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  1. Congrats! Very much looking forward to playing this one.
  2. I dont think its necessary to make them disappear. If the readable is interesting to read and helps give the player a hint while staying in-world and believable than its worth keeping that content around.
  3. Funny I am actually dealing with this problem right now. To complicate things even more, I have the player collecting an item from A and bringing it to location B to complete their objectives. So if they miss item at A (which ticks off objective A), they could go to B, back to A and then back to B again . Its mind boggling, but Im sort of committed at this point. This is my current "solution" I guess: - Locked area B with a key that can only be found close to objective A. - Used a series of in-game readables / hints saying the objective (or part of it, in my case) is satisfied in A. - As a last resort placed another readable in area B that pretty much tells the player exactly where objective A is located. This in theory will relieve some frustration. - I also ended up shortening/ simplifying the map to make this all work, which was painful... lol I guess really im just relying on the old keycard trick + some readables to help guide the player. I suppose the only real way to know is testing though.
  4. kingsal


    Whoa, any chance you can take a video of this?
  5. Well its meant to sound out of place so developers hear it and fix the sound, but yeah it shouldnt be on in the release build.
  6. The effect should be just dark enough that you can see some lights and just barely make out the walls, but not so dark that you cant see anything.
  7. As noted in that thread, the console command to turn off the boop is "s_playDefaultSound" "0". I thought it was off by default but I guess not. @Darkness_Falls The underwater darkness is because of the map. I used a custom shader there that darkens the underwater parts. Its intentional, but maybe its a little too dark if you arent able to see. You can always use your lantern "L" key underwater to help.
  8. @Destined Ah okay, thats exactly what Im looking for. Controllers are just dummy objects attached to the bone to help move the rig around, they just make it easier to grab and move around rather than selecting a bone. Thats good to know, thank you @Diego I'm not sure yet, but I'll definitely let you know if something comes up. It might be easier to just start it from the ground up, but let me look into it a bit more.
  9. Thanks guys, this will at least get me started. @Destined Does this rig have any animation controllers on it?
  10. The command to stop the boop from happening is "s_playDefaultSound" "0" @JehauriYou can bring up the console with the ~ button and type the command above (without quotes) and press enter. This should disable the boop sound. Do you remember which mission you heard the boop while walking through a curtain?
  11. @STiFU Hm, that’s very weird because I didn’t originally release that mission with that particular ambient. I’ll have a look at this and fix it today. The boop plays when a sound file is missing. There is a way to turn that off- I’ll try to find the console command. I though it was off by default for release builds though.
  12. I think once the FM is loaded in- the author should be able to override any visual placement, background ,ect. Basically creating their own windowDefs as long as they point to the same functions the current menu does. I am already replacing a lot of these files in my current FM and I dont mind updating them to whatever you're doing, but just to reiterate. Locking people out of those files is going to create more trouble than its worth.
  13. I want full access to all the main menu and in game GUIs art and sound. As well as how it’s placed on the page. I like fiddling with that stuff and in fact want to make it easier for authors to customize them in the feature. It’s not irresponsible behavior- it’s modding. We are going to need to find a way around it and possibly go in and fix existing missions.
  14. Hello everyone, I've updated this mission to 2.08. Old saves will not work. Please delete the old .pk4 and re-download this mission. Available in-game or HERE Thanks!
  15. I've updated this mission to 2.08. Note: old saves will not work with this version. Please delete the old .pk4 file and re-download this mission Available with in-game downloader or HERE Thanks!
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