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  1. I have been an advocate for mission ratings a long time. I understand both sides of the coin of course, but the casual player likely prefers to just pick one of the best rated missions and start playing instead of reading through all the mission descriptions, potentially digging through forum entries to find a suitable mission. Things like average playtime, general mission type and player rating would be really helpful here. Or maybe instead of rating, something neutral like "number of times played / downloaded". I think that would be way too elaborate. How about rating on the mission finished screen?
  2. Well, illegal "PC-Ports" have existed a long time using regular emulators. But I guess this is a bit more convenient.
  3. I've been out of that area of research for quite some time now, but to me, the findings of that paper are no news. It was always known that vergence is the primary factor to drive accomodation, but that defocus also drives accomodation. It was never stated that defocus alone drives accomodation. So, that XR community was wrong right from the start. Every stereoscopic content drives vergence. If your stereoscopic stimulus is located 1m behind the display, your eyes will perfectly converge on that point, and they will try to accomodate to that distance. Then your brain realizes "wait a minute?! when I try to accomodate to that distance, everything becomes blurry? What is going on?", and there you have that darned unstable sytem again. How can you solve it? You pretty much mentioned all possible solutions already, except the first one in this list: Move the focal distance so far away that you don't get defocus cues. --> This is the hyperfocal distance and at that distance, we sadly do not perceive any vergence cues anymore, i.e., you see a 2d display! Varifocal distance with perfect eyetracking. --> Make vergence distance and focus distance match and combine that with artifical defocus. Multifocal or lightfield / holographic displays.
  4. Hm, that DOES look a bit extreme. Are we sure we don't have to do anything about that @Springheel, @stgatilov?
  5. I am sorry if this is not the case, but I am getting the feeling you are trying to troll us because you repeatedly decide to not answer my questions, ignore valuable input from other members, e.g., @stgatilov and instead just repost the same information over and over again. I will try one last time: Why do you need to run it in a VM? Why even chose Windows XP to install to your VM and not a modern 64bit OS that is actually supported by us? What kind of computer is your main computer? Why can you not run it on your main computer?
  6. That did not answer my question. Why do you need to run it in a VM? Why even chose Windows XP to install to your VM and not a modern OS? What kind of computer is your main computer? Why can you not run it on your main computer?
  7. Maybe you should start by describing your application and why you actually need to run TDM in a VM. Your main computer must be able to handle it, or are you trying to run it on a MAC?
  8. For sure, it was @AluminumHaste. He always posted skillful blackjacking videos.
  9. I think a much simpler and more elegant solution would be to require the player to climb up to the vent, considering the player cannot jump or mantle while shouldering. Sidenote, it is still being discussed whether low obstacles should become mantlable while shouldering, so make sure to make the vent entry high enough.
  10. STiFU

    Free games

    To be fair, FC 3 was still amazing back then, when the ubisoft formula was not yet so massively overused.
  11. I worked on unshouldering in tight spaces a while back. In the current implementation, the unshouldering-algorithm will try to spawn the body in a small set of predefined angles. If the body does not intersect with other geometry, it will be spawned.
  12. STiFU

    Free games

    I liked the general idea of that game, but the controls were so horrible that I stopped playing eventually.
  13. Anyone here clocking in some times in Neon Light?

  14. Sorry about that. Please don't take it personally, I did not want to imply that you might be doing something unethical. When I posted that, I operated under the following thoughts: 1. it could also have been Biker's Words instead of yours 2. you could just have missed the thread about grayman's will 3. I did not know that some of grayman's other FMs had been adopted and my alarmbells just went off. Sending some from Bochum to Ingolstadt right here! By the way, I never ever assume bad intentions in social interactions unless facts show otherwise ("innocent until proven guilty"). Some might call this type of thinking naive, but positive thinking is a key ingredient to a happy life.
  15. Ok, my bad then. Thanks for clarifying that.
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