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  1. The next eight weeks i take part in a seminar for logistics. No family and no dog on-site. Because of the distance i also will stay several weekends from home...seems to be TDM time Hopefully after the training i will see where this stairway will lead to...:
  2. If i look at this two playlist (thanks toObsttorte and Judith) Obsttortes lets map Dark Radiant Tips i think a mixture would be VERY helpful. And at this point i mean for all possible new members or like me partial noobs The idea of Obsttortes lets map is cool but for problems and questions i cant watch all this (long) videos. In return the DR Tips (i know, its a new channel, maybe more is planned ) are just text. This two combined would be great. Each time a 10 minutes tutorial to different topics. Also the comments maybe become issue specific discussions. The real "first steps" are fine
  3. Thanks for your advice and the way you handle your maps. Thats the way i will go from now on. When i only used the preset textures etc. and didnt finalise a map to the release i only used the "common map setup". But the project oriented way is much easier over all although there are some more steps needed at the beginning. I also realiced that it is a good idea after some years of TDM absence to reread the starting tutorials for mapping because of new documents and improvements.
  4. Got it! Long night left in the dark, half day wasted but finally, after a frustrated "f*** TDM" shooter gaming round and some basic changing of my mapping style (project oriented or just a bunch of wild files and folders...artists ) it works. At this point a question into the community How do you create/implement own content? -Project oriented in one folder TDM/maps/mission x/ maps * texture * particle and so on -saving the map in maps, using own pk4 in mainfolder for the own content -others i cant imagine ?
  5. Thats the original content of the fm i think. how ever also with this copy and paste i cant see any light entity texture. Yeah, the texture still exists but i cant use this one as a projection image, cant i? Oh my god, i created good visuals since many years but failing on such an easy task Maybe i got carried away to early at this topic and i think in a wrong direction over all? I only want this orange hammer as a projection
  6. Yeah, that was also my first idea. I got the source from this fm folder but it dont work. I tested different ways, folderstructures (more on the original tdm pk.4 structure orientated). The structure i showed up with is now nearly the same like my little own texture collection .pk4 and this folder i can see in the media browser. Maybe there is a tricky difference from normal textures to light textures?
  7. Greetings, folks! I was never deep into the "implement own content" thing but now i am at a point i get stucked with a "must have" light texture. I wonder why it isnt ingame anymore, thought it was in it some verions ago (?) To get all on board, i talk of this one: I created a .pk4 in the tdm folder with following folders/files in it: tdm_textures_ownlights.pk4 ->materials ->window_hammer_orange_round.mtr ->textures ->lights ->window_hammer_orange_round.tga ->window_hammer_orange_round_ed.j
  8. This scrennshot is for me an insta "cradle" reminder
  9. Im not that hard into Steam that i realised the section to upvote possible steam games Good one, upvoted!
  10. Glad so many of you like the shot. Thats a motivating new beginning and not working for the trash can
  11. After my long absence from bridgeport, TDM and DR (and some nice salute after my first post, thanks for that) i want to give you a short summary what i have done the last and what im going to do the next days. In former times i created a campaign over about 5 missions in close collaboration with SevenUpMan. I have some of the maps on a good status, some are only beginnings/ patchworks. Also i have plenty of maps which are more or less a study or a test. Also some of them got much bigger than i originally wanted them to get. Before i will dive back into my older campaign i want to create a p
  12. Dang. After my revival of my mapping activities one week ago i can read such good news today. Even an ability to scale models! Great! Nice to see that the TDM/DR community is still developing (while i "rusted" some years of inactivity)
  13. Looks good. Maybe some dust or glare effect will pimp it up even more (?) Only thing i for me dont like: the lamp looks wrong for me. Its to primitive for that kind of room i think.
  14. Now thats some points, thx for that. I really thought long about the problem of the beams in the half-timbered houses. The 100% 90° version lookes to perfect. The version with to slanted beams clearly looks to unrealistic if i compare it with medieval buildings. Many of the old half-timbered houses are really well build. Because of that i used a mixed version. Some of the beams are a bit band and slanted, some are not. The part of another house on the left is still and old version with 100% brushes, that will be changed too. And yes, i only use DR for all my stuff and screenshots until now.
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