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  1. STiFU

    Doombringer demo

    Well, there have been sooo many really good boomer shooters lately that this one doesn't really stand out much, to be honest. Prodeus (gorgeos and and bloody), Amid Evil (gorgeos and super good / abstract leveldesign), BPM: Bullets Per Minute (innovative game concept), Wrath - Aeon of Ruin, Ion fury, just to name a few...
  2. Not an issue to me. In fact, I would argue that its mechanics would wear out before reaching its finale, so better keep it short and sweet.
  3. I've just finished my second playthrough of Superliminal, this time with developer commentary (which is really good, but not recommended for the 1st playthrough, as it contains major spoilers). Superliminal is a first person puzzle game featuring non-euclidian geometry with a really relaxing sound track and some absolutely incredible level-design ideas!! There are tons of moments in this game, that have you laughing about how ingenious the presented ideas are. The puzzles themselves are mostly rather simple, but this game is more about surprising the player, anyway. If this sounds interes
  4. Hm, I wonder whether you can actually do fire arrow jumps...
  5. You usually specify the horizontal FOV and derive the vertical FOV based on the aspect ratio of the resolution.
  6. My bet would be "lack of expertise" in Nacon's Management, rather than "believing they are on the right side". What they did in this instance is definitely illegal, because the version uploaded to Games Planet never belonged to them.
  7. I recently had a discussion with a friend on how flashlights in games are implemented. He argued that the Flashlight in "Generation Zero" was really bad because distance has almost no effect on the way the projection of the light looks. I told him that was just due to a rather unfavorable position of the spotlight-axis, which is very close to the camera-axis in that case, so there is almost no perspective distortion of the light cone in the camera view. However, he was actually talking about the optical imaging of the light aperture, i.e., a change of the projected light texture based on dista
  8. That's what your original post translates to?
  9. STiFU

    Outer Wilds

    A friend of mine just told me that one mechanic near the end of the game doesn't really work when you're playing with mouse+keyboard. The game specifically recomends the use of a controller, but up until now, I wasn't aware that there was actually a major flaw in the design when using a keyboard. Just wanted to let everybody interested in this game know about this, so you don't dilute your gameplay experience of this magnificent game by playing with keyboard.
  10. The battle continues. The game has been put on Steam again, but not by the rights holder...
  11. I think referencing him by his nickname is perfectly fine. Using actual photographs is usually discouraged so that relatives and close friends of the deceised are not accidentally confronted by them. However, I guess it is also highly unlikely for this to happen in your case.
  12. @Destined @peter_spy maybe wait for a bigger sale. While the game is hilariously fun, it isn't too engaging on the long term. I had played it over the course of the weekend and eventually managed to beat it on "hard". I then started to grind "hellish"-difficulty a bit, but I see no chance of succeeding there, as you die after just two hits on that difficulty. So, after just 6 hours of playing, I think I am going to drop this game.
  13. To everyone who likes innovative game concepts: you should definitely check out "BPM: Bullets Per Minute": A Rogue-like Shooter meets Rhythm-Game. xD It's really tough in the beginning, but it's actually quite fun. I recommend just starting on "practice" difficulty or this game will rip you to shreads!
  14. I would agree with that with respect to Splinter Cell Conviction, but Blacklist is true to the core gameplay of Splinter Cell. Conviction had fun coop, though, albeit action rather than real stealth.
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