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  1. Oh boy, I totally understand how you feel, as the same thing happened to me 15 years ago, when I was working on an FM for TDS. I had lost almost a year of work. It was so demotivating that I never started a mapping project again after that. Good thing you managed better than I to pick yourself up after that.
  2. Finished after 13 hours. Some missions felt really great, although they feel more like a loose collection of FMs rather than an actual story driven campaign. However, there were also a couple of missions, which were really badly designed and rather tedious, most notably the last one. Still, I quite enjoyed the good missions, so I am now looking for more. I also own DTS 1. Alekhine's Gun is not available in Germany, however.
  3. Ah, ok, thanks. But it's actually pretty funny without the fix, so I'll continue without it.
  4. Finally decided to give Death to Spies a shot, as I felt that itch for some espionage. Since this series isn't rated so well, I figured I'll start with part 2, the best rated one, to see if DTS is something for me at all. I am on mission 2. So far it's fun and I love the athmosphere. Feels really authentic when you put on an SS-uniform and then all of a sudden all soldiers shout their nazi-greetings at you. Some of the "German"-signs are pretty funny, 'though. For example, there was one sign that reads "Achtung. Hohe Anstrengung", which is supposed to mean "warning, high voltage", but it
  5. From their website: So, that sounds to me like you accept cookies, when you're using their extension, which is why it is so important to also delete cookies and block trackers.
  6. STiFU

    Free games

    ABZU is on Epic Store. It's a relaxing diving game. As a scubadiver myself, I found it quite nice, but generally, it's not too engaging. When you're feeling down, sick or hung-over, this game is definitely a nice change of pace.
  7. Or you simply agree, but block all trackers and delete all cookies after leaving the site, see my above post.
  8. I am playing Sniper Elite 4 at the moment. It's my first game of the series, so I didn't really know what to expect. It's a rather stealthy game and I really like the idea that enemies slowly triangulate your position, to find out where you (the sniper) are hidden. I Started on "Hard" difficulty, but it was kind of boring because you had that minimap that showed you where all enemies are, whether you have been detected or not, how far enemies can see you etc. Then, I switched to "Hardcore" which thankfully disabled the mini-map, but also the aim-assist. Without the latter, the game is imp
  9. Clicking through multiple layers? Wow, that sounds horrible. I always just use Adblock as well. Just choose one of the black lists for your country and you're done. Some sites can detect adblock, so you'll have to whitelist them, which can be done it two clicks in adblock. I used to use NoScript, which blocked any sort of script executions on websites. That is probably the safest method to surf the web, other than a VM of course, but it is also the most annoying method. As long as you don't browse very dicy sites, I don't think you will need something as strict as NoScript. Nowadays, I on
  10. Finger crossed for a remake of SH 2!!! SH4 kinda blows.
  11. STiFU

    Gaming Novels

    I don't know if you knew, but there is a novel by our @Moonbo accompanying his two FMs. It is definitely enjoyable! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17925104-shadowcursed I once had a novel for the Hitman series (maybe 15 years ago) because I was a huge fan of the old games, back in the day. I never finished that book, 'though. I just am not that much into reading, while there's tons of games waiting to be played.
  12. Looks promising. Whishlisted! Good luck with the development of this game.
  13. Just explore the world, man. I remember, the traveling system felt weird at first, but I'd say the story and character interaction makes up for it. Regarding Terminator: Resistance, isn't that a shooter rather than stealth? I've read mixed reviews about this one.
  14. I'll just copy-paste my steam-review... So, Fidcal, this game is definitely worth sticking around for.
  15. I read somewhere that they don't intend to go xbox-exclusive. Whether they will stick to that statement, that's a whole other story. I for one hope they put some more money into Quake Champions! Such an underrated game!
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