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  1. Definitely. I think in all cases its proper etiquette to ask the artist/ creator for permission to use their work. I also think its also our responsibility as creators to use our best judgment when we put our work on the internet, because inevitable not everyone is going to ask, unfortunately. Assets that come packaged with the mod (part of the core) are up for grabs for editing, modifying, ect without permission. Just not using commercially of course.
  2. I get the sentiment here, I really do. However, if someone wants to take models (my own included) and change them for better or for worse - I consider that their problem and not mine. Thats just the nature of contributing to a free mod. We're not going to boot model exporting.
  3. Nope, there is no attitude of "can't be done, lets throw it away". The team is doing its best to make TDM a stable experience for everyone. Some of that yes includes changing the way stuff works and in very rare cases removing features. The best approach is to say "Hey guys, I really get a lot of use of (so and so feature) what's the reason for removing it" State your case and the team will do its best to help. Your last comment is bogus. Stgatilov, Cabalistic, Orbweaver and Greebo are doing a fantastic job of supporting mappers. Yes Grayman is awesome, but the current team is staying th
  4. Hmm the extra page on that readable is just a bug, but I am able to pick it up and read it. No reports of not being able to be pick readables in this mission, so that's weird.
  5. I have a situation in my current FM where AI on the same team are more likely to accidently hit each other and then start a duel. Does anyone know of a work around for this? I'd like to stop the AI from turning on one another in this particular situation. Thanks!
  6. That would be helpful! Im not sure where the entity should be placed on double click. Maybe at the origin of the current or previously selected object? Also its worth mentioning that various different entities have s_shaders, lights for example will also take a s_shader arg.
  7. @greeboVery excited to check these features out! Thanks for all the work you've been putting into the editor these days. EDIT: From the favorites menu how do I actually create an entity or change a speaker s_shader? Double clicking on a texture will change the selected surface, but double clicking entities or sounds doesn't seem to do anything for me.
  8. Very nice! Excited to use this model in one of my missions. Thanks guys.
  9. @stgatilov EDIT : Looking into this further, I think this is a problem specific to these models. I can't seem to reproduce with other models. Might be an issue with the mesh or something weird? This is what I did to get the duplicates (video below): Selected a group of func_statics. Reduced the current hide_distance and hit enter to apply to all: Hit respawn selected entities There are now duplicates spawned in the game. Video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/722cns51h3wbedp/The Dark Mod 2.09_64 2021-01-06 10-55-39_Trim.mp4?dl=0
  10. This for sure happened. I'll capture a video or screenshots next time I'm in the game.
  11. @greebo Awesome, will give this a try soon. Not sure how the behavior should be but apply to selected / selected surface for materials sounds good. Maybe models and s_shaders for entities with the respective spawnargs. Drag and drop to create speakers and func_statics would be very cool. I wonder if we can use that convention for other elements in DR and gradually introduce it where it makes sense?
  12. @greebo I think this is looking pretty rad! Would be curious to hear what other people think, but I would definitely get use out of this.
  13. For example : something like this would act sort of like the unreal collections convention. Just a pop up list thats alphabetical and filters by type? Im just kind of spit balling ideas, no idea how feasible this would be.
  14. I personally don't mind the long lists. I don't love the idea of navigating through the folder structure again to find the favorites though. I don't know of a solution off the top of my head tbh. Unreal has something called "Collections" which are basically folders you can drop anything in and quickly access them. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Basics/ContentBrowser/UserGuide/Collections/index.html I almost want something like this where I can add a model, entity type, ect to a customizable menu that has everything in it. I know this is probably a design nightmare, but the bene
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