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  1. We have this issue opened: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=2845 (incidentally it was opened by Tels around that time). Never got around to actually look into it, obviously.
  2. Thank you, that's fine. On a general note, I'm not making much progress at the moment in terms of DR coding, but I'll get to it eventually. So don't hold your breath on getting this fixed immediately.
  3. Thanks. If you could add that to our bugtracker so that I don't forget about it, please?
  4. I wasn't really aware of this issue you mentioned, @LDAsh Has this ever made it to the bugtracker? This only affects the ASE exporter, is this correct? @stgatilov As far as patches are concerned, I believe I ported the patch generation code from the engine to DR years ago, so they actually should produce the same result in terms of quads.
  5. Thanks for the effort, I'll have a look!
  6. Thanks for the dump! I'm going to need more info here, I must be missing a step to get it to hang on my system. In the dump I'm able to see that you were pressing the "s" key while being focused on the MediaBrowser tree, is this correct? DR is hanging when trying to create the arrow buttons in the search popup. So the "s" key is processed by the MediaBrowser, which interprets it as type-ahead search opening the popup - then it hangs for whatever reason. Can you try again, please, paying close attention to what stuff you are clicking on after starting up DR. The more precise info I can get about what items you clicked in which order and which controls are focused while you were pressing the "s" key, the better I can try to reproduce it. Also, please tell me what Windows version you are on? A hang while creating a bitmap button is very strange and this might as well be a bug. Other dialogs are using it as well, can you check out if the Layer dialog is working? Other dialogs using bitmap buttons are the button when selecting an "angle" spawnarg in the EntityInspector, or the AAS file selector dialog.
  7. DarkRadiant 2.7.0 is ready for download. It's a maintenance build for the most part, but it contains a few smaller improvements. As usual, a bit of refactoring and improvement has been happening under the hood, but this shouldn't have any negative impact. It's recommended to prefer this version over any previous release. A new DarkRadiant User Guide is being worked on and available on the website https://www.darkradiant.net/userguide (also accessible through the About > User Guide menu option). Windows and Mac Downloads are available on github: https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant/releases/tag/2.7.0 and of course linked from the website https://www.darkradiant.net Thanks go out to all who helped testing this release! Please report any bugs or feature requests here in these forums, following these guidelines: Bugs (including steps for reproduction) can go directly on the tracker. When unsure about a bug/issue, feel free to ask. If you run into a crash, please record a crashdump: Crashdump Instructions Feature requests should be suggested (and possibly discussed) here in these forums before they may be added to the tracker. Changes since 2.6.0 Feature: A method to deprecate models without breaking existing maps Feature: Game/Project Setup should show recently used custom paths in the mission drop down list Feature: Add "Choose Skin" button when editing model spawnarg of an existing entity Feature: Let the 'Matching skins' folder start in expanded state when showing the SkinChooser Fixed: Unhandled exception on start up when user XMLs are corrupt Fixed: Rotation of x-oriented particles in Particle Editor is different than in-game Fixed: Highlighted vertices of hidden brushes will move when moving highlighted vertices of visible brushes. Fixed: Unmaximised DarkRadiant not remembering main window size and location Fixed: Reload Models option in Create Model dialog window doesn't update the model Fixed: Problem with satisfying readable objective "when closed" Fixed: DR thinks an entity name of the form "Cylinder01" is the same as "Cylinder1" Fixed: Syntax error in "Test for missing targets" script Fixed: Bad normals produced by .ASE exporter Fixed: No confirmation dialogue box when exporting combined models Fixed: Undo/Redo Does Not Restore Light Color Fixed: Blend export script fails Fixed: Mouse Binding settings for Aux1 do not work Fixed: Exporting bell_hand.lwo as ASE is producing an invalid model, which will fail to dmap Fixed: Model exporter doesn't remember last export location Fixed: Buttons to change spawnargs can affect entities that aren't currently selected Fixed: Search box persists for some seconds after closing window or shifting focus Fixed: Connecting lines to targeted entities don't show up if 'Default' layer was hidden Fixed: Layers window: first click after opening isn't registered properly Fixed: Entities with non-existent classnames are shown white instead of blue in orthoview Fixed: Hitting cancel in 'Create Speaker' still creates a speaker The list of changes can be found on the our bugtracker changelog. Have fun mapping!
  8. One more pre5 build is up in the first post, only two things have been changed. If nothing critical is discovered, this will be the version for the 2.7.0 release, which will be happening in the next few days. Thanks for testing!
  9. Thanks for the high-quality feedback during this pre-release phase, this is working really great! The list of fixes got a bit longer again, there's a new pre-release (pre4) build ready for download in the first post.
  10. A new pre-release build (pre3) is available in the first post. Quite a couple of things have been fixed, this build should now be in a better shape than the previous one. Thanks for the feedback so far, this is exactly what a pre-release phase needs. I'd appreciate it if reporters could take a look at the issues they reported and ideally confirm that they have been fixed.
  11. No, the bugtracker is based on Mantis, it doesn't share account info with the forums.
  12. Well, letting Bikerdude talk through proxies is not going to last very long when it comes to clarifying bugs, so I'm not going to address all of these here. He should make himself a proper account on the bugtracker and open reports for DR there, BUT, and this is important, they should be more descriptive with proper reproduction steps. For instance, I cannot work with a report like "randomly the textures window wont show all the used textures" - to be frank, I don't think any developer in the world can. Or this one: "DR has a few times gotten stuck in importing large prefabs, , the application just hangs." - Which prefabs are we specifically talking about? What can I do to get that behaviour? Folks, put yourself in my position, what am I supposed to do with that kind of description? I'd recommend taking a look at the issues opened by Dragofer (e.g. this one), which are exemplary for well-written reports.
  13. About that space below the entry boxes: some spawnargs launch their custom edit controls loke "Choose Models" and the degree buttons for the "angle" spawnarg etc. If that space is going to be compressed to zero height, this might be a problem for some users, but maybe it helps decreasing the minimum height to a smaller value?
  14. I assume the existing button "Snap rotation pivot to grid" is not doing what you want to achieve? Also, you should be able to drag the rotation pivot around after hitting R to switch to rotation mode. If this doesn't work for you, can you show me a specific example? Maybe I can get a better understanding of the problem. Hm, yes. I think I recall the reason why prefabs don't have any .darkradiant files saved alongside was that it was agreed to be not useful to have their layer information imported into the target map. After grouping was added to DR, this decision wasn't reviewed, so I assume the feature of having grouping information stored in prefabs and preserved when importing them is definitely useful. Can you open a request on the bugtracker for this, please? The second request, regarding copy- and pasting stuff between maps and DarkRadiant instances sounds similar, but affects different parts in the DR code. Nonetheless, I think this is just as useful as the above, so please feel free to open a separate request for this on the tracker.
  15. And btw, I've already asked Kingsal on discord, but I figured I can do the same here. From the DR development perspective, I do prioritize requests from veteran mappers about features and fixes to DarkRadiant, so whenever I get the chance to improve something that is stinging these people, I'll happily do it - with feasibility and amount of work being the obvious limiting factors. So if you, Goldwell, or anybody else providing missions to this community, have suggestions about things that could make DR more useful, I'm all ears. Much like that Dark Mode suggestion, but this unfortunately seems to be out of reach for the moment, unless you want to switch to Linux for mapping.
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