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  1. I'll take a look at the spider problem, they might contribute to stealth score which we can fix. Unfortunately, we don't have custom vocals lines for specific enemies like spiders and other monsters. Guards will call out the player/ thief, but not monsters. TDM has pretty long AI search and alert times compared to Thief. They rack up quickly as destined mentioned and there's a lot of under the hood variables. I've experimented with reducing alter times in my own missions and some people like that. It's a tricky thing to balance and a fairly complicated system to explain easily. We coul
  2. @OrbWeaver @datiswousThe bell is from this ambient track ,fyi : mansion_tense02.ogg
  3. If you're referring to the little bell ringing in the background, that's part of the ambient track and cannot be removed by players. The only option would be to turn the ambient volume down all the way, unfortunately.
  4. Here is a modified version of the fresnel :frob.fs - Tighten the fresnel up a bit - Reduced the overall brightness of the object but increased the fresnel brightness. There's still a lot of problems with normals blowing out and alpha textures, but we might be able to fix that. The fresnel with a subtle outline could work really well (assuming someone has the time to make the outline shader)
  5. Looping back on this, if the frob code gets booted we need to find something that works in a variety of lighting situations and material values (dark - light). I am against color coding anything simply because it could be a nightmare to manage what objects do what . I think keeping in line with classic thief is the way to go with some solution for darker materials (which dont show up very well in the current scheme). EDIT: The current prototype highlight looks nice IMO but is a bit too strong. We shouldn't go full white but maybe 25-50 percent. Another option would be to add a custom
  6. I dig the idea of "mod-wide" tool tip pop ups in game. We don't want to do it with everything, as its fun when player's discover some things on their own, but we should cover the basics and a couple lesser-known useful hints ex: "Learn forward..." . The distinction there is a little muddy so we'll have to test the system out and get feedback. Visually, we should try to make these as elegant and unobtrusive as possible and the beginner/ intermediate/ off is a great idea. (dig that SS solution, totally forgot about that!) My suggestion would be to try this out in the tutorial mission and ta
  7. For what its worth, Springheel and I discussed building a new training mission that covers the basics in a more structured way. Im glad this got brought up, I'll add extinguishable light sources to the list of features. We don't have any concrete plans yet, but the idea is to make a shorter, more linear section that introduces the core mechanics followed a practice area for more complex stuff, shooting arrows, lockpicking, stealth, ect. This will lead right to A New Job where you put these things into practice. Stay tuned.
  8. These are great! I'll have a look through them and see which ones would be nice additions to the core mod. Some more variety is always welcomed. Thanks for putting these together!
  9. @greebo Very excited about this.! If I can get it set up I can start playing with it as soon as its ready and hit you with some feedback. Very cool.
  10. @stgatilov Well that's discouraging. I think you are making assumptions on the part of mappers. Yes its their responsibility to teach players if they deviate from the standard camera, but we have tons and tons of things in the mod they can already do this with. That's the point of being a mod and we've seen some awesome things in missions because of it. Im pretty confident we can get this camera to mimic the ones in thief 2. Plain and simple. If an author wants to get creative and make whacky design choices. That's their choice. Edit: Also I should note that we haven't really start
  11. @DragoferThat sounds like a good plan. We wont know really until we do some testing to see what works and whats fun. It might prove extremely difficult or super easy to cheese them with flashbombs- we'll just need to test out these assumptions.
  12. @VanishedOne Thats a good point. I think on balance the most interesting part about the cameras is avoiding them and then trying to find a switch in the level to turn them off (at least in the case of my own experiments). Outright destroying them or even disabling them should require the use of a valuable item. Maybe water arrows are too common for that and we should just stick with firearrows as the players way of immediately dealing with them if they choose to. We do run into this problem where different maps will use different conventions so maybe turning the water arrow disable thing
  13. Sorry one more bit: I think some concept of damage threshold would be the way to go if we wanted them to be immune to everything but firearrows. Dragofer already has some concept of this in his code. So any amount of damage underneath the threshold of the firearrow gets thrown out. (assuming a direct shot from a fire arrow does a good deal more damage than anything else)
  14. The current set-up Dragofer has is configurable for all kinds of things. The idea is to keep it as flexible as possible, while still manageable. I think we're talking about an entirely new camera definition, so these won't interfere with old maps. In the case that they do, I believe its only a small number of maps that use security cameras and we can reach out to those authors to let them know. Im not sure if clipmasks have types associated with them and some things might even use the same ones, but that sounds like a potential avenue. EDIT: Looks like there is some idea of a melee
  15. Also with regards to how they are damaged/ disabled: While playing around with them in my own mission (which has a bunch of these guys). I find its more interesting to use high value arrows to destroy/ temporarily disable OR find a switch to power them down. A couple proposals: - Water arrows to temporarily short circuit them. Maybe 10 seconds or so by default? Could be handled with a water stim - Fire arrows to blow them up. This is a bit more tricky as fire stims wont work. Maybe a damage threshold? Or simply give them a good amount of health and make their texture immune to broa
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