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  1. Nice job for a first attempt. Note that there are models for windows, supports etc..., so you don't have to build everything from brushes. That adds a bit more detail and speed things up a bit (you have already used some as I see, but there is really tons of stuff). Some of the windows could use frames, though.
  2. Wrong file. The "start mission" button and its behaviour is defined in mainmenu_main.gui.
  3. I don't know nothing. Must have been another Obsttorte
  4. I bought this once in a museum here in the city I live. It is called "Romantical Knight's Castle" (the castle is romantic, not the knight ), so it is fictive and roughly scale 1:120. I have never designed such thing myself, but I knew a guy who did this, designing and building them. I never saw them in real but he has shown me fotographs: Gothic Cathredals, a Version of Versailles (two meters long or so, no kidding). But I have built the castle in the image posted. Took me something in between 10 and 20 hours. It is actually quiet a relaxing hobby.
  5. @DragoferAgreed. @Kurshok"Argumenting" in such a way only disqualifies yourself and your opinion. You cannot really expect anyone to take you serious when behaving like that. Although at this point I am not even sure that this plays any role to you.
  6. I agree with demagogue that you should just do it if you like the idea and than post the results here. People who like it will adopt to it and maybe start creating their own papercraft. In terms of motives I guess that buildings are a good starting point, as their are compareably easy to build (mostly right angles and rectangle surfaces). When posting the pdf it would probably be adviseable to post some recommendations for the type of paper to use for those without any experience in papercraft to avoid frustration. An appetizer
  7. tdm_light_holder is the respective type (my fault, it's been a while ), but as said in your case it is not required anyways.
  8. Btw.: Choking is forbidden for police in most countries, at it can quiet easely kill someone. One easely underestimates how much harm can be done by harmless appearing measures.
  9. Which doesn't make a difference anyways, except maybe that a knocked out ai doesn't leave a blood pool like on killed via the sword (which only matters if you take them out in a well lit place). Besides that it is purely cosmetic. Those tris on your screen aren't alive, therefore you cannot kill them.
  10. Back in the day they often used the same units for money as for weight, as the value was normally derived from a specific amount of a valueable metal, like silver. This is were pound or the german mark comes from. But there is no fixed naming convention and even if there would be, you are not tied to use it. Generally speaking, if you've already played a couple fm's than you can consider everything as canon that turns up more often and is therefore present to you (like the name "Builder" or the city names "Bridgeport" or "Braeden"), whereas canon only means that you would probably confuse players if you are using them in a different way. Everything else is more or less subject to your personal taste and fantasy.
  11. Fourthed I am actually in favor that mappers are allowed to modify as much as possible, because it is called The Dark MOD for a reason. (and it is called dark due to the arosing consequences people like you have to deal with afterwards )
  12. I fairly doubt that someone becomes unconscious after a few seconds not beeing able to breathe, I would rather guess that it takes several minutes that it is "much more safe" to squezze someones trachea. I am no expert to this, though, so I may be wrong. It doesn't matter much anyways imho, because
  13. Even if a stim is used to initiate the lamp behaviour, you can specifically define on how you want to do the detection. So to mimic the trigger behaviour (assuming you are using cuboid shaped triggers) you could do a coordinate check (via mins/maxs as done by some entities for example). To apply the custom stim you only have to modify the ai_base and player_base definitions. So you don't have to add the stim to all affected entities manually.
  14. void lamps_toggle() { light lamp; // using light instead of entity allows access to light specific script functions, although not needed in this specific case do // using do makes more sense, as you can have as much lamps as you want without having to adjust the script { lamp = sys.getNextEntity("lightType","AIUSE_LIGHTTYPE_ELECTRIC",lamp); // all electric lights are of the same lightType (I guess ;) ) if (lamp != $null_entity) sys.trigger(lamp); // brackets not needed if there is only one command to execute } while (lamp != $null_entity); // don't forget the semicolon at the end :) } This versions turns lights off that are on and lights on that are off. This should work in your case if all lights start in the same state and there is no other way to change their state (like a button or so). Note that this affects all electric lights, including outdoor street lamps for example.
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