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  1. Its tough because loot placement really depends on the mission and varies wildly in some cases. I always look out for chests, bedrooms, storage spaces, secure looking areas, ect. Also if a room feels like dead space, there is a good chance the author hid something in there. To be honest though, I have times where I'm not in the mood for loot hunting so I'll play a mission on a lower difficulty. There's no shame in that in my opinion. I think Thief did a pretty good job with loot by having it in sensible locations while still validating exploration. The spaces in that game were les
  2. Yeah thats true, you could add some stages to the material. Maybe a filter pass could help darken some of those glass textures without editing the maps?
  3. Hey there, I can help with a couple of these things. The light switch/ main power can be done fairly easily with some scripting. You mind PM'ing me your FM? I can have a look and probably work up a script solution for ya. As far as I know, brightness on most textures can't be edited in DR, unless they have special properties on them (shaderParms). Combining meshes or models together helps reduce entity count and sometimes performance or just for convenience. The entity limit is around 8k but you want to save between 1 - 1.5k for other stuff that gets spawned in.
  4. This mission's been updated to fix some of the issues above. Version 1.31 available in the in-game downloader or Here!
  5. Hello everyone, Bikerdude's made significant updates to this mission and it's now fully playable in 2.08. Available in the in-game downloader or Download here (v3.1)! We'll update the OP to reflect this. Thanks! “I usually welcome the shadows, a place of refuge for a master thief like me. However, there are dark places that even I fear. That place being the plague ward at the edge of town. Rumour has it that it was cursed by a pagan witch and its inhabitants died from an incurable plague..." Build Time: Update Build Time: Original version - 3-4 weeks.
  6. Thats a strange one, can you give me the coordinates in your map and Ill have a look? Sounds like what stagatilov mentioned, whacky matrix on something.
  7. This is a fun idea. Wish I'd played thievery back when it was fresh Implementing thief-like AI behavior would be the toughest problem. As mentioned above, they don't really have a sense of "hiding", but you could probably be clever with patrols and scripted events to make them feel like garrett wannabes. Some custom items or mechanics for guards would be fun. For instance a whistle that alerts other guards to your location or maybe a potion that briefly gives you night vision. If you could really sell playing as a guard and get some convincing AI thieves- that would definit
  8. Just played through this one, I thought it was excellent! Id recommend it to anyone looking for a solid shooter in the doom 3 world.
  9. Congrats! Very much looking forward to playing this one.
  10. I dont think its necessary to make them disappear. If the readable is interesting to read and helps give the player a hint while staying in-world and believable than its worth keeping that content around.
  11. Funny I am actually dealing with this problem right now. To complicate things even more, I have the player collecting an item from A and bringing it to location B to complete their objectives. So if they miss item at A (which ticks off objective A), they could go to B, back to A and then back to B again . Its mind boggling, but Im sort of committed at this point. This is my current "solution" I guess: - Locked area B with a key that can only be found close to objective A. - Used a series of in-game readables / hints saying the objective (or part of it, in my case) is
  12. kingsal


    Whoa, any chance you can take a video of this?
  13. Well its meant to sound out of place so developers hear it and fix the sound, but yeah it shouldnt be on in the release build.
  14. The effect should be just dark enough that you can see some lights and just barely make out the walls, but not so dark that you cant see anything.
  15. As noted in that thread, the console command to turn off the boop is "s_playDefaultSound" "0". I thought it was off by default but I guess not. @Darkness_Falls The underwater darkness is because of the map. I used a custom shader there that darkens the underwater parts. Its intentional, but maybe its a little too dark if you arent able to see. You can always use your lantern "L" key underwater to help.
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