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  1. @peter_spy I can reproduce your observations. I've taken a look at the code and there is a check for whether a portal skybox needs rendering, so in theory the rendering should be skipped if it is not within the current pvs. Either something is wrong with that code or the statistics console output is wrong or our interpretation of said values. Disabling portalsky via console reduces the view to 4. However, maybe the view count is just the amount of potential views (like reserved viewports) and not those actually rendered. I see whether I can make the skybox a bit more performance hungry to
  2. With "behind the visportal" I guess you mean to the right?! I don't know for sure what "views" is counting, though. I would have to repeat my caulk sky test to see whether something has changed ... and I would need another screenshot from the very same scene but with the visportal on the right open, so I can compare the stats. This way I can only guess what's on.
  3. If you are doing it out of respect for him and his work it can't be tasteless. Intentions are what count, not how others perceive it.
  4. Re @peter_spy 1.) is definetely true (as written in my post, maybe I was a bit unclear). 2.) sounds odd. I noticed when working with caulk sky in the past that the sky stopped rendering when there was no visportal textured surface in the currently rendered area (noticeable as the caulked surfaces suddenly turned from skybox to black). There have been adjustments made both to the vp's as to the way portal skies are rendered if I am not mistaken, so maybe something changed along those. Haven't touched DarkRadiand in a while (except for setting up scripts or custom objects, but no real
  5. I agree with what Dragofer posted. The skybox is only rendered when there is at least one surface within the currently rendered areas that has the portal_sky texture on it. This doesn't imply that this surface or the skybox as such is neccessarely visible. I am not sure what older engine version you are refering to, but it was always the case since I started working with the code, so I would assume for about 10 years at least. Actually I assume it was always like that. @Petike the Taffer there are essentially two "easy" ways to keep performance issues low in a scene like you are describin
  6. Yeah, they have an acceleration and deceleration part. The pendulum movement however is calculated from the length of it iirc. So the approach is slightly different.
  7. A pendulum isn't a door, though. The latter moves at constant speed, a pendulum doesn't. You could try "snd_accel", "snd_decel" and "snd_move".
  8. Blessed be thee. I wanted to look up something there a few days ago just to notice that the site isn't available anymore. Good to know there is a backup, as this one has proven to be very useful.
  9. You could try it the other way round. Instead of using a light entity with a model you could use a model with a def_attached light. This way the spawnargs refer to the model used and changes to the light can either be done by using a custom light attached and specifying the spawnargs in the respective def (if you want uniform looking lights) or via set spawnarg on attachment_name. EDIT: There seem to be a spawnarg called noshadows_lit in addition to the noshadows one. I assume that this one may do what you ask for. However, on the models I've checked it is already set to 1. Are you
  10. That is right, but it will be binary. So the portal is either closed or opened. The issue is that the switch between those two states can be rather abrupt, especially when happening on close distances due to performance limitations, and thus be noticeable to the player. You can see such issues even in AAA titles if you look carefully enough. So the mapper should try to disguise this switches if possible. Another thing is that if the portal opens and the scenery behind the window is compareable bright, it will make said switch pretty obvious either. Hence the idea of an alternative skin that ta
  11. The fading could be mimiced via proper materials and some script. On large distances you use an opaque window texture with the visportal closed. When close enough so that the visportal is open, you use the translucent version. Switching can be done via skins. The translucent version would need an additional layer that makes it appear like the opaque version and said layer needs to get fade out when approaching the window. Obviously the quality of the result will depend on the textures used. @SeriousToni: Builder Roads features glass windows and my Old Habits rebuild either iirc.
  12. You can restrict the frames of an animation to be used in the respective md5anim file. It can be opened in a text editor like notepad++. Remove the frames you don't want and change the framerate to speed it up or slow it down. Getting it to loop well will require some testing, though. I dunno whether there is a working animation editor in TDM, but DarkRadiant comes with an animation viewer at least. Could be useful to get it to loop.
  13. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives
  14. @RedNoodles You can define custom stims and let the ai react to it by either adding a response to all ai's in your mission or by altering the scriptobject used by the ai, where you have to add a response in the init routine and define a script function with the respective actions to take place upon stim. Here you can find a similar setup: Here torch entities are stimming ai's to inform them they are there, and ai react if they are searching, but the basic functionality is similar to what you are aiming for.
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