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  1. I know, that's agoraphoby
  2. I don't have an issue with reusing assets (like scripts et al.) either, reusing whole map parts would be odd, though. But if someone says, whoa, that's a nice doorframe or alters for example the puzzle in the Old Habits Rebuild, I see no issue. It never hurts to ask, though. In regards to absent authors it is probably better to not reuse their stuff without consent. It just creates drama in the worst case and in the best case mission authors save a bit of work which they in return have to invest to understand whatever the previous mission author has bashed together. EDIT: @Dragoferpretty much nailed it.
  3. My solution is propably more error resistant, as it checks for the existence of the quill everytime the script tries to spawn it, not just at script start. But I haven't tested it personally, so maybe some of the others can report whether the bug is really fixed. Jus tto be sure.
  4. It's the correct term. I don't think it is an issue, though. You usually don't move while reading and the text is readable. But maybe it appears differently in game.
  5. That's the point. It would be nice to have, but it includes an enormous amount of work. So whoever is going to do that needs the respective motivation. And I, for one, don't give a noodle about scoring et al., so I am not motivated. (that's my "excuse" ) We definetely need more coders. So kids, learn do program.
  6. The gui isn't the main issue. The issue is more that each part of the gui was implemented seperately, although there is lot of things that are done commonly. This makes it difficult to make information accessible in one gui that is already available in another one. Example: In the past, when I worked on the scalability of the in game gui (icon and text size et al.), there was also the idea that upon selecting a mission in the mission screen, if no background image was given the mission screenshots could be used there, which are available in the downloader. I eventually gave up on trying to get the mission selection screen to access the information available for the downloader, as it would have meant an enourmous amount of copy and pasting code. My assumption is that the code needs to be rewritten in a form, that one piece of code handles the complete menu system. This would make additions much easier. Until that happens, every change includes a comparable high amount of work and is rather limited in what is possible.
  7. I am not sure that this is true. I guess it depends on the city you are in. Also, the feeling of claustrophoby actually fits the theme pretty well, imho. I mean, it is a dystopia.
  8. @thebighA clever person would just turn the spoon around. Just saying.
  9. Well isn't the main executable basically not our "launcher" then? It serves the same purpose, download and select the mission you are going to play. I honestly don't think we need an additional program for that. What is true and what has been discussed before as said is that additional features, like the possibility to rate missions, could be added. The thing is that this is a surprisingly complex task, and the few programmers we have concentrate their time on the tasks they consider most important. This isn't very high on that list. However, as you are a coder and it appears you consider it to be of priority ...
  10. nananana nananana nananana nananana
  11. I think the games wouldn't have differed much in regards to gameplay and level design and we would be holding the same conversation just complaining about different aspects that we didn't liked. Personally I've played both games several times, which means they didn't do too much wrong imho. The first Deus Ex already had split up maps with comparable small areas, so it wasn't such a break compared with Thief. Besides that the only real downside for me was the lack of a synchro for Deadly Shadows, while oddly enough DX2 received one. I wouldn't say that DX3 and DX4 are better, they are just different.
  12. @freykDidn't you wrote you have created some. No I am confused.
  13. On the long run it is probable easier to darken the guis instead of altering the image files (and it is easier to revert if necessary). I'm curious how your try on an automatization works out. Thumbs are pressed.
  14. That's sooooooooooooo cute, darling, gosh.
  15. Well, the game is written in C/C++, so you can probably read the code. I just saw you are refering to the launcher, but the discussion I've mentioned was about the game. I am not sure how many players actually use the launcher. Either way, you are welcome to play with the code and provide whatever you may come up with.
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