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  1. Finally clocked this. Great mission, but man I had to grind for that loot. Also, that's gotta be the biggest key collection for a mission in TDM. Question is, was there a key to the building to the right of the blacksmith, also was there an entrance somewhere for where that African/Moorish guy is? Looking forward to more missions of this caliber!
  2. Nice FM. Very compact and very dense at the same time. General TDM tip - always read letters thoroughly!
  3. Nice little mission. Love the the electronic/industrial beat in the vault. Reminds me of the casino inside the Thieves guild in Thief 1.
  4. Lol...guessing he didn't recently drop 62k at an Indian restaurant...
  5. Had a bit of Thief meets Time Crisis vibe to it earlier which was interesting. Loved the new accents the most. Nice change from the usual old voices they keep rehashing.
  6. Good little mission. Had to grind for the loot but I got there! Looking forward to future instalments.
  7. I'm STILL playing this mission and finding stuff. Unreal. This mission needs it's own wiki to explain what the deal is with the White Pyramids, Sanguine Dreamer, etc. I'm dying for a sequel though it's seems highly unlikely given the nature of the mission.
  8. Wow! Calling this a "large" mission is the understatement of the year. There's so many layers that I'm surprised that my head hasn't exploded yet. This makes Painter's Wife almost feel like a speedbuild! Love the constant references to Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. I'm done with the main bit but I feel the need to keep exploring, which is really rare with a lot of the TDM FM's that I've played. Long story short, this has crept right up to my fav missions of all time list. Please keep coming up with more FM's man!
  9. Sorry man, T2SOTM = Thief 2 Shadows of the Machine Age
  10. Fun mission. Loved the stained glass windows. Had to grind a bit to get my loot but that just made it more satisfying at the end.
  11. Wow. An exciting peek into the future of TDM. Was Joy the female voice from T2SOTM? Loved that too. Soundtrack was surprisingly upbeat for cryo chamber, they do some dark stuff!
  12. If it adds more time to development it's not worth it IMO. Time could be better spent elsewhere, like in the amazing work with 2.10 and textures/images/etc that I've been seeing in recent missions.
  13. Another quality mission. The effects are getting better and better. Loved the glowing symbols/lighting!
  14. Some cool Thief fan art/merch: https://www.patreon.com/Dominus/ https://www.bonfire.com/store/the-bonehoard-collection/
  15. Incredible what a fella can do with less than 2 megs these days!
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