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  1. Congrats for the Release --- yoouuu Grazy Bastard and thanks for this hint at the beginning ! That you´ve changed the LOOT ! at first sight I thought it´s a Bug --- but I got distrusted - and checked the beta ! ooohkay - you deleted one of the most difficult --- and you added some new (for Beta-Testers ) that´s why there are 430 Saves , I realy searched every impossible Place But this new one is sooooo grazy !!! (thankfully I love to climb - and couse of your tip i searched for every wooden material ) [ for your Tip : this time i sneaked him several times ] and here is my only displeasure - invisible Platforms Completed = grrrrrr so the only chance - is to do it like intended ! (but I´ll keep the Beta - your rocks are so beautifull to climb ) And to force others !!! Supreme Ghost is possible !!! (easier than on my BetaRun) 1. The Hint 2. Things to bring back 3. Booty at end of happening Thanks I was enjoying (nearly) every minute of it
  2. hello everyone since i discovered the " tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4 " I´m trying for supreme Ghosting . (Thx to snatcher , only cause your modPack i found it ! ) and now that there was mentioned a new Campain for ThiefGold I went in and downloaded the new stuff of 23 It seems Klatremus and Marbelman are more on TTLG , where i had fun reading things in : TTLG Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 9) [SPOILERS] my Question : does there exist anything similar to the tdm_loot_stealth_stats for Thief1/Gold-Thief2 - or something to implement in AngelLoader ? P.S. : Klatremus ? what would you need from me to have HazardPay reported as SupremeGhosted ?
  3. LOL Lowenz That´s exactly the way I first tried to get the Code ! first : searched her room and then : woke her up to give it to me ! so maybe this way would be to easy/logical (and you have to go in-out-in , what surly some won't like) but ? maybe a coded Letter to her Brother in the chest/near her bed ?
  4. Thanks for this beautiful new Mission it seems you had put a lot of effort into the design , especially the wilderness (the way you`ve forbidden to climb Trees and Rocks / exept 1) and - ooohkay - you´ve forbidden to go swimming ! so to visit the little island was only by NoClip and thankfully Finch´s Guard moves time to time . It`s cause I`m trying to "Supreme Ghost" so i didn`t picked up any Key , but was unable to leave his Room by the Door and here´s my Question (-s) ? : is killing the Spider a break of Rules (BlackJacking my girl is Mission-Fail) and second : when the 2Guys in the Cellar get angry when they discover they´ve been bestolen ?!? It´s a scripted behaviour (when you(me) bring back the Light . They distroyed the Table Candle themself ! nowadays it´s more logical they react to it (in older Missions it had been possible to steal without reactions) One little mark i must say : A Secret should be an Addition to the mission - not a Part of it !!! but that´s realy just a little personal opinion ThX´s to YOU ---- I enjoy to wait for your next one !!!!
  5. Hello again Thanks for the advice - Freyk But sorry : “ Don´t let me be misunderstood “ I don´t want any Account at Google to partake in their family . My Idea was it to send the files to somebody – to take a look on it - and if he think it´s worth – upload them on his own Channel I know that´s not common to do so with someone else's Videos (normally just a link to the liked source) my hope is that maybe Klatremus or marbleman have an interest on it they are the most involved in “Supreme Ghost “ ( it´s a strict-Supreme Ghost – with a busted ending on purpose ) Edit : Sleeped a night over it forget about it , it´s maybe a silly idea and just fishing for compliments . (because i was so proud of it (walkthrough & especialy the music-Edition) By the way : during the work on it , i discovered " Return to forever " a fantastic fusion Jazz-Band of the 70´s (ChickCorea,StanleyClarke,AlDiMeola....) have fun listening to them !
