings than what the forum expects)? Edit: I just copy pasted the post to notepad++ and enabled showing of whitespace characters. What are you doing there mate?
  7. I know that feeling. About 15 years ago, I had been working on a TDS map for 3/4 of a year. I lost it all due to a HDD crash, and as young and naive as I was, I did not have any backups. I was devastated! It was so demotivating that I never started mapping again... That tough lesson gave me absolute data paranoia. So nowadays, I do a shitload of backups. The really important stuff, like code, source files and photos, go into the cloud. Less important stuff or files too big for cloud storage (like uncut raw travel video files) are backupped to a separate physical HDD (NOT a separate partition on the same HDD!!). For this, I use the programm "Allway Sync", which can perform automated backups when the PC is idle or whenever file changes were detected. Now I feel fairly confident that I will not lose data again. Every now and then I get an anxious feeling that my software setup might not be working anymore as intended, so I check that everything is working. I really am paranoid in this regard. BTW, for mapping etc. it might also make sense to use some form of version control, like SVN or GIT (with LFS). The latter is a bit more complex to learn, but has the advantage that you don't have to setup a server.
  8. We have too many new frob shader threads. I count 2 public and 2 internal.
  9. STiFU

    Free games

    "Yoku's Island Express" is free on Epic right now and I can totally recommend it. This game is a metroidvania, jump'n'run, pinball-game and this interesting combination of gameplay mechanics is a ton of fun. It is single-player, but it is still enjoyable to play this together by hot-seating. It is also family-friendly, so you could enjoy it with your kids or life partner or whatever. I played it a few years ago with my gf when we were on a holiday trip to Crete. We had some bad-weather-days, so we played this game, and it instantly lightened the mood with it's chill and positive soundtrack and holiday-like athmosphere.
  10. I kind of dislike these supposedly-funny cartoony games and your post now eliminated even the smallest chance of giving this game a shot. Better go play the magnificent Outer Wilds!
  11. STiFU

    Free games

    Such a shame that I just recently replayed quake 2 with mods. The mods already made it look quite decent, but thie version obviously is way better. I just checked it out. I love how you can just change the skybox and it changes the whole scene illumination.
  12. I usually lean into the chest. However, there is one issue with that: The lantern does not move with the player while leaning. So if you need the lantern to see the contents of the chest, you have to crouch-mantle on it, to get a decent light exposure.
  13. I'd rather not hide stuff like that behind general settings, as players would have no clue what this setting actually does. I am also not opposed to just offering configuration of the frob highlight via the menu. After all, one of our aims was to increase accessibility.
  14. If I remember correctly, there is a proper line of sight check in the frob detection. Could there maybe something be wrong with that model? Very suprising finding indeed.
  15. STiFU

    Oh shit.

    Yeah, history has shown that Americans invading Afghanistan really works out great..............
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