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  1. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2022/11/major-tax-filing-websites-secretly-share-income-data-with-meta/ Anybody who has been playing the IT game for more than a few years, knows all the rules by now. 1. Big companies do not take "No" for an answer. 2. They always seem to find a way to get their hands on information that they should not have, in one way or another. 3. Enter the phony apology, and the meaningless fines that are a drop in the bucket.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADkPTbGzJBA Having total dead silence in the background while in the first-person mode (in the apartment) is a bad design decision. In reality there is always some sound around you, whether it be the hum of a fridge or the lights or noises from outside.
  3. Been using one of these for a wile and am very happy with it Especially so because it has a lanyard attachment point, a cover for the connector to keep stuff out of it, and also support for both protocols; Nvme and SATA. Most enclosures lack these features. Adding a screen to one of these enclosures is just something that didn't cross my mind.
  4. Interesting... An enclosure with a full color screen on it. I wonder how it knows how full the file system on the installed drive is? I didn't think enclosures were "smart" enough to know that; how is it supposed to know if I'm using Btrfs or Ext4? And how long before someone hacks one of these to play Doom?
  5. Gamestop is on borrowed time. They will be out of business in five years because of the shift to everything digital and the consumers' willingness to embrace a one on one relationship with giant content publishers like Sony and Microsoft, who are in fact the consumer's worst enemy. No used game sales means everyone pays full price, or at a minimum, whatever the industry decides they should pay, because there will be literally no way for the consumer to obtain the product from somewhere else.
  6. https://kotaku.com/photoshop-pantone-color-plugin-adobe-creative-cloud-1849714742 On replacing colors in existing projects with pure black; Funny, I thought there was a well-defined term when you ruin someone else's personal stuff just to sell them a solution to the problem. We used to call that "extortion".
  7. No worries, "claustrophobic" is the exact same terminology I was thinking of to describe the level layout in this game. Yet in spite of the game's various flaws and problems, I still can't hate it. I enjoy the story and the setting and the soundscape overall (Like Thief). If someone made an expansion pack or new mod for DX2 similar to The Nameless Mod, I would definitely give it a go, too bad that can't happen.
  8. low ceilings... Reminds me of what I saw one time while playing this game. The SSC and I got into a battle with the Templars in the terminal area. An SSC guard threw a grenade, and promptly blew himself up along with his friends because the AI doesn't seem to compensate for low ceilings, and so the grenade traveled two feet at most and landed right near the squad of SSC guys.
  9. Yeah I was watching someone else play Invisible War last night, and they brought up how all the characters they have encountered thus far in Invisible War who give the player side quests to complete, are so dark and sinister. They in fact compared it to the newer games, which they said side-quests are more about helping people and doing good. lol To be fair though, the later side-quests in Invisible war, which that player has yet to reach, aren't "evil" e.g. the one about finding out what is happening to students in the academy or cleaning the pollution. I think if the Xbox hadn't existed, DX2 and Thief 3 would have been superbly excellent games.
  10. Thoughts on this game? Mine are that, even though it is dumbed down and simplified in almost every possible way from the original, there's still a good game/experience to be had inside. The big plus over the original game is that IW feels more like multiple powerful organizations are manipulating you to serve their agenda, as opposed to being simply thrown in the middle of a conflict between parties A and B. This makes the world feel more alive, in spite of how small the world in IW actually is. There are some bugs (passing through the floor), but not as many as Thief 3 with it's body awareness system. Also you are pretty much free to switch sides up until the very end, as opposed to The Nameless Mod, where your actions early on dictate your allegiance for the rest of the game. Some will like this, others won't.
  11. The big entertainment companies don't want people obtaining the content they produce from random places on the web for free. So in order to combat that trend, they have created a world where you cannot even keep the digital content that you actually bought from them! https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1657022591 Can't argue with logic like this! 40 out of 30 customers agree, nothing makes us want to buy more, than knowing what we already bought, can and will just be arbitrarily revoked and taken away by the seller at any time for any reason.
  12. https://libertyjusticecenter.org/media/ab-2098/ Imagine if the government put half as much effort into averting the prospect of potential nuclear war with Russia as they do when it comes to relentlessly jabbing everyone with EUA injections that do not even stop us from getting sick or spreading the virus! A virus that probably more than half the population has already had, anyway. EDIT: Yep! https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20220426/almost-60-percent-infected-by-covid
  13. Passive cooler = very huge and still cannot handle a high power CPU. As far as the physics goes, there is minimal difference between 1 and 2 CPU fans, but a hugely massive difference if you don't have one at all.
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