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  1. Do you mean if you started a game, took a quick save, changed the map, and then tried to load the quick save? If so, that's not what happened here. I didn't make any changes since i started the game. I won't worry too much about it, but but if keeps happening I might come back for help
  2. I have an FM under development/beta testing and while playing through it I've ended up with both quick saves causing TDM to crash when they are loaded. I'm a bit worried it's a problem with my map, or is it? This is on TDM 2.09. I'm creating a memory dump file regardless. I will do an other playthrough later, but can anyone advise what I should do or try next? Thanks
  3. I'm trying to set up something with a func_pendulum. Totally guessing, and so far I've got: created a long, narrow invisible brush and converted to func_pendulum bound it to a model moved the origin so it swings from the top All that works, but is it correct, and how do I change the frequency and distance? All I could find on the the Wiki is this: "Pendulums always swing north / south on unrotated models. Add an angles field to the model to allow rotation in other directions. Pendulum frequency is a physical constant based on the length of the beam and gravity.
  4. Yeah I did see that behavior as well actually, but you're right it is a hack. Does anyone know if that's the only option, or what property of an entity makes doors stop on them? There must be something about the AI entity that does this...
  5. What's the best way to have something block a door from opening? Most things I try, the door just passes through them (model furniture), or gets pushed (moveable entities). If I make the entity nonPushable, again the door just passes through it. Ideally I would like to use one of the rock entities, as I would like to be able to move it out of the way afterwards. Or if I did want to use a model, is there something I could do to it to make it behave this way?
  6. it's in fms/<mymap>/models/darkmod/decorative/toys However I've since been informed it might be a different issue that we're trying next, so will report back
  7. OK almost there. I imported the model into DR and it looks perfectly fine. But it doesn't show up in-game. I've tried checking for warnings, restarting TDM, deleting map files and re-running dmap, etc..
  8. oh right - so there is information in the model file itself about where to find the materials? OK will check about that...
  9. It's a .lwo model that @Kerry000 provided, along with diffusemap and bumpmap texture files. They are .dds though (I converted them to .tga as well so I have both - do I need both)?
  10. I have a model and textures, and I've created a materials file for it. I don't get though how to associate the materials file with the model so it all shows up properly in DR. I've looked at the dewdrop model as an example, but I can't figure it out. What am I missing? Do I need a skin?
  11. that appears to have done the trick. Thank you Only issue is that both of them appear identical (the 2nd one is supposed to be coloured, while the first is just an engraving). Might be just too similar a colour to the sign, or is there anything else in the materials def we need to look at?
  12. textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare1 { qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare_sign_001_512 diffusemap textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare_sign_001_512 bumpmap _flat specularmap _black nonsolid noimpact discrete sort decal noShadows }
  13. also as a side note, you can cover the switch with monsterclip and it still works. I guess MC just affects where the AI can move, and not what it can interact with?
  14. Yep just tried in my real map with it flush to the wall model and that worked
  15. I think I have a way forward. If you make the monsterclip very thin, you can drag it almost all the way over to light switch and the AI will use it. If it's not close enough to the switch, they get confused. It's thick in the test map because I wanted to simulate how it would look if it was covering other models I had in my 'real' map. You can't have another monsterclipped model like a table too close, as the AI then won't go near it. So I would need to re-arrange a couple of things but no big deal you can move the switch one unit out from the wall and it's not really t
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