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  1. Yeah this happens to me to. Basically the light bounding box "bleeds" through walls which will increase the light and shadow count in adjacent rooms. The light is turning off in your example because that visleaf or portal area is being closed and those objects are kicked out of the renderer. Try using "r_showShadows" "2" which will show shadows being cast from lights. (Keep in mind this doesnt work with shadow maps turned on). You also might need to put an object on the floor to see if the basement light is bleeding through your floor. In general the engine likes small light volumes kept within the boundary of the room, but its not a rule
  2. Yep thats its. I'll have to update volta 2 and do a new release once 2.8 is out. I'm not sure if the custom player def is even necessary, but I'll have a look. @stgatilov - When I dmap it generates a bunch of MAPNAME_portaIL_00_000_000.lin files. What are these? Is there documentation on this some where? EDIT: Okay I gathered these are missing / broken portals. Is there anyway to get DR to read these .lin files so I can easily jump to the missing portal? EDIT EDIT: Ha okay I sort of figured it out. I found the additional dmap commands. Even after reading the console descriptions, Im still not totally sure what these new commands do.
  3. The water sounds aren't working in my mission, but I'll investigate it and report back. Might be something on my end.
  4. @STiFU Right on, thanks for looking into that. On a related note: The swimming animation feels pretty good. Any chance we can get hookups in the code for player swimming sounds? I think it would make the animations feel more convincing. I remember making a bug for this I think back in 2.06.
  5. Alright- But I think its a poor design choice to make a feature everyone uses worse to encourage a less used feature. I think locking the player in place is too much of penalty for an action players do all the time. There is opportunity to lessen that penalty by reducing their movement by 50 percent or something during that animation. It makes sense to not walk during mantling, you're moving up in the Z direction.
  6. What exactly is this balancing? Also there are no other (or very few) places in the mod where the player's movement is locked. Why do it here?
  7. Overall this is an exciting list of new features! I noticed something kind of weird about the new body picking up animation. It feels good to kind of kneel down and pick up a body, however locking the players feet in place during the animation feels rough to me. It sort of breaks the nice flow of knocking out an AI , grabbing their body, and quickly retreating. Bug log here: #5202
  8. I'm stoked to check this build out! Congrats. #5201 The apebeasts are missing some wearable objects. One of which is used in an animation and I think if the system can't find an animation object it throws up an error and kicks the player back to the main menu. See bug for more details.
  9. I checked out the powder keg. Thats pretty interesting and seems like a good start. I personally like the moveable flinder object method as you get more realistic physics and can attach more properties to those ( AI suspicion , or sound prop alerts, ect). However, maybe idDebris are safer since this is their intended use. Can idDebris fly in a random vector when spawned? Right now they just slide across the floor. This might be because they spawn at the barrels origin. Either way both solutions can serve different purposes in my opinion. Maybe for exploding barrels it makes sense to use idDebris, but for breakable crates and bottles its better to leave behind moveable flinders.
  10. Ill have a look at the def_flinder stuff. Can you send me the .def of the idExplodingbarrel you are talking about? How in depth mappers want to go with custom explosions is up to them I suppose, but basic flinder chunks with impulse will better sell the illusion. Its hard to do that without custom texture work and fiddling with the fx editor.
  11. Scratch that- I was able to get it working without needing the new content. @duzenko @grayman - This looks great! Needs a lot of testing but this is a good start I think. Is it still possible to add an impulse to these flinders? Im thinking it would be beneficial in some cases where a mapper might want to give the illusion of an explosion without having to spawn an explosion and then trigger it. Also- Will we be able to add velocity / fall damage to the crate and bottles? So in the case a player throws a bottle or crate hard enough it shatters.
  12. @duzenko - So I downloaded the latest source code of the SVN and will try to compile it. Do you know where I can grab all the newest content? Do I need any of that for this latest build to work?
  13. Sorry this is a little late but you can use this spawnarg: Example: On the target object: "item_id_name" "example_item" On the object itself: "inv_item_id" "example_item"
  14. Awesome guys! I will run through this tonight.
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