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  1. I was a heavy reader when I was younger, and still do when I have time. I find that when I am at home I have too many other things to occupy my time, but when I travel for work and get some downtime in a hotel room, I burn through books pretty quickly. I enjoy several genres, but at the moment, I just finished "Fevre Dream" by George R. R. Martin (known for Game of Thrones), where vampires meet steamboats, and I just started "Guns of the South" by Harry Turtledove, an alternate history novel where the South wins the Civil War with the help of AK-47 assault rifles. I guess I'm on a 1800s kick
  2. Great ideas guys! I really appreciate the excellent replies so far, very helpful. My main obstacle is the fact that I'm used to being the guy that showed up, sang and played, and let the studio guys do the rest... now I'm the studio guy in my own home learning my way through these programs haha. So I have ideas in my head that I haven't been able to put down in the studio like I would like to, but I'm learning more each day. I have a few choir, monk chants, and bell sounds I can try. I'm currently looking around for better quality sound packages. If I can afford some of those without the wif
  3. Thank you! I owned up and bought a license for WinRAR. I was able to unzip and get to all the audio files finally. I uploaded another simple ambience track... Practice Ambient 0. Very simple but no synth sound, and I think it works as a loop. I could make a 1000 of these and still have fun doing them!
  4. Also I need some help. I was trying to get the existing Dark Mod music files pulled to my hard drive so I could listen to them without being in-game. I am using the Steam version of Doom to run the Mod. When I go into the Mod folder, the audio files are in .pk4 format, which I don't know how to use. Is this a Steam only issue? Can someone send me the audio files in .mp3 or OGG format?
  5. Thanks for the additional feedback guys! Seems we're all in agreement that the synth sounds make the tracks too sci-fi. Cool thing is, I made all seven of these using one collection of sounds. Haven't even started using other collections, so I will try to steer away from the synth sounds and try something else Plenty of options to pick from, and I have a lot of ideas. Just have to get them recorded! I am reading up on how to create a good loop where you don't hear it start over. Hopefully my future tracks will be looped and ready to go.
  6. I use Firefox as my browser and haven't had any problem with soundcloud. Is there another way y'all would like me to upload tracks to avoid future problems? I can do youtube, bandcamp, whatever you prefer.
  7. Thank you for the replies! Very valid feedback! Mass Effect is one of my favorite series so I can definitely see that. I honestly made these seven samples in two nights using only a few sounds that I have available. They are synth heavy. I'll change it up on my next attempts. I'm having a lot of fun trying things that are outside of what I'm used to recording. I'll have more up soon!
  8. Hey everyone, just wanted y'all to know that I am in the process of recording ambient background tracks for mission creators to use. I hope to create a wide variety over the next few weeks. I have never recorded ambient tracks before, but I am finding them very fun to experiment with. My goal is to make a couple of tracks for each "occasion" - indoors, outdoors, city streets at night, inside mansion, inside cathedral, haunted areas, dramatic and suspenseful moments, woods, tavern,... I could go on and on. If any mission designers out there have a unique setting in mind for their mission an
  9. I have done a little bit of a lot of genres. I have been playing the guitar and singing since I was 13 (26 now). Played local acoustic shows when I was 16, formed a blues rock band at 20, and fronted an original new rock band at 22. I travel a lot with my job now, so I haven't played any shows in about 3 years. I was also a member of a rap/rock production company for about a year, and my good friend and I have been putting our music up online as we have the time (hip-hop, rock, acoustic, electronica, dubstep, beats...basically anything that we wanna play around with). I'm not a guitar god no
  10. Hello everyone, Long time Thief fan, been playing the Dark Mod for a few weeks now. I have to thank all of you who have put the incredible amount of work into such a great project! I have been lurking in the shadows since I began playing TDM, but I felt I must introduce myself and congratulate grayman on his significant accomplishment. "In the North" was simply excellent. I won't take too much time here on this thread, but again I just want to thank all the people who have created FM's for us to play - I have really enjoyed them and I regret that I don't have the knowledge to create a FM mys
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