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  1. Thanks for playing everyone! If folks downloaded 1.0 and haven't started the mission. Please uninstall the mission completely and re-download it to get the new 1.1 version.
  2. Thanks for playing MrMunkeepants We are in the process of fixing some of those LOD issues and should have a new build out later today.
  3. We have a new build coming soon, hopefully later today. Apologies for any bugs you guys are experiencing. If you've already started a game: Thanks everyone.
  4. I hope you guys enjoy this little mission. Goldwell and I had a lot of fun building it. This being a speed build, please save your game often as you might encounter some bugs. Merry Chistmas and happy holidays, Kingsal
  5. Thanks for playing! I made the apebeast and their accessories, so feel free to use them in your own FM. The set-up is a little involved, but just PM me with any questions. If I'm not mistaken, Springheel is working on getting those guys into a future release of TDM.
  6. Yep that'll do it lol. You need those spider present at load time to play the map. However its not mandatory that you go to the area where they're at:
  7. I don't think its the mission and I actually remember this happening to me once when I updated my darkmod. Do you have these files in your darkmod install? script / tdm_ai_monster_elemental.script defs / tdm_ai_monster_elemental.def
  8. Hmm. When was the last time you update you TDM? This mission was tested in 2.07 and should be working fine. Ill look into this.
  9. Oops, I've updated the link in the OP. Thanks for catching this. Download here
  10. Haha, it is a bit ridiculous. I hadn't played the mission in a long while and was thinking the same thing. Thanks for playing! Goldwell was kind enough to upload this on to the in-game downloader and do some last minute bug hunting.
  11. Hello Everyone! I finally got around to making some updates to this mission. Download Here or in the in-game downloader. These updates are mostly visual/ audio and aside from better AI pathing, there are no major gameplay changes. Old saves will not work. ============================================================= Changelist v1.2 ============================================================= - Added high resolution briefing video - Added new thief vocals - Added updated arrow models and effects - Fixed missing lamp model in courtyard - Minor audio tweaks - Brightened up the ambient lighting and reduced saturation. - Fixed monster clipping issues. Note: I increased the global brightness level so you might want to mess with your gamma / brightness settings before playing. Special thanks to Andrew Bartmes for the awesome new thief vocals.
  12. That is so rad! I always wanted to see Garrett's home done up in TDM, or any bits of the thief missions for that matter. I'm definitely thinking you should sneak it into your missions somewhere ?.
  13. That would be great! If I remember correctly in T2 the spot light color changes? So the camera could have something like: searching_color, detected_color, and alarm_color spawnargs available to authors. This could effect the spot light and also the light textures on the model. Bonus if it can also change color on any effects like a lens flare glow attached to it.
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