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  1. Loosely following the discussions on Discord, I think I know where this topic is coming from. The conclusion to solve the past problems by removing the model export functionality from DR is wrong on so many levels, my answer just has to be nope. Besides the technical discussions, I personally find the thought of artists being that retentive about their work a bit strange, at least in the context of this community. If all the folks contributing to the mod had thought this way, there simply wouldn't have been a The Dark Mod at all.
  2. Ah yes, this actually sounds familiar, the DevExpress (WPF) dock manager I once used had the same requirement - one had to set the IDs or the Names of the panels in order to have their layout restored properly. Nice you could track that down, there's not much missing now, is there?
  3. Oh man. I could give it a shot by compiling against the wx3.1 sources in Linux to see if it's as broken there. The dev cycles of new stable releases are almost painfully long in wxWidgets, the 3.1 branch has a few wxGTK bugs less and has been there for years. Users are even "encouraged to use this release, including in production", but it's still not available in a single Linux distro.
  4. Great, I like this a lot! Let's hope the docks support some kind of saving/restoring, then I'm all for replacing the 4 existing layouts with AUI-based ones.
  5. I don't mind adding another screen layout, if it really helps productivity.
  6. I rarely activate that layout... doesn't surprise me that issues are creeping in. If it bothers you, please add it to the bugtracker.
  7. There seems to be a problem in wxGTK 3.0.4 when calling wxDataViewModel::Cleared(): https://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/18603 I actually posted in this very topic regarding a different crash in wxGTK, but the original issue report is about the tree view being wiped out by Cleared() instead of being reloaded. In the most recent master commit I worked around that problem by re-associating the data view model, so this problem should be gone now.
  8. Ok, thanks, I'll have a look at the search issue later. It's likely that the Cleared() call in wxGTK is more devastating than I'd expected - it should refresh the view from the model.
  9. Only briefly confirmed the issue, it's tracked now. From what I can see in the debugger is that the second time around no call to "loadEntityClasses" is performed. I have no idea why this doesn't have the same effect in Windows, but I guess the wxDataViewModel::Cleared() implementation in wxMSW is not really doing anything. The fact that the EntityClassChooser is a singleton doesn't really help. Population is threaded and working very fast, so my first measure would be to remove the Instance() stuff and make it a regular dialog that is instantiated each time it's shown. The problem w
  10. Don't have time for until Friday, but I can have a look then.
  11. Oh crap. Are you already investigating it, or should I have a look?
  12. Nice, thanks for the confirmation! Still not the final fix for this type of problem, but for now it'll do.
  13. DarkRadiant 2.11.0 is ready for download. Next to bug fixes and GUI improvements (also to the recently added TDM Game Connection plugin) this build enables users to manage their favourite resources like materials, entities, sound shaders. The search function of resource trees has been improved too. It's recommended to prefer this version over any previous release. See the pre-release testing thread for a few feature highlights. Windows and Mac Downloads are available on Github: https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant/releases/tag/2.11.0 and of course linked from the website htt
  14. Cool, didn't know there's an extension, but hey, why am I surprised? Visual Studio Code is underestimated, imo, it's fast, has built-in Git support, there's an extension for virtually everything, and its development is moving along very quickly. It was stunning to see how easy it was to launch gdb and step through the C++ code in Linux, it requires almost no setup.
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