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  1. I am a first world person either, but I can guarantee you that here in germany high speed internet is nothing you can always expect everywhere, even in major cities. However, compared to other modern games The Dark Mod is comparable small, and if madtaffer can still remember the time when TDM weighs only 1.2 GB his memory is definetely better then mine, cuz I cannot
  2. Nice and thank you for the hard word that definetely went into this. One note, though: You categorized my FM "Builder Roads" as horror, but it doesn't contain any horror elements. It is intented to be ghosted more or less, so maybe that caused some confusion.
  3. GetPointOutsideOfObstacle means what you have thought. The direct way is blocked so a way around needs to be calculated. AI is able to kick moveables out of the way, but I guess it is limited by the mass of the object and I don't know whether it applies to ragdolls either. As you have revenants fighting each other, you could also use the death_action_script to remove them if they get killed, similar to how it is done with the demons in Doom 3. (For testing purpose you only need to remove them without any effect).
  4. Normally you don't have to set the patrol afterwards, as ai will continue their patrol after the fight has finished and they have calmed down. Maybe try a path_waitfortrigger instead?! Additionally, if the setup is several ai fighting each other and continue their patrol afterwards, I am pretty sure their already is a fm that uses such a setup. I may be wrong, though, but it probably doesn't hurt to check.
  5. The default behaviour should be that the ai continues to patrol after the fight has done and it has calmed down (the latter might take a while). If the ai is not resuming the patrol then one possibility is that it may has issues reaching the next path_corner. Are there any warnings/error messages in the console?
  6. Yep, Spring once handed me a version of the sword arm without the sword, so I can basically attach all kinds of weapons to it. helloween.zip
  7. I guess there is a reason why the player has to fulfill objective A before even beeing aware of objective B, despite the possibility to fulfill it? Besides reducing the map as suggested by Anderson, which whould reduce the pain of backtracking (it would still be there, though), you could alternatively only allow the player to enter the eastern part of the map when A is accomplished. Obviously both solutions aren't optimal and very gamey. The most elegant solution would imho be if resolving objective A and afterwards moving to the east is only one way the mission could go, and that if the player moves to the east before resolving A, objective A simple becomes obsolete and a modified version of B is displayed. I guess this would be most intuitive, as in real life if you notice that you have forgotten something and it would be too tiresome to "get back" (whatever that means in the respective situation), you normally improvise. It is hard to tell, though, without knowing what A and B are suppossed to be.
  8. Well, I guess the amount of data storage available per spawnarg is limited, so to take the possibility of more text into account the text would need to be split into several peaces. Will take a look and see if I can modify the script accordingly.
  9. Good. But looking through a plague mask would probably not appear like that (at least it doesn't look so with a gas mask, which is pretty close).
  10. Yep, that's my favourite mistake. That and typos.
  11. @RedNoodles: There is draw order and it can be manipulated, forgot how that works, though, but you should find the answer if you take a look at the gui files shipped with tdm (for example the compass is drawn over the objectives screen @thebigh: Do you have a startingmap.txt file in your fm folder and the mission properly installed?
  12. Nice job for a first attempt. Note that there are models for windows, supports etc..., so you don't have to build everything from brushes. That adds a bit more detail and speed things up a bit (you have already used some as I see, but there is really tons of stuff). Some of the windows could use frames, though.
  13. Wrong file. The "start mission" button and its behaviour is defined in mainmenu_main.gui.
  14. I don't know nothing. Must have been another Obsttorte
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