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  1. Yeah, all seems work now, thx! I start several times and all looks pretty good
  2. As for me: If I start mission and do nothing and even dont touch a mouse - crash after 1.5 sec. If I do something, for example just rolling a mouse or walk back/forward - all seems ok
  3. Well, it all very weird! first attempt: I launch DM under gdb (dgb ./thedarkmod.x64) and... its works like a charm I leave start tunnels, quicksave and relaunch without gdb - all good second attempt: I launch all the same under gdb and now it fail but backtrace say nothing helpful: But! I notice that on the first attempt game show me text message (suppose my current location in term of this mission) and I found this in log: So I believe that this issue fire when game try to show this first start message
  4. I also confirm. Same on my linux x64 and DM 2.11... about 1.5 sec and segfault
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