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  1. I understand where Fieldmedic is coming from pretty well, because I am also a very sporadic contributor and sometimes I kind of have a bad concsience about that. About once a year, I have a phase where I am really enthusiastic about a project for TDM and hustle like crazy, but the rest of the year, I mostly just hang around the forums. It's just that free time has become scarce, especially since my son was born, and I also want to play games, enjoy a movie or go out sometimes. But there really is no reason to feel bad about anything, because this is a community project and, first and foremost, a hobby.
  2. Then build simple brushwork-only first (and not much texture work) to get a feel for the scene and do a detail-pass later?
  3. There has been quite some fluctuations in the group of active devs over the years, though'. It's not like one team has been working on TDM for 15 years. Many devs burned themselves out, which is only natural! So don't beat yourself up over it and enjoy your returned joy for mapping. I think everyone around here is happy that it and you returned!!
  4. Just FYI, your text is all black, which doesn't work so well in the dark theme.
  5. STiFU

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Considering there are sooo few (too few) cyberpunk-themed immersive sims with RPG elements, I think a comparison to Deus Ex is pretty fair. What else is there? System Shock. That's about it, right? On the other hand, you have tons of fantasy RPGs so that the spectrum of different kind of games is a lot more defined, which leads to your example comparison, Elder Scrolls vs Witcher, not being valid.
  6. I just wanted to recommend this incredible youtube channel Daryl Talks Games, specifically the series "Psych of Play" to you guys. There are many channels about analyzing games or game design, like the also excellent Game Maker's Toolkit or Adam Millard - Architect of Games, but Daryl Talks Games focuses a lot more on the psychology of games, like the title of his series "Psych of Play" already suggests. I've never been interested in psychology, but somehow Daryl totally pulls it off to make it entertaining. The gaming background also helps obviously, and he seems like an overall sympathetic guy. I recently sent a topic suggestion to him and he has just replied with the nicest answer, which prompted me to open this thread. I really cannot endorse this channel enough! My favorite episode so far is the one on 4th wall breaks. Check it out! (By the way, don't get spooked by the Anime thumbnail. That guy loves his anime, but his videos are almost never about it)
  7. STiFU

    The Last of Us 2

    @Kurshok Please edit the topic-title to clarify whether this thread is supposed to contain spoilers or not by adding something like [SPOILERS] or [SPOILERFREE]. I did not read anything so far, as I don't want to risk spoiling anything for me. I don't own a PS4, so it will be some time until I play it, but I surely will eventually!
  8. STiFU

    Outer Wilds

    I am excited to read your opinion on this game in a few weeks.
  9. STiFU

    Outer Wilds

    For those of you hating on Epic, this game is now finally on Steam. Do yourselves a favor and just try this masterpiece of an indie game!
  10. So does this also resolve your shading issue ingame?
  11. Installer fails trying to write uninstall.dat. Contacted the Razer support.
  12. I guess that's just another HRTF implementation combined with something like dolby prologic. Technologically speaking, nothing new, but it could still be nice to have full control over all these features via their GUI. They offer a trial, so I will give it a shot! A similar product had been released for a long time. It's called Rapture3D, but it's apparently only for open AL games. But for openAL you can just use openAL soft and use their implementation of HRTF. Soooo...
  13. The Digital Foundry Video linked in that article is pretty interesting. They highlighted pragmata pretty much, but the characters were once again not next-gen at all...
  14. @cabalistic since you've recently redone the whole backend, can you shed some light onto this topic? Is vertex color used for anything other than blending materials and are color rather than grayscale value supported?
  15. Moin Ralle! As far as I know, Vertexcolors are exclusively used to blend textures. Conversely, only grayscale colors should be used. Details here and here.
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