  6. Hello Friends I did a ( how to -) Supreme Ghost Walk-through of "Hazard-Pay" If you are interested/want to take a look, I need some help/support on how to present it. I don't have my own place (and I don't want to!) to upload it. The so-called "official channel for The Dark Mod" @thedarkmod3844 on YouTube doesn't seem to be supported any more. So maybe someone wants to offer it privately in their own space - YouTube / google drive / webpage - ………… I have 2 versions of it : First: The walk-through as it was played (+ some subtitles) Second : a Music Edition with music that tries to adapt to the scenery – the mind/mood of the protagonist Any idea would be nice
  7. hello freyk Big Thanks and I just gave you a special LIKE For now it seems everything worked fine offcause i first had a Problem to start (unzipping the file , created a Folder and I had to remember how to get the command prompt to go there )( cd wget ) then it took all night long (about 7hr.) with a space usage of 1,95GiB´s powershell had a problem with the Parameter -p (maybe just because i hadend been in the folder !?) copy/paste works fine and you can use the folder by any "index.php@title=" 1.Question : in future ? can there be done a quick-refresh aslong as the downloaded folder is in the wget-Folder ? 2. : is it possible to only download the Darkradiant part of the wiki ? thanks again !
  8. to freyk thanks for your answer Just downloaded "wget-1.17.1.tar" from Heise.de but this must be something special , cause as a ***.tar file it´s not executable ? does one need a DOS-Command ? if there will be no other Tip´s , could you test it again and post me an discription how ?
  9. Hello Guys I need some help/hints/advice It´s because i prefer being/working offline , and also my Brother in france has no real internet (he mostly needs to go to a public Library ) So my idea was to get the DarkRadiant Sektion from the WIKI downloaded for offline use . therefore I tryed "HTTrack_64-noinst-3.49.2" which I got from "Heise.de" It´s told that the Standard use is good for most webpage-downloads --- but after more than 10hrs and over 10Gib with million off external stuff I stopped the download . 1. the Download is making a total mirror of "wiki.thedarkmod.com/..." even with the setting to ".../index.php?title=DarkRadiant" this wouldn´d be bad but wasn´t intendet 2. My most concern is about the millions off external links , which mostly look like useless stuff .(and often seems have nothing to do with TDM/DR) (it looks like it has downloaded the whole "thief.fandom.com/wiki" and at the end before i stopped it "en.wikipedia.org/wiki" So my question is how to trigger the App to get maybe just the internal links to work , or does one need alll the others ? P.S. ? had anyone tried this before ? succcessfull ? and how big would the download be ? I appreciate any comment you can give me and maybe a PM from a German would be nice Greetings from Bergante
  10. Hello Folks This is my first Post in the forum (but I´m your Fan for much longer ) and i just Registered : Cause there is some ennoying stuff with the Engine or your Host-Servers ! To clean my Computer and to prepare a Virgin TDM Database for my Brother , Yesterday i made a totally new Tdm Installation with 2.09b and a Second ! with beta210-07 than i started to download the Missions from the ingame-online-Archive This worked realy Horrible : To clear a Mission as Downloaded (and not anymore as available , so you know you have the newest stuff ) one has to Download it mostly 3 sometimes 4/5 times !!!!!! 1.: Download "Mission-name" 2.: Download "Mission-name *" 3. Download "Mission.name #" sometimes these where enough , sometimes I had to do it again , Sometimes it was cleared fromm the available (But reappeared by the next start of the Game) Sometimes instad of cleared it appeared 2or3 times in the List . This Happend with both Installation 2.09b / beta210-07 and it seemes also to be with my fomer 2.05 updated to 2.08 Install For a Totally NEW TDM-Install ONE Mission-Download of the newest Mission-Version should be good !!! Maybe You all have the Missions updated time by time at the Moment a new version had been out , so nobody realised this or your Download-Server gives them one by one : but if so : a pure Mission Update shouldend be as big as the Original Mission . Hopfully you can look whats the reason of this behaveiour and solve it for other/new Users . Happy Greetings To all of you You all earned at least a GOLD-Medal P.S. : I just made a Test with my old Tdm 2.05 install in The Ingame Downloader appear all of the new Missions so I loaded some of the Newer : Deadeye / The Factory Heist afterwords loading does , install goes -- but starting remains Black ! Not a big Deal -- these are made for newer Versions of TDM But not everybody updates to the Newest Version So it would be fine to make it known (visible before Download) in the Game Discription underneath : Which TDM-Version is needed to play
